Listen to yourself…
Through the eyes of a man and a woman

Women’s point of view

A magnificent woman surrounded by mystery… This is the way Elena Koshutina was seen by the photographer. We could not even imagine how many interesting mysteries she knows about our world!

- I became interested in this a long time ago. It is just that in the constant urge to realize oneself in business and satisfy your own ambitions people usually forget about spirituality and it is not given proper attention. I am not an exception. The life makes people to be materialists, because material is good, it is security and comfort. However, it doesn’t make your soul sing. You have to understand correctly – wealthy person can be spiritual as well. Everything just has to be in harmony. This happens quite rarely. When soul is a second priority and material mind becomes the top priority then the whole organism becomes imbalanced and crooked. The situation becomes worse if you don’t fix this: first, it could be a light disease, then – it could be the more harsh form of that disease, then problems in life may appear (including material ones). The Nature itself is trying to tell person that he is living incorrectly! Nature has many ways to do it…

I am convinced that if a person uses all means possible to reach his or her goals then the harm is done not only to the person and the children – the harm is done to everything that surrounds him or her. How to become harmonious person? Roerich (Russian painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, and public figure) once said: “Blessed are the hardships, they make us grow”. Why? Because, all the troubles on our way are tests that show if we are ready to remove everything negative from our soul and thoughts that exist in all of us. It is not that easy to do. You have to live through it, to let it go through your heart and to consciously refuse all envy, jealousy and anger. Only then this negative energy is transformed in to positive one and gives a push to the positive mood, words and doings. We come to this world to change everything that is bad in us into something good, so in the end we know how to control our life, and we are not under the control of our own inner demons and vile desires.

With every little victory over oneself a person receives a prize as a wild bolt of positive energy. It cures him or her and leads to another level of development. It happens only this way and there is no other way to grow.

Good and bad on Earth exists as a whole. Our ultimate priority as humans is to make good triumph. The one who was not able to do it and continues to spoil the surrounding world is just removed as Nature does not need someone like that. Sometimes Nature does it with those who already fulfilled their goal on Earth. That is why many poets and artists leave the world so early. They leave so they can realize themselves on some other higher level. This should be the attitude towards death…

We are living in a very interesting time, even though it is hard. Life constantly is getting faster and the informational field becomes more and more dense. Sometimes it seems that time itself is transformed and it just flies through in a dense form. Don’t you have a feeling that sometimes you just lose few hours?... They say that it is totally different in space, linear time exists only on Earth – as well as this polarity: good and evil...

People have to constantly work on their mistakes, otherwise mankind can just suddenly die at once. This warning is a quite serious. If you look inside your own world, you can find out a lot about yourself. About the envy which is the most terrifying and is the basis of self destruction and about the fact that you should not hold resentment inside you. You can resent a little bit and then forget about it, otherwise this resentment will result in a sickness. There are no accidents, and if you are suffering from some disease, then you are responsible for it yourself.

Listen to what is going on in your soul and try to figure everything out. Most likely you will quickly be able find the answer to the question about what is destroying your inner harmony. By the way everything that happens inside is reflected on the outside. The way the person is living, where he is working – says a lot about him and is actually a continuation of his own “Self”. The people that we interact the closest with are also our reflection.

The entire world is something complete, and we all are in one system just like cells that form the organism. Besides, a human is a very complex structure. It consists of seven bodies: six energy ones and one physical. The seeable part is only one, the other ones we cannot see but they are the main ones, the ones that direct us in our life.

Here is an example. Onetime I felt that the business I am working in for many years is not interesting to me anymore. The stage in which I fully realized myself is finished. Now I am different and life requires different skills and abilities from me. And you know what? I feel that I have them. Many people live without even knowing how much hidden abilities they have – our brain according to scientific research uses on average only 4-6 percent of its power!

We all are the same, each one of us has the God’s sparkle in us. However, emotions are different for each one of us. Each one of us has their own vibrations, innate color and sound – just like a code of life.

Realization of this human nature helps to diagnose and cure anything. When all the energy garbage is taken out and the energy field is recovered, then it is reflected on the physical state of the body: all the sicknesses disappear. The energy field – is what our thoughts are: we live the way we think. It is just that you need to realize it not with you head but with your soul. You need to understand in time what is really important in life. By the way, there are certain days when a person is going through the test whether he or she is living correctly – those days are the birthdays. If the person is doing everything right, then as a rule something good happens in his life.

Lately I became very interested in the issue of energy transformation. It turns out that it is possible to correctly build it around oneself and this is very interesting. If people learned how to do it, then a very powerful positive informational energy field would cover the whole Earth! Previous civilizations disappeared as soon as they ceased to satisfy the Universe. It is interesting that all of them were connected to a single informational field of the Earth, but our civilization is not for some reason. This is probably because most people forgot about their main goal to connect with that godly being that is in each one of us.

