Service was, service is, service must be!

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than are dreamt of in your philosophy”
William Shakespeare.

At first, let us set the terminology that we will use since it is common when people just meet. This will give us an opportunity to understand each other the further we go. What is “service”?


In other words service should increase the quality of life of people and bring them to the next level. However, it is only possible in reality when the one being serviced and the one giving service understand each other in the process of the service itself.

When someone needs “apples” and he or she is offered “oranges” then this is the sign that there is something wrong with the service department. Let’s look at the problems that our “older brothers” meet. By “older brothers” I mean the people who started to provide services to people a long time ago, when we were still trying to protect the way the service was done in Soviet Union.

Active in life Americans, even those who are in the service industry themselves, have their own “service team” that consists of dentists, lawyers, psychoanalysts and they also have a dream about honest car mechanics.

This is the “four whales” for them, and the whole idea of service comes to these 4 categories: medicine, law, psychology and transport.

Based on the “core of the service” it is possible to originate the following slogan: “WELCOME, UNDERSTAND and SATISFY”. There are many who teach how to welcome the client. The procedure is rather standard even though it has its own specific features.

However, it is totally different story when we talk about how to “understand” and “satisfy”! First, we can point out that staff has to be properly qualified and have excessive resources to give to the client to meet his needs.

A joke:

- Hey kid, do you want some candy? - Yes, I really want some candy! - Sorry, kid I don’t have any!

It is possible that extra parts are missing or there is not enough qualification to solve the problem of the client. All of it is very easy to solve.

The main concept that we are going to talk about is how to really “understand”. Since I am an expert in psycho-ecology, I would like to add perhaps not obvious (at first site) phrase to the slogan we came up with before: “and to SURVIVE after the client is SATISFIED!”

A joke:

“a new Russian” (usually uneducated people with criminal past who got very rich fast after collapse of the Soviet Union) enters a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist. - Do you have bread for sale today? - It’s not a bakery, it’s a pharmacy! The pharmacist gets beaten up, and the “client” leaves. Next day the situation is repeated with the same question, answer and beating afterwards. On the third day, the same client appears in the pharmacy, and pharmacist tells him: - Here is toast bread, here are rolls and here is French bread… - No, that’s ok, I already bought bread in the shoe store, I came here to get some sour cream… :))))

This joke is a good illustration that modern clients usually have no idea what they want and often the person that is working in the service has to bring himself together after a visit of such client.

As a result we came to conclusion that a person working in service has to be a psychotherapist first of all and it does not matter what was his initial education. It is possible to satisfy the needs of the modern client and SURVIVE his presence only when the service person takes up the role of the psychotherapist.

Now, let’s get back to the main issue. It is possible to really understand another person only in the situation when you can perceive a lot more information than just from what he or she is saying. This means that the service expert has to guess a lot of things, simply because even terminology that is used by the client is different from the one that the service expert uses.

“Are you talking about some kind of telepathy? – you can say that and you actually would be right. Understanding and mutual understanding have philosophical meaning as well as physical nature!

During the service process there is a direct interaction between the brain of the client and the one of the expert. That is why it could be a good thing to really look into what brain really is and how the process of interaction between people actually takes place. Many who are interested in how the brain works already about that f functional brain zones that were discovered by d’Urville in 1904. (Picture 1)

Picture 1. Functional brain zones according to d’Urville.

Picture 2. Conversation between d’Urville’s brain zones during the interaction of two people.
A) Probing the state of the target
B) Reply of the probed zone
C) Programming of the brain zone activity of the target.

From large-scale research on brain activity it is now known that d’Urville zones of each person change to active mode in the same sequence. However, the speed of the sequence change in activeness is different. The intensity of radiation and perceptibility of the incoming waves is different as well.

The speed of the change characterizes the temper and state of a person. We call it “rotational activity of the brain”. These characteristics show the speed of informational processes in the brain. Logical people have a low speed, intuitive people have a high speed. Actors that are playing their role have the highest speed.

Stress has the very strong influence on the power and sensitivity of the radiation. Stress is a stable deformation of the DNA cell in the activated brain zone of d’Urville. Thus, UNDERSTANDING is possible only when both subjects that are involved in the conversation have the SAME rotation activity of the brain and certain d’Urville zones are activated simultaneously. There is a dialogue when one is radiating and another one is receiving through senses. For mutual understanding there is a need for periodic change in the roles of the one who radiates and the one who receives.

Described above protocol is carried out and it does not matter if people involved in the conversation don’t’ know about it.

They might also not know that the zones of the energy lacking brain feed on the energy excessive brain through the radiation. This is the reason behind sudden “strange” aggravation among people in conversation. During the conversation it is possible to see rudeness, mockery and humiliation after which the one who is attacked loses mood or even state of health.

This is the way to make energy excessive person tune into the characteristics of the brain radiation of the energy lacking person. This makes energy excessive person share his or her energy reserves. There is a need to know how to protect oneself from aggression of the clients for a modern person working in the service industry. This has to be done on daily basis and in a quality way by a person who contacts a lot of clients.

The less is the stress that brain cells remember the more is the frequency of the conversation, better is the intuition and the radiation is in order. Memory and ability to work is also increased. It also works the other way around. When there is a lot of stress in the brain, it makes the person’s manifestation during the conversation much ruder.

This means that overstressed brain can lead to inability of an expert to show that he is qualified in the real situation. (There is a lot of detailed information on the topic of dangers for people in the everyday domestic situations, business and science in the 3 hour video lectures of our basic distant study course: “Miasma of civilizations”, “Dangers of modern professions” and “Dangers in the science and art”.

Smart entrepreneurs are sure and convinced that “human resources is everything” and constantly look for ways to protect themselves and their enterprises from the employees that are able to bring harm to the company by displaying problem qualities on the psycho-energy levels in the process of work.

For example in Japan contenders for executive position are tested in regards to their olfactory acuity. It turns out (and it is proven by our research) that people with low level of acuity are more aggressive and self-assured which does not usually help to create conditions suitable for work of staff.

In Japan in the companies where there is a need for sharp vision and precise hand movement the work of ONLY VIRGINS is used. The same qualifications exist for those who pick tea leaves for elite tea production high in the mountains.

There is no discrimination in this case whatsoever. The thing is that female brain even after single sexual intercourse forms the constant connection with the partner. This connection can be broken only with the help of special techniques and special methods. That is why whatever goes through the girl’s hands is satiated (it is important for tea and food in general) with not only her energy but with her partner’s as well. It becomes impossible to have the needed precision in movement.

Airlines in United States (the same is done in US air force) starting from 1995 began to conduct genetic tests for contenders to work as pilots. It turned out that existence of a certain gene in the active state can lead to the blockage of brain activity. It can happen even with well trained specialists during the crisis situation in the REAL LIFE! Everything is ideal on the simulator, but high in the air and on high speed there is a possibility of stupor, and it cannot be logically explained. Many airlines had to get rid of potential “Chernobyl-makers” even though a lot of worker unions protested.

To summarize: the existence of diploma about finishing educational course does not really guarantee good real work of a specialist! If the specialist, the brain and organism as a whole is under the influence of energy informational “BREAKS” then there is no need to be socially nice, and put lives of innocent people in danger.

From my side I can give you signs of problematic psycho energy conditions of a person that require serious work of psycho-ecologists. This can improve the quality of brain work of the injured person:

  1. Silver jewelry gets dark.
  2. Skin on the hands under gold jewelry gets darker.
  3. Dark mark on the cheek if you run a golden ring across.
  4. Steady high temperature for two weeks without development of any other signs of sickness.
  5. Cold hands and feet (blockage of energy channels that communicate with the surrounding environment. This fact is enough to get divorce in England and Muslim countries).
  6. Falling out of fillings (sign of active stress).
  7. Rapid decrease of vision.
  8. Rapid falling out of hair.
  9. Drastic change in weight, hypertrophied stoutness or thinness.
  10. Infertility, impotence or frigidity.
  11. Antritis, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes, hepatitis B and C.
  12. Prostate adenoma, ovary cystous and uteri fibroma.
  13. Night horrors, insomnia and syndrome of chronic fatigue.
  14. Alcoholism, tobacco and drug addiction.
  15. Sadism and rudeness.

