Human Resource Management. How to create an effective team!

Any person as any physical subject consists of energy informational shells: physical body, energy shell, that is responsible for all life system functions; emotional shell that is the means of production for the energy shell; intellectual shell and programming shell, which allow to save stable overall dimensions of a a person in time and give form.

Since 1990 there are methods of distant control of the momentary state of a person. There are 49 parameters that are used in these amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFC) of a person. It can be measured by the special devices or certified specialist. These are the activeness parameters of the human energy centers. Every center in a human body is connected with a specific function in the system. Their characteristic shows how active each center is in a given state of a person. Using these parameters it is possible to judge about the current state of the person and what to expect from him in the near future. Using these characteristics it is possible to know whether certain medicine or procedure will be effective for this given person and why the state of health is getting worse. In addition, AFC shows what this person is doing right now.

If we take the sequence of AFC that are taken with the certain time interval, then we will get the chronal body of the subject.

Chronal body of the subject is the characteristic that shows the reserve of life forces of a person in the process of any given point of life time beginning form the conception and up until present moment. Exact time periods in this kind of diagnosis are chosen depending on the need: year, month, day, and hour or minutes. It is now possible to accurately define events with certainty to up to 5 minutes. It is possible to test if the brain of the person, that company is planning to hire, is in the proper state. That is to define if this person is able to at least potentially perform the activities of the business that this company is involved in. It also tells if it is possible to develop the person into the core element of the company from the nugget it is now. Will this element perfectly fit the place which is provided by the company and will it be productive in its place.

There are critical levels of brain energy supply for a person. If the tested subject’s level is below the critical point, then normal manager will not entrust anything other than mechanical work to this person. Usually it is even dangerous to entrust mechanical work to this person. Not knowing these laws can condition the collapse of the company. It can also lead to wrong decision making by the executives by not taking into account current objective information. This is exactly what we are talking about here. We are talking about the methods of receiving current objective information at the times when it is needed!

Up until know managerial decision and decisions in hiring personnel during the company’s start up were best compared to the search for the precious stone that you could “implant” in the “head crown” of a director. The stone was supposed to fit in size, color and quality as well. Huge forces are thrown on the search for this “nugget” and special measures are implemented to reform the expert human resources. However, big number of training programs, turn out to be “dirty” from the energy informational safety point of view. They have consequences on the family relationships and state of health of the one’s trained. For example such forceful psycho training as “spring of life” leaves energy informational connections to the human brain and has a rather negative effect on the further business activity. All of this can be traced in the “fourth dimension” in the space of linear time. There are techniques of disconnection from the energy informational anchors. Practice is the criteria of truth – those who got rid of their anchors can experience increase in the creative inspiration and improvement in their state of health.

To conduct such diagnosis a photograph of the subject is enough. To get this kind of information it is even enough for someone to create an image of the subject that you want to diagnose in the mind. The one who is seeing the subject in the mind is looking at the “receiving” hand of the bio-operator. Bio-operator tunes in to the form that is being formed on his or her hand and takes the characteristics. Information that is coming to the receiving end is enough to take 51 characteristics. They are rather tentative and rough characteristics that show person’s state of health. If we are talking about healthy people, about those who desire to productively carry their functions, then it is possible to take the information about the polarity of their brain activity. It is possible to get the information about their level of energy radiation of objects on the certain frequency diapason of a human brain. You can see it on a picture as a set of probe orbitals. It is similar visually and in functions with the configuration of atom’s electric shells. (Picture 1.)

Picture 1. Polarity of the brain activity.

As pictured above, human brain is shown as a core of an atom, its mass structure and electric shells create informational content in so called spine and torsion fields. The fields can be traced on devices or by the human brain. They lie in the basis of such phenomena as human memory. You can say that manifestation of each orbital represents direction of functional orientation of a person in space and time. Activity of one orbital becomes primary depending on the type of actions the person is involved in. To add to this, you can say that a person is born with certain set of these orbitals in active or passive form. The existence of these orbitals defines the potential prospect for education or skill towards certain types of activity. Correspondingly, this form of defining personal characteristics allows one to work well in the mode of vocational guidance. Every company that wants to secure its vitality needs to hire such experts that would supply the most harmonic objective radiation of the collective mind structure.

Picture 2 shows the hiring process of initial human resources, which can lead to a normal state by increasing their professionalism through increasing the polarized radiating ability.

Picture 2. Process of forming effective work team

Further you can see the set of orbitals of those experts that went through the certain training. This falls under the jurisdiction of psychological methods, methods of work with trained personnel and connection of personnel with the enterprise.

One has to know that modern person as a rule is under the influence of controlling stresses, which can be written on the genetic level from parents. This can become the main factor that creates problems in the enterprise.

When person comes for an interview, there is a thing that should be checked first of all. Does his potential prospects and main orientation of brain activity correspond to the position in the collective mind to which the person is applying to. If it does not correspond or there is no chance of bringing the person to the normal state then it is best not to hire this person. He or she might become the anchor for the work of brain structures of other staff team members. Often, this kind of people turn out to be the reason behind the collapse of the company even though from the legal stand point they have nothing to do with it.

Company can “collapse” not only because incorrect hiring of personnel. Sometimes CEO is the problem (fish starts to get spoiled form the head). CEO is the immune system of the firm. He or she is responsible for the firm’s immunity. It is also possible that the firm might have just fulfilled its main goal and that is why it begins to lose stabilizing brain radiation of the staff which is the “guiding star”.

Specific work to create a staff team.

It includes the set of activities in practice that was shown in the video:

  1. Work with application. Defining the reserve of life forces depending on the age and potencies of the potential prospects for the job in the company. Recommendations for the use of specific candidates, evaluation of their ability to work, evaluation of their initiative, reliability and evaluation of their intuition.
  2. Astrological testing that shows if the person will create conflicting situations in the personnel team. Creation of team ability.


Regular characteristic during the testing of the person can show the reserve of life forces depending on the age (life line).

Picture 3. Life forces reserve of a person, depending on the age (life line)

You can say that the person presented in the picture 3 is energy lacking and is started from the specific point of time. There are stresses that control his or her behavior. Until the given characteristic is brought into the state of more “serious” characteristic (thick line) this kind of person will most likely not bring anything other than troubles to the company. The reserve of life forces has to be formed throughout the life of a person. Because the human brain from the stand point of the fourth dimension is the momentary disk which throughout the time of its work is trying to collate with the matrix of the DNA cell in the moment of the conception (picture 4). If there are obstacles on the way of the brain collating with the ultimate standard then the signal distortion occurs and the brain cannot make the correct decision that corresponds to the current situation.

Picture 4. Picture of energy informational interrelation in the person’s bodies that belong to different measurement of thinner levels.

As the result there are sicknesses on the domestic everyday level, false decisions or lack of intuitive feeling of what really is going on at the business level.

Energy lacking subject can only dream about intuition, it is only intensions and not the action.

On the logical level, the human brain processes information with the speed of 16 units of information per second. On the subconscious, intuitive level the speed of information processing is equal to 10 in the 9th power of information units per second. That’s is why when a person is processing informational structures with high speed, he or she can trace certain personal urges, as the person is playing the role of the head. This allows one to make the only correct decision at the current moment of time taking into account objective situation.

Modern managers on the level of traditions still do not take into account the features of the business activity they are involved.

For example, for big number of high level managers one question turns out to be very important. It is the question: where to get the loan? It is not only the question of getting the loan, it is the question of the possible consequences to the further activity of the company.

For example: there are two companies and one of them has a high potential (picture 5.1). The potential of the other company is as low as it gets (picture 5.2). The second company comes with the initiative to work together. As a rule, nothing good can come out of it. Summed characteristics of the new project is energy lacking. In addition, the potential of the first energy excessive company becomes energy lacking and potential of the second company sometimes gets stable, but not by a lot.

Picture 5. Potencies of companies

This quite standard situation can be described even on the everyday level. For example: If the amount of the loan of the first organization to the second one is less than 25%, then nothing major will happen to the first company. This is the same as what happens when large cargo is put on the ship. It sinks a little bit but keeps on going. If the amount of investment in the initial capital is more than 30% then the first company is in serious trouble. It is related not only to the loan but also to the business itself.

One question can come up: “Why the potential company has trouble with getting new finances? And why does the “cargo” have excess of the funds?”

The answer is very simple: the second company in this case is a parasite. It might have leftovers of someone it already ate. It is also possible that its ideology got OLDER, the new team was selected incorrectly, false criteria in doing business and energy leakage was created. The energy began to leak out of the brains of the personnel and money began to leak out of the bank accounts.

The strong ones usually start with the new prospective business idea! In this case there is plenty of “food” and it is sin not to share it. Otherwise “the food can start to get spoiled”…

In the business cases we can offer express analysis of the company with which you plan to have partner relationships. There is also an opportunity to take the characteristics of the life forces reserve of the team that wants to begin process of mutual creative work. Outcomes from such type of activity can be easily predicted. It is enough to test the CEO or the one who is responsible for the given project. It can be done during the contact with the representatives of the company that is planning to be a future partner. In this case we can give recommendations to begin the relationships with the partner but to continue to be independent. After everything is defined the company should not to dive deep into offers that may seem attractive at first sight.

We can offer monitoring of inside situations for the modern managers. Every normal manager should know that once made capable team will not always stay this way by itself! It turns out that there are serious influences on the work of the brain of each team member from the genetic relatives, older generations, kids, sexual partners and personal worries. Managers should give time to check the energy state of the team. This kind of analysis can be done in one week. It looks like this (Picture 6)

Picture 6. The graph of the energy state of the company’s team.

After this, the manager can receive information about the specific moment of time in the company when something happened and whether there are possible unpleasant consequences. Credibility of such method is about 90%. If the influencing injury is discovered, then the detailed research of the situation begins. During this detailed research all company’s employees and active business partners can be tested. After the cause of the stress situation is revealed, the correction of cause and effect connections can be conducted. The correct work with the key figure of the given company could be enough. After this, there is a chance for the situation to be brought to normal. This kind of work is done on the energy informational level and can take from 1 to 3 hours. However, naturally, sometimes there is a need for active work in unstressing the key figure and neutralizing of the mistakes that were made during managerial decisions…

(to be continued…)

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov