Beyond "The Living Matrix"! New science of healing!

There are different methods of alternative medicine or healing! One of the latest movies with a great story on alternative healing is "The Living Matrix: the science of healing” . It has a lot of interesting concepts and great scholars around the world like Lynne McTaggart, Bruce Lipton, Peter Fraser, Eric Pearl, Edgar Mitchell, Marilyn Mandala Schlitz and others took part in this movie as guest speakers. However, there is a lot more than “The Living Matrix: the science of healing” showed. For the last 20 years, the team of International Institute of Social Ecology (IISE) together with its president Vyacheslav Gubanov have been conducting research in the energy-informational field and testing in practice different methods of healing. These methods have proven to be more effective and there are real life cases to prove it.

Video from one of the seminars and the interview!:

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Download this DVD for FREE

The research of IISE is now the basis of the new science of healing. This science can offer a lot more than the alternative methods of healing shown in “The Living Matrix”. The name of this new science is – Infosomatics.

Infosomatics™ (derives from two words - information:"info", and body manifestation "somatics") - is the scientific field the basis of which lies in the law of transforming the information from the higher planes of matter existence into the dense material plane of manifested world taking into account the flow of time. This science offers the map of our energy-informational world and unique techniques that anyone can use in everyday live.

lifexpertPicture 1. Diagram that shows Stable Planes of Matter Existence (SPME).

According to the law of transformation of information into energy, the human body is an object of the material world, which is built according to the informational programs that are present on the higher planes of matter existence (astral, mental, causal, bodhi, atman planes of stable matter existence and higher). Therefore somatic (or body) sicknesses as well as problems in life are only the results of the disturbances in the informational programs and processes in the bodies of higher planes. These bodies have higher regularity than the physical body of a human.

lifexpertPicture 3 Energy-informational levels of interaction

Most of you have heard about one such body of the higher planes - it is human energy shell or Aura. However, not many people are aware that there are other shells of a human: emotional, intellectual and programming shells. Human brain can access the information on these shells and according to this information human brain forms our physical shell or body. One just needs to learn how to really use his or her own brain at its full potential to stay healthy.

We all have human brain, but not all of us know how to really use it. Human brain is known to have different brain zones and each brain zone is responsible for a certain body function.

lifexpertPicture 4. Human Brain zones responsible for certain functions in the body.

Each brain zone becomes active while transmitting energy that flows through certain biological points on a human body (these points are well known in Chinese medicine and have been used in acupuncture for centuries). You also probably heard about chakras. Chakras are the centers or junctions of the human body where energy concentrates. You can find out more by watching the following short clip:

Aura or the Field, Energy shell, Chakras and Energy healing!
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On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, president of IISE
(International Institute of Social Ecology).

Thus, the energy is transmitted from the human brain and flows through certain points on the human body while concentrating in Chakras. This energy is the one that forms the human Aura or the Field.

As it was mentioned above there are other shells over human Aura. Emotional, intellectual and programming shells exists on the higher planes. One can say that the higher planes are the layers of the Living Matrix we all are living in.

the living matrix moviePicture 4. Physical, energy (Aura), emotional, intellectual and programming shells of a human.

Emotional shell of a human is formed by "making a foam" on the top/surface of the Energy shell or Aura. The "foam" appears when a person begins to experience joy, happiness and has positive attitude towards all events in life. With positive emotions the "foam" or the emotional shell actually becomes bigger in size. It can grow up to five kilometers in diameter. Emotional shell has its main function. It collects flat-parallel cosmic rays on the top of a person's head or crown (you can see them on the picture as the wavy lines). Human Aura also draws its energy from the rays collected by the emotional shell. As you know from the Living Matrix movie, human Aura has a great effect on how the human body functions.

There is a research proving the fact that those people who have a positive worldview get sick a lot less than those who are always depressed and negative about everything. Those people who perceive thew world negatively fail to attract enough cosmic rays through their emotional shell. Thus when emotional shell dies out, the next shell in line is human Aura or energy shell. When there is no emotional shell, human energy shell becomes smaller in size. When human Aura gets smaller in size it loses ability to protect human body or physical shell from the programming effects of harmful viruses. It is possible to compare human Aura or energy shell with the atmosphere of our planet Earth. The atmosphere protects us and the planet from the meteor showers and radiation coming from the sun. Our energy shell or Aura works the same way it is our protective layer from external harmful influences.

You also have to know that the form and configuration of human shells on the higher planes constantly change. Human shell are dynamic in nature. The shells can be influenced by stress in person's life. Which way the shell change depends on the level of stress and the worldview of a person.

When we add time to our picture (time can be seen as the 4th dimension) we get the mental body or the memory body of a person. This body exists on the mental plane of matter existence. This body of the higher planes is called human Soul by the religious people. The mental body (or body of memory) of a human consists of different energy shells (or Auras) of a person at any given quant of time. Person's body of memory begins when a person is born and ends at the point of here and now. Here you can see how it looks :

living matrix
healingPicture 5. Mental body or body of memory of a person. It can also be described as a human - Soul. This body consists of different Aura configurations at any given point of time.
what is auraPicture 6. The human Soul - mental body of a human that exists in the 4th dimension. The way the human Soul is shaped.

Mental body of a person records all the events of stress that happen during person's life. There are techniques that can help one to analyze the deformed state of the mental body (or body of memory) during the time when the event of stress occurred.

lifexpertPicture 7. Mental body of a person. It has visible changes in the person's Aura. The body of memory shows the flow of time and when shells including human Aura disappear (in other words those shells are «eaten» by the stress). In the end only physical shell of person is left (it is shown in red color). Stressful situation can cause such holes in the mental body of a person. The shells can also disappear when a person is around energy vampire.

When someone becomes an expert in Infosomatics he or she can take so called "lifeline graph" (the graph that can show the surface of person's body of memory). Infosomatic techniques can help to analyze stress situations in person's life. There are also Infosomatic techniques that can help people correct and recover from the stress as well as discharge it. The techniques discharge the stress in the past and it no longer influences the person's future.

lifexpertPicture 8. Mental body of a person: ideal/perfect and real life configurations.
lifexpertPicture 9. Real "lifeline" graph (it shows mental body of a person). Subconscious controlling stresses (SCS) are shown as the negative holes during the person's life line. These holes represent the situations of stress that is not discharged. Each type of stress has its own definition. Usually when the stress (SCS) is correctly discharged, health of the person is quickly brought to norm. After subconscious controlling stress disappears a person receives new boost in energy (the energy stops leaking to the past) and his or her life becomes much easier.

Infosomatics has different types of diagnosis instruments. These instruments identify true causes of somatic disorders or sicknesses. There are also techniques that help to correct damaged informational programs and processes in bodies of higher planes.

According to Infosomatics, health is a given if a person lives his or her life correctly. After informational processes on the "higher planes" of matter existence are brought to norm the person's health becomes stable.

The Living Matrix is a great movie that helps people start their journey in the energy informational world. For more practical approach and for tools that you can use in your own living matrix you can always turn to Infosomatics.

You can write us and request FREE webinar (online seminar 4hours 30 min) that we recorded. It gives a very good explanation on how our techniques work, explains what our research is all about and can help you be the expert in your own Living Matrix of life.