Men are beginning to extinct

It turns that it is possible to avoid ruined nerves and “broken heart” according to “workers on environment” (scientists that work with energy informational environment on the level of torsion and other fields of thinner matter existence levels). One can just “look” at the surface of the energy interaction issues in family and society for women and men.

Women in general are different from men. Women have a big reserve of life forces, but have less stability because of their emotions. Based on this, scientists made a fundamental conclusion: energy abundant and “flying” women need “earthly stabilizer” that is played by a man. He is actually needed without a doubt! That is why representatives of the most beautiful sex really want to “jump into marriage” and they try their best to find at least any mate. Famous Russian singer Alena Sviridova in one of her interview said: I don’t need a man for material support, I don’t’ need a man to open up creatively, I need a man for emotional stability”.

What about men? How is everything with them? There is a self-sufficient (in terms of Vyacheslav Gubanov, president of the IISE) and energy excessive male. He does not have the desire to stabilize women. However, this desire exists in men who lack aura energy (with small reserve of life forces). Such men usually get a wife that plays the role of a “feeding mother” that generously shares with him all that she has on the energy level and the man just stabilizes her. Everything is well, but! It turns out that basis for such marriage change in 5 years. Something like an inventory audit happens. The prospect of the marriage as a result of the audit can be defined exhausted.

Children on the level of “environment” can actually make the marriage shake it even more rather than making it more stable. The then husband is moved down in priority when energy “mother” becomes a real mother and starts to feed her child in actual and figurative sense first of all!

If we change the topic and look at the children then we will see that children often choose their sexual partners according to the energy informational “portrait” of the opposite sex parent in the family.

Another set of “rake” that young couple usually steps on, and it even might sound strange, lies in the joy, and pleasant surprises and other things that we expect from the full value family. Question: “How should the partner know what makes you happy?” It turns out that to establish long relationships one needs to know oneself and introduce the partner to the real you. The real essence of the close relationships lies in the mutual enrichment of feelings, emotions and abilities.

Coming back to the healthy relationships, since we are talking about them, the next “thin” aspect is vividly seen on the “field” level. It is the issue of sex. It is a petty that the description of ways to satisfy partners is outside of this given topic.

There is just one interesting nuance in regards to the desire of “turning on the head and logic” (that is male hemisphere) in the most inappropriate time. “Does he love you? How can I make it more pleasant for him?” – these and other questions make women destructed from the body senses and think. Men begin to strain oneself, since on the field level there is a “man” right next to him – that is the “male” hemisphere is active! The interest just disappears. On the other hand (if the partner of course is not a total egoist) the best case scenario is when a female after receiving (even the first one) maximum pleasure with the help of the partner fires him up even more. Everyone is happy!

The case when men bring home the salary is also quite interesting! Let’s say a man brought one centimeter of “green ones” ($10 000) or less, the exact amount does not really matter, he wants the emotions in return. The woman tells him in return – put the money to that box and goes on to continue her phone conversation with a girl friend. As a result the man gets the emotional hunger. He gets the desire to through the dirty socks in the center of the living room, or to use the flower pot as an ash tray or just go to “have a beer” with friends. All that the woman had to do was to just feel the joy.

You don’t have to notice all of these nuances and just continue living. You can continue to experience the fear of being lonely. You can also be afraid of getting yourself into relationships where your real needs are constantly ignored or you can just don’t care about anyone. As it is said, someday everyone will receive according to his or her faith. But it is best to believe that “the king’s throne is never empty”. The throne that is your heart (or if you want your field or living environment) has to be made for a king and really be holy so there would be no temptation to spit in it.

Kseniya Novohatskaya, from interview with V.V. Gubanov, president of the IISE.