It seems that lately everything is changing for the best. It seems that many people woke up, matured spiritually and began to perceive life differently: not just a constant fight with similar beings for the chance to settle in better and become richer than the others. There should be more spiritually mature people, so our society can be better and cleaner.

A man’s point of view. The magic porridge pot, please stop! (from the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen)

When we found out about the interests of the “Lady Time” club member Elena Koshutina we introduced her to the person who is professionally working on the mysteries of the human inner world and the subject of the universe. Vyacheslav Gubanov is a researcher, scientist, physicist and the president of the International Institute of Social Ecology.

- Our main field of work today is the informatics of the brain and research of how it works in different conditions: in business, family, creativity and how it acts in the conflict situations. We also conduct research on the issues of injuries a person can get when he or she goes to the “battle of life” without knowing the rules.

Some time ago we were a part of the defense ministry and our goal was to bring military staff to a normal state without the use of medical drugs, coding or other medical devices. Now we can also bring a person to a normal state in five minutes. We can make him or her feel confident and comfortable. In just a few hours the person is totally ready for the “battle of life”.

- Can you really influence brain this way?

It is not us who influence the brain. The person does it independently. We are just helping to act in accordance with the recommendation of a great Michelangelo: you take the stone (that is yourself now) and you remove everything unnecessary. As a result you get “the masterpiece of art”. The technique of such “method of removing” is very simple. Do you remember the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen”Magic Proridge Pot!” You just need to order youself to refuse the negative that is inside of you. How? Try to trasnfer the problem into game? This is what we usually do during our first class. Do you rember the game in high school called ”shaker”: you put you palms together in a ”lock”, put some coins there and shake them for some time, then you pull the palms apart and look how many ”heads” and how many ”tails” turned up. You stand up (legs a apart) and you shake your palms with the white marbles in them, you imagine that these are the eyes of a expert doctor (if we are talking about women, then it could be gynecologyst). Then you release the marbles out of your palms with a sharp sound and your energy shell is recovered in the places where it was injured. This is how the healing of organs is done without any kind of medical interference, only through the energy and with the full participation of your conscious and brain.

- What human brain really is?

From the medical stand point it is an endocrine gland where certain hormones are produced. For me, physicist-materialist, the brain is a control console and a very powerful computer with specific functional zones an programs that allow to control the events. Everything is just like in equipment: there are techniques of brain tuning to the programs; distant options of program transfer and so on. Brain is the connection console of a regular person with something that most people would like to see but don’t know how.

- Why some people can see it, and even touch it with their hands while other can’t?

- If a person is clean enough from the programming stresses, then he or she can be ready to contact thinner levels of matter existence. To clean oneself one has to learn how to professionally control your own brain.

- Do you have techniques that allow one to combine left and right hemisphere and make the conscious the whole?

- It is possible to coordinate them, but it is impossible to combine them. Right hemisphere is intuition, senses and emotions; left one is logic. They are different in principle. Nevertheless, it is possible to somewhat control emotion with logic. For example, there are techniques that help to manage the creative process. Flash of inspiration is actually a handmade thing. To write poems, one just needs to know the technique of a miracle.

- But it would be the other type of poems – something like a computer made music…

- But it is not computer, it is a human who is writing them by sending own vibration to the space. The sound scale increased by them and it summons certain emotions. We can easily teach you that. It is much harder to teach men to follow the way women think, because we are totally different. We - men, have active left hemisphere of the brain. We are keen on logic. Women are used to living and thinking mainly according to their intuition – their right hemisphere is more developed. Sometimes both hemispheres work the same way – this can happen with creative people. You can «read» the characteristics of the brain work on a hand, it is important to know it because brain is our main doctor and … executioner.

- What should be done for brain to be the doctor?

- You have to think using images. Actually, Russian language can in way give you an answer to that. There are two totally different concepts that come from the Russian word “obraz” (image). If a person cannot think using images then he is “bezobraznik” (translation: scamp, bez – without, obraz – image, bezobraznik – without images). But if a person learned how to do it then he got the “obrazovanie” (translation - education). This kind of person has a very powerful brain radiation which goes through the biologically active points that form so called energy shell. By the way it can be measured by very serious equipment that navy used in 1957. This shell leaves the body of memory just like the trace trail. It keeps everything that happened in life of a person. This is the same as soul for religious people. Scientists-materialists on the other hand made biological, spiritual, social and event related diagram of the brain activity. The person is successful when he or she uses vertical petal of the brain activity (this is the dark side, under which the spinal cord comes from). Vertical petal is responsible for spiritual and intuitive components of the brain activity. It can detect all bumps on the road of life in advance. This is called Destiny or Karma. So if you really want to be successful you should develop spiritually.

