Techniques for our clients

This section presents Lifexpert infosomatic technologies developed by the International Institute of Social Ecology (Lifexpert).

These Lifexpert technologies are intended for use by our clients. Their use "without a prescription" and a basic knowledge of their principles may not be appropriate.

Signs of normalization while viewing the technologies:

  • goosebumps or heat waves in the body or parts of the body;
  • sweaty palms and/or feet;
  • warmth in the solar plexus;
  • feeling of release from some kind of weight or grip;
  • improvement in the quality of vision
  • clarity of thought;
  • transition to a tranquil state;
  • an appearance of a sense of joy and lightness;
  • perhaps you will have some special reaction of your own;

If you don't feel the above signs right away, stop logically analyzing what you see on your monitor screen.

Technology works at speeds inherent in the RIGHT, sensory hemisphere of the brain, the left - logical hemisphere - 16 units of information per second, the right - sensory hemisphere - 109 of units of information per second.

The less serious and logical is the use of this complex, the higher is the effect of these technologies. Therefore it is possible to recommend application of these technologies in a background mode on a computer. In this case images of direct language for human subconsciousness are perceived most fully.


Signs of normalization:

  • Goose bumps or waves of heat that go through the whole body
  • Moist hands and feet
  • Head feels released from the captivity
  • Improvement of sight
  • Transfer to calm state
  • Sleepiness

If you do not feel mentioned above signs immediately, then stop to logically analyze what you are seeing on the screen.

The techniques work at the speed of the RIGHT the intuitive hemisphere of the brain. Left is a logical hemisphere – 16 units of information per second, right the intuitive hemisphere 10 in the 9th power of units of information per second.

Lesser seriousness and logic at the time of use of the given complex, higher is the effect from the use of these techniques.

That is why it is possible to recommend the use of these techniques in the background mode of a PC at the time of burning candle. In this case the images of the direct language are perceived most fully for the subconscious mind of a person.

Specific recommendations to use these or other techniques you can receive during individual consultations on the issues of business, health and relationships.