Human health from the stand point of a Physicist!

One can search for the “eternal life elixir” formula for eternity. Our world view constantly makes us hang on to the faith in “the pill” and in the “Messiah”. It does not teach us trust yourself and your own brain. The tradition of not taking responsibility for the incorrect attitude towards life and nature has to be paid for by the one who acted incorrectly, by his genetic family and friends. The thing is that a human is a gigantic complex of energy informational shells that are connected with the body through the brain. Each shell belongs to the certain level of STABLE MATTER EXISTENCE. Each level has its own configuration, inner structure and PHYSICS that describe the relationship of shells in THIS LEVEL.

A PERSON can be compared to an atom where the core is the physical body and the electrons are the orbits of the energy informational shell. They give information to the brain about what is happening on the thinner levels and record the events of personal life on these levels. The principle of recalculating the higher level information to the energy of lower levels of matter existence is carried out in a healthy person. It happens the other way around as well. Energy of interaction is transferred into the memory of information on the higher levels and vice versa. For example for ten similar situations or problems there is only one action that helps to recognize the RULE of the surrounding NATURE. If you follow this rule you will live healthy!

The constant form of shell configuration is supported through the consumption of human brain energy. At the same time, each shell is formed by a certain brain zone or combination of the zones. The brain is “GEOMETRICALLY” divided into so called “zones of D’Urville”. They are activated when certain “everyday work” of a person is conducted: movement, speech, breathing, simple psychological activity and so on…

Picture 1. D’Urville Brain Zones

The presence of these zones defines the living object. It could be a human or a monkey, dog or a bird. Interaction of these zones through the principle of resonance allows to HEAL PEOPLE THROUGH THE ENERGY or CAUSE ENERGY INFORMATIONAL INJURIES TO THEM. When the injury occurs, the “vampire” or “aggressor” locks the higher shells of a victim on oneself and replenishes own similar brain zones that for some reason cannot work actively.

Energy healing is based on the same effect. The healer “loans” the example of the needed shells to the patient and tries to teach his or her brain to work fully and in concord. By doing this, the healer spends the energy and finds oneself FOREVER (in a karmic way) connected with the client. Every energy healer has to free oneself from such connections in two weeks. Otherwise, the patient very often shifts to the mode of parasite on the healer and becomes fully dependent on the healer’s state of health.

This is the reason behind the big number of “taught” energy healers that on average actively work only for 1.5 years. After this period many of them finish their active practice or become one of the seriously SICK people.

What is SICKNESS? It is when there is not enough energy for the brain. It is when the energy spending is higher than its “income” from the surrounding environment.

One can notice that Nature, while protecting itself, at first replenishes itself at the expense of the energy shells of the “offender”. Since he or she is connected with genetic relatives, sexual partners and social acquaintances, all of them according to the law of communicating vessels play the role of those responsible and pay for the sin of the “pack member” by their energy. Those who do not want to suffer for the mistakes of others withdraw the “sinner” from their company and he or she is left alone with the consequences of the actions.

It is the good time to remember the statement: “When God want to punish someone he takes away his mind”. This illustrates the extreme deficit of brain energy and disorientation of the brain radiation in the space.

The principle of orientation using a GYROSCOPE is used on the autonomous technical devices (rockets, torpedoes, etc.). Before the rocket launch the gyroscope, which is a massive whirligig, is aimed at the pole star and it is made to whirl with a very intense speed. After this is done it does not matter where the rocket is flying. The gyroscope “remembers” the direction towards the star while keeping its place in the space. It is possible to control the rocket this way. The same happens with humans.

Each person has its own “gyroscope”. It is the activation sequence of the D’Urville brain zones which is the same for every human. However, at the moment of the FIRST BREATH, the brain radiation counting POINT of a person is fixed. That is why there are – astrology, feng shui, etc. Our science talks about the “rocket” with the name of a person and how exactly, with what quality and using what angle it enters the environment. When uneducated person begins to breathe, he or she starts “banging” with the limbs chaotically, making mistakes, acquire stress and sicknesses. Those who managed to learn the rules of Nature can receive pleasure from the flight. They can move according to their own will, taking into account external conditions.

While a person is in the “rocket” he or she is protected by the parents. Avery person after the 21st birthday enters the time of independence and full energy responsibility for your own actions. This is the time when you have to fix your bad karma and correction of the “course” might be needed.

Any person in real life encounters such energy influences, that he or she cannot freely keep the orientation of the brain radiation. What is the nature of these arousing influences? It is the memory of energy informational connections that go through the mental level of matter existence.

People have few types of memory:

1. Embodied (spiritual). It is maintained by the crust patterns of the brain, which are individual for each human. The configuration of convolutions is very active in the process of infant brain growth. That is why people say that a person acquires 90% of information about the surrounding world by the age of three. Pathological energy informational environment, which can be created by the aggressive brain radiation of adults that are part of the family program becomes the initial “launch” of a person in the “river of life”.

There was one experiment done on mice. Half of the mice group from one litter had an opportunity to play with “toys” and have fun, the other half had limits in contact and movement. As a result, the number of brain convolutions in the active group was 15% higher than in the passive group.

The number of convolutions and their configurations creates the system of wave conductors and resonance contour, through which the brain generates and detects energy informational signals. The convolutions show the level of advancement of manifested Spirit in the human, which is an energy informational body of CAUSAL level of matter existence. By the convolutions and orientation at the first breath the “general direction” persons’ road of life is defined. This is the level of the memory from previous incarnational and manifestations. The intellectual, professional and personal qualities of a person “work” on this level.

