What is the meaning of human life?!

Yes, indeed - a good question. What is the meaning of this life?

And you know, in this article we will give you the exact answer to this question!

Only it will be at the end of the taskbook. Remember, like in an algebra textbook at school?

Except we must warn you right away!!!

After reading this article your life may change 180 degrees!

Yes, yes, exactly like that!

Think about it, do you really need this answer? Are you really ready to hear it?

If not or if you are unsure, feel free to close this page and go somewhere else on google or yandex, to read hundreds of other articles about how the meaning of life is children!

For those who have already read this far, we'll say right away: the meaning of life is NOT children!!

You can underline and bold that last phrase!!!

Why? We'll explain a little later...

So what is the meaning of human life? Huh?

Why all this: work, that you have to get up for every morning by alarm, some goals, plans, loans, constant lack of time, stress, traffic jams, subway, family, kids, medicines and headaches?

What's it all for? What's the meaning of such a life?

Where are you going? What are you striving for? You're racing headlong into the future at 200 km/h, not noticing how the events of your present fly by out the window. And you don't even have time to breathe in the scent of the flowers?

Loans, suppliers, contracts, partners, kickbacks, taxes... and again the alarm is ringing tomorrow morning! Ding-ding! Rise and shine! And the scenes of life flash by again at 200 frames per second. And somewhere the sun is now rising, the surf is roaring, seagulls crying and the air still smells of the morning chill!

Or is there a void ahead of you? All the colors of your life have long since faded. And you live only in memories of the past... reliving old resentments, heartache, betrayals, slowly fading from lack of love, warmth, care, understanding... regretting missed opportunities, blaming your fate and other people, who made it this way for you? Such is fate, you tell yourself.

So what is the meaning of life then?

Why live at all?

Because with every year there are more and more wrinkles on your face, but why a person lives, what the meaning of his life is, still no one has explained.

Okay, enough getting lost in speculation, rummaging in your past, thoughts, worries!

From this moment you can start smiling! Like this: :))))))))

Because further in this article a detailed answer will be given to the question, what is the meaning of human life! So, the problem of the meaning of human life - solved!

Exactly what you were looking for!

First let's look at the wrong answers!

Although, probably 99% of people, when asked "what is the meaning of life", will answer just like this, because they also don't know what it is! :))

Wrong Answer #1

The meaning of life is children!

Yes, according to the ratings this is the most popular answer!

But why not children, you ask!

Well, because!

Think about it: Amelia had a little daughter. And Amelia decided to name her daughter Emma. Beautiful name! But before Emma was born, Amelia had no meaning to her life. None at all! Or rather no, there was one: to give birth to Emma. Amelia lived all 35 years only for the sake of giving birth to Emma. And now finally she has found meaning in life: to raise and educate her beloved daughter (or son, whatever). But what will happen when Emma grows up? When she turns 21 and finally says, "Mom, come on, enough already! I'm not a little girl anymore..." Amelia will again lose the meaning of her life!

It turns out that's how it is.

The saddest thing is that this is what happens for most Amelias, for whom the meaning of life is children. After their child grows up, their life again becomes aimless and dreary.

They try with all their might to keep their daughter Emma (or son Harry) in a state of "child". Because in this case, she still has something to live for.

But that's how Nature intended it, that sooner or later Emma and Harry will grow up and leave their parents' home to start building their own independent lives!

And if by that point their mom (or dad) still hasn't found the right, Natural answer to the question "what is the meaning of my life", then they will continue to "cling" to their children, trying to control their lives without having their own!

And if you continue this chain, then Enna will think the same as Amelia: I must give birth to a child, because that is the meaning of my life. And the story repeats over and over!

Night, street, lamp, drugstore... drugstore, street, streetlight...

Because the meaning of human life is not in children!

A child is only a tactical (intermediate) goal, but not the main, strategic one.

Although most people, not knowing what the main goal of their life is, put a child in that place!

Wrong Answer #2

Who cares what the meaning of life is!
Don't stress it. Just live and DON'T think about it!

Hey, also an option! Indeed, what difference does it make what the meaning of human life is!

Just live your life and live! When you die, maybe then the guys with white wings up above will finally explain what the meaning was all about. And give you a pass or fail... Like in college, remember? :) And then send you back to Earth for a retake, but in a different body, in a new incarnation, into a new family... To some tribe in the jungle. And everything starts over: being born again, screaming, suckling at the breast, learning to walk... And then, one fine day, when the Sun is at its zenith, warming the earth with its warm rays, you'll get eaten by some mangy tiger in the bushes, where you went to take a leak. And back up to heaven, welcome to heaven, to the admissions office with your tattered grade book from past incarnations! Some vicious cycle of Samsara!

So what's the point? Can someone explain? Because I'm tired of this back and forth... I've already changed so many bodies, been both a man and a woman, seen so much on this Earth over many centuries, but I've remained a fool, just like I started! Hey, guys in white coats, what is the meaning of life anyway?

Well, finally thought to ask! And you type in google "what is the meaning of life", they will answer in your thoughts in your head. You open the site, it's called lifexpert.ru. You find the article "what is the meaning of human life". And read. Read carefully! To the very end. If after so many lifetimes you still haven't understood what the meaning is. There they will explain it to you in human language. And maybe this time, when you come back to us from Earth again with your grade book, we'll give you a solid 4 instead of zeros and ones for your past unlived lives.

Wrong Answer #3

The meaning of human life = power, sex and money.

Well, it's for choosing such meanings of life, that angels in white coats in the heavenly office give zeros (0) and ones (1). Simply kindergarten stuff! Indulging your ego called personality, playing at the illusion of your power over the world, or power over 5 janitors from your HOA. However much power one has... Small, medium and big business. Politics. Spent 20 years building your empire, and then the powers that be changed and everything collapsed like a house of cards in a few months. And if that venture was your whole meaning in life, then there's no point in living any longer! Alcohol, malice, accident... and write it off as another expense!

Knock-knock? May I? Hello, admissions office! I've come to you again with my grade book. Something went wrong with that incarnation. I messed up again somewhere!

The conversation might go something like this:

But there were clues, if you remember. Don't recall?

Don't go there, you'll get brained, you'll be completely dead. Don't sign that contract, it smells fishy, don't start that business, look here instead... This is much more promising and profitable.

But NO! I said, I decided, I want this, I'll achieve this at any cost...

And we talked to you, gave hints, but you're not hearing...

Your personality, your Ego has grown so much that it seems to you this is who you are. That nothing else exists. That only your personal will, your personal plans and your personal goals determine your life.

What if we tell you you have an invisible boss, a superior?

No, not the one who, spitting with anger and displeasure, yelled at you every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (By the way, your earthly office boss did this also because he doesn't know the meaning of his life).

We're talking about your Spirit! And its tasks of incarnating on Earth through your physical body and your Personality!

What are you looking at us like that again with those bewildered uncomprehending eyes, like 125 years ago when you took your last exam?


Okay, we'll explain in human language, understandable to you!

With pictures, like in comic books!

And don't tell us again that you don't understand.

And here is the answer at the end of the taskbook!

The correct answer to the question, "What is the meaning of human life?"

But first, let's figure out who this human is.

There is a physical shell, a material object of the dense plane of matter's existence. Hands, legs, head, stomach, lungs, rectum, bones and heart.

But what distinguishes the dead from the living?

Seems like the same set of organs. But something is already missing from this set.

What do you think is missing?

Right! The soul, or rather the subtle material object that interfaces with the physical body (biological carrier) throughout life.

And the Soul or Spirit? What's the difference? Let's figure out how all this is interconnected.

The human body is surrounded by an energy shell (also called an aura or biofield). These are objects of the astral plane of matter's existence. In the human aura (biofield) you can identify areas of energy concentrations called chakras. There are 7 of them.

The human energy shell is enclosed in a cocoon of an emotional shell, which feeds the energy shell. Therefore, the more a person rejoices, the denser and larger their energy shell, and the less they get sick, since there is a direct relationship between a person's health and the density and size of their energy shell. "Jupiter, you're angry, so you're wrong."

Next, after the emotional shell, come the intellectual and program shells. We'll discuss their functions in another article. Yes, by the way, the state of energy, any chakra distortions can be measured. And we teach this as part of our scientific direction "Infoscmatics".

It looks like this:

Developments of the International Institute of Social Ecology.

Any material object propagates through cosmic space at a finite speed C. Well, you may remember this from high school and college physics class, if you attended :) Einstein also described this in his theory of relativity. What does the theory of relativity have to do with the meaning of human life, you might ask. The answer comes next.

281x center

So, the physical body and the subtle material shell structure of a person propagate through cosmic space at speed C. And according to the theory of relativity in this case the material object loses its dimensions in the direction of the axis of propagation. I.e. this whole thing degenerates into a disk.

And this is what the human soul looks like:

It is a set of disks (human states) for each quantum of lived time from the point of birth. It contains all the stresses, all the emotions of a person.

what is the meaning of life

And it can be measured! Yes, yes, you heard right. The human soul - an object of the mental plane of matter's existence - can be measured!

Which is what we do regularly when someone comes for a consultation with their problems. We take measurements of the mental body and look for all the stresses in the past that affect the person's present and help them "turn off", rewrite those in their past on the lifeline.

It looks like this:

So what is the meaning of life?

Here's what it is...

The human soul, the mental body, propagates along the surface of the Spirit. The Spirit is an object of the next order, it belongs to the causal plane of matter's existence. It contains information about the person's past incarnations, about the experience of all past lives.

It looks like this:

what is the meaning of human life

This is that grade book that the spherical objects of the Causal plane of existence and higher look at in the heavenly office, which some call angels. We call them Curators, because they constantly supervise the incarnated human and give hints. The question is just whether the human hears them or clings only to their personality: I, I, I, self-guidance... :)

The Spirit, by the way, can also be measured. Not with a ruler, of course!

Find the controlling stresses and programs in it, both in the current incarnation (Soul) and in the past ones. By the way, a person's gender can change from incarnation to incarnation. Many problems with gender self-identification are connected with this, when a person's consciousness still hears their previous incarnation, but is already in a biological carrier of the opposite gender.

So what is meaning of human life!

It is to generate as many layers of one's Spirit as possible during the current incarnation and maximize smoothing of its surface through positive emotions from the tasks/problems that arise along the person's life path. The Spirit is that very invisible boss that guides a person through life, helps and protects them or, on the contrary, spanks them! And it has to spank, oh, so often. Because otherwise the person doesn't hear, or rather doesn't want to hear.

Because many only start thinking, engaging their mind and changing when things get bad for them!

After all, you probably didn't find this article of ours while lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand.

Greetings from your Spirit! :))

Well, and now in response to the answer about the meaning of human life, you may have a new question... It goes like this: how free is human will!

We'll answer!

A person's will is free within the framework of the combat task set before them by the Spirit!

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