Formula of success in business

Members of the club "Lady Time" have waited for a long time to meet with the "expert on life", scientist physicist, President of the International Institute of Social Ecology, Vyacheslav Gubanov. We have gathered a lot questions for him. And finally we have met.

- Before we heard about your Institute only from the magazine. It turned out be even more interesting in real life!..

- You are right! We work with issues in human life that happen with accordance to the laws of Nature. All those that are interested to know about most sacred motives of human behavior, are very welcome to visit us for enlightenment! We work for the leaders of industries, for politicians, for scientists, for representatives of creative professions and for regular people as well. Institute is our laboratory. We are open to everyone who wants to learn how to live correctly. By the way, the higher the person is on the social ladder, the more relevant this need becomes.

We study the influence of laws of Nature on people and know how they work in any human community – starting from micro community called family, and up to the big production personnel groups. All that needs to be done is to lower the problem to the level of specific live system, that already was born in our world, matured in it and went through specific stages of development. Then it becomes obvious that the ways for solutions are unified. Biological and social formations live under the same laws, and recognition of this fact promises big perspective. We develop techniques that allow to bring a person to norm, better health of thought and feelings.

- Is that what social ecology is?

- Yes. Our influence also does not carry any forceful nature and thus happens gradually. It usually happens unnoticed. Without breaking the laws of Nature, we are able to bring a person to the level which he or she dreams about. His or her ability to control own life improves so much that it becomes an art: you only think about something, and it is already happening! It turns out that everyone has an opportunity to live this way, however the work in this field requires a lot of spiritual involvement. That is why the emotionality of a person is very important to us. When emotions are alive, it is very easy to see. And if a person already lost the ability to simply smile at a joke, then he or she needs to be taken out from this stupor! Normal person has to constantly and sincerely be happy at least due to the fact that he exists in this world.

If he or she is living according to the laws of Nature, then he or she is healthy, merry, successful and is harmoniously involved in the time of living. We even came up with the formula for happiness, which is actually an indicator of correct life. In the first place of the formula is health and its main indicator – time, which you can spend without strong medicine. In the second place is the amount of positive emotions per unit of time, per one day for example. This characteristic is so universal that by solely using it you can identify person’s quality of life. Third place is the number of positively completed meetings per unit of time. The truth is that it really characterizes your ability to find agreement with other people and solve the issues with positive outcome. Learn to speak with others in their language, use the "bait" that fish enjoys, not the one you like. I assure you, that the results would overwhelm all your expectations!

By the way, there is one of my students among you today. A business lady that was brought up in the full compliance with the laws that we promote. The problems that bothered her firm, are long gone; nine managers covered the whole city and elite sausages that they sell of Moscow company "Dymov" are very popular.

- If all the problems could be so easily solved...

- It is much easier to solve specific business problems then it may seem, if you understand the algorithm of their solutions. And we are in no way trying to ultimately perfect legislative system or government policies… On the global scale the mistakes accumulate and when they reach the critical point it results in the social storms. Objectively speaking, they bring to health the situation in society by clearing the blockages from accumulated contradictions. And truly, it is not very pleasant to experience the shocks on yourself… But there is nothing we can really do about it, for example: we can’t get rid of the inflation even though it’s a very painful process. And I have created an "antidote" for myself: do not get mad about the fact that prices are rising, it is better to simply keep on working. That is, to pay more attention to economic effectiveness of your own activities and strongly deny the unprofitable one. You should do everything better, faster and more interesting than others! Announce about yourself in timely and rich in content manner in the media. Today one has to invest in his or her own image and health. The motto for the third millennium "Save yourself, and others around you will also be saved". This is individual, personal responsibility for everything that happens to you and has to be put into the absolute! Sometime ago popular slogan "Die yourself but save your friend" has become history. By the way with the current popularity of spiritual individuality the environment frequency is also changing: large and uncoordinated staff groups are collapsing, and the optimal teams of 5 people take the lead. They start to work each in their own field, they stimulate each other and interact so effectively that it immediately results in the rapid increase in the profitability of the company. It really makes the company to stand out among the competitors.

It is vital to search for like-minded partners. If you can’t find existing you should help to grow them. Big number of staff in which allegedly "all for one and one for all" will not be able to substitute the synergy of the team of few. This truth is from the field of modern management techniques, and one should pay attention to it and invest in it, as well as in the informational technologies. A lot of people talk about these techniques today but only few really know about them. We provide practical assistance in mastering them, and this experience is spread throughout my work everywhere I go. We do have results, and one of the brightest examples is the representative office of "Dymov" company in St. Petersburg, which I mentioned before. One can reach high results when he or she is literate in the energy-informational field. Goals that are set before human by business, is best to solve using the head – I believe that credit money make people slack. Advice: "you should live according to your funds" is the one phrase that really works here. It is ok to get credit when it is very clear on how successfully you have "aimed" and "shot"… If you just had a whim to get something, you went to the bank, received a loan and satisfied your desire, then by this you upset your own correct "aim". For something to work out, one should work!

- But the person does not refuse to work after he or she receives a loan/credit...

- Nothing good can come out of it: his desire is already satisfied! "A fat belly, a lean brain" (Russian version: "Full belly, is deaf to work") – you can’t cheat nature!

Actually it is a big evil when credit money are spent on creation of undeserved image: spending the cash and then not to care what will happen next… And even in the case when a person truthfully wants to return the credit – where are the guarantees that he will be able to do it? The world is constantly changing. If you start to imagine things that could happen throughout the years that you have to return the credit, you can get neurosis. Actually the whole western civilization that is used to live on credit is affected by this sickness. A person spends all his life as a slave, paying off mortgages and car loans...

- The credit is sufficiently strong motivation for more effective work and bigger income, isn’t it?

- Only in two cases: if it is used for education or to buy a place to live, which will increase the quality level of life. Then the personal inner potential will receive a boost and will start to develop.

- What about credit for business development?

- The best option is to get credit using the collateral that you already own: real estate, merchandise. It has to be in the common sense limits and in the limits of personal responsibility. Otherwise you could have a case with irrevocable loan payments which would create a lot of problems.

If you work correctly, the effectiveness should be no less than hundred percent, or three hundred which is even better! And these percentages should be measured, you should not work just for pleasure.

We can help to create truly creative staff team, members of which will work effectively and with pleasure. If simple, but very important issues that describe the staff qualifications in complex are known and hiring staff is done in accordance with them, the profitability of work will instantly rise. Mistakes during the business development are inevitable, they had to be calmly analyzed and calmly corrected! Positive mind set helps to live through any situation. Those who are down and gave up, cannot usually work, they are afraid of everything! Business is money, and you have to carry out transactions everyday, thus the appearance or disappearance of money should be treated philosophically. However, to spend money on family should be done only with great joy. Such a constant streak of pleasures: received – brought home – spent. Learn yourself, and teach your children using your own example what generosity is...

But, you should buy only those things that you are sure about. Spend your time and energy only on those things that you really believe to be worthy. Spend your emotions only on matters that you really know. Do not do anything under somebody’s pressure: you are smart and wise enough yourself to make independent decisions about what you need and what is interesting for you.

Determine whether the thing that is being recommended will bring positive emotions to your life – nobody except you can feel it better!

- I think it is so difficult to determine...

- As I was saying, it is possible. In regards to materially helping people: it should be done only to the people that have already proved that they can overcome difficult situations. At that, the sum should not exceed 25 percent of the amount that is just laying around. Do help and check how this sum is used. If you don’t’ like something or something alerts you, then stop "playing" with that person.

All topics that we touch on today are worked in details with our students during our practical seminars.

- Could you please tell us more about them!

- Sure. "Men and women. Illusion and reality" – everything about the relationships, including the ones in business. During the seminar "Staff audit" we explain the new theory and practice of the new approach in hiring personnel. During the seminars "Truth and lie about magic. Energy vampires" we give unique materials regarding the topic, that does not exist in print yet.

There is also a seminar called "Dreams come true" – during which participants learn about laws, in accordance with which one can set specific goals and reach them with certainty.

- What should one do when employees are leaving?

- First of all one has to understand that the change of one or few employees is not always a bad thing. Usually, this fact shows that the previous level of company development exhausted itself and now the company needs the specialists of a new level. In practice we should do the same thing as we do when a person physically dies: "cover the mirrors" (tradition in Russia when someone dies) for some time. The phantom of the departed stays here with us, until it dissolves, the place is taken. When the phantom dissolves, a fair amount of cleaning from the former colleague brain waves has to be done to the bodies of employees. By the way, one of our seminars "Divide and rule" is dedicated to this topic. It is on how to get rid off pilled up "unnecessary relations or friendships…", which take a lot of life energy and manipulate the brain.

And if you are really thinking about replacing the one who left, then draw a portrait of person that in your opinion is needed, order him, and he most definitely will appear.

The year we have spent together with "Lifexpert" came to an end. Throughout this time, he tried to hint us on how to live correctly, not to be afraid of difficulties, and confidently resolve them. He even gave us a present in a form of the formula of success… Do not be lazy, try to master it.

Till we meet again!

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov

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