What your soul is crying about?!

Interview conducted by Larisa Bazarova

It is really strange that this person has a real first name, last name and patronymic. Somehow these earthly names don’t really fit him. There is a desire to address him differently. I had an urge to address him using something more mysterious like Magister or something similar! Nevertheless, he is absolutely normal person. He is the expert in his field and he gave many years of his life to the defense industry of his country. He represents official governmental and scientific entity – Institute of Informatics, Technology and Economics (former Institute for re-training executives in the radio engineering industry) under the Academy of the Defense Industry of Russia. Even though we will only talk about his field of science, it seems to me that all of it is a part of some kind of sci-fi movie. The name of the laboratory where we are conducting this interview does not indicate that this entity is related to science: Laboratory of Social Ecology and Karmic methods of influence.

Vyacheslav Gubanov – developer of the unique methods for correcting health, destiny and life. He can eliminate stress and harmonize interpersonal relationships without the use of any devices, medicine, diets and actually without any external ways of influence. His method have proven its effectiveness in practice. It is based on the scientific research that was known in the laboratories of our defense industry for a long time, but it was a mystery for public up until now. That is why this method seems sensational and even shocking. When scientists begin to agree that God actually exists it can be a real sensation to an atheist. It is also a shock for religious people when they hear about material natures of what they call God.

- What kind of similarities there are between defense industry and such concepts as healers, psychic correction and harmonization of interpersonal relationships?

V.V. Gubanov: The thing is that we always had knowledge about the newest inventions and discoveries since we were a part of the defense industry. And as you know, this is the place where all most progressive ideas are. It is the same all over the world. We have information regarding similar laboratories in different countries. In these laboratories the attention is given to the issues of diagnosis without devices and non-device influence on a person. However, everyone is trying to hide the level that was reached. Psychotronic research is one of the most secret fields. In any case, I can state with full responsibility that our country is the leader in this field. Now, when the government does not dictate the way we work as strictly as before, the highly trained professionals are searching for the means to continue their scientific research, to which they gave many years of their life. People have realized that their research has great potential and that they can work on the higher levels than people in other countries.

- How did you come to work in this field?

V.V. Gubanov: - Almost everyone who is working in this field including me came to this business because they saw ineffectiveness of medicine. The situation was lethal. All medical experts didn’t know what to do but they would still take the money. There was a desire to stay alive. When a person wants to live his brain just turns on and he or she begins to search for the way out. There are plenty of cases. I will give you an example of Mikulin who was the designer of aircraft engines. During the time of World War II doctors discovered a lethal disease when he was at the age of 42 and they gave him 6 months to live. When he heard this news, he began to develop his own health system. He compared the human organism to the aircraft engine, since he knew a lot about the engines. As a result he not only lived for a long time, he also advanced in quality. It was a unique case for that time. The book that described this system was published with the stamp “X-files” (direct translation from Russian: “for special services use only”).

- When you worked on your method did you use your own experience as well?

V.V. Gubanov: - Absolutely! I am an expert in non contact systems of navy weapons – it covers the knowledge in the physical fields, the systems of information distribution, recognition and so on. In addition to this, I am also an expert in computer systems.

- So, you really compared a person to a computer?

V.V. Gubanov: - Absolutely! There is a direct analogy, practically all laws that are connected with the informational process in the microprocessor systems are applicable to humans. In our scientific research we were able to do something that was impossible before. We were able to measure so called chronal fields. We measured them as an informational structure that controls the brain activity of a human.

- Chronal field is what usually called bio or energy field?

V.V. Gubanov: - No, it is what usually people call Karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect connections of human existence in time. Bio-field is just a manifestation of karmic interactions at the given moment of time. The bio field which is changing throughout the time starting from the conception of a human and until current moment is the karmic body or chronal body. The other name for it is soul. We studied topology and mapping of these chronal fields in great details. They have their own configuration, density and size. They have defined physical parameters.

- Representatives of official science do not use such terminology as soul. Official science believes that the physical body is primal.

V.V. Gubanov: - We agree with official point of view. It does not contradict what we are doing. We also can confirm that physical body is primal. However we look at this physical body differently. It is just that there are different levels of matter density. The thing that is called Karma, chronal fields or soul is also a matter but it is a thinner matter.

- Are you saying that soul is material? This could be a revolution in the scientific view of the world?!

V.V. Gubanov: - We already have experience with this worldview concept. We have also seen what is happening on the higher planes. We are ready to present this view to the people. With this goal we even began to publish a magazine called “Stalking” (Stalker – is a famous sci-fi book by Strugazky brothers). We are ready to introduce safety instructions. Most eople are present on the higher planes anyway, even though they don’t know about it. They are just collecting the fruits of their ignorance.

- So what is the universe? Does God exist?

V.V. Gubanov: - For each person there is something that exists objectively and that he or she can call God. I can affirm it as a materialist. Each person has an opportunity to meet what is God for him or her. Any religion will tell you: God is inside you. We just looked inside and discovered WHERE it is and how to connect with it. The only question is whether a person will be able to establish the harmonizing contact with this energy-informational structure or not.

- Any religion or philosophy believes that God is beyond the grasp of the human mind in principle. Were you really able to discover what it is?

V.V. Gubanov: - I can show you what it is. (Draws a circle on a sheet of paper – editor). This is what can be called God or Spirit. This is the way the Spirit is.

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- Why is it this way?

V.V. Gubanov: -Because this is its physics. Physics describes it as a spheroid. There is a Spirit on the surface of which there is a road. A human is moving in time on the surface of a spheroid. The goal of a human is to smoothen the surface of the spheroid. When a person acts incorrectly, sins or inadequately reacts to the surrounding world then he is not smoothing the surface, on the contrarily, the person distorts the surface and burdens the Karma or the destiny. Spirit is a part of a human and at the same time it exists outside of a human. This is what people perceive as God. We currently can easily establish contact with these intelligent structures through what we call personalities.

- Let’s get back to your method. How does it work?

V.V. Gubanov: - We are able to draw an accurate personal karmic lifeline graph. For example, we can tell what a person was doing, in what kind of situation and what his or her enthusiasm was towards the activity. It is possible to be as precise as five minutes at any given point of life. However, this kind of precision is usually not needed. Our goal is to find the cause of the disease, conflict or other problems in the person’s past. The reason or cause is usually an event which brought stress and left a certain mark in the brain and in the informational fields of the person. In many cases that we work with conventional medicine cannot do anything to cure the person or even state a diagnosis. We were able to learn how to discharge stressful situations from the past that got stuck in the human brain and became the cause of a disease. In principle, this is a totally new approach to the notion of human health and life.

- You work without using any equipment?

V.V. Gubanov: - Back in the day our main goal was to develop methods of aid without equipment or without medical drugs and those methods had to be effective in any situation. For example, during battle combat we would have to help a person with any type of injury and make sure that recovery will be fast. We made it happen. In principle it is possible to use equipment, however during work in chronal fields the regular equipment fails. We are used to computer processor breaking down when we begin our work. Wave fields that arise around a person begin to influence the equipment. By the way, if a person who is working in the chronal fields gets nervous, then it is possible for computers to break, watches to stop and batteries to die out.

- What about my recorder? Will it break as well?

V.V. Gubanov: - Your recorder will not break. We see that this is an expensive piece of equipment and that is why we are sitting here quietly and doing our best not to even breathe on it.

- You were born with such abilities or is it possible to develop them?

V.V. Gubanov: Potentially each person has them and it is possible to develop them. The only question how much time it will take for each person.

- So, ok, you find the cause of a sickness in the karmic field of the person's past and remove it. What if the disease is a payment for certain sins? Is it ok to correct any problem with your techniques Will the fault of a person be removed through the use of your techniques?

V.V. Gubanov: - It’s all done quite differently. If we were doing our work the way you mentioned then we would not be alive. You are right, you can’t correct everything just by mechanically using the technique. It is impossible to just run the person through certain tests, conduct some mechanical maintenance and the person becomes healthy. Yes, we really consider any disease as something that shows that the person committed a sin. It happened when the person was inadequate in actions towards surrounding world. As a result he or she received emotional or energy hit. The person remembers that hit and keeps on living with it. Until the person solves this problems he or she will stay sick. That is why any method that is used on a person externally (medicine, surgery, extrasensory methods) gives only temporary relief and throws the problem to another level: for example, you cured your lungs – your kidneys get sick. We treat not the disease but the person, not the body, but the soul. The essence of our method is that the patient corrects the field by him or herself. We just bring the person to the point in the past where he or she received the problems. We give techniques with the help of which it is possible to get out of the hole and stop making mistakes in the future.

- What are these techniques?

V.V. Gubanov: - For example: “Love thy neighbor” is a very good technique. Especially for domestic conflicts, it works great. It is very effective. We usually begin with it. Any person without any training can imagine a person who he or she considers to be an enemy and wish him or her health and love. Then this person will not think badly about you for a very, very long time.

- It is easy to say “to love” the one you hate. What if everything inside of you is against this person?

V.V. Gubanov: - This is the main problem, many people don’t realize that a thought is material. They can’t even imagine what real physical processes can be launched if they truly begin to love a person. People don’t understand how they can love the enemy. That is why we usually explain how to do it. First of all we make people look at the person who is bringing a lot of trouble from a different angle. This person is your teacher and he or she helps you to see your weaknesses. You should train yourself, improve and try to live differently and this person will stop causing you troubles. If this is pathological aggressor then there are qualities of informational fields that protect a person if he is thinking positively. Physics can explain this phenomenon and we explain how these field shells work when you think something good about a person.

- All that you are doing is called magic among common people. Are you saying that this is really science?

V.V. Gubanov: - This is a very serious science called “akmeology”. This is science about human ability reserve which is officially acknowledged on the same level as physics, mathematics, chemistry and other fundamental sciences. There is even an International Academy of Akmeology sciences.

- So is this that we are talking about here called Akmeology? What about Psychotronic?

V.V. Gubanov: - Psychotronic is an old name. It mainly studies the influence on human psyche using devices.

- How often people turn to you with a request to correct their destiny?

V.V. Gubanov: - For us it is just everyday work. As a rule, people suffer from simple things: failure in family life or inability to create a family. Very often it turns out that a person lacks certain spectrum components in sex. This is what we call sex dominant component. It is possible to find the moment when this spectrum was turned off for this person and turn it on again. It is very simple to do, for those who know how to do it of course.

- Does it mean that destiny is not predetermined?

V.V. Gubanov: - To a very big degree, destiny is predetermined. If a person does not conduct karmic correction techniques then the chance of life being predetermined is very, very high. If a person does not evolve spiritually then in many cases the burden on the personal state of things is increased. One should know the laws that control what is happening on the higher planes of matter existence to improve the state of things. Then it is possible to learn from own mistakes and correct own karmic bodies. When you are doing this, you receive one thing that is the most valuable and fearful at the same time, it is the freedom. The freedom from the influence of the past, wrong actions and from your own mistakes, as well as from the mistakes of ancestors in the family (genetic) tree. You also receive freedom from predetermination of your destiny.

- Can one correct his or her own destiny?

V.V. Gubanov: - That is exactly what we are doing. However this is not just a onetime thing. This process has to be constant. There is one wisdom in the East: “the one who is walking is living, the one who stops falls down”.

- Did you become happier as a result?

V.V. Gubanov: - Hundred percent happier! And not just happier but even more happier! Many serious changes occurred and objectively all of them are very positive.

- Are there people that you were not able to save?

V.V. Gubanov: - There are cases when a person completes the goal of the Spirit for this given reincarnation and leaves this place just because it is not interesting for him or her anymore. There are people who just gave up on themselves and are slowly dying, alcoholics for example. It is impossible to help such people, karma correction would not really change anything. If the goal of the Spirit is not realized from the stand point of the Spirit then the person represents a dead end and thus the human material is eliminated.

- Does it mean that people live more than once on this world?

V.V. Gubanov: - I would put it this way: we received strong enough prove to agree with the reincarnation theory. We even had to create our techniques taking into account multiple personal reincarnations. There is certain prove that definitely show us that this person that is living now could have lived three generations ago in this family.

- In any case, where does it all come from? Where all of these energy informational fields and laws of their existence come from?

V.V. Gubanov: - It comes from the physical qualities of the environment where the unfolding of human life is taking place.

- Is it possible to say that it comes from God?

V.V. Gubanov: It is from physical laws of Nature. If you want you can say “from God”. God is also Nature. Everything is from God, everything is from Nature.

Interview conducted by Larisa Bazarova
“International Institute of Social Ecology” V.V. Gubanov