2. Second level of memory is the MACROMOLECULAR memory of blood.

The theory of informational memory of water as a liquid crystal was recently developed. So called “charged things”, “holy water” and homeopathic drugs work on this level. All living things are more correctly controlled by MINUTE concentration of solutions in the water. Huge drug dosages that abuse certain organs and systems of the body are not as effective. They destroy normal connections between solutions in the water and due to the new stress “distract” the organism from the initial energy informational injury. As a result, instead of one injury, there are many. This is what conditions the presence of serious side effects of modern “strong” medical drugs.

Macromolecular memory is based on the fact that molecules of the matter gather in one volume form. The form is similar to crystal structure and has a long live. This “crystal” which has wide diapason of resonance frequency in different directions is an initial element of individual personal memory.

The fragments of blood that go through one of the active “zones of D’Urville” get “magnetized” (just like a tape in the tape-recorder) and gather into one construction which ties a human to a time flow coordinate on axis when the “recording” is made.

All of the Solar system planets and active zodiac signs have an effect on the memory content in the macromolecule.

This is the level where medics try to remove the pathological memory by treating blood of the sick with the ultraviolet light and dividing blood into components by plasmapheresis.

3. The third level of memory tells us about the events in personal life – this is the memory of protein cell from which the physical body consists.

Modern physics of vacuum allowed the discovery of this memory type mechanism. Each protein structure can be considered as macromolecule that has its own resonance frequency.

Configuration of protein structures of body cells is an adaptive mechanism towards the changing conditions of the environment. If the injuring factor has an influence for a long time and this influence is intensive, then protein structure is DEFORMED. Influence of electromagnetic injuries like heat/cold or viruses lead to these kinds of transformations. The most serious transformations in the arrangement of the body cells are done this way. This is the reason behind the steady change of person’s state after stress.

Regular medicine tries to protect vibrations of protein intramolecular structures by injecting chemical drugs. The methods of external correction of person’s energy shell is also widely done through the use of magnetic fields, minerals and other “collagens” that absorb harmful radiation of deformed intramolecular proteins.

Now you can say with confidence that this is the same as putting bandage on the wounded at the battle field. Just like the bandage, all external means can only prolong the time until the real work can be done to recover the structure of the protein compounds. This is where the border between “external” ways of treatment (widely known) and karmic correction lies.

First of all the brain cells are influenced by stress and then subsequently the D’Urville zones begin to radiate less. This is the main reason behind all chronic conditions in life: diabetes, asthma, infertility, impotence, allergies etc…

Karmic corrections allow restoration of the initial configuration of intracellular proteins by using the INTERNAL reserves. In this case the brain becomes unstressed and the full connection between D’Urville zones and thinner levels of matter existence is restored. One can say that “blind begin to see”. That is all that is to it.

Karmic corrections – is the first stage of the way towards the real spiritual rebirth of a person from being a sick wreck. Through these techniques a person can “remember” the matrix of its own healthy state (every person has this information) without the use of medicine, medical devices and reflex-therapy coding. The “golden key” is the DNA molecule at the moment of conception. Karmic corrections provide freedom and quality of connection between human brain and the matrix in any moment of life, in a dream or in vigilance. This provides security of the genetic health. With the help of karmic corrections it is possible to go to any depth of the past in the genetic memory of the family. It is possible to discover the influencing factors in the “depth of the ages” and become the founder of “any” healthy quality. I would like to point out once again: the security of personal health is not in the boundless consumption of external sources of “food” but a correct and harmonious use of the energy that brain obtains from the surrounding environment. That is why the ecology of thought and freedom from energy informational parasitic connections is vital and urgent for people now. Existence of programming injuries can be noticed when the following signs appear:

  • Rapid darkening of a silver chain or other silver jewelry on a person’s body;
  • Dark spots that are left under golden rings and bracelets;
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infertility, impotence, rapidly decreasing eye sight, hair falling, pains in the back, waist or loss of weight, increased disposition to sweating, headache, pain in the solar plexus, alcoholism, drug addiction, insomnia, enuresis, stutter, mood swings, tearfulness, falling out of filling, constipation, etc..

I can recommend to all a very simple way to disconnect from energy informational vampires and bring oneself to a normal state and become at least a little bit unstressed. To do this you have to imagine a person from whom you would like to disconnect your mind or a situation in personal life just like on a TV screen. Imagine the threads that connect you to the image. Light up a candle or a match and place the flame between you and the imagined subject. Imagine that the threads that connect you with the imagined subject a burned on that flame. After that you utter a sharp sound (you can clap your hands once or hit a hanging pan with a spoon).

At the moment of freeing from the energy connection you will feel warm wave or tiny goose bumps all over your body, shivering or ceasing of the pain. Sweat on your palms or feet can also appear. You can carry out this procedure without a sound and with imaginative flame. However, the effectiveness would be less in this case.

Obviously, this procedure is not panacea in karmic corrections. It is something like putting a bandage and tearing the connection with the injuring factor at the moment of occurrence. However it can make the everyday life much easier, persuade someone in the effectiveness of energy informational methods and sometimes even give an opportunity to find the nearest karmic corrections expert. The karmic correction techniques should be conducted by professionals.

Written by:
Associate members of International Acmeology Academy ( the science of reserve capabilities of a human) representative of International Institute of Social Ecology Vyacheslav Gubanov, Elena Babenko.