This is far from complete list of signs that characterizes a person whom I would not recommend to “go on a spy mission with”.

A natural question arises: “Who should we work with?”

It turns out that we are living in the time of rapid change in the QUALITY OF THE PSYCHO-ENERGY ENVIRONMENT!

I will illustrate this on the example of computers. In 1986 Soviet Union began to produce central processor (CP) type 1810 PC 86. This is the same as what was inside the IBM PC XT in the United States. CPU clock was 10 MHz.

Now Pentium IV has 20 similar processors that working simultaneously. Also the CPU clock for the personal computers is up to 1500 MHz. The increase of the frequency is 150 x 20 = 3000 times!

However, there is a law “As above, so below”. If there were no tasks to complete with such frequency, then there will be no need to create such computers that are widely used.

If in 1986 researches of the brain activity were really surprised when they found out that people use only 1-3% of the brain resources. It was hard for them to understand the need for such excess of power that is not used. However in 2001 a very big number of people need ALL POSSIBLE RESOURCES and all of them have to be in unstressed state.

It turned out that there are SPECIAL LAWS OF NATURE that work on this kind of speed and using this kind of power!

Not knowing the laws does not free from the responsibility of following them! The new millennium came and the FLOOD that everyone waited for and was scared of actually came as well.

The only difference is that everyone waited for a natural disaster or for a water flood. No one really waited for the INFORMATIONAL flood that is happening right now.

A human is just like an airplane with changing sweep of the wing. When wings are spread apart it is possible to slowly take off and land, and when they are like arrow it is possible to become supersonic. Modern people need to spread their brain during work and at home go into low-level flying. Otherwise, it will be impossible to finish all tasks at work or there could be chance of “bombing” someone in your family…

Yes, the quality of energy informational environment that we live in has changed!

That is why news sicknesses that make people develop totally new ways of treatment appeared. Just like with computers, there is rarely a problem with hardware, most problems happen because of program viruses or from disagreement between software programs. The same happens with people, most sicknesses have INFORMATIONAL nature and not material virus nature.

I would like to emphasize! This is the reason behind ineffectiveness of medical methods of treatment. There is no reason to try to fix the hardware with the screwdriver when software has a glitch!?

Modern person can be compared with the pilot of a supersonic airplane.

Pilot usually gets the map of the area, flight mission, estimation of going through the route as well as the list of possible malfunctions of the “device” and ways to fix it. It is possible to show the mentioned above lists to the modern person using a Table-graph.


- the map of the area, flight mission and the estimation of going through the route can be defined by different categories in ASTROLOGY.

- “signaling bulbs and different arrows” on plane panel of the console are the lines and design of fingers and palms. This is Chirology.

- “rules of the safe flight” on different heights and different environments as well as ways of safe exit from crisis and critical situations are present in the new category of science that is called Psycho-ecology.

All of these sciences fall under the category of MANAGEMENT RELATED ACADEMIC DISCIPLINES. The fact that mass media is trying to abuse these sciences plays the role of SPIRITUAL BREAKS of evolution.

These breaks are also created by those who successfully use mentioned above instruments of estimation and analysis of action management. They don’t want for the ELITE CROWD SOCIETY to change, they don’t want for the “crowd” to become educated.

It is also done by those who AGONIZE in their own creative inability (throughout the history of humankind the change of the scientific world view paradigm happened through the physiological death of authority representatives of the old paradigm and not through the process of their re-education). It happened so that the vacant places were occupied by the newly taught “authority” and they also died with the change of the living conditions just like dinosaurs. They still would not re-educate themselves, just like their predecessors. (Someone great said this.)