“Social ears” of a brain allow one to keep the orientation so it would be “tasty” to live. They also help to find effective ways of work.

- So you can say about yourself that you can see through any person?

- Probably, but there is nothing supernatural about it. Everything in us can describe us: the finger configuration, the nail form and the face – all of this actually contains a lot of detailed information. You can tell about the person even by the form of the eyes and wrinkles… These basic theories of personality characteristics are needed to learn how to correctly interact with different people. With one person it is best to hold the distance, with another one it is best to have a trustworthy conversation and with the third one it is best to talk using slang…

- Another question arises by itself. What about energy vampires?

- Some people are born this way. However, it can happen that people become vampires. A person becomes energy lacking and he or she begins to live by feeding on someone else. By the way, vey often children before 12 become vampires. They feed from their parents so they can grow faster. A child is an emotional donor but an energy vampire. So if you bring parents to the normal state then children will recover as well.

The power of grown up vampires is horrifying! I met this kind of person in Kyiv, Ukraine once. After the conversation with this person I spent three days in fever and with temperature of 39,5 C.

- How to protect oneself from this kind of horror?

- I told you about the contact with “super vampire”, from whom one can protect through a technique, but the problem arises when the vampire asks for help without knowing his nature. For us it was a case for research. For regular people the best way of protection is to avoid meetings with such vampire!

- What if these kinds of people are in the family?

- Bummer! It is actually a very common situation. I had to recover one man. His wife was a vampire. The guy was actually a very good guy. He should have ran from her as far as he could, but he stayed and tried to save the family. I told him straight to his face: you leave her – and you stop being henpecked. Integrity also has its limits! You would begin to live happily and your child would come to visit you to replenish the positive energy –the mother has an opportunity to suck the energy from the child anyway.

- You have all kinds of strange and interesting objects in your office. All of them are here for a reason?

- Yes. But it has nothing to do with Fen Shui. Everything just appears here. I don’t do anything special to search for them. This cup for example is from Burma. If you rub your finger on the age of the cup you would get the sound which favorably influences the brain. These kinds of sounds actually have a very good effect on subconscious… This cup is from Vietnam. It can also give a beautiful and melodic sound. These are the things that secure person’s spiritual comfort in the difficult times…

- You also have candles. Is it good when they are burning in the house?

- Yes. It is great way of aromatherapy! When wax is burning it “colors” the flame with vibrations that are allied with your spine. That is why the energy of a candle is very “tasty“ for a person. Wax itself is very good for health.

- What types of people are the hardest to “bring to the normal state” ?

- All people who occupy the executive positions in business, science and politics. It happens because their traditional emotional connections with life are usually gone.

We give them informal interaction opportunity with equals. With our help they can give a new “breath” to the components of brain activity that are responsible for emotions and for interaction with the surrounding world. Usually, we conduct these kinds of seminars for them somewhere in the South-Eastern Asia. This gives them enough effect to keep them going for at least a half a year. We actually teach the terrifying truth of existence, of how to be supermen and superwomen: how to be wealthy and saint at the same time.

- Is there anything in business relationships that should not be transferred to family?

- Yes. Home should be the secure fortress. It should protect from the informational overload and aggression as well. If suddenly a businessman begins to solve some business related issues while having a family dinner then people present can experience a strong informational injury. After this kind of dinner someone might get indigestion, someone might feel sick or get herpes… I am convinced that all of the sicknesses are informational. There is an ancient eastern wisdom: stop the vanity and the truth would uncover itself…

The truth is that everything is thought through in details in the Nature and everything is simple. If it was difficult it would collapse. If you could dig deep into the natural mechanisms and uncover them, then everything will be well.

I was able to dig deep enough and I believe for it to be my most valuable achievement in my life. That is why I can bring a person to a normal state in 20 minutes without medicine, even if he or she has a serious disease: pneumonia for example or problems with appendicitis. Sometimes it is possible to cure diabetes in three days. It all depends on the brain – its “specific settings” or psycho-state. If you learn how to work with your own brain – you can keep on living happily. If you didn’t – then you will only get puzzles and riddles…

- Does any of this have anything to do with medicine?

- None. It is solely informational work, thanks to which it is possible to cure quinsy in 8-10 minutes and there is no need to remove tonsils. We work with psycho-ecology. I consider people as informational systems – I am a physicist!

- Your website has a very eloquent name “”. Maybe you can tell us what happiness is?

- First of all it the life that is full of adventures. Secondly, these adventures should have positive colors. Thirdly it is health. Fourth is the feeling of huge prospects that await you and burning desire for everything that happens to you. You should have an absolute certainty that you are truthful to yourself and to people that surround you.

Lady time magazine, November-December 2006
interview with Vyacheslav Gubanov,
president of the International Institute of Social Ecology.