Do everything at the right time

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology - Vyacheslav Gubanov is talking about critical ages, how to prepare for them and how to live through them.

- “If I knew the place I might fall, I would have put some hay there …” (an old Russian proverb), ‘the Easter egg on the Easter day is expensive” and another one: “The spoon is of high value when it is time for dinner”. All of these and many other proverbs mostly say about one thing: you should do everything at the right time. Common sense wisdom, as always is correct! Everything in our life has been already written and programmed, so there is no really free time. The human is a fruit of nature and it takes a lot of time for it to mature. According to the scientific point of view that is based on the research of our Institute, a human exists in the state of “Spiritual embryo” up to 49 years of age, and throughout this time it constantly prepares itself to the grown up life and keeps taking exams… For every year out of 49 a person is given a “flight task”, which defines what he or she should do in the nearest future. And at the end of the term there is a harsh inspection: has it been completed or not? So called school of life consists of 49 classes…

49 – is seven times by seven years, which distinguishes crisis (critical) ages. Actually, out of this, the life ladder goes from one step to another, forward and upward, to the top!

Unfortunately, it does not work like this for everyone. My apologies for such an example, but if you walked through the cemetery and looked at the ages of those who lie there, you would mainly see the poor students, who did not to solve the given assignment and failed the “exam “ – and that is why they were expelled from the school of life. If we know what exactly and how we should act, and we do so – we will “go up the next class”. So it turns out that advice to do everything at the right time is vital necessity. As it is said, the one who is warned is armed. If you want to be an honor roll student of life you should do your “homework” regularly - complete your assignments and peacefully keep on living. But you should do it fairly. Student logic that “the exams are twice a year so let the dean office worry about it” will not work in this case. In real life the rules are different. Everyone has their own way here, and everyone, as they say in the east: “touches the stones of their way”.

If you know what is to come, and from this stand point you measure everything that happens to you, then you won't suffer and you won’t worry in vain during critical moments, and you are able to preserve philosophical calmness and ability to enjoy life.

Attention to the table!

This matrix “7 by 7” was developed by me in 2001 and I was very proud when it actually worked in practice. Then , when I visited library of one Buddhist monastery in India, I realized that everything had been invented before me. Nevertheless, I did come up with the idea of the table all by myself, and even improved it compared to the ancient one. So , in my version, after the age of 49, the table changes its regularity and becomes solid – because the life of a human is starting to be controlled by additional new laws.

As to the basic matrix of “7x7”, it comes from the fundamental phenomenon, that human body has seven main Chakras – energetic functional centers. Vertical year chakra (vertical columns) defines the assignment for the current year. Horizontal row – the leading chakra for the next seven years. Their crossing at a specific age outlines the main assignment for the human, which has to be completed on appropriate level.

So, during the first year of a human life, a baby is working with the immune system ; during the second year - sexual; during the third year he or she learns to independently provide for their own survival: eats independently, cleans up after themselves, etc…

Until the end of the first year, a child is fully dependent on the mother and the first crisis age occurs when he or she is taken away from the mother’s breast. Then a child departs from mother’s protection and becomes very fragile and especially needs the protective attention from all those who surrounds him. On the third year, the Spirit of a growing human joins the body, and we can see a developing personality. Father starts to pay more attention to his own child, because before that he perceived the child as a sexual rival, who unexpectedly switched all attention, strengths and emotions of a hot loving wife to himself. Father suddenly realizes, that a new quite interesting creation with his own view of life is growing next to him!

By the 5th year the spirit gets stronger, and its holder begins to think – and as a rule is very original! At seven the feeling of responsibility finally becomes apparent in that little person. Exactly at this time he is ready to enter school: his brain only at this time receives biological ability to perceive studying. Child prodigies, as we know, do happen, but unfortunately they usually do not meet brilliant expectations, that are imposed on them in their youth. I just can’t really recall large number of famous politicians, scientists or diplomats that grew out of child prodigies. Why? Because everything should be done at the right time. And a child after he had a fulfilling childhood should grow up at the right time! One should not try to steal from the child natural emotions, playtime and experience of life without worries; these experiences are absolutely vital for a person in a grown-up state, as on this foundation he or she will build his fulfilling life!

At 7 years of age a child is moving from the first floor to the second: the process of pubescence begins (see the table), which will last till 14 years of age. At the age of nine he begins to feel the strong influence of the opposite sex. (It is possible that in his previous life he was in the body of the other sex – otherwise where do all the male and female beginnings in us come from?!).

In me, for example, women often feel higher spirit that understands them. That is the female spirit of my previous life is being manifested through my current male body. If two spirit beginnings, female and male, coexist in us on equal terms – only then it is possible to have a balanced, harmonious and mature personality, which has content ability to manifest those qualities, that are needed at the given moment: either complete male, or female.

So, at the age of 9 the affirmation of current sex takes place. A human receives “a greeting” from the previous life’s dissolved body through the way of its soul. During this time, many even quite normal children begin to feel terrifying fear of death. Not many people talk about it, but it often becomes the reason of child’s neurosis. Kids feel shy and try to independently find answers to the questions which torment them in different literature. By the way, it is because of that this irrepressible lure of “horror movies” arises: fear has to come out somehow, and become neutralized!

