If you are drowning you are on your own.
It’s sink or swim.

Lately you can often hear from doctors: “This is first time in my practice”, “This is a new type of sickness, medicine is not effective” etc. Fungus disease is now harms not only skin and mucous membrane but also inner organs! Pneumonia in some certain cases now is characterized and contagious, and chlamydia spoils the life of most working people. The symptoms are there but to find the cause through medical analysis is impossible.

What this invisible forces attack actually is? How to survive in these conditions?

The answer might seem illogical but practice shows that it is the truth. Sickness first of all is an energy-informational impact, and only then is material and the one that we feel.

I will give an example to illustrate. During one regular medical check, the analysis of the blood test of one female employee showed that she had syphilis. Because in fact there was no chance that she could have gotten this sickness through physical contact, she turned to our laboratory for help one day before she was supposed to be hospitalized.

We conducted energy-informational tests of karmic body of the client.

We discovered that three weeks ago on a specific day at specific time she received programming stress. After this her life forces rapidly declined.

She remembered that at this time she took part at her father in law funeral. Because everyone took the death very hard, she decided to feed everyone with energy as she was taught in one healer school. All participants of the funeral lived through the ceremony just fine. However, she began to experience different kinds of troubles at work and family, and the peak of all was the discovery that she is sick with syphilis.

We assumed that it is a regular energy-informational injury, when a sick person connects to the healthy person and no material stimulants of sickness are transmitted. That is why we started to look for the person with syphilis among those present at the funeral. We asked the lady to introduce everyone who was near her during that day. While introducing the people she was looking at the receiving hand of the bio-operator (this way through the phantom a specialist can easily trace information about any person, which at least once was seen by the person who created the phantom). The energy deficient carrier of the sickness was found. So why was she impacted by him and not others?

It all happen because she switched her brain into the certain state so she could SHARE HER ENERGY with others. She broke the law of selectivity of the help through energy and allowed energy deficient proteins of a sick person to “suck on” hers.

People who are near a person with venereal disease, AIDS, a number of mental disorders, feel cold at solar plexuses, subconscious anxiety, and desire to leave the company of such energy vampire. However, their brain generally works in the logical mode, processing 16 units of information per second. On this speed of brain activity, the injury can be transmitted only on the material level by sickness stimulants.

And for creative people, for intuitive people, for those with emotional wealth the situation is different! Their brain is just like a brain of an energy healer who can process up to 10 in the 9th power of information units per second. At this kind of speed it is possible to control configurations of intramolecular protein junctions. That is what happens during autosuggestions in trans techniques at stressful times.

So that is when programming configurational injuries happen.

When the programming source was discovered the injured was able to disconnect by HERSELF using the methods of karmic correction!

After that the procedure of straightening of the fourth dimensional body (traditionally called – SOUL) was carried out to “erase” the information regarding the former intrusion.

The next day we were the witnesses of the “miracle”: another blood test was made and nothing dangerous was found. And as always in this kind of situations, doctors concluded that the results of the first analysis were incorrect…

And what really happened ?! The time of the funeral coincided with unfavorable time to the health of that lady according to astrology, and from the stand point of bio-energy, her energy shell lost its elasticity at the time. Sex chakra did not work with the usual intensity, oppressed by the accumulated influence of the Solar system planets. At this weaken state she was energy unstable.

At this moment the energy insufficient intro-molecular proteins of the sick person received the access to the proteins with the same configuration of her type. (Here is what domestic sympathy can do!). The donor - “vampire” feeding channel was established on the astral level of matter existence. Through the torsion interactions the life forces of the woman started to leave her energy shell and flow to the place where the vampire was.

When her body began to produce anti bodies that straighten the energy emanation of the brain, it allowed her to disconnect body PROGRAMMING injury of the viruses. The same anti bodies are produced during MATERIAL injury of the body by viruses.

That is why the karmic correction that eliminates the injuring factor in the past (at the moment of the injury) is much more effective than medicine, instrumental influence or even energy healing. Mentioned above methods give injured person some time to rest, during which it is possible to carry out karmic correction to eliminate the cause of the troubles. Then the human brain can independently and with high effectiveness exterminate materials as well as programming “aliens” in the body.

The matter is that sicknesses, behavioral stereotypes or events in personal live are programmed on the level of CONFIGURATION DISTORTION of intracellular proteins of the body. Medicine, physical shells of the medical equipment and energy healing cause EXTERNAL COMPENSATING FORM DISTORTION of the proteins. The programming stresses become twice as many, the compensating stress is added to the injuring stresses.

Karmic corrections allow to get rid of the injuring stresses by means of the inner human resources. He or she just becomes free from the energy-informational parasites that were “eating” the life forces. Restrains of the past, as well as the ones of his ancestors, release the human brain. He or she once again gets mobility, elasticity of the energy shell and INDEPENDENCE from the medicine, medical equipment and his healer-donor. The protein cells of the organs and systems formed brain emanation, and obtained normal configuration FROM IT. That is why there is no overdose or addiction effect, which is common in usual methods of health improvement.

The most valuable in karmic corrections is that they are just like space ship engines are able to transfer the person from one orbit of the brain activity to another. A person can and must become the FOUNDER of healthy and needed in life qualities. It is just like during the space travel, you cannot go without the sense of direction in the personal Space. Astrology hints the time for favorable launch and change in the trajectory movement in the river of destiny. Karmic corrections allow to not just “steer the wheel” of the automobile but also move in the needed direction.

It becomes possible to “bypass” or “jump over” dangerous areas and not only “slow down” or “go faster” as a driver of a tram on the rails of predestined way can.

Practice shows that it is possible to get rid of specific hardships or chronic sicknesses in 3-4 visits (one time per month). And any person can learn how to correctly control own destiny. He just needs to commit to the two year of education and quality reconstruction of his world view (for a faster way one has to be programmed or deprived from his own mind, which virtually is the same thing).

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology
V.V. Gubanov