People with extrasensory and supernatural abilities: who are they really?

Today any old lady on a street has supernatural abilities only people practicing "magic" used to have. People with extrasensory abilities and psychics: who are they really?

It all began when someone put an "evil eye curse" on me or as some people say - someone jinxed me. The "evil eye curse" did not reveal itself in any way until it was discovered by a psychic who I met by chance. My materialistic mind resisted it! It can’t be real! It’s nonsense! However, a little voice from somewhere deep inside or my subconsciousness was telling me: what if it is true?

Another well known psychic did not deny the "evil eye curse" on me either. For more detailed analysis of my case he requested rather big amount of cash, though.

That is why I had to research the whole issue myself and find the answer to it independently. It turned out that there are plenty of experts that can remove the evil eye curse nowadays. Every newspaper has ads about mass sessions and individual consultations with psychics, energy healers and people with supernatural abilities. People react differently to those ads. Some say that all of them are just fraud, others believe that they are not fraud, but simply on the wrong track. There are also those who believe in everything that those people say.

Nevertheless, it turned out that there are people who look at supernatural things from the scientific standpoint. Scientists from the International Institute of Social Ecology - IISE (our newspaper already talked about their extraordinary research) have examined more than four hundred well known psychics, people with extrasensory abilities, healers and other people that have various supernatural abilities. As a result they gathered sensational discoveries and we will hear about them from the president of IISE - Vyacheslav Gubanov.

L. Bazarova: "Evil eye curse" – what is it?

V. Gubanov: The basis of our research allows us to say that all of it is Einstein theory of relativity and quantum physics in its most modern understanding. What people call evil eye curse and jinxing is an injury of energy informational shells of a person in the zone of a certain organ or organism system that was caused by a certain injuring factor. This is the way to explain it through the physics of informational processes in a human brain. Anyone can try such an experiment: stare at any object concentrating on it's details. Then take your hand and try to move it up and down in front of you eyes. Even untrained people can feel something on their hand. It is the energy that is flowing from your eyes, which can be easily used as an injuring factor. It all depends on the nature of a person: on how evil thinking, jealous he or she is. It also depends on the extend to which the human brain is really stressed and how complaisant the victim that received the look is.

L. Bazarova: Is it possible to protect yourself?

V. Gubanov: It is possible and it is quite easy. It is also possible to bring yourself to normal state after the injury was received. Healthy organism has a natural protection system from common evil eye curse - polarity change in the energy process of our body happens every two hours. This means that every couple of hours all negative influences that were embedded in the given energy shell or field are simply discarded. However, most people nowadays are not healthy and that is why they can be controlled by such negative impact.

L. Bazarova: Can psychics and people in classified section of a newspaper who claim to have extrasensory abilities really help in getting rid off the evil eye curse?

V. Gubanov: Not all of them. Some of them can only see something in the field of the person and say that you are jinxed, you have an evil eye curse on you and tell you that you have 30 days to live… If this happens, they actually just make the situation even worse. It is possible that in reality there was nothing there before they told a person about it. After that such “experts” begin to ask for money so they can fix the harm they caused themselves.

L. Bazarova: Evil eye curse is always done intentionally?

V. Gubanov: It doesn't always happen intentionally. Often it is done subconsciously, when people don’t even know what they are doing. Modern people have the ability of powerful energy influence. There was one case at the end of eighties in one of our "houses of culture" (place where people would get together during the Soviet Union). There was a presentation conducted by one highly acclaimed guy with supernatural abilities from India. He was going to a metro (subway) station after meeting with his students. It was kind of dark and he bumped into one old lady that lived in some old house nearby. He was flying high in his thoughts after the hard day of work and he didn’t notice her. All that the old lady said was: “Damn foreigners!”. She said it when she saw the way he looked and the way he was dressed. After that event, the powerful guy(healer from India) had a very high temperature for three days and none of the Indian methods of healing could help him.

After the accident the Indian healer felt deep respect for the abilities of the Great Russian nation, especially for old ladies who live in the old houses :) It is the reality that we have to live in now.

L. Bazarova: How healers and people with supernatural abilities can influence people? Surgeon is working with a scalpel, physician prescribes medicine – it is understood. What about common energy healers – what do they use?

V. Gubanov: They work using their own brain. Mechanism of this kind of influence is impossible without explaining special terminology. That is why let's use such new term as rotational activity of the human brain. This is the speed with which certain brain zones are subsequently activated in the process of perceiving surrounding environment. You can find a direct analogy in a radar station. Ray of a radar station rotates around its axes. The same happens with the human brain, it constantly “examines” certain zone of the surrounding environment. Brain of a regular person can perceive up to sixteen units of information per second. A person who has supernatural abilities can register up to 10 in the tenth power information units per second. This is the secret of people that have super sensitivity and other phenomenal abilities. They can increase this speed and keep it at a certain diapason.

L. Bazarova: So what do people with extrasensory abilities do with their "rotating brain" to other people during mass sessions (sessions for big number of people) for example?

V. Gubanov: They are just like a regular transformation station located in proximity. Using the radiation from their own brain, they render arousal and synchronization influence in certain brain zones of the viewers.

By arousing their own rotational activity such experts on the subconscious level send the matrix of a healthy organism to the patient. The healer shows the subconscious mind of a viewer how to come to norm on the level of analogue sensing. This is how such healing happens.

L. Bazarova: Is it harmless at least?

V. Gubanov: As in any phenomena, there are of course side effects. Attending such kind of mass session is normal when it is just a onetime thing. However, it cannot be treated as an absolute miracle cure for everything.

There is still a need to teach people how not to get into the situations that lead to sicknesses. If the person after a session continues to live the same lifestyle then he or she gets the same problems again.

L. Bazarova: I guess that most healers work intuitively and have no clue what is going on with their brain and the brains of their patients during the sessions.

V. Gubanov: Very often they don’t know the nature of their influence and the laws of physics on higher planes of matter existence. They often don’t even follow elementary ethics, rules of conduct that correspond to the level of hierarchy that they belong too.

L. Bazarova: What is this level of hierarchy?

V. Gubanov: There is a hierarchy of people with extrasensory abilities. Those people are gifted with non traditional ways of influence. It has an incredibly long history. Actually the level of the hierarchy to which the person with supernatural talent belongs to is defined by the ability to maintain high rotational brain activity. Old healers know this very well and preach this concept of hierarchy level. If there is something that they can’t do, then they direct the patient to the hierarch who has a higher level. Nowadays, however, because of modern stress intensity and due to the overload of brain structures, there is a possibility for common people to be “forced out” to the higher hierarchy levels. Often they don’t even know about it. Nevertheless, not knowing the laws does not free one from the responsibility. If people break the laws of Nature in regards to the hierarchy level that they belong to, they are punished by problems with their organism. People with talent towards healing often lose their qualities because of their ignorance.

L. Bazarova: Can you give an example of ignorance in such cases?

V. Gubanov: The most common and simple example: now there are a lot of ads in newspapers about "white magic" practitioners who can perform a charm to excite love spell.

It is no that bad if it happens only because of ignorance. The thing is that any charm to excite love spell is an action of "black magic" and it does not matter who does it. It is so because of one defining principle: the will of another person is forced to do something it might not want to do as a result of this spell. There is a law: free will of a person is sacred, unless it tries to interfere with the sacred will of another person. Charm to excite love spell violates this law. I can state officially that side effects of charm to excite love spell are infertility, impotence, cyst and other sicknesses that begin to appear in a very short period time.

L. Bazarova: So only a person practicing "black magic" can do this?

V. Gubanov: It depends on the level of the person practicing "black magic. He or she is a representative of destructive forces. Nevertheless, I am saying that without any intention to offend anyone, it is just the nature of this practice. There are cattle and there are predators. Predator has to eat the cattle. The cattle, however, has the right to protect itself.

L. Bazarova: Are those “predators” born this way or life makes them the way they are?

V. Gubanov: There are so called genetically “dark” people. But there are not that many of them, by our calculations (using data of current year) there are only around five percent. They are kept alive in our world only because of our medicine. In natural conditions they would not be able to survive.

L. Bazarova: Our world is only adaptable to people of “light” ?

V. Gubanov: Initially, it was adaptable for “light” energy excessive people. However, now apart from genetically “dark” people, there are people (there are many of them) who “fell” into energy lacking state due to the stress and wrong goals in life and worldview. They have become “dark”, they betrayed their own nature.

L. Bazarova: Do these people suffer?

V. Gubanov: This kind of people suffer because they are destroying themselves. Imagine a dog with a fur on fire. It can bring harm to those around as well. When a person is energy lacking there is a constant need in feeding from other people. This is the nature of vampires. It does not mean that all “dark” people are bad and that they should be lunched. Any human has both sides by nature. Any person has the "light" side – The Spirit and the "dark" side – the body. That is why people interact with forces of creation as well as with forces of destruction. We are trying to promote harmony between these forces.

L. Bazarova: So should people turn to healers or not? Is there a benefit?

V. Gubanov: To turn to them or not should be decided individually using their own senses. There will be some benefit only in the case when the person is developing independently as well. When he or she is perfecting the Spirit, trying to discover surrounding world through all the senses and loves this world in all its manifestations. Only then there is a chance for some benefit in the session with a healer.

L. Bazarova: Not many people would want this. Many want to just visit the psychic and get rid of all problems.

V. Gubanov: This is a general tendency of parasitism. People think that since they paid a lot of money to the healer they should get a miracle. The truth is that a healer can only show the way to recovery. Let’s say a person stumbles and falls into a hole. For the first time he or she needs help to get out of there. This person also needs someone who can explain that when there is a dark hole in the ground it most likely about 5 meters deep and you should not come really close to it. If the person stumbles for the second time, then maybe he didn’t hear the explanation. You can repeat it once again. However, if this person is walking towards the hole for the third time, then an experienced healer can only watch how this person disappears under the ground. There is a rule: you can help only three times. If a person does not learn from own mistakes, then this person is just a mistake of evolution and should be removed. Nature takes care of itself. Just don’t get in the way.

L. Bazarova: Nevertheless, it would be really good to know some universal method of protection from an evil eye curse, jinxing or any other related trouble…

V. Gubanov: This method is as old as our world. There is nothing more effective than this method. It is more effective than knowledge in quantum physics and being an expert in the nature of energy-informational processes of the human body. The secret is really simple: Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and Love the whole Universe inside of you since you are a part of it.

Interviewed by Larisa Bazarova
President of the International Institute of Social Ecology V.V. Gubanov

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