17 years of age – the time of demands to satisfy growing needs by any cost: give me money, super jeans, super cell phone!... It is normal. The interest towards acquiring means of getting things will shine through only a year later, at 18. Exactly at this age we MAD-ly fall in love, sometimes even try to create a family. Actually, it’s a “horrible” age, because at this time the previous life of our spirit reminds of itself again: now in the aspect of social unrealized matters of the previous carrier. It is the time of uncertainty, ambitions and one can be easily insulted…

Next critical age is 21, the year when a body structure is finaly created from below up to the waist. That’s it, third bodily chakra accumulated the strength and started to breath fully and powerfully!

Attention to Mohawk!

That’s how we call this diagram. From the time of birth and up till 21 years of age, the human life is formed in a way that teaches us harsh lessons. This time could fully be characterized as “beating defines consciousness”! Regrettably, it is possible to repeat over and over again about conscience, duty, and decency to a person that did not reach 21st year , he will know these concepts, but will not be able to really feel them. The period of spiritual self-knowledge begins at the age of 21 and goes on until 28 year of age. Biologically it is manifested though activation of parietal zone of a brain. A person learns to think about his or her deeds, analyze and evaluate them.

First really global crisis awaits us at the age of 28, when the serious bill for our previous years is presented to us. Three months before or three months after the 28th birthday the two-week streak of a real unbearable life sets in. The events come in the memory brightly, hit very hard and it feels that your previous life is absolutely worthless. This serious “cleaning” before the transition to the next life level needs to be carefully lived through, without any rapid movements or being nervous. The thing is that up to 28 years of age we all are children, from the stand point of the status of our energy field. Maturity happens suddenly and hard. Many people when starting their 29th year, become absolutely alien to their body and their already formed familiar emotional shell… Someone cannot handle this withdrawal pains and then it is possible for so called “Saturnian” death to take place (28 year of age – is the time of one rotation of Saturn around the Sun). Club 27 in US

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28-35 year – the time of heightened attention towards the opinion of others. Any judgmental word is considered very seriously – it knocks you down; any praise - lifts you up. The activation of social personality is taking place.

By the way, we usually experience social conflicts once every five years. This embraces all sides of social life. It does not matter if you are creating a family or your own business, in five years you are bound to experience serious problems. This is the hardships of growth. They are natural and will be even beneficial if your creation has healthy potential. Then, in two years the process reaches its new positive level. If there is no potential, then after the crisis peak follows the two years of painful agony and inevitable failure.

So before accepting a job offer make sure to ask about the age of the firm – put off engaging yourself into relationship with a five-four-year-old firm: time will tell how this business will go through the five-year crisis.

Spiritual, creative and worldview processes also experience crisis moments, but they happen every 9 years.

At 35 years of age the second period of life shocks happen. They are called to strengthen the spirit: beating again, defines the consciousness (Attention to Mohawk)! By this age a person should make it to fully define himself in society. This age is another one, more mature step towards understanding of oneself and achieving inner harmony. Body matrix is united with the spiritual matrix as a whole.

The age of 35 is very hard to go through – it is better not to change jobs or start new business. 36 years of age is a very good time to correct personal world view, and lead the spirit to a new quality level of development. If this is not done, the upcoming 37 years of age can become deadly, as they were for Pushkin, Esenin, Mayakovskiy… (famous Russian poets who left this life at the age of 37) After fulfilling initial mission on Earth, the great ones did not proceed to the new one – and their further stay here, according the laws of nature became, pointless.

42-49 – is the time of spiritual self discovery on the new more mature level. Women often all of a sudden have an urge to give birth! Perhaps, she just does not realize that she experiences the need to just reborn herself as a new person – with the complete accordance with requirements of Nature?! To really give birth is not recommended under any circumstances: because you are going through the age of spiritual self discovery, a small child now is a false step and fuss, which would pull you down to a biological level of development. And this would be a step back, that goes against evolution requirements of Nature.

If by 49 years of age the process of personal self discovery is not finished, the person becomes boring and useless to its own spirit: the Nature does not need “spiritual barrens”. The natural elimination of the physical body takes place… The others are offered to even more actively perfect endured union of valuable body health and even more demanding spirit. It is necessary to advance as a character, accumulate potential and gain incentives in social and personal life. Through this way one is being prepared to the approaching 56 year of age. This age is so important that for many it becomes the time of second “Saturnian” crisis. Or – second “Saturnian” death… For women this age is characterized by the climax: it is often desired to cross out personal life, become a grandmother and fence oneself from the world with diapers. However, on the contrary, it is needed to take care of oneself and the spirit, to live and be happy that you actually passed this hard exam with the code name “56”!

Next crisis is 63 years of age, from which few years already lived being retired. If a man of 60 years of age is deprived of active social activity, he will not live more than 3-5 years. There is a reason why academicians live long is explained by the fact that they never retire. They continue to live for science. It is simple - they are interesting to society, and life is always interesting to them! Next 7 years to get to the 70 years of age flies by unnoticed, and then they even bring discovery – riding so called white horse one reaches next “level of incentives” (see the “Mohawk”).

As to the common people, the knowledge of critical ages helps to protect themselves from a number of unpleasant surprises and problems, that one should know how to explain and not let them to turn into snow ball. Everything is cyclical in this world, everything brings us to the new higher level. One just has to remember it and not to worry every time regarding natural inevitable twists of life. We live under inevitable laws: spiritually- creative, biological and social. The skill to follow them is the foundation of long, dynamic and creative life.

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov

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