It is also done by those who are trying to aggressively defend the need to take your destiny in your own hands, really do something with it and take the responsibility.

“Robot-Animal” that is called “HOMO-Vulgaris” and does not have FREEDOM OF WILL does not need all of this. He is the slave of the circumstances and servant of the orders…

“and if something is not right – then it is not our business! As it is said, our Motherland gave an order. It is just like not being guilty for anything, Almost like being that soldier!” B. Okudzhava (famous Russian poet, singer).

How about soldiers? I mean what about secret service agents and saboteurs.

In the military there is one phrase: “Sometimes good spy in the right time and in the right place is more valuable than 40 regular soldier divisions in battle!”

Terrorist attacks prove this thesis but from the saboteur stand point!

Another question will be logical: “How is service connected with secret service scouting, spies and especially sabotage?!”

I will answer.

Competition is the same as war. The only difference is that it happens during peaceful time and not according to the in government’s foreign policy.

This is the time when the new method of PSYCHO-DIAGNOSIS comes in handy.

Let’s once again remember the picture of functional brain zones and conditions of synchronization of brain activity of people during communication. We talked about it in the beginning of this article. There is a widely known fact for researchers. Synchronization in the natural conditions can happen just like in harem or female team group when monthly physical and emotional trouble state happens at the same time.

What if someone does not want to tune in or cannot do so because of the stressed brain?

- “The one who is not with us, is against us!” – 95% of people can intuitively feel this. This kind of person in the team seems “thorny” or “unpleasant”… So either the team “breaks” him and he gets sick and loses the ability to work or he breaks the team and then the team loses the ability to work.

Here is a new trend in sabotage against competitors! All that you have to do is just place “agent” chief cook in the competitor’s company and the problem is gone, the company’s team will lose the ability to work. If the chief cook is energy lacking, then his professionalism and following sanitary norms and rules does not really matter. Food coming from him will “knock out” people just like a serious poison wood! (this is actually not a joke, things like this happen everywhere!).

Here is another interesting story for you! For example, here is a case from practice for you. It was found in practice of psycho-energy diagnosis. The person in regards to whom something bad is being planned, suddenly changes his or her energy informational characteristics.

The same kind of change can be found in those who are planning or connected with theft.

The same kind of changes can be traced on the cargo that has some “foreign eye” attached to it. These OBJECTIVE CHANGES of energy informational conditions is felt by RATS, that try to escape doomed ship, even though it is still standing at the peer and has no leakage anywhere yet!

Modern person is not usually dumber then a common rat. That is why it is reasonable to state that it is possible to understand all of it with the use of REASON DIAGNOSIS – PSYCHO DIAGNOSIS. After this it is possible to activate the security in time, plan revision and organize provocation to know what really is going on.

You all know that “a danger foreseen is half avoided” (Direct translation from Russian: “If I knew where I would fall, I would put some padding there”).

What are the categories that psycho-diagnosis operates with and how it is done in practice?

Let’s once again remember about the “d’Urville zones”. Each one of them radiates probing signals in the surrounding environment. Energy of these rays creates composition of functional energy informational shells around the body of person. (Picture 4)

Picture 4. Functional shells of a person

(you can find detailed information about the functional shells in our free concept video "Energy Informatics of a Human 2.0")

1 – Physical shell (body)
2 – Energy shell (Aura)
3 – Emotional shell
4 – Intellectual shell
5 – Programming shell

Configuration of these shells and their “fullness” show total reserve of life forces of the person and the activity that he or she is involved in right now. Person who is conducting psycho-diagnosis using certain techniques synchronizes his brain with the radiating brain zone of the person that is being tested. The zone is activated when the type of activity is chosen.

After that the one conducting psycho diagnosis has an opportunity to MEASURE intensity of this zone. It can be done throughout the WHOLE LIFE or at any certain period of time of the person that is being tested. This is work with linear time. The same type of work is done by any person when he or she remembers something. The difference of modern specialist from a common person is that the specialist can say “I can remember what happened but it was not with me...”

