New worldview - for the new millennium!

Special interview for magazine "Life and security"

These days I discovered that a lot of scientific theories that are being offered, in press, TV and in all kinds of different conferences that are dedicated to the issues of transformation of social order and improving the life of humanity, in one way or another try to describe environment and space that surrounds us. The most interesting among them are those that try to describe the surrounding space from the point of view of so called informational energy processes. It means that the origin of all processes, that happen in society and with a human, first are formed in the informational level, then descent to energy level and only then have the embodiment in the physical level.

Most of the developers of these theories vigorously argue their own truth for the understanding of the surrounding space and fight among each other for the right to be called the founders of the fundamental science. While no one can really say much regarding the sacramental question : "How YOUR theory can practically help specific person in his or her specific problems in health, relationships and in everyday life?". And thus, a new questions arise: "Why the hell there are so many theories, if all of this cannot be used in practice?" As practice has always been considered the criteria of the truth! And somewhere inside the journalist desire for truth awakens: is it possible among all of this verbiage to find someone who would say that "YES! there is practical application of our science theory, we have experience and statistics of the applied theories, and I am ready to be responsible for my words regarding the issue!" (what the scientists, I have to say, don’t like to say!).

May one find what he seeks, and here, at one of the next round tables dedicated to the social ecology I heard the lecture of president of international Institute of Social Ecology, Gubanov Vyacheslav Vilorievich. The most that drew my attention from his lecture was that practical application of theories developed by the Institute cover almost all fields of human activity : health, relationships in family and business, particularities of modern professions and safety during carrying out of modern scientific research. It is probably easier to list the fields that they were not able to get their hands on yet. The 10 years of experience and accumulation of statistic information allows the conclusion that everything in our world follows only one set of laws, and when the laws are not being followed one receives blows in the ways of sicknesses or social problems. This knowledge allows to forecast with great chance of probability the results of activities and events not only on the level of specific person, but also on the level of groups.

V.V. Gubanov believes that the main goal of all developments of his Institute, is the need to form new style of thinking for modern men – Intuitive Intellect. And since it was my luck, it would be a sin not to use this opportunity and visit mentioned above Institute, and talk with the president in more calm atmosphere. The conversation turned out to be very interesting, long and from time to time it took such sharp turns that I had shivers all over my body from the information I heard.

Vyacheslav Gubanov used to work in defense industry as a developer of systems for non contact sea weapons. His life at its time forced him to study processes that are not seen by regular sight, but as he says are fundamental. These are informational energy processes that were mentioned above. During his work for the defense complex of the country he created emergency techniques that bring people to normal state after experience of crisis situations: war combat, acts of God, crashes, psychic traumas, and after injuries through narcotic, bacterial, virus and INFORMATIONAL means. After the Academy of the Defense industry of Russia was dissolved, V. Gubanov continues his work under the organization that he becomes the Head: International Institute of Social Ecology.

- Vyacheslav Vilorievich, what is meant under the style of thinking: "Intuitive Intellect" ? At first sight – two such incompatible concepts: intuition and intellect! And why it is so needed for the modern men?

Modern frequently changing external environment, demands the same fast and adequate reaction to its changes from the men. That is why, the style of thinking of men needs to be formed. When he or she lives and sacredly follows proper laws of surrounding environment, he or she has an chance to turn on his intuition when there are specific changes in the environment and form new laws which would reflect altered conditions.

The same could also be expressed as follows: the person is aiming with his or her logic, and with the intuition shoots to reach the target. Just like during the shot from a canon: the marker aims using his rules, and the cannonball flies to the target using the rules of live nature: under the law of gravity, atmosphere, the rise angle of the canon barrel etc.

Logic of a person works at speed of 16 units of information per second, while intuition at the speed of 10 in 9th power of the same units. So you see, in a nonstandard environment, when rules are frequently being changed, a person has to masterfully be able to use his logical way of thinking as well as intuition.

- Since you appeal to such terms and logic and intuition, people for you probably are also divided into some categories? Describe them.

- We are not the ones who divided people, the Nature has divided people into two big categories. First category – are the intellectuals. Meaning, those people that perfectly work with their logic, use logically formulated rules and it is important to them for those rules to exist in the form of the calculations, diagrams etc. Second category – are those who use their intuition. As antagonists to intellectuals – these people are creative, they don’t recognize any rules, they get suffocating in rules. These are people cannot live in standard forms, cannot do everything as it is accustomed to, cannot act as they supposed to. They act as their own nature requires them to act in given situation.

- For example?

- It often happens that a person does not want to do something. One intuitively feels that he or she should not go to the office today for example, so he skips work. From the point of view of a logical person he is committing a crime, he is breaking the rules! And then it turns out that his office building was blown away today. It is possible nowadays. If he or she obeyed the intuition, broke the formal rules or the rules of propriety – thus saved himself from very big troubles. Before, the non compliance with such rules was considered a crime, now it has the right to exist, because the work of intuition mechanism could be seen.

For example, true story. Relative of one of our students in the fall of 1999 was coming back home at night, and was supposed to buy groceries in a 24h store which was located in the nearby building. Suddenly he felt very tired and lazy and went straight home to sleep! And when he entered the apartment building – one of the two Moscow terrorist attacks on apartment buildings took place. Can you imagine his feelings, when he heard the explosion of the store in which he was supposed to be grocery shopping, but he was not by CHANCE!?

- Can one say that based on your theory, women use their intuition and men use their logic more?

More exactly – that there are two types of thinking: man and woman. Woman in social issues is a logic, she always follows the rules. If woman is entrusted with a work task, - a Woman with capital letter "W" – she would collect a lot of information regarding the ways this issue was resolved before, and will do the work task in a traditional and quality way. This is a standard administrative observation. Men whoever, in business relationships act as intuitionists. And Men – men with a capital letter "M" - never know and do not remember those rules, they don’t really care about them. For a man who is lazy by nature – it is much easier to revolutionize given task. That is why in creativity and imagination, women happen to be more revolutionary than men, but in industry very often men are more revolutionary and intuitive than women. They really know the rules, but they have to rejects them, because known rules can no longer meet the requirements of today. Already formed rules always lag behind. "The word that was spoken is already a lie" – as it is said in ancient philosophy. And managerial revelation saying is "if you know for sure what you should not do, then you will never do what is needed".

- What is implied under the rules?

- Rules – is the set of laws, which allow human to adapt in a slow changing environment.

For example, traditionally it was considered that a human must strife for health. And health was understood as statistics option, when a person is not getting sick and keeps this constant for a long period of time. Thus, from the life’s view point, he is not moving. The life however, shows the fault of this statement. And the new the rule of dynamic understanding of health had to be formed: it is not frightening to get sick, it is frightening not to get well for a long time, hence not to find the solution for the problem, that was harmfully reflected on your condition of health. It is the new rule, it is dynamic. Thus, the one who is never at fault is the one that never does anything! And if you are not living, you are not going to die... (from famous Russian song).

Another example. It is very often that we have to realize this popular wisdom, which we know from fairytales as: "morning is wiser than evening". For a long time people took this saying as an allegory. But now we know the rule to solve scientific-technical or managerial tasks: when before going to sleep you concentrate your thoughts on solving a task, you go to sleep with these thoughts, during your sleep the solution for this task appears. At this moment you wake up (you already have a pen or a recorder ready) and quickly state the core of the solution, after which you go to sleep again with pleasure. This is the rule of work of the Intuitive intellect, which aims through long concentration on logical level of psychic processes, and then frees itself during sleep or meditation.

- What about controlling events and developments of your life?

- As people from Odessa say, Easy! It is possible to use specific scheme to form desired images of what you want to reach in a period of time. If you correctly control your own psychic processes, this technique leads you, almost certainly, to those results, which are Naturally possible to realize your wishes. People want to get work – here, please, we have needed techniques. People want to meet significant other with suitable psycho energetic characteristics, here, please, we have such a technique. It perfectly works for almost forty years!

- So it appears that knowledge of different social processes creation increases possibility of realization of your own wishes?

- Yes, knowing the Nature of the social processes, processes of the deep, which flow in the subsoil of collective mind ‘s social structure is a great power! If we know these rules, then we reach the specific goal. That is practically, logic (modern logic!) starts to describe intuitive processes. It does not describe them exactly "up to each semicolon", but with precision of opportunity to control the intuitive processes. There have to be a synthesis of one thing and another. Then you are based on one level, but have an opportunity to jump to the next level and consider it already complete and logically universal.

For example, the works in the fourth dimension were considered to be in the field of science fiction before. Today it is everyday work, that doe not even require to go into trance. It is just one of the ways to view the surrounding world, into which a normal person can get transferred so he or she can see what is going in one particular or another case of his everyday life. And the conclusion is the following - it is possible to control intuitive processes with logic. That is what term Intuitive Intellect implies.

- You are very confident in saying that you have already solved the issues of curing AIDS, hepatitis B and C, flue and many other sicknesses. It is not always possible to quickly cure these sicknesses, or to cure them at all with medicine. How do you address these issues?

These issues are addressed on the level of psychic-energy techniques, they allow through the mobilization of reconstructive processes in a human to restore to health the organs and systems that are responsible for symptomatic manifestation of these sicknesses. There is a technique called "Virus", it equally cures from virus of flue and virus of hepatitis. One technique is used almost for any Virus type damage that was done to a human body.

- One technique for a number of different sicknesses???

- And that is the advantage of this technique. This actually proves its Natural origin: one technique against a number of different, according to medicine, sicknesses. That is, we solved the issue of how to strike the critical target point of the program that harmed a human, and the cause of harm itself is killed. Since the "terrorist" is killed, the human brain has a chance to bring the body (organism) to normal state, using the internal resources of human energy. And the internal resources of human energy of a human is the health matrix, which was received by a human at the time of its conception. That is, the brain receives an opportunity of an energy-informative appeal to the hologram of DNA molecule of impregnated ovule. Here is what the "secret" of our techniques of initiation of regeneration-reconstructive processes is based on (see the picture).

Picture: Scheme of energy-informational interconnections in human bodies that belong to different regularities

- So, one technology for each person?

- Technique is one, but the ways the organism realizes it are many, because for any sickness the same TYPE of regeneration process is manifested. The only question is, can the person who is sick, turn his or her brain into intuitive work regime and do this technique for 5 minutes everyday throughout one and a half months. This is the "phenomenal" work load that needs to be done to get rid of such sickness as hepatitis C. One and a half months, for five minutes, but everyday! Without taking any medicine. And no such things as hypnosis, forgetting, clanking of the chains and other attributes of miracles...

- What about AIDS?

-The situation with AIDS is different. AIDS – is the only exception, when our techniques appear to be not fully affective when used alone. The level of impact of this sickness is so great, that for getting well the cooperation with medicine is needed. But the difference in using the combination of our techniques and medicine is that in three months after the work with our techniques, a person can stop taking medicine and nothing will happen to him. That is, what doctors call antibodies to AIDS virus, almost certainly, will not be found. Why "almost certainly"? – because, to talk about guarantee when you talk about work with human body/organism is sacrilege. Human body/organism – is a living system and its reaction to these or any other interferences cannot be predicted with 100% probability in principle!

- You said that in the foundation of regeneration processes of every human lies its matrix of DNA molecule at the time of conception. What if conception takes place under abnormal conditions, for example under influence of alcohol?

- One can count the only abnormal condition, it is a conception at the nuclear waist junkyard when the external/surrounding environment penetrates ovule by it ionizing radiation. In all other cases, it is a different story. A believe you are asking a question about so called "drunk conceptions"?

- Yes, exactly, about this warning of Ministry of health (throughout the Soviet Union time, the Ministry of Health had a very strong campaign regarding the harm of drinking), that so firmly imbedded in our minds.

- So, traditional understanding that after drinking a shot of alcohol the matrix configuration of the DNA molecule of ovule begins to change is not correct in principle. The truth is that a man who cannot get erection and reach orgasm without influence of alcohol, is in the stress and energy insufficient state. And so the conception from such male has very serious negative, probable (again) outcome. The spermatozoon of such male are already "damaged" (eaten) by himself. As a rule they have low mobility, defective internal structure of DNA molecule fragments. Namely in this kind of situation handicapped (defected) children are born. But those children are born from karma burdened individuals, and not from healthy parents who drank 100 grams of 80 proof "cheer upper". The same way in the long run forecast, defective children are born when a female cannot conceive naturally, and medical intrusion for conception is carried out, including electric corporal impregnation.

