All sicknesses come from mental stress

It means that mental soul needs to be cured from the sickness and not the body.

The person who is left with no hope from medicine, is ready as a rule to believe in anything: herbs, urine-therapy, winter swimming and miracles. When we talk about the issue of life and death – the need to be stubborn in your materialistic views disappears: all means become good. If medicine was able to always help the sick then the nihilism of many doctors towards different untraditional healing methods would be quite appropriate. But it is impossible to cure diabetes, asthma, psoriasis and allergies using common medical methods, and I am not even talking about AIDS. And here you come across people who are not medics, but the experts of the former defense industry that claim that they found the way to cure the most sever deceases.

Even though the method originated from defense industry work (it was born I the laboratory of Social Ecology at the Institute of Informatics, Technology and Economics of the Academy of defense industry of Russia) it smells not like tanks and rockets, it has a sense of ancient east, it is called - karmic correction. The ancient knowledge in combination with modern scientific progress gave such a result that a common person can only make a helpless gesture in response. But let’s try to leave our skepticism behind and give the method a chance at least hypothetically. Moreover there is more than enough proof that it is valid. The foundation of the method is the belief that any disease is the outcome of the stress in certain parts of the brain. A person has taken a hit and as result the energy informational processes lost its correspondence in the brain. This means that the symptoms appeared in the body, and this is what sickness really is. Actually there is a direct dependence of the sickness and the type of the stress. When we talk about it we need to again turn to the tradition that came to us from the East to the so called chakra structure of the human organism theory.

If for example the stress is connected with suppression of a person’s will, he or she is constantly suppressed, no one allows him or her to speak and tries to break the personality, then the fifth chakra, the will center the one that is in the area of the throat will be injured . That’s how flu, sicknesses of thyroid gland and osteochondrosis of the seventh cervical vertebra occur. Because the fifth chakra is directly connected with the fourth, the heart chakra, the depressions and suppressed emotional activities are possible and with time a person can get rather serious cardiovascular diseases.

Here is another interesting theory about the origin of disease. The research of laboratory of social ecology shows that through the disease a person can be paying for incorrect and unlawful actions of parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. It sounds impossible and mystical only at first sight. To prove it there is a quite common everyday story.

One young man at the age of 21 had diabetes in a very sever and progressive form. It was discovered that this disease began after the stress in the age of 18. The person to blame for the stress happened to be the mother who sent the son from the usual surrounding environment of the rural town to the capital where everything was alien to him because in his mind set he is a rural person, who did not want to live in the big city in his heart. The mother continued to be the source for stress of her own son even after he have returned home cause he was not able to deal with the speed of the capital. And further on – using the karmic correction method the stress was found, localized and dissolved. As a result the son was cured from diabetes which is proven by the proper medical documentation. The mother (she was the head narcologist department of that little town) who over stressed her own son received a practical proof that new techniques are effective and she had to admit that non medical methods can really help people. There is another theory that makes it possible to explain the reason for disease – it is so called theory of prana burns. Here it is in short: if a person is in the normal state then there is so called energy shell rotating around his or her physical body. If we think of Earth as a physical body then atmosphere is the same as energy shell for a human.

The atmosphere through its ozone layer puts down the rough space radiation. If there is no ozone layer the mutation of genetic matters can occur on the surface of the earth. If the energy shell is taken off from the part of the physical human body then on the surface of the body so called prana burn can happen. It happens because unadapted prana space energy begins to flow through the biologically active points of the energy meridians. It is always received by the normal viable body and it is vital for any human, the high frequency components of the energy are put down, go through adaptation and cool down due to the existence of the energy shell.

If you got allergy, antritis, conjunctivitis, psoriasis, bronchial asthma or pneumonia then you should know that someone took tear off a piece of your energy shell. It is also possible that you lost it yourself because of you incorrect mental activities. For example you worried for nothing or acted aggressively which led to throwing around of your energy to different directions with no purpose. That is why you got sick.

According to the president of the International Institute of Social Ecology (former laboratory of social ecology) Vyacheslav Gubanov, our medicine is trying to give as much as possible extra sources of energy to people (with the help of pills, different types of procedures, etc), when all that has to be done is just learn how to correctly use what is already given by Nature. Each person receives a lot through Nature. You should not think that the role of medicine is denied here and the alternative methods are taken as an absolute. The common medicine methods work very well in helping people to eliminate the symptoms of diseases, which gives time that could be used to find the real cause of the disease, learn the lessons of your own uneducated actions and conduct full karmic correction.

Based on the practical scientific research conducted by the International Institute of Social Ecology one can make a revolutionary conclusion: energy informational injury is the primary one, the viruses start to multiply only after. That is why the energy informational injuries should be dealt with first and not the virus itself. The same could be said in regards to such disease as AIDS. Of course everything is much more complicated but to put it in just a few words: this failure of immune system can be provoked by oncology in the previous generations for example. It could also mean that there is no connection with your own ethnic group just like it was with Rudolf Nariev case.

There also could be a situation when the child was undesired and that is why he or she was born weak.

According to Vyacheslav Gubanov - AIDS is first of all an energy informational disease. That is why in real life not everyone gets it out of HIV positive people. The disease develops only when there is an injury on the causal level of matter existence – defect of the spirit.

Medicine can only try to offer cure for symptoms to the sick, but to really cure them the methods of working with “the cause” have to be conducted. This is karmic and causal corrections. This means that soul has to be treated and not only the body. The treatment has to be done by medical ways as well as by energy informational techniques.

It is very easy to say that all of this just cannot be. But nobody really knows… Maybe it is true that we know very little about Nature of a human and the world where we live in.

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov