The Lost Symbol. Beyond Noetic Sciences!

In this interview Vyacheslav Gubanov, the President of the International Institute of Social Ecology (IISE, St. Petersburg, Russia) tells us about simple truths and laws of Nature that we have heard of many times. Vyacheslav Gubanov gave us a new interpretation of these truths. He is a scientist and physicist who also feels the harmony of math. He uses science and his own life experience to prove that joy is one of the main conditions for happy, healthy and successful life. Joy is the “lost symbol” which will be the main pass “into the bright future” during the challenging period that will begin in 2012, “the end of times” according to the Mayan culture or the “quantum leap” by the progressive scientists.

N.Revskaya: Americans claim that they are the ones who introduced the new field of science – a mixture of mysticism and natural sciences or in other words physics and metaphysics. Since your institute is working in this field for a long time now, don’t you feel offended by this claim?

V. Gubanov: They “originated” Noetics (Noetic Science) or new ethics. For the last 20 years we have researched and accumulated content for the new science that we call "INFOSOMATICS". This field of progressive science includes, without exaggeration, hundreds of different “noetics”! NOETICS in fact is just the safety measures on how you should interact with energy systems of different levels. This includes humans themselves, natural environment and so on. INOSOMATICS, however, is the science about a very wide spectrum of informational streams that influence people, about correct generation of these streams on different levels and about methods on how to influence them. This means that it gives you effective methods that help you control the events in your life. INFOSOMATICS lies in the foundation of Noetic Sciences as the system programming language (for a computer) lies in the foundation of any software program that allows a person to receive joy and quality service in satisfying the human interests. This shows that we went further in science than our American “colleagues”. INFOSOMATICS controls energy processes (a person can control an elephant, for example, a laptop can control a power plant).

N. Revskaya: Can we say that your scientific school is the most progressive and promising as of today?

V. Gubanov: Yes, absolutely! This reminds me of what one businessman who was one of my clients and took part in the TV Show “Business sharks” said: “We do not invest in the projects that China is able to copy within 5 years”. A stranger will not be able to copy INFOSOMATICS in the process of 5 years for sure ☺ We have people who are not just regular scientists, they had to go through a long period of personal worldview corrections and learn how to correctly manifest themselves in regards to the multilevel and multi-plane world.

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N. Revskaya: I think the phrase “correctly manifest” needs more explanation.

V. Gubanov: Sure! We have developed highly effective method that cures diabetes. This is the result of our 15 years of successful practice. The roots in solving the problem of diabetes lies on the informational level. Incorrect set of values of a person’s worldview, as well as assigning qualities to people in close circle that they don’t have leads to somatic changes - blockage of pancreas functions. We eliminate the problems with manifestation of roles using energy informational methods and pancreas begins to work! In many cases the client is insulin dependent before the use of the techniques!

To illustrate how it works let’s take the following example. During the World War II, Japanese soldiers stopped American tanks almost barehanded. They would stick a wooden log between the crawler and the leading wheel. On one side there was a tank, it’s crew, tank cannon and on the other side just one specially trained soldier. “Incorrectly” taken or perceived information can affect the work of internal human organs just like that log effects the ability of the complicated machinery to move forward.

N. Revskaya: So you are taking out the logs?

V. Gubanov: The main question is if the "victim" is willing to change his or her worldview, the view on that “informational-log” and INDEPENDENTLY, with just the help in precise aiming, get those “logs” out along with the “stones in the pockets” and “legs in the swamp”. Success directly depends on the level of agreement (synchronization) between our work and the "victim". If the worldview of a person does not allow us to work with him or her, then all the external actions are useless. Medicine has successfully proved that.

N. Revskaya: Then why can’t we see miraculous healing cases everywhere?

V. Gubanov: Just because there are not so many people who can really act upon transforming their worldview. Most people just talk about it, and do nothing. However there is a way for those people who are ready and have the need to change and evolve, for those who want to control not only their own state of health, but also the flow of events in their life. They can be truly called - people of the 21st century! Those people who believe that everything should be given to them on a silver platter turn to medicine for help. Medicine is the wrong way out, it can only eliminate the symptoms. Most people just turn themselves into the slaves of pharmaceutical companies. In reality, problems with the human body do not lie in the small and defenseless human organism, they lie in the level of person’s Spirituality, in his or her thoughts, emotions, feelings and so on. We fully studied this correlation and certain results of our work are freely available on our web site and are in the process of being translated into Italian and English. There is a demand for these materials in Russia, Ukraine as well as the rest of the world.

N. Revskaya: Did I understand you correctly? Medicine will be kind of split in two ways in the future – medicine with the use of drugs and medicine for the “chosen”?

V. Gubanov: You can say that. However I would not call the second way – medicine, I would change it to “assistance in learning”. Medicine implies external (chemical, mechanical or electromagnetic) coercive methods of influence. It is a concept of compensation and dependence. While “assistance in learning” implies that a person independently chooses the way, learns independently and correctly turns on the brain to resolve own problems and sicknesses. This is the way through which a person can become “the chosen one”! For example: I get a phone call from one of my clients and she has the “famous” flu (“famous” because we can arise and eliminate the flu in 30 minutes during our seminars. This is a very illustrative example. We gave a lecture regarding this method back in 1996 in St. Petersburg in the Otolaryngology (ENT) Institute). So, she said that she has a very high temperature and her throat hearts… However, after a 10minute conversation on the phone and correction of her worldview, the symptoms “miraculously” disappeared! She just had to turn off the fragments of her brain that were generating a certain personal role manifestation in the surrounding world. After our conversation, her brain began to correctly manifest her as a person, her state got back to normal and symptoms disappeared.

N. Revskaya: What was her incorrectness, can you tell us?

V. Gubanov: She has a deputy with whom she worked for the last five years. Suddenly, she decided to make their relationships more intimate. Her deputy turned her down. He already had a wife and strong family values. This lady got offended, first of all, because she was turned down and secondly she got offended at herself for showing such desire and discreditable conduct. So she began to really condemn herself. Since her brain is very powerful, almost “nuclear”, her self-condemnation almost turned into a suicide. Thus, her immune system was first to take the hit, as a result her tonsils became inflamed. When I explained to her, WHAT she was doing to herself - the flu went away.

N. Revskaya: So in this case the amendment “thy shell not covet thy neighbor’s wife” really works?

V. Gubanov: I would look at this situation at a wider angle. Every person should give him or herself a right to make a mistake. Condemning yourself for “dirty thoughts” is where the incorrectness lies. You have to calmly deal with your mistakes and with the fact that not all of your wishes will come true. You should not carry on self-destruction process, you should learn through your own mistakes. Moreover, you should learn not to make the same mistakes again, those mistakes that turn-on the “self-destructive mechanisms”. You should treat life with care. When a person notices that his or her life is not the way it was intended to be, he or she gets sick and this is the signal that Nature is just trying to stop the person from falling deeper into even more hopeless state from the Nature standpoint. Sickness is the sign of sin and the sign that laws of Nature where broken. Death (not always, but in most cases) shows that the payment (as a fine) for the certain violations was taken through the energy of life.

N. Revskaya: What laws were broken in that case?

V. Gubanov: The law of consistency: “You should continue doing whatever you were brought together for” and the rule of four T’s. – “You should do THAT, at that TIME, THAT WAY with THOSE people, when it is easy, fun and fast.” So if it is not easy, not fun and not fast – then it shows that natural flow of events is being violated. If we respect the Laws of Nature and make the top priority to follow them, no matter how weird they sound – life will improve and everything will get much better! Coming back to our lady client, to wish intimacy with a like-minded male colleague is natural. The fact that the man she wanted turned out to be not for her is not a reason to condemn or kill oneself. Besides, she already had true intimate relationships with him for the last 5 years! The relationships were not on the physical level, they were on the INFOSOMATIC level. Creative and administratively effective cooperation without this process is impossible! They just went through the regular audit of their “marriage contract” that happens with ANY TEAM after five years. They just went over the position of where they stand and they can continue their further cooperation.

N. Revskaya: You are talking about the things that people discuss at their family reunions. This is pretty common. As far as I understand, you are a scientist. Is there real equipment? Are there devices and methodology, that allows one “to measure” the fairness level of these laws?

V. Gubanov: Before I begin to talk about the real equipment and devices, that do really exist I would like to point out one more law of Nature, it is the law of Joy cultivation! It is the most important and the most secret “weapon” in the survival of the fittest. There is a famous Russian song with the following words “There is no bad weather in Nature… “. Those who will learn to see good in all manifestations of Nature have much bigger chance to survive and thrive in the future. Now, about the devices: There is a device called “Politron”. When I was an expert in non-contact navy weapons we tested this device (by the way this former navy weapon expert is now called psycho-ecologist). This device was used by the Soviet military starting from 1957. Military stopped using the device in 1975. This device can measure pranic consistency of water. Meaning, it can detect the presence of wake trace by using particularities of water mass even after 3 days! You can even detect the license number on the submarine after three days by using this device. So it turns out that all people leave similar trace in the surrounding natural environment just like submarines in the water. As an expert in non-contact navy weapons I understand the concept of how this device works very well. Let’s get back to the research in energy-informatics of a human. We gave a task to the ones we were testing. At first we asked them to radiate the most powerful love emotion they can, and then they had to quickly shift and radiate the highly concentrated emotion of hatred. The results showed the influence of these emotions on the “Politron” device. Using these results we were able to see the power, flexibility and ability to control psycho-emotional shell of a person. Me and my partner conducted these tests in 1993!

N. Revskaya: Research of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto about the influence of emotions on water was published much later than that?

V. Gubanov: Yes. I can even add and I am joking of course. Masaru Emoto should have watched the Soviet cartoons, there was an interesting phrase in one of them “It can get so cold in Arhangelsk (Siberia) that even words would freeze. Words are nothing when compared to the frozen beautiful songs! And in spring when everything begins to melt everyone can hear beautiful singing coming from everywhere!”

N. Revskaya: Did I understand you correctly, psycho ecologist is the one who has sufficiently powerful energy and can influence environment by his words and thoughts. Why do common people need to control this?

V. Gubanov: When we were trained for psychotronic war, the brain of a “common” furious person was considered to be one of the very effective types in non-contact weapons. Truly furious common person can cause great damage. Here is how it works: in 1992 we had a very enlightened person from India visiting. After one of his lectures when it was already dark, he was going home. Accidentally he bumped into a common Russian “babushka” (old lady/grandmother). The guy was from India so his skin was kind of dark and the night was pretty dark too, so the “babushka” didn’t see him coming. So when she actually bumped into him, she just absent-mindedly swore at him and cursed him. As a result none of his Indian techniques or methods were able to help him and he had to turn to the local experts from St. Petersburg. That is why all the phrases that are said with anger and come from grandmas, grandpas and alike are not that innocent. Unfortunately, people can even die from those words! This is actually professionally used in making mass media into the weapon of mass destruction.

N. Revskaya: Let’s get back to the joy and to that “Politron” device.

V. Gubanov: At that time I noticed that the laboratory where we conducted our experiments became like a cursed place, a lot of accidents and problems began to happen. The secret behind it was quite simple. Algorithm of work was as follows: the experiment began with the emotions of love and ended with the emotions of anger and hatred. Just imagine what happens when powerful people who were tested begin to radiate powerful emotions of hatred! There is such a phenomenon and concept as reverberation (persistence of sound in a particular space after the original sound is removed). So the resonance after the emotions of hatred was just insane. I suggested switching the order of the experiment. Always end the experiment with the emotions of love. Clearly, the atmosphere in the laboratory miraculously changed after that change in the order. That is how, through the practice and statistics, we were able to prove that any interaction always has to end with emotions of love and joy.

N. Revskaya: You can’t really call life in our society joyful or happy…

V. Gubanov: If we conduct even just a little research of historical documents we will see that people where never happy about the government. People always suffered, taxes always grew and income always was decreasing. It happened in China, Medieval Europe, in Arab countries, in Soviet Union and Russia – government always used people in their own interest, however everyone survived somehow. Is it a paradox? Not really. Two NLP experts in St. Petersburg came up with two terms “wrinkle-buttlers” (butt+butler) and “go-gators” (from go-getter). According to the Pareto principle (80-20 rule) we know that there will always be not more than 20% of “go-gators” – effective and successful people. The other 80% will always be dissatisfied with everything and they, as a result, will die out due to the natural selection process. Take an apple tree, for example, bees pollinate only those flowers that from their standpoint are the most “tasty”. And still, not all pollinated flowers become a ripe fruit. The same happens in the human society: those people who care to search for joy in their life have a rather big chance to become a ripe fruit. Others, unfortunately - not. And what about you? In this way I would like to say that anyone can find joy, it lies on the ideological level. However, one might have to work, it cannot just happen with a sway of a magic wand. You just have to stop wrinkling your butt and change your own worldview…

N. Revskaya: It is easy to do when circumstances are on your side. What if life hits you and hits you very hard?

V. Gubanov: Using my own life experience (I had to publish my whole biography on the internet ☺) I can assure you that life hits not FOR something you did but FOR you to start doing something about it. It hits you not to kill you but so you can learn something. I will give you a very simple example. Currently there is a burning problem of mono-cities, at least we have this problem in Russia. Mono-cities are those towns and cities that were formed around enterprises that worked in the military-industrial complex. Now, people in those cities don’t have work, because large military orders are gone. There is no one to fight with. Question – why people are sitting and waiting, becoming alcoholics and slowly committing suicide by primitive and weird ways? Why they do not turn on their creative essence? Why for some people the shutdown of a factory is the beginning of the bright future and for others it is the end of life? Let me quote few lines from a request for a Lifexpert personal consultation: “My uncle (on my father’s side) decided that he will live until age 50. However during his 49th birthday he got too drunk and mixed up the dates. He thought that he already turned 50, so he went to his garage and hanged himself. Another brother of my father got too drunk and killed his own mother and after two years on the date of Orthodox Christmas he hanged himself. 6 years ago (when I was 22 years ago) I fell off the 4th floor. I was lucky enough to survive without any major injuries. I also have 5 girlfriends who fell off different floors at their time. I think all of this is not an accident.”

N. Revskaya: I think your view and position is not really correct. Not everyone can quickly recover after the collapse or bankruptcy of enterprises or countries?

V. Gubanov: Of course not everyone! That is why not everyone is living well! And our main goal as psycho-ecologists is not to mourn about the past but build the future. That is why I am saying that only few are ready to rebuild their worldview and move forward. “For many are invited but few are chosen” (everyone makes their own choice). If we are talking about the subject of correctness, then I am very polite and civil person, otherwise I would not be able to work with people the way I do and come up with such effective techniques that can be used universally. And for me to be even more correct, I posted a lot of detailed information on the web site for free, for those who can’t afford it but desire to think and develop. Our work and practice for many years shows that the information posted on our web site for free is enough to start moving, evolving and stop crying. And still, from time to time I am being blamed in different forums and blogs for taking money for personal consultations. Where is the logic in it? If you want to stop suffering just go on the web site, learn and work with the materials that are there. But, no, it is much more fun to express your negative opinion to the whole world! So what should be done with this kind of people?

N. Revskaya: Are you saying that we should eliminate those people or fight them?

V. Gbanov: I suggest to not pay attention to those people, simply because “Dog bites only due to the hard dog like life” (“The dog barks, but the caravan goes on”) and there is also a need to effectively defend oneself from this kind of angry people. Remember, there was a famous Russian general who said: “Those who will come to us with a sword will die from that sword!” ☺ Natural defense system of a righteous person turns on automatically. And of course, there are ways to help the defense system through organizational processes and techniques. As you know from my biography, my past is connected with Soviet Military Defense Industry and it would be wrong to make such life experience go to waste! ;)

N. Revskaya: I heard that you have a special course dedicated to defensive techniques against toxic surrounding environment including techniques against ill-wishers.

V. Gubanov: Yes, we do have such course. We do have a big number of people that already took this course, however I usually begin the course with the principles of correct worldview, which automatically protects from anyone at the peaceful times.

N. Revskaya: There are different types of ill-wishers however. Some of them are as educated in this field as famous psycho-ecologists. In business and in politics energy informational methods of “combat” are used all the time. Can the worldview help in those cases?

V. Gubanov: I am “nicely” smiling right now because I recall elections in certain regions of Russia. Nature truly finds a way to eliminate incorrect and dishonest people, those who don’t know the deep essence of politics. I am talking about severe diseases, accidents and many other things! I am actually talking about election process in your country (see Elections in Ukraine 2004). We can take an example from our own practice. We used to actively work in politics. I can tell you a story about one mayor. This “comrade” was successfully elected, but the first thing he did was – he gathered the business elite of the city on a boat for a party and threatened to drown them if they refused to sign the checks with certain amounts to support his budget. On the third day of the mayor’s rule he got in a car accident. He flew out of a car window and injured his right arm. He lost the ability to sign the documents. And even after six months he still could not use his right arm and work. The bone refused to knit (for some reason… ☺.) This “comrade” just broke the main principle of interaction “You should continue doing whatever you were brought together for”. He was elected with the slogan to be in partnership with business. He broke the principle and he received the feedback immediately.

N. Revskaya: There will be no politicians in Ukraine (or in any other country for that matter) if they would get penalized for breaking their promises!

V. Gubanov: Well, I had to make a special topic on controlled accidents during the seminar “Defensive techniques of highest level”. The topic was on what happened with Leh Kachinsky (president of Poland). I had to give all energy informational details and explanations. Similar processes are already happening in your country, don’t worry. You don’t know what is really happening because you can only see the outside, which is “filtered” anyway. That is why the answer is very simple: you should look for joy in everything that happens with you and that includes the politics! As soon as you begin to play with all of this, you begin to win. There is a great movie to illustrate this - the “Karate-Kid”. This movie shows very well that anger and aggression will never win against professionalism, game and kindness. If needed, a professional can fight back and he does not walk around in wrinkles from constantly generated aggression and anger. He feels joy towards life in all its manifestations! “The one who is wise does not feel sad for the things he doesn’t have, on the contrary he feels joy for the things he has” – Democritus said that. That’s where the real democracy comes from. It does not come from the political slogans.

N. Revskaya: Let’s imagine the logic of the divine! Let’s say a person gets hit by life and other people all the time, gets in all kinds of trouble and has to deal with many different issues and he or she just “smiles and waves” all the time. You can get easily killed, don’t you think?

V. Gubanov: “God doesn’t give us what we cannot handle”. In my own life since 1964 till almost year 2000, I was constantly surrounded by lethal circumstances and I went through the evolution from an angry being to a person who is happy and finds joy in everything he does. I was able to do it only due to this view on life. I look for the game and joy in everything that happens to me! This is a very powerful concept!

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N. Revskaya: Is this the “secret recipe” which will help humankind in the year 2012?

V. Gubanov: You just have to know that there are several planes of stable matter existence. And the main goal of a person in 21st century is to harmonize the bodies of higher planes and personal mind center. Currently most people live like they are in a bunker. Let’s call it that. That is, they live down to earth by caring only about the material things and they are not thinking about the fact that they are much more than their body, house or even their business. When the mind center goes up with each level or plane, the surrounding environment becomes cleaner and it is easier to breathe. Low (bodily) energy centers of almost everyone are dirty from the impulses of fear, envy and anger, which are subconsciously generated by people. When a person goes above this level or plane using his or her mind center, then he or she is forced to clear the “mine fields” that were left behind and clean the blockages of dirt and other waste from vital activity. As long as a person is alive there is still a chance to conduct this work. If you want to reach a higher level – then please go ahead and do some serious work: meet your fears in the past, remove subconscious controlling stresses, form your new worldview that corresponds to the certain level, make oneself at home and try to get maximum possible amount of joy. However, as soon as you hear the signal: you should get up and move forward and higher! And there… “…Those are our mountain peaks! They will help us!...” (by one famous Russian poet V.S.Vysotskiy) – you should be ready to leave this level and move forward to start over everything once again. This is the process of evolution. Everything that does not evolve eventually dies. This way, every stage, every peak that you reach eventually becomes your home front and stage that you already passed. However from time to time you have to fight off the raiders that want to profit from your fruits of work for free. One of the rules by Herbert Casson on how to handle the money states: “As soon as you have some freely available cash in your pocket, your main goal becomes the protection of that cash from the group of friends, relatives and friends of your relatives that suddenly appear in your life”. The true meaning and purpose of life is not to get somewhere SOMEDAY, but to enjoy the ride! In any case, you should use any opportunity to make yourself at home, defend yourself and relax on the occupied height of the evolutionary process. It’s a must! Life is a very fundamental educational process! I am just telling you about the stages in the “school of life”. Should you be angry at your teacher for giving you already planned according to the “school program” pop quiz or exam? That is why let me repeat one more time: it is not a goal of Nature to torment and exterminate the humankind, the main goal of Nature is to increase our level of consciousness. Intellect and Spirituality – are not the same. Intellect is utilitarian and technological, while Spirituality creates the meaning and purpose of existence for the Intellect!

N. Revskaya: So there will be no end of the world?

V. Gubanov: Even the scary word Apocalypses is translated as “revelation”. The only scary part about revelation is that you will have to do something about it: realize your own Godly essence, become the creator and so on. And as soon as you become the Creator and not the “wrinkle-buttler” – the other “current” issues of personal and biological being will be solved – money, sex, health and so on. By the way during our seminars we use INFOSOMATIC methods to measure “a price of a person”, that is, we measure how big is the money channel. It is very easy. You take the money bills you use in your everyday life and stack them up. You take the stack of bills and you have to hold it in your hand between the thumb and your index finger. The volume of the stack on which your fingers lock up and it is hard for you to release them is your current money channel limit. We use this method during the seminars and training for professionals who have millions of dollars. Money is something that should be expended for creative or administratively-conceptual projects. It is not something that should cause a heart attack.

N. Revskaya: What INFOSOMATICS has to do with it? It all depends on how long and strong your fingers are!?

V. Gubanov: It all depends on the greed. If it is easy to take that stack from the person’s hand then this person will easily earn this amount and easily spend it, which means that he will be able to earn even more. It is the same with anything in life. There is an Eastern wisdom: “Death is loss of elasticity”. That is why you should easily “unlock your fingers”, stop trying to hold on to the old, learn, be joyful, happy and without fear live towards the 2012!

Interview with the President of the International Institute of Social Ecology, Vyacheslav Gubanov.

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