Reason for 90% of impotence is in psychology

No one will argue the fact that women consider a male to be high-ranked he has large bank account, charisma, charm and most importantly Mojo. Many man because of that become the hostages of chemical pills that prolong the sexually active age, by doing this they sacrifice their liver, heart and self respect.

However, the impotence according to the President of the International Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg) Vyacheslav Gubanov can begin as well as end only “in the head”. Our interview is about quality sex for quality life.

Can a “righteous’’ person, the one who takes care of his health participate in group sex?

It depends on a person (laughing). If we talk about it seriously, if we talk about the true purpose of group sex then we’ll find that in history it was always considered to be a cult activity. I think some of you might remember the topic of “astral karate” which was very popular in 1992. There is an analogy – the people who work as a network are able to reach the most results. When the energy of participant in group sex is combined it reminds the might of the heroes in “Voltron: Defender of the Universe”. If you remember, there were independent functional transformer capsules that were controlled by space pilots. They would gather into one mega-construction and then they would become unbeatable. If the participants are drawn to group sex only by the zest of the whole process then there could be quite serious problems. In any sex, as well as in group sex the connections between the people do not disappear after the end of the act.

Are you saying that there is some kind of physiological “memory” about former partners?

The research showed that horses which experienced intercourse with zebra, but didn’t get pregnant, give birth to striped colts in 2-5 years. Moreover, the scientists not so long ago were able to fulfill a wish of one woman. She gave birth to a child from a partner who was dead for the last 7 years. The sperm cells of a partner are absorbed by the female uterus. It turned out that to get these cells and use the method of egg cell growing that is used in extrapolation to get someone pregnant was not that hard. As a result the woman successfully carried and gave birth to the child. There was even a certificate that proved genetic relation of the child with the deceased. Our research of the infertility problems after the period of post-sexual revolution in Germany vividly proves the fact that the connections are not destroyed. That is why church does not support sex before marriage, they don’t want all former sexual partners to be present in the bad of newlywed. The brain of each participant after the act can influence the processes in the bodies of the other participants. In other words people are just “stuck” on each other. The same situation occurs during so called “distributed group sex” when women or men that have 5 or 6 partners who don’t know each other but interchange not only saliva and other discharges through the common partner, but also more thinner “matters” on the energy level.

So what should one do?

There are special methods of “freeing” oneself from his or her former or current partners. These methods are used by healers and so called soothsayers, but it happens on ritual and unexplained level. The modern experts in the field of interaction in the environment work with scientific methods and the use of the theory of torsion contact physics of elementary particles and other methods as well, but the explanation of that processes is out of the scope of our current topic.

So what should people who love group sex do?

If people are connected through the emotional connections, they are friends, they have mutual intellectual and spiritual interests then there is nothing bad in this kind of interaction. For advanced people, this is normal. But what is good for that kind of people would be just fleshly lusts for the people of lower levels. By the way, now many people turn into fleshly lusts, they are just looking for exciting experience and they do not take into account the quality of those they plan to do it with.

So, in this case, it is better to have just one regular and reliable sexual partner?

If we look at the normal people, that is, at those who do not have psychological pathologies, then for them there are two main life periods: before 35 and after 35. During the first period it is recommended to have only one regular partner after the marriage, but after 35 years of age a person becomes “too big” to fit in the former limits that got very narrow with time. He cannot be fully satisfied with only one relationship. Then, if you look at the real life situation and not at the widely accepted standard norms you would see that this is the time when “family friends”, “family girlfriends” and “other similar friends” start to appear. The Nature takes its own! And those people who are able to correctly use the newly found bonds in their matured life have a high chance of staying healthy and happy without breaking the former family bonds. The truth is that you don’t’ even have to have physical sex when you indulge yourself in very intensive emotional, spiritual and intellectual connections “on the side”. When a person stays in the old hard shelled rules he or she might degrade. However, I would like to emphasize one thing for you, I am talking about a person who advances, the one who needs more than just to have a meal and a conversation with an opposite sex. He or she needs much more interesting things in life than that.

Are there any signs or symptoms on the body which show that it is time to “disconnect” from the partner?

Actually when a person is trying to reach self realization through sex it is not a healthy situation. They carry on themselves the mark of all their previous and future sexual partners and it is even worse when the “energy waste” of all their relatives down to 6th generation is there. Have you for example encountered a situation when you meet an attractive young woman (or man) – the figure is good, you like the looks, voice and there is even charm but you begin to smell dead flesh. Partners do not stay with this person for more than one time. We have that kind of people coming to us for private sessions. What to do in that kind of cases? “Clean oneself”.

What are the signs that a person is “clogged” by his partners or relatives?

First sign is impotence. Doctors by the way also state that the reason for 90% of the impotence is in psychology. I would also add that it depends on the energy properties. A person can be so clogged by the “ex” that he just can’t tunes himself to the current partner. Another sign is infertility. When we talk about ex partners I have to point out that there are cases when a woman constantly thinks about her first husband to fire herself up for second one. This situation is pathological and it can cause big health problems in the near future for the second husband. The man could be just thrown down the drain this way. A woman after divorce MUST disconnect herself through energy informational ways from her previous husband.

The last but not least question is about oral sex. What do you think about the ancient Chinese theory that sperm can be a source of eternal youth?

Human organism through oral sex receives nitrous oxide with sperm which increases mood and heightens the senses which can actually contribute to rejuvenation of the body. Sperm also has a very serious programming effect on the female brain. Roughly speaking after a woman receives the sperm she strongly connects with that man, he starts to occupy most of her thoughts and she wants him again and again. Oral sex brings not only a common relaxation, after this type of sex man feels energized when after the regular sex they are not. He does not feel absorbed and exhausted. There is another interesting thing, after few times a woman begins to understand the man very quickly. I read an article about one of our famous photo artists who is famous for his well coordinated work with capricious models. He gave away his secret: one week of oral sex before the photo shoot and no problems in mutual understanding. There is no need for words! You might even notice that secretaries, who interact with their bosses this way, are rather effective in their work. We had a trial on “shaurma” (similar to meet wrap) street vendors here in St. Petersburg not so long ago. It was a very serious scandal, it was connected with the fact that sperm was discovered in the sauce that came with the “shaurma”. In any case, it was quite interesting fact that those vendors had regular HOOKED ON clientele of both sexes!

It turns out that one has to be really careful to what is consumed during the process of sex to be safe?

There are interesting cases when a woman can’t even come closer to the male sex organ of her partner with her face, even though everything used to be “OK”. The rejection happens and even responsive shutting of jaws is possible. Nature takes care of security by itself!

Interviewed by Natalya Revskaya

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov