Karma is coming to get you!

Everyone knows that conventional science is left without financing and currently in a very difficult situation. Nevertheless, in spite of a common opinion there is a positive fact in this even though it might seem unpleasant at first. A human thought is going through revolutionary change in our society and it made a gigantic leap that can only be compared to the launch of the first sputnik into space. The same thing happens when carbon changes its structure under the influence of a very strong pressure and it turns from graphite into a diamond. Our new science discovered how to work with the fourth dimension, which is time, and now we are able to give quality explanations to so called karmic processes. This means that something that was considered to be intangible before – human soul, spirit, destiny – is now measurable and can be understood by materialists. In the LAST few years we developed the theory base and practical techniques. These techniques allow anyone to restore the details of the past events in life and allow a person to correct them by re-writing the chronal (or karmic) fields. This gives an opportunity to control the future. It means that the process that we call karmic correction technique can influence person’s destiny, health and behavior and you don’t need nay device, medicine or subconscious programming to do that.

The effectiveness of the Karmic correction technique in the bodies of higher planes can be proven on the cases when modern medicine is helpless in curing a disease. These kinds of diseases have a serious influence on the form of the bodies on the higher planes. The deformation of those bodies is passed on to the next generation as a family “treasure”. These diseases are materialized on the human body when the body of the higher plane gets deformed. The common participants of this process are the members of the family that lost touch with their senses of the environment around them and their health looses its contact with the Mother Nature. When this happens, the laws of Nature take the person out of the game of life using chronic family sicknesses. That is the time when the person comes to realization of these laws of Nature and tries to fix them with the help of new knowledge as well as trial and errors. When the person refuses to conduct Karmic correction technique he or she gets sicknesses like diabetes, asthma, psoriasis, allergy and even AIDS.

To conduct Karmic correction one needs to begin with the review of the conditions during own birth. If the mother died or was in the state of clinical death during birth, if the process of giving birth was very difficult, if during the first three hours after the birth the child was not put near the mother’s breast – which was widely practiced in our country (Soviet Union) – then there is a need to conduct a Karmic cleaning (or correction) technique. The aspect of breast-feeding is actually very important. If the child did not get the contact with the mother’s milk during the first three hours of life then the child can get the stress of being a “homeless child”. This syndrome can be eliminated in the future only through the Karmic correction technique.

The time period between the child’s conception and birth is really important as well. If one of the parents was against the birth of the child and actively expressed disagreement with the decision to have the baby then the infant that is in the mother’s womb receives the destructive informational program. The same happens in cases when the parents of the spouses are actively against the marriage even before the birth of the child. In those cases the child receives negative program even before its conception.

What other problems in life of the newborn can signal the need to conduct Karmic correction technique? There is a need for the technique when the mother loses her milk or has mastitis. It is also needed when the father is an alcoholic. The thing is, an alcoholic or a person who drinks a lot is usually a person who lacks energy in his or her energy shell (an alcoholic is trying to stimulate his or her life through the alcohol) and can program the descendent to be energy lacking. By the way, when alcoholics are going through the coding process to stop drinking, it does not cure them from the addiction it just mutes the symptoms. Karmic correction technique has proven its effectiveness in the cases of alcoholism. However it can be effective only in the cases when the person still has at least some interests in life. Another indication of the need to conduct karmic correction technique is the consequences of the genocide that had influence on the given generation in the past. Undesirable reaction or Karmic problems usually appear in the next generation. The problems occur because of repressions, collectivization and aggressive atheism in the past history of a certain nationality or ethnicity. Problems that are connected with this type of karmic issues are often encountered with people of Armenian, Jewish, Russian, Native American and German heritage.

The science of today has the ability to detect the moment when those problems were born and offer the solution, which is the correction of the bio energy-informational qualities of a person. For example, our techniques were able to help in eliminating the affects of the genocide in 1914, when Turks killed many Armenians. These events had a strong effect on certain branches of the families and created a program that was destroying Armenians. This destructive informational program would destroy men or made them handicapped between the ages 20 and 24 and it would go on for three generations!

When someone takes part in the war conflict against representatives of another religion it can cause problems that would require karmic correction work in the future. There are two such military conflict zones currently in the world: Chechnya and Iraq. It is ascertain that if a person who is a Christian participates in the military conflict against Muslims or Buddhists then there will be harsh consequences for him even if his side won the war.

One can ask: if a family member received a destructive program in the past– does it mean that it “hangs” on each member of the family? It doesn’t necessarily happen to all the members of the family because often the major part of it becomes the burden of the oldest child in the family (that is why it is common for the first child to be born dead). However, it can happen that the whole family takes the burden of the karmic problems. In this case any family member can learn the field of energy-informatics and use the techniques to put down the influence of the problems on him or her and on the children as well.

However, It can shift the karmic burden on the brothers and sisters of the person who was able to correctly conduct energy-informational technique. The load will disappear from the karmic structures of the one who was able to correct them. It does not necessarily mean that the person is the one who puts the load on someone else’s shoulders though. The laws of karmic structures are made that way that they are trying to show other members of the family that they also need to work on their problems. There is also a very serious problem with children who were given away by the parents. We worked with people that grew up in orphanages and we took their characteristics. We saw a very vivid picture of defects in their field structures. These people had damaged conditions of their “launch” to this world. Even if the organism is genetically healthy, from the stand point of the medicine, those kids that were given away by their parents have a tremendous spiritual trauma.

The problems do not go away even if the child is adopted. It is common that an undeveloped child (in the early childhood) values the physical father more, than the one who is bringing him up. Children need their genetic father. It does not really matter if the foster parent is the best father there is, genetic incompatibility can still happen. However, there is a way out: for example, we can show the potential “parents” different parameters of their field compatibility with the child they want to adopt using the numbers. This is a very important procedure for the parents who want to adopt. We can also recommend techniques that will help to harmonize the higher bodies of parents and the child and this will allow them to reach spiritual kinship. We also discovered certain issues with international marriages. There is a problem in the way children of these marriages feel. We have a lot of international marriages in our country. We were able to discover that if the conflict arises between the two ethnic groups that child’s parents belong too, then destructive vibration can start to affect the DNA cells in the child’s. Children become hostages of politicians. We have encountered many problems due to the war in Chechnya and Iraq.

When parents represent different ethnic or religious groups they form the lowest common multiple fragments in the DNA frequency. As a result, so called “advanced” genotypes are made. For them any religious concept that favors evolution of Spirit is understandable and friendly.

The laws of karma are inescapable. If you resolve the given life task incorrectly, then after some time you would get another chance to resolve it and the negative situation will repeat. Karmic law does not forgive, if the person is not even trying to resolve the situation and just runs away. In this case the problem will be thrown to the higher level and the weight of the consequences from going through the karmic circle will increase all the time.

Here is an example: if there is a lady who needs to resolve problems in relationships with the parent’s of her husband. However, she decides not to solve them and just avoid solving the problem. It is possible that after some time there will be problems not only in interpersonal relationships but also in the business, on the level of organization or company where she works. If she goes through this "knot" of life passively and without proper resolution then the problem can reveal itself in the steady problems with health, but it would happen on "next round" after let’s say seven years. The person will not be able to follow the cause and effect connection and connect the sickness with the initial conflict.

There is another important set of issues when we talk about the need for karmic corrections. It is problems of infertility, frigidity and impotence.

Medicine is trying to solve these problems with the help of “in vitro fertilization”, mechanical arousal methods and the use of any stimulating devices, but all of this just deepens the problem. What happens on the higher planes of matter existence in the moment of “in vitro fertilization” and WHO is born does not bother medicine for some reason? Nevertheless, distant consequences of such experiments on the physical as well as on the spiritual level are very serious. You have to remember about the fact that if Nature is trying to prevent something from happening then there is an explanation. The whole variety of ovary cystous, fibroma and obstruction of uterine tube for women is connected with serious emotional experience in the past and as a result the spasm of certain brain area activity occurs. So until the energy informational block is not removed, there is a danger of incorrect programming of the fetus during its development in the mother’s womb.

Karmic laws are not trying to destroy anyone. They have a different purpose – they force a person to draw conclusions, attain knowledge and experience through the situations in life. They teach correct and ecological way of thinking, adequate and correct behavior. The laws of nature also try to teach how to correctly work with the energy informational structures. Everyone should know that life does not hit anyone for no reason, it is just the sign that it is time to make decisions. It is time to learn the lessons from what Nature offers us!

Based on the research by Vyacheslv Gubanov, president of the International Institute of Social Ecology, Vyacheslav Gubanov.