- So you think that affects from such intrusions are inevitable?

- They just really happen. And I am fully responsible for my words, as a specialist in untraditional health insuring techniques, because I am not bound by the oath of silence that representatives of "medical confessions" have to follow. It is advantageous for them to present these or other trends of medical activity as absolutely harmless, and the ones that don’t have any destructive side effects. And I know this simply because I have to work with outcomes from the cover up of the correct information by the doctors.

- So you are saying that doctors know about it???

- They know. At least the ones that permitted to the experiments. While doing lobby interviews, whispering with the trusted individuals, the ones who (like us) can advice on these or other trends to increase the results – they tell everything. But they will never, in their life say anything openly, because the truth would discontinue financing of their research work. And who would do such a thing in free will? By the way, the best cover up of the truth is uncovering partial truth. And this kind of luxury in relation to the society they can allow themselves, because they do not carry personal responsibility with their own health for the results of the experiments. Their client’s are the ones who risk their health, the ones who bought the advertisement regarding donor conception, cloning, freezing.... Moreover, these "lab rats" pay for experiments on them!

- According to the energy-informative processes how does this look?

According to the energy-informative processes, this kind of behavior and such medical doctrine is ignorant and irresponsible in principle. The prove of this, is real situation of health related issues of ALL people in all segments of population. For example, according to the Club of prenatal care "Bereginya" in St. Petersburg, Russia, only 0,3% of children meet the standards of medical term "healthy". And this fact does not depend on the state of wealth! Wealthy people also are dying like mammoths... Someone should say something about it at last! However the concept of medicine does not have a possibility to say the truth in principle. Because then, you could ask doctors: " What should we do?". They don’t have an answer to this question.

- Why?

- Because the concept of medicine have already exhausted itself in the new conditions of energy-informative environment. Think for yourself! For example, in Israel, diabetes is so wide spread, that it no longer considered to be a problem – they have just arranged for diabetes eating habits. In Germany, out of 10 conceived females, 6 have miscarriage before the 3 month of pregnancy dew to the chromosome defects of the offspring. They try to find the solution by attracting immigrant females with the goal to get married. There is big number of kids with celiac disease in United States, UK and France. This misfortune started to increase the number of its victims in Russia as well. This sickness arises allergy reaction to foods that contain GRAIN, RICE, CORN, not to mention animal protein and edible fats. All mentioned above is the result of CHROMOSOME VAMPIRISM, prevention nature and methods of which are well identified by our specialists.

- What are these new conditions in the environment that you have mentioned before?

- We have developed a "table graph" (see picture) which shows how the life environment FREQUENCY of a human changes, that is the volume of information which a modern person has to "digest" at one unit of time in relation to the volume of information which cam across the average person in the beginning of the era. By "average" we mean all levels of populations: scientists, homeless, house wives, representatives of different professions.

- Why these numbers on the axis of "the amount of information units per second"?

- Of course, one can argue regarding the amount of information units per second. And there is no single classification or single point of view in the research. This is more of an illustration which gives an understanding about the levels that human can achieve. Exact numbers in this situation are irrelevant.

- Ok, Can you then explain what is important here?

- First of all the important this is the quality of the graph, that is the formation of the steep front of quality changes of the surrounding environment (thick line!). And secondly the content of the table. From it you can see, how different types of activities are distributed based on the level of the frequency. In the upper left wide column are the examples of types of injuries that people caused each other dew to energy-informational impoliteness. In the lower left part is the list of "trojans" – that is types of activities and matters, that bring to human organism the stresses that control his or her psyche. Standard sized middle column is the distribution of types of energy-informational aids based on frequency, including known types of medical aids, which effectively withstand relevant or lower in the table injury factors. And at last, wide column on the right (behind the graph) – are the behavioral or physiological manifestations of human injuries on appropriate levels. That is, it is the hierarchy of sicknesses, that can be crossed by single types of aid and those with higher frequency. And it is possible to see WHEN people start to go over the boundaries of the natural health recovery opportunity during the influence of one or another factor. In addition it is possible to see when these or other types of aid, stopped being effective. The boundary of the world view era is 1996!