As a result the graph is made. The way how it looks can be seen on the Picture 5.

Picture 5. Graph of energy fullness of the testing brain zone.

Using configurations of this graph it is possible to define with precision of up to five minutes what was happening with the person in any given period of time, just like on a cardiogram. It is possible to define the conditions of stress appearance and an expert can offer techniques to recovering the needed ability to work. I would like to point out!

Up until now the hiring process was made based on the diploma and rarely through the recommendation. In modern conditions it is the same as searching in the desert for the stone with certain configuration that is needed to fit into the wall of the house that is being built.

We on the other hand offer to take the stone and remove everything that is not needed just like Michelangelo would. This is the right way because stress can appear with any expert at any moment. This helps to save the old one and not look for the new one. A lot of things depend on each individual in any company, since there are not that many qualified specialists to choose from.

“Steep mountains, pay attention! Don’t count on luck! When you are climbing a mountain rock. There is no steady stone, ice or cliff! You can only count on the strength of your hands On the hands of your friend and mounted hook And we pray for the safety equipment to work ! V. Vysotskiy (famous Soviet poet, singer)

With the help of such testing that is carried out distantly using a photo or ONLY THE GAZE of a person that imagines the person to be tested, it is possible to conduct everything we talked about in the article and receive information about the “things in heaven and earth”.

These techniques of diagnostics were widely used in the research since 1990. They were used in the defense industry and in the Institute of Technology and Economics of the Academy of the Defense Industry of Russia.

In addition to the diagnosis practice there were also techniques of emergency recovery of people after crisis situations. The variety of techniques were developed and put into practice. These techniques do not use medical drugs, coding, hypnosis or equipment influence. They just turn on recovery processes after the person is disconnected from the Controlling Subconscious Stress (CSS!). However, if the person does not want to help him or herself then “you can’t be raped to stay alive!”

If we go back to our topic of service then in the modern conditions of wide selection of the places where you can get the service there is one competitive age. It is the ability and readiness to COORDINATE your brain with the brain of the client. Then clients come from different cities and word of mouth advertisement supplies direct flow of needed clients.

Do you remember the “dream for honest car mechanics” in the beginning of the article?

Here is the real life case from the car service companies that we facilitate.

A) There is a female owner of the car service company. She can quickly sense and react to the changing conditions, and usually is on time to act before there are tendencies towards trouble. However, there is a funny nuance, when she began to treat her teeth and not her company, the flow of the clients disappeared! They just “forgot” about possibility to visit her, since she “turned off” her radiator that was responsible for work of her company. We had to create special work mode for her brain, so she could “eat the cake with her teach and have it” :)

B) There is an entrepreneur who had a “black belt” in karate and was a “wizard” with car motors. He created a tactic of working with his clients and staff. He does his work load like he is fighting in the circle. There is no extra movement! Everything looks like a dance near the car. Diagnosis is synchronized with the motor, and the setup of the motor is synchronized with the client. Car becomes tuned for its client, just like a musical instrument is tuned with the owner. It is not a surprise that a lot of executives from St. Petersburg region entrust their “beloved means of transportation” in his hands. Some famous people and people of authority are not even lazy to drive 50 kilometers to get to his car shop. This happens when there are car shops on every turn.

There is no miracle here! This is the law of attraction at work “Similar things are drawn to each other”. It turns out that real aid can be given by the equal or a stronger person. This is the principle of hierarchical help.

That is why people that reached certain heights in life are looking not only for the “Iron Woodman”, but someone who they can really trust.

They will only trust the person who is able to tune his or her brain with theirs. The person in service has to be strong and flexible with the client. (There is wisdom in the East: “Death is the loss of elasticity”).

All of this just means that PSYCHO-DIAGNOSIS is a guarantee of ability to work in the service industry at the current modern world level.

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov