Finding female power – scientific magic of our days

The times when woman’s happiness was just to find the prince and that’s it are gone a long time ago. Of course, having a prince is a good thing, but many of us today want to be creative, active and socially acclaimed personalities. It turns out that it can actually benefit the traditional female roles in family and children as well being benefit the loving loved husband. All of this can be harmonious. To be a woman in the modern world means to have serious advantages, the main thing is to know how to use them. All of this is coming from the President of the International Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg) Vyacheslav Gubanov.

- With the XXI century, the era of Aquarius, there is more and more talk about the coming of the time of “women”. Is there any scientific data that can support this or it is just another beautiful legend?

- We are talking about precise division between the types of activities of men and women which is based on the different energy structure of each sex in principle. We are talking about fundamental differences, which can explain the difference in body structure and the ways of communication with the surrounding world and other things as well. There is one funny picture of remote control for women and remote control for men. Remote control for men has two buttons – food and sex, while remote for women is much more complicated – it has all kind of buttons, arrows and wheels … Horrifying!!! But, it is the truth!

Our world is developing from simple towards complicated. When we look at it primitively and “correctly” then men are much stronger than women. When we look deeper and get more complicated then left brain hemispheres (male) type of thinking loses against right hemisphere (female) way of thinking. Left hemisphere speed of processing information is 16 units per second and right hemisphere’s speed is one billion of unites per second!!!

- So it turns out that women are much more gifted?

- It does turns out this way. Men are more “clever”. Left hemisphere is the intellect, right one is intuition, abilities, imagination and adaptability. Women had to be adaptable so they can survive together with children. What does a man need? He went, made a revolution then he came back in three years, the wife is still there, the house is still there and kids are fed. Men actually did go pretty far from the cave when they would go hunting. To live on the go in all kinds of conditions is natural for men!

- You are saying that if a man went to buy “some matches” and came after three days it’s ok?

- It is ok. For him it is normal and it does not mean that he is cheating on you or dose not love you. This is just the way energy structure and the way of information processing is made in men. So until the law of force, codex of honor and settled morale norms are active men can and should hold key positions in business and politics. However, now there is an informational explosion. People now are in such fast changing environment that all kinds of moral principles are destroyed, different laws and rules cease to work and men are just not able to “process” all of it. (remember about the 16 units per second?). However, women have feelings, intuition and today this becomes a very powerful competitive advantage. Women have learned the rules of the game and logic of the process. In addition to this women can feel the situation and see it with their inner vision. These features make the woman to be on top of the social pyramid.

For example in South-Eastern Asia, which is rapidly developing and successfully competes on the world market, there are women as top managers of the largest companies. I work a lot with this region and I can say that there is truth in the real way the things are and there is also an image oriented way. To have contact with the western world Asians give respect to the traditions and have “placed male generals”. They are professional and qualified workers, however they would still lose if we take the qualities of real project leaders and managers. A man can have a very strong impression, but only the impression, all of the work is done by women. If we take career as a whole, in the East as well as in the West then we will find the research that talks about the fact that woman that has the same position as a man works 10 times more. Women work all the time, even when they are having some “rest” at home, it is considered to be normal, and when a man did something and didn’t break anything then he is a hero! I am a male myself, and I know what I am talking about. …

- Can you give an example how right hemisphere techniques “work” in business?

- Let’s say you have a situation with false documents. Your legal department checked everything and logically everything is “clean”, signatures and stamps are genuine. A male would say “ok”. A woman on the other hand will have a strange feeling that something “smells bad” here. She would say: “I don’t care about your legal department, but I will not sign it.” After some time the chic cover will be revealed and everyone would realize that there was a fake inside. Women always know the truth. You are telling her that you were in a meeting but she quickly finds the marks of lipstick in the places that are really hard to see. I will repeat once again, taking into account the level of technological development, when any document or paper can be falsified, a woman with its intuition will end up on top. Among other things, men have a very interesting peculiarity – “big boys don’t cry” we are very limited in choosing our emotional reactions. Women on the other hand can use features that are not allowed for men in the right moments and they would win in the end.

- You mean tears and hysterics?

- I am talking about rich emotional specter. There was a time when I trained a group of female bodyguards. On the final exam, the fight trainer gave a task to touch his body to pass the exam. I would like to add that he was highly trained professional and it was very hard to complete this task. So sometime in the middle of the exam one girl stepped on the ring and tore down her kimono to reveal her breasts. While the male essence of the trainer was reacting to her trick for a few seconds she had enough time to not only touch him, but also put him to the ground like she was taught in this school. If a man would reveal something, then a woman would react ... hmmm.. in a different way. In other words women have a bigger potential to be manipulative. A man can react to her like a partner, it makes him fall into emotions, make mistakes and “uncover” oneself. In any case it is much harder for men to carry on an intrigue….

- What about politics? Politics is all about intrigues and in this play there are “mainly guys”.

- The thing is that by winning a fight you can lose a war. If you reached a certain tactical success, then it does not mean that strategically you and your close ones or even nations would not suffer from your actions. Male-politicians that play “not according to the rules” pay a big price for the choices in their carrier – it is oncological and mental sicknesses, accidents and death.

Politics is not necessary “dirty”, it is just that men with “female” brain survive more often. They need to feel the tendencies and be without principles just like women.

- Women are without principles?

- Women act just like Nature. They believe that the right thing to do now is the thing that secures survival. What women usually do has really nothing to do with principles or agreements.

- Are there women with “principles?

- Now we are talking about activeness of different brain hemispheres. There are women with active left hemisphere. I had a chance to meet such women. One time in Moscow I was working with one lady entrepreneur from Norway, only her skirt was left from her feminine nature…

- There are many other countries in EU in which women (and this is a common case) stopped to look after themselves and lost their femininity, but they still feel very comfortable. Moreover, many of them are on their husband’s keep and they allow the husbands to indulge them. It seems that they believe that their husbands are in debt until the death only because they gave birth to a child.

- It’s even worse. Out of 10 German women today only 3 of them can carry the child for three months. This means that there are 70% of miscarriages. This is a national tragedy. This is the outcome of the fact that female essence is understood incorrectly. It seems that western women think that it is possible to be equal with men in everything. Now they are able to match men in salary and work, but be careful of what you wish for. They began to look like men on the outside on the physiological level. Female energy is lost, women become sterile, they start to have mustache – in other words, it’s crazy! This is so called “first wave” of emancipation. If we take the South- East – Thailand, Burma and other countries as an example, then we will see that female expansion is going without traumas. Women there control large quantities of capital due to the strong economic selection and reason. This is the “second wave”.

- Well, you know what, in so called civilized world, women had to go through a lot and they were treated as “men’s best friend”. Suffragette, feminists and emancipated people appeared as a result of evolutional selection. We really had to prove that we are not people of a second sort!

- We are here not carrying out the verdict. We are just studying the consequences. Women are not worse than men in any way! Women are better in many ways! But there are objective “beheading in the rights” ways that are based on the energy laws. It is chauvinism. There are consequences if men break the laws, and if women break laws it is also not safe.

By the way in South-East there are limits to the women rights. For example, women still cannot come near certain saint Buddhist temples. There are statues that only man can come near, stick a gold leaf and meditate. There are other similar cases as well. We measured radiation that is coming out of saint places, and it was very powerful until recently. Today, when we come back to the same place we find there is no human energy field left! Women still cannot come near this place. So what is happening? Western men with their “stressed” brains come and make the field dirty with their distorted energy. We are not talking about some kind of mysticism. We are talking about a phenomenon that can be measures and calculated with the help of science. From physics stand point, fast, restless female brain could “clog” the radiation of the saint place. That is why they are not allowed to come near the statue. Now, men with the same brain come from the west – It’s a disaster! It’s not that easy to protect from their brain by just checking their sex…

- Is this the same reason why women are not allowed behind the altar in the orthodox church?

- Yes, for the same reason. Radiation of the female brain is very powerful. It is not bad or “dirty”. In some religious traditions it is thought that women are the vessel of sin, especially during that special period of time every month. From the energy stand point, this special period is the time of the organism cleaning from all the energy informational trash which a woman would clog herself with throughout the whole month. Men are not as lucky, that is why they live less and suffer from stress more.

- What does energy lacking people really mean? Are these the energy vampires that soothsayers frighten the house wives with?

- On the domestic level – yes, since on the physical level this influence is really a proven fact! We are talking about the state of a person’s organism in which the energy that the brain is producing is not enough to support the healthy state of own physiology and psyche.

- Traditionally it is considered that women are the ones who are vampires – they complain, whine and capricious all the time – is it true?

- From the scientific stand point, women are traditionally energy excessive from nature. So when they are whining and complain all the time, as you put it, then they are just in the energy lacking state – they are tired psychologically and many other things… Again, they just want to be small and irresponsible….

- What are the external signs of energy excessive person?

- Radiant eyes, warm hands and feet. By the way, in Muslim world and in England, if a woman has cold hands and feet it is a legitimate claim for the divorce! It is considered unnatural for women. This is the sign of serious energy informational injury. It means that 26 energy channels on hands and 89 energy channels on feet are blocked!

- Could it just mean that a person has vascular dystonia… So if I have cold feet – I’m a bad woman?

- It just means that you are stressed. If you teach a person to correctly use own natural abilities for peaceful purposes then he or she would stop going through life as it is shown in this phrase “Ooops, here is pit, oops here is another one”. He or she will not be surprised how bruises and bumps suddenly appear. As you know, ignorance is a vile sin, and “not knowing the laws of nature does not free from the responsibility of following them!”

- In other words – I should visit a psychiatrist?

- Not necessarily. If the injury is not harsh you can fix it yourself. Our Institute developed an interesting technique that is turned on with the help of your imagination. In the special literature it is called visualization. You and your readers can do this exercise/technique. Imagine the place where women usually bear a child. Imagine that in this place you have a few white marbles that bang against each other and jump around just like coins in the shut palms. Now you just throw them out through the natural opening and you imagine how they fall on the floor with a sound. They fall and they are gone! This kind of exercise/technique allows you to unblock female sex center and free your organism from the cell memory of visits to gynecologist. I don’t’ want to say anything bad about them, but when a woman is during her regular check up, the doctor tries to think of all possible sicknesses while looking at her inner organs.

- That is why we really don’t like to have to go to gynecologists…

- Sorry, but this is just a side effect from the professional activity. We are not talking about conscious evil intentions. The knowing person is able to “clean” oneself after any visit to the doctor.

- Let’s get back to the scientific picture of energy excessive woman. From nature we have a large reserve of energy, and it is not enough, it means that we have to clean. In the west there are a lot of quarrels with Nature, and it did lead to the sad outcomes. What about countries of the former Soviet Union?

- Russia and Ukraine are now traditional world suppliers of brides to the western world. It is so because natural qualities of our women are not broken in general. The Nature was not able to suffer much during 15 minutes of our independence (laughing). We have a lot of energy excessive women.

- By the way what is the best thing that feeds female energy?

- Flowers. If a woman pays attention to flower then she becomes “fluffy” from man’s stand point. That is why actually women love when someone gives them flowers. Chocolate and honey works the same way.

- It is still a pity that in big business and in politics there are not so many women. Will this tendency change?

- Most likely yes. By the way, the thing that you are talking about has an exception. There are a lot of women in sales traditionally. It is quite interesting since a successful sales woman compensates its unclaimed sexual desire. Sales in her shop, restaurant or other business is the act of seduction. Here is an example: The lady owner of the jewelry store came to see me last week, the store had a sudden decrease in sales. It turned out that there were conflicts in the management, and women spent their energy on the fights. Sales dropped 4 times in one month! When we solved all the issues everything went back to normal!

- Is it possible to solve these problems without your help? Is it possible to teach a person how to use your own head and your own energy?

- Yes, it s possible. A person can learn through simple rules of work in the energy informational environment. Anyone can practice them and you immediately receive the results. Otherwise you can just sign the ultimate pass to the medical institutions constant visits. Here is an example for you. We have three elite magazines in St. Petersburg. Editor teams of all three magazines turned to us with the following problem: 8 out of 12 women that work in those magazines got oncologic sickness – breasts, neck, tongue and others. Most of the sicknesses were in the upper part of the body. Journalists by the way have to be very careful, they have to correctly and fully disconnect from the information source so the situation does not get worse. This is the culture of work with big and intensive streams of modern information. It is vital to learn this. It is not just a need! It is not just the fact that it is never too late to learn, there is a vital need to constantly learn!

- For “desert”, if I can ask, can you please give a couple of recommendations for business women, that currently don’t have personal consultants or don’t know how to do it on their own, but they still want to stay sexually acclaimed women, good wives and mothers.

- First of all, I would like to point out that any female manager of any level needs a force stabilizer, that is a man who can stabilize her emotional domain. Female organism really needs external stabilization – either though her business partners, or through personal masseur, or through consultant, spiritual person if we are talking about religious people or at least a like-minded person. Now about self-tuning. At home you turn on biological zone of the brain and when you come to work you turn on the social zone. Radiation of these two zones is perpendicular. In other words, to activate both of them at the same time is hard and has its consequences. That is why a woman has to consciously re-tune herself towards work, towards the husband, towards the children and not mix all of this with her role at work. How? We thought of an interesting way to do it, it is kind of funny but works very well. Imagine that you are Meduza Gorgona and you have a helmet of snakes on your head. They are moving, looking in different directions and each one of them holds something in her mouth (some thought or image). We give them an order to leave everything and take the position of calm and careful cobra. (By the way, seven headed cobra guarded and protected from rain and sun prince Gautam, while he was pondering and creating Buddhism!) So you order the snakes to curl into a circle and go to sleep. You went out from work – you made your working snakes go to sleep and woke up the domestic ones, and in the morning you do the other way around, domestic go to bed and working ones wake up!

Women, who don’t know how to re-tune can be very destructive in regards to themselves, work and home. There is no need to do it for the most men. They have naturally developed concentration on a single thing. That is the way of switching from one business to another occurs almost without an effort. However, the procedure of switching from the “robot-animal” state (the role of a manager of middle or higher level), when you are back home, has to be done by all men and women. Otherwise, the whole staff team comes home, with all its connections with business partners for the day, for the week, for the year… How can you have a place for all of them at the dining table, in bed or on vacation? That is why you have to learn how to become yourself again. You have to see yourself - beloved - in the mirror! In bed you have to represent yourself and your body, and not be the agent with the task from the beloved staff team. On vacation you have to feel like a real person that follows the following principle: “We worked well, now we need to rest well. Everyone just leave us!”

Natalia Revskaya,
Newspaper “Weekly Mirror”, #20 (649) , 26th of may – 1 June 2007,
special interview with President of the International Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg) Vyacheslav Gubanov