So this first frontier (thick line) reflects that informational flood overwhelms new "frequency peaks", which were either unreachable for a regular humans, or the types of aids where very reliable. For example, the religious methods of aids had guarantees to pull out the person from the injuries on the level of 10 informational units per second. This means that, pretty serious stress situations were removed from a person in our Era and up to 1996.

- This means that, if before it was possible to cure such sicknesses as schizophrenia, impotence, tuberculoses through the help of religious measures...

- Yes. For example Christianity has a ritual of exorcism through reading prayer in Book of Needs (Peter Mogila). In medicine – this is manifestation of specific types of schizophrenia. In any religions there are methods to treat tuberculosis, infertility, impotence and epilepsy. For example, in churches of Greece, people hang golden and silver plates with symbols of sick body parts in front of icons and plates with images of children for the birth of which they solicit ...

- And now...

- And now this doesn’t help. It is just so through the fact that in the beginning of our Era there was no microwaves, no computers, Internet, no cell phone conversation in the process of driving on the packed with traffic freeway and there was no opportunity to connect with a person in another time zone through phone. There was no flights to space, there was no television in color, there was no such variety of musical influence, walkman and headphones, that aroused low and high frequencies in the energetic centers of a human. There was no interethnic marriages, against which religious doctrine always seriously spoke against. Before marriage one of the main requirement was for both bride and groom to take one faith. And now there is a scientific explanation for that, because otherwise the stimulation of the level of DNA inter- egregor low frequency vibration takes place, which leads to genetic malfunction in people, born from mixed marriages. Aggravation of these injuries of organism could be seen when interethnic conflicts arise (for example – Chechnya, Yugoslavia....)

Beforehand such injuring factors were not widely known. Now they have effect at its full force. Nowadays, the cities are overwhelmed with electromagnetic waves, which did not exist in the beginning of the Era. That is why the frequency of a human brain under the influence of strong external and internal affects increases by itself. I would like to underline once again, by itself because of the influence of surrounding environment!

- What conclusions could be drawn from the information shown in the table graph?

- The main thing is that right now the effects of the rules starts to influence regular people, and these rules were not known before, only "enlightened" highest Spiritual hierarchs knew them.

- What do you see as the way out of the situation?

- That's why the issue arises that nowadays a regular person has to receive new volume of knowledge, which before was either prohibited, persecuted or incomprehensible. As now, if people do not have such knowledge, and since people are biological carriers of the mind, they would just start to die out just like mammoths did. Which, actually is already happening!

As for example, many people who receive blood transfusion get sick with hepatitis B. And doctors know about it, but they cannot do anything about it with this effect and that is why they have to be silent. And that is right, because if they don’t give blood transfusion the person will die. And even knowing that after blood transfusion there will be hepatitis B in most number of cases, doctors have to use the principle: the act is justified if negative effects from the act are at least 3 times less than positive effects from the act. Hepatitis B is the price, but the person stays alive.

- So it turns out that the type of aid that people used for almost 2000 years, now cannot help everyone, because the level of surrounding environment influence have been changed. Right?

- Low frequency types of help are still affective for people how do not have high frequency injuries. But for many these types of aids already lost its effectiveness. If we are from the tribe "Yum-yum" and we move to modern city, thus the is only one way to save our health: we would have to implement the main commandment of any religious doctrine. Namely: allow God in your heart and do not depend on the church, do not depend on the interpretation of holy script by a priest, but feel intuitively and independently the Godly (read as Natural) laws and do not break them.

Because the holy script shows how to build human community , so that all people are close to one another and can draw mutual benefit from communal existence and not break rules of community life. Any religious doctrine tells how to build intentions in the human life, so they would not get injured.

- But how many there are cases, when a person lives by the rules, but still gets sick, suffers and gets broke?

- Yes. For example, a person is sick, because the house he live in was built 200 meters from the electricity lines. He lives there and does not know of electromagnetic influences that re directed at him in such little distance. What should eh do? Only pray? Sorry, but that will not help!

You have to know the main injuring factors of today, and if the house is already there, then an educated person even under the alcoholic delirium will not settle there, because he knows that Natural law was broken. The law is broken by the builders, who do not care about the laws of nature: they were given a peace of land and the have built on that land. They have built with quality. But to live in this house is not really working out for many. And this information no one would disclose in city building administration. Information is suppressed, because if it will be available then no one would want to live in this house, and the question of relocating the tenants would arise, and this would huge expense of budget money. Society cannot answer positively to this question.

And houses with the view on cemetery, or on the places of former cemeteries, on covered junk yards, on the places of the creeks and on top of underground rivers .... So the information is suppressed to avoid panic from uneducated tenants. So with the closer view the phrase "Your life is in the hands of professionals" provokes sarcasm. And the question arises " Did these professionals at least washed their hands?"

- Why your table graph ends with the year 2012? Where does this number comes from?

- Few independent sources point to this number

Astronomy talks about the 2012 as the year of Great Planet Alignment , when the planets of solar system form a line and from the view point of energy-informative processes the Solar System enters the new level of its energy-informative development (evolution). And from the view point of brain informatics we are talking regarding the clusters of brain activity of different plans of matter existence, and when they form a line above the specific D’Urville brain zone (see the picture), establish a contact of this brain zone with the plans of matter/universe existence. This act is called CONCENTRATION: the collection of environments into one point, so the contact is possible with informational environment of the specific brain zone, which is responsible for these or other types of psychical or physical human activities. Approximately the same happens from the planetary point of view to the Solar system in 2012. That what Great Planet Alignment is.

Specific d’Urville brain zone

On the other hand, there is this curious Maya calendar, which is called Tzolk'in. It is described well in the book by Jose Arguelles "Maya Factor". This calendar describes the pleads of processes in human society for the period of 4000 years. It very well describes main effective factors: how the human society changes, how the event in human society must take place under the influence of harmonic processes of Cosmos environment, that manages this social process. So this Tzolk'in ends in2012. It just happened that way.

Meaning : two independent sources – modern astronomers and Maya calendar – end on the same date, that is why it appeared in our table graph.

- So what should we wait for in 2012?

We are considering those current processes, that take place in the society, as informational change in the density of the environment, quality change of those laws of Nature that have to be taken into consideration for a person in his or her everyday life. Meaning that from mammal, human has to evolve into Spiritual being with accordance to these laws. And it looks like the society by the 2012 from Tahiti islands to Antarctica and USA and valorous fields of Russia would have to follow first of all the spiritual laws, and not the laws of economy in its animal understanding.

- Can economics be arranged in a spiritual way?

- With accordance to all mentioned above, we have developed a concept of spiritual economy. Not material economy, that was taken as a base, but really spiritual economy. Norms of human relationships, norms of business activities, norms of the concentration of money in one hands turn out to be different in modern era, from the one before. Take for example Bill Gates, who made his fortune using informational technologies and take any shah from Oman or Brunei, who got rich through trade of natural resources of his country. The origin of his money if different in principle, I would underline: some money are "black", others are "white". And the "white" money the ones of Bill Gates, even though it might be sad to hear for people working in informational systems business. Even though there is a lot of blame, the objective truth states that it is money and information in the modern era that take the first place, and not the amount of gold and diamonds, which the country produces. Information and energy!

- So who has the first place in information?

- First place, from the view point of computer technologies belongs to the western technologies. But he problem is that this information is logical. It ages very fast. And logical information has its limit of stability. That what was found in the computer operations system of the same, Bill Gates? There are not really contradictory user opinions regarding Windows 2000 . The illustration could be joke from a user who was caught in the process of washing his mouse pad. His friend asks him " Why are you washing your mouse pad?" And he answers: "I installed Windows 2000, and my mouth through up". It used to be very popular joke among IT specialists.

That is the logical informational system became so complicated the lost its stability. On the other hand everything from Nature is simple, that is why it can survive without doctors in the process of centuries and millenniums. That is why the future is in the living informational systems, brought to order with the help of currently formed dynamic laws.

- So what principles a person has to build his or her life on , to not receive injuries?

- Using the principle: everyone is for themselves, but in a good way, since one God is for all! That is everyone has to become an expert in relations to his or her life, in relations to his or her goals in spiritual, economy and family activities and take personal responsibility through own health for educated realization of laws of Nature. And here (from the written word we stare at the reader 😄 is where "the dog was buried" ("that’s where the shoe pinches")! It turns out that human body is just a system of biosensors, that watch over the correctness of person’s realization in specific, objective, energy-informational conditions. While sickness – is the result of violation of laws of Nature by a person during his or her course of life. And if a person brings to order his or her energy-informational bodies, eliminates controlling stresses that turn into zombie the psyche – the sickness disappears by itself, even without the help of such exaggerated and absolutely not financed in our country state body as Public Health.

Let’s look in the eyes of truth. Wild amounts of money in the whole world is spent on research in the field of curing AIDS. 20 billion dollars are needed annually by scientific laboratories to develop something that from the point of view of the Nature cannot be developed in principle. Then, I am sorry, but these money are just thrown in the wind. When we talk regarding the solution of this problems, and we openly talk about it in press since 1996, no interest whatsoever arises from any public health workers. It simply proves the fact, that they really need money and not healthy population.

- For example, about what health problems solutions you already talked about?

- During the round table of exhibition "Live water" in the Society of Diabetics, in the newspaper "Smena" in 1996 we said that the problem of diabetes is solved on the energy-informational level. Secondly, in the Institute of "Ear, throat, nose and speech" we announced a report regarding the fact that quinsy could be eliminated in 10 minutes by proper energy-informational methods. It is possible to cure antritis, otitis, stutter and allergic rhinitis. We also have video recordings about it since 1997. And again, no one from "science forming guys’ from the Institute was not interested in our practical methods. And medicine is still uses "the emergency plugs for the steam" for a human: they still surgically ablate tonsils, adenoids, that grow back again if energy-informational problems are not solved. But Nature did not give human anything extra to spare, that is why if surgically ablate the tonsils, the quinsy do not stop, but often grow into bronchitis with further transition to tuberculosis. And our valiant doctors are silent about this as well.

- With regards to this issue, what kind of responsibility is on the person, who is consciously suppresses the information of this kind. I mean these societies, institutes, establishments...

- Legally – none

- And not legally?

- Those people , who suppress information consciously to hold back the scientific and technical progress, carry very interesting personal responsibility. Again, we have rather big statistic information regarding this issue. These people after some time bump into the problems that they can only solve solely through methods of the trend that they have "suppressed". And if they do not use these methods they just die! First the pets die, then children, then elderly and then the specialists themselves die. This is the reason behind the deaths of specific genetic families, members of which are responsible for holding back the information. This is what manifestation of responsibility on the level energy-information is. The sin here is leads to execution through death! And any bureaucrat should also know about this.

- And in the end, a natural question that come to mind: how to keep on living after all that was heard?

- The answer is very simple. There is a fundamental goal: to bring up an energy-informational human immune system that is suitable for use in the new conditions. In our Institute for the last 10 years we have a course that teaches how to develop psychophysiological abilities of a human "Magic of life", which takes 2 years. When this whole horrible situation becomes known to a person, he or she already knows how to protect in these or other cases and to continue life. And to live fruitfully, developing creativity and developing his or hers intellect further. I will repeat the work goes on for 2 years, and then, when the main knowledge goes to subconscious, these norms become integral qualities of everyday and every second work of subconscious immune system. Subsequently, the time for normal and creative goal oriented work is freed, without breaking the laws of society and without breaking the laws of energy-informational fields. So that is when a person is not doing what the Nature is against and does not spend time, his strength and resources to overcome the results of his errors. Because the saint is not the one who does not sin, because he cannot, but the one who can and does not sin because of faith.

President of the International Social Ecology Institute
V.V. Gubanov special for magazine "Life and security"