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How to work with your Aura or the energy field!?

You all probably heard about things like Charkas, Aura, energy shell or energy field. Some claim that they don’t exist, some claim that they can be easily detected by special equipment and some even claim that they can see Aura and its colors or feel it with their hands (you can find many Aura reading courses today)! There are also people who say that they can control, balance and heal energy centers or Chakras. Let’s not go into the argument about the existence of Chakras and energy field. Let us be real explorers - “practice it the sole criteria of testing the truth” isn’t it? Let’s assume for the time being that Chakras, energy field and human Aura do exist. If so, what does it really mean and could this information be useful in our everyday life?!

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Let’s say that we went online and bought one of those Aura reading devices. Those of you with new smart-phones can probably just download an app that will allow you to take a picture of your Aura and its colors, just kidding ☺ (but don’t be surprised if just in few months there will be a new cell phone that would actually let you measure activity of your Chakras and let you take a picture of human Aura so you can see its colors). Aura reading devices help you see Aura and analyze it's colors. You would probably get a picture that would look similar to this one:

human energy fieldPicture 1. Human Aura or Human Energy Field

What next?! The picture of human Aura looks really nice, but what can you do about it and what is the meaning of Aura colors?

To answer this question lets turn to scientist, researcher and the expert on life, – Vyacheslav Gubanov, President of IISE (International Institute of Social Ecology). For the last 20 years, Mr. Gubanov and his team of scientists have been conducting research on topics like informatics of a human brain, human Aura, energy field, Chakras, torsion physics, energy healing, higher planes/dimensions and much more. The distinctive difference of the IISE research from every other research in this field is that the main goal was to find a way to measure everything! New theories tested in practice gave birth to a New Age Science – Infosomatics™.

So here is what we heard from Lifexpert on the topic of human Aura and how to use information on Aura colours:

Every human, as a rule, has a brain! Human brain is divided into different zones. These brain zones were discovered in 1904 by a French scientist D'Urville.

aura meaningPicture 2. Zones of a human brain.

Each brain zone is responsible for a certain activity in a human body. One brain zone is responsible for speech, another for movement, another for eyesight, another for the work of liver and so on. See the short video clip for more details:

What is a human brain and how does is work?
Brain zones and brain power.
<iframe height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/wjD2stRpq_c" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" width="560"/>
On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, president of IISE
(International Institute of Social Ecology).

When these brain zones are active they transmit energy through the biologically active points on the body. This energy concentrates in different energy centers or Chakras. Watch the following video clip:

Aura, Human Energy Field, Chakras and Energy healing!
<iframe height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/kJqcmRtM938" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" width="560"/>
On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, president of IISE
(International Institute of Social Ecology).

On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, President of IISE (International Institute of Social Ecology).

So, energy from the brain goes through the energy active points in the body, it concentrates in the energy centers or Chakras and thus the energy field or human Aura is formed. The vitality of these energy centers or chakras can be seen when you take a picture of human Aura. It is generally accepted that there are seven Chakras in the human body (some say that people have 9 or 12 chakras, but let’s stick with the most common version). As you can see from the picture:

auraPicture 3. Energy centers or Chakras of a human. How you can check energy efficiency of your Chakras (method of ponder-motoric writing).

There are seven Chakras: Earth/Base or Root Chakra, Sex or Sacral Chakra, Life support or the Solar Plexus Chakra, Emotional or Heart Chakra, Will or Throat Chakra, Mind or the Third Eye Chakra and Intuition or the Crown Chakra. The picture next to the body shows the color of each Chakra. These colors can also help to interpret the current state of person's Aura. Aura colors are just like the colors of a rainbow. Each area of energy field corresponds to a certain energy center or Chakra and thus represented by a certain color. When you see green aura or yellow aura, it tells you which chakra is more active.The Root Chakra is color red and is responsible for ovaries/prostate area, Sacral Chakra is color orange and is responsible for the area around the last bone of the spinal cord (the coccyx), Solar Plexus Chakra is color yellow and is responsible for the navel area, Heart Chakra is color green and is responsible for the area around heart (women supposedly have two heart Chakras around their breasts), Throat/Will Chakra is color light blue and is responsible for the area around throat, Third Eye Chakra is color blue and is responsible for the area around pineal gland or third eye, Crown Chakra is color purple or indigo and it is responsible for the area around person's top of the head. All of these colors of Chakras can be seen on a picture taken by aura reading device.

You can see that each Chakra on the picture is energy efficient and harmonious (each Chakra is equally filled with energy). The image on the right of the picture shows a drawing by the expert who used ponder-motoric writing. This technique lets you check the state of your own Chakras or energy efficiency in the Chakras of others (this basically shows if human Aura is in good conditions). It is actually not that hard, and you can learn it yourself. It is just one of the diagnostic techniques that is used by the experts in Social Ecology and Infosomatics™. This technique has been used for many years to diagnose person's Chakra activity and define the current state of Aura. It proved itself to be correct and very useful in practice. The great thing about this technique is that to know the state of energy field or activity of Chakras all you need is your hand and something to write with.

So, once again: energy transmitted from the brain goes through biologically active points of the body (these points are widely used in acupuncture and alternative medicine), connects in Chakras and forms aura energy creating human energy field.

There are also other energy shells in the human body. There is an emotional shell, intellectual shell and programming shell. All of these shells including human Aura exist on the higher planes of matter existence. They are so called human bodies of the higher planes.

define auraPicture 4. Physical, energy (Aura), emotional, intellectual and programming shells of a human.

Let's no concentrate on the details of every shell and how they work in this article. There is enough material for a separate article on all energy shells of a person. In this article we will just touch on the physical shell, energy shell (or Aura) and emotional shell of a person. You will also learn how they interact with each other.

The process of how the Emotional shell is formed is very similar to the process of “making a foam”. Emotional shell is formed on the surface of person's energy shell. This can happen during the time when a person feels happiness, joy or pleasure towards something that happens in his or her life. Emotional shell becomes bigger with more positive emotions (it actually grows in size). A person who is a real professional in being happy can have an emotional shell up to five kilometers in range. The main function of the Emotional shell is to gather flat-parallel cosmic rays (you can see them on the picture as wavy lines on the top) on the person's crown (top of the head). Human Aura is fed by the rays that are collected by the emotional shell. You probably know that the state of a human energy shell has a direct effect on the state of a human organism and functions of the human body.

You also might have heard (there is medical research to prove it)that those people who have optimistic look on life get sick a lot less than those who have a negative look on life. Optimists catch cold or other viruses in less cases than pessimists or those who are depressed. Those who feel sad or depressed just can't attract enough cosmic rays to their emotional shell. Some people loose their emotional shell altogether. If emotional shell disappears, the next shell to get influenced is the energy shell. Energy shell (human Aura) becomes smaller without emotional shell. Small Aura can't efficiently protect the physical body (physical shell) of a human from the harmful programming effect of different viruses. You can see the results of harmful influences by analyzing different Aura colors. Our planet Earth is the same way. It has it's atmosphere to protect itself from the sun radiation and the meteorites. Humans, on the other hand, have their own protective layer - human energy field or Aura.

Let's continue. Configuration and form of the shells that exist on higher planes (including the physical shell or physical body) are not static. These shells constantly change - they are dynamic. They change due to the stress that a person feels in life. The level of change depends on the situation during which the stress was acquired.

Let's add another dimension (4th dimension - the time) to our picture. If we add time to the shells of higher planes we will get the memory body of a person that exists on the mental plane. The memory body of a human or a mental body is also called the human Soul. The memory body of a human or mental body is made of different energy shells of a human at any given point (quant) of time, this body begins with the person's birth and ends in the point of here and now. Here is how it looks :

see aura
define auraPicture 5. Person's mental body or body of memory, in other words - the Soul. It consists of different configurations of person’s energy shells (Auras) at any given quant of time.
aura color meaningsPicture 6. The human Soul - body of memory (mental body of a human) in the 4th dimension. Configuration of the Soul.

Person's body of memory (or mental body) records all the stressful situations that occur during person's life. You can analyze the deformed state of the mental body at the time when the stressful situations occurred.

energy field meaningPicture 7. Person's mental body (body of memory)with visible changes in the energy shells on the higher planes. It shows the flow of time and when all energy shells disappear (shells are «eaten») and only physical shell is left (shown in red color). These kinds of "holes" are caused by stress. It can also mean that a person is in the area which is influenced by an energy vampire.

An expert in Infosomatics can take so called "lifeline graph" (the graph that shows the surface of the mental body or body of memory). It can be taken using the methods of «Infosomatics». These techniques help to see and analyze person's stress situations. There are also techniques that can help people to correctly recover from the influencing stress and discharge it. There are special Infosomatic techniques that allow anyone to eliminate those stresses from the past. After the stress is discharged, it no longer can influence the person's past or future. The controlling subconscious programming effect is eliminated.

yeallow auraPicture 8. Person's mental body: ideal and real life configurations/forms.
define auraPicture 9. Example of a real case "lifeline" graph (the body of memory or mental body). All the holes that go into the negative area are subconscious controlling stresses (SCS) in the past of a person. The holes show the stresses that are still not discharged. There is a different definition for each type of stress. In most cases, when correct work is conducted in the past of a person and the controlling subconscious stress is discharged, the person quickly recovers and his or her state of health as well as human energy field is brought to norm.

If someone had a lot of undischarged "stress holes" in the past, then they cause "leaking" of the energy shell in the present. The aura energy is flowing from the present into the past to cover the energy debts. Those holes are the "failed exams" in the school of life, and this person eventually will have to take them again. Until a person realizes what laws of Nature were broken, where he or she was wrong and discharges the stress, the aura energy will be flowing from the present into the past. Everyone needs to work on correcting their "lifelines" if they want to be successful in life and healthy. Someone with a lot of stress in the past can turn into an energy vampire. In this case, the energy reserves generated by the person's body in the present are not enough to cover the debts and holes in the past. It happens more often than you think. The lack of energy can force a person to "suck" the energy from Auras of people that are around (often from those who are the closest: family and friends). Any type of sickness (including serious diseases) of an "energy vampire" is caused by the lack of aura energy in the present. All the energy is lost in the past and there is not enough energy to sustain healthy state of the body in the present!

This is just a tiny part of the ongoing research by the Vyacheslav Gubanov and his team in the International Institute of Social Ecology. There is a lot more than just human Aura and its colors. There is a whole science to learn – Infosomatics!

This article is based on the research by the IISE
(International Institute of Social Ecology).

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