Why Do Airplanes Crash?! The "Secret" Causes of Air Disasters Lying on the Surface

Article from the Lifexpert archive 2007-2009

On July 31, 2007 I was returning home from a nearby foreign country. After 2 weeks of intense work, even the old Tu-154, substituted for the promised Boeing 737, looked like a pleasant symbol of the upcoming vacation. There were very few people flying, so with even more thoroughness, out of habit remaining from working in a remote technical diagnostics group in the early 90s, I tested the passengers, the state of the airliner, the crew using special energy-informational methods...

The full moon had just passed, it was the height of vacation time, so that’s why there was a low flow of people moving around, the aircraft was in good condition, the crew was sober (sorry, I've had to fly a lot)... And just as I got comfortably settled in the “hippo” seats (by the emergency exit), the flight attendants provided us with fresh newspapers. On the second page of KP from July 30, the wreckage of the An-12 that crashed at Domodedovo two days ago was very timely “staring” at us. And we were heading there!!!

Immediately, optimistic thoughts raced through:

  1. Greetings, Motherland - a country of incompetent managers!
  2. A sacrifice has been made, everyone can calm down, at least for a while.
  3. The school year is approaching, there is still time to write the promised articles, plus one more!
  4. Vacation is gone, time to get back to work...

Thanks (really!) to the group of authors who presented the information so fully that I, as a specialist in management technologies, had no choice: "To write or not to write?" It is hard to imagine a more "educational and demonstrative" example of the urgent need to universally improve the energy-informational literacy of managers and key specialists!

So, do you want to know what really happened that fateful morning? - No problem!

Let's look at the takeoff time of the plane - around 4 am. On ships, the watch that starts at this time is called by sailors "dog watch" - it is so difficult even for young and healthy people to be "on duty" sober and in their right mind at this time!

Now about the peculiarities of the crew. Out of seven, FIVE were in critical ages!!! (Thanks to the journalists for pointing it out!) 35, 35, 36, 49, 56 - this is almost the WHOLE "line" (except for 42 and 45)! Plus, one of the 35-year-olds was about to have a child, and this "child-inator" carrier honestly tried to distance himself from the rest of the "explosive mixture." Didn't work out...

(you can learn more about the critical ages of a person in the article "Do everything at the right time")

Were they, as in the well-known joke, specially collected on board of an aircraft already written off in the minds and intentions of both the pilots and the ground crew?!

By the way, the aircraft itself was a whole 43 years old, and the critical age for "living" objects is 42 years - it passed not with the joyful prospect of modernization and further grateful operation, but with a fairly realistic program of early and merciless disposal. "Airplanes only live while flying...", as Yuri Antonov sang in his time. And if they live, then the laws for living objects apply to them.

Among pilots there is a common opinion that an air crash is 99% a result of equipment failure, and only 1% a human factor that "failed" to compensate for the "emergency".

But that 1% can and should be argued! I will give those "arguments and facts" that are either publicly available and well-known, or that owners, managers and officials consciously or unconsciously turn a blind eye to.

The plane crashed due to incompetence!

For example (everyone should know this), in the period around a birthday, a person's "energy-informational portrait" changes by 20% during a week. And in the period around the "critical ages" of 21, 27, 28, 35, 36, 42, 45, 49, 54, 55, 56, 63, energetic "beating" continues for up to HALF A YEAR (!!!), and a person changes by 80% (!!!)

At this time, such a "mutant" is emotionally unstable, prone to depression and highly suggestible! During these periods, a person's brain can suddenly and for reasons beyond their control lose connection with recordings of their memory and INSTANTLY LOSE PROFESSIONAL FITNESS!!! Only specialists familiar with this NATURAL pattern or interested people can notice signs of an impending or already occurred force majeure and apply appropriate psychotechnologies to restore working capacity and professional skill.

Allow me to show you the "little jokes" that equally underlie both scientific breakthroughs and disaster-forming situations.

So, for living systems there is an effect of multiplying the energy result from joint activities when like-minded people participate in that activity. This effect is used when organizing a "brainstorming" session or revolutionarily increasing the efficiency of a team's work. This effect is called a "synergistic explosion", and is mathematically recorded as follows:

1 + 1 = 22 = 4

1 + 1 + 1 = 33 = 27

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 44 = 256

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 55 = 3125 !!!

When a "group of five" is created, there is a thousandfold increase in the effect of joint brain activity!
With the addition of each new like-minded person, there is an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE (!!!) increase in the effectiveness of joint brain activity. But what if it's negatively charged? - Yes-yes! People gathered into a single team in an unstable or destructive state can form not at all a "Voltron - defender of the universe", but a miniature hadron collider and a zone with an anomalous flow of energy processes and changing physico-chemical properties of liquids and crystalline materials.

And what if there was already a Natural anomalous zone in Domodedovo? And there WAS ONE THERE!!!

In the lower right corner of this same page there is a note that the day before the event under consideration, THE WINDSHIELD CRACKED on a Boeing 757 taking off from the same airfield!!! The plane is modern, but it cracked at an altitude of 10,600 meters, where there are no stones or birds.

What is there? - The brains of pilots and crews!

By the way, the cracking of stones in jewelry that has not been subjected to mechanical stress has been observed for many centuries and indicates the utilization of a destructive energy-informational "message" on that crystal. It is called protecting human life with a talisman or amulet! That is why broken dishes are considered "good luck". More precisely - to the cessation, discharge of accumulated destructive tension.

For the same reasons, the deformation of wedding or ordinary rings occurs without mechanical stress being applied to them.

The same "tricks" are demonstrated before the eyes of spectators and members of special commissions by "illusionists" David Copperfield and Uri Geller.

I emphasize again: DEFORMATION!!!

And in the case of the An-12? - A "fab five" of critical age - check. One of them in stressful state - guaranteed: a child is to be born; he was forced to fly.

They took off at 4am, and at this time the human brain is most susceptible to external energy-informational influences.

They loaded into a "jalopy" barely holding together. Doubts about the favorable course of the route, to put it mildly... And there are "loads" of rotating parts in an airplane. There's the influence of people on equipment for you! And "I'd put in a word about the importance of the cargo..."

And the author of these lines knows from his professional experience how the brains of people who have not released energy-informational ties with those left at home behave: he had to study the nature of "panic attacks" in passengers during takeoff and flight. And based on the research results, psychotechnologies like "Medusa Gorgon" were developed, which successfully normalized the psyche of far from just one dozen "significant" for business and politics "personages".

Plus, there is a high probability that the plane would fly through a "disaster zone". And these zones are successfully calculated on special orders by a laboratory led by retired captain first rank A.S. Buzinov (special space-forecast laboratory of the St. Petersburg Ministry of Defense Research Institute, retired from there in 1999, now heads the Center for Support of Scientific Research). Remember the Kursk disaster and the fire at Ostankino TV tower? - Confirmed by his calculations!

And here's more confirmation of age-crisis cataclysms from the same newspaper.

Already on page six there is a story about an FSB Lieutenant General who crashed his Toyota into a Niva. Two sisters were injured: a 32-year-old was maimed and a 36-year-old was killed on the spot.

The age of the lieutenant general, who, by the way, committed suicide at the scene of the accident, is not given, but it is mentioned that he served faithfully for 20 years, was not interested in anything except service, and retired a year before the accident. That is, he was released from the accustomed environment of external stabilization by statutory relationships into "freedom". And that's stress! After all, you have to "stop fighting", learn to navigate the environment with the organs of BODILY senses, and not by the logic of the order. He seemed to be around 45. And 5 x 9 = 45. This is a crisis of Spiritual sociality, there should be a change in ideological landmarks.

Was the dead woman successful? - No! A single mother (of course not just because of this single trait!), that is, burdened with caring for and feeding her child. And where could her center of consciousness have been a few seconds before the accident? - Anywhere!

I've had to investigate so many such cases... And when a driver or pedestrian is "not himself", his body becomes "invisible" to other traffic participants! It is called a psychoenergetic phenomenon. The body is there, but they notice it only at the moment of mechanical contact. A special technology called the "Invisibility Cap" was developed based on this Natural phenomenon, which has proven itself well in special operations.

How old was the deceased? - 36. So she was in her 37th year. And energy-informational practice knows that if a person has incorrectly passed through a critical age, especially a multiple of 9, then their life becomes meaningless because their worldview has not changed. And here the likelihood is very high of adding one's story to the ranks of those whom V.S. Vysotsky wrote about in the song "About Fatal Dates and Numbers":

«Those who ended their lives tragically are true poets, And if at the precise time, then to the fullest extent: At the age of 37 one stepped under a pistol, Another climbed into a noose in "Anglettere". ..... At the number 37, sobriety leaves me in an instant - Even now - as if a chill wind blew: Pushkin arranged a duel for himself at this number And Mayakovsky put his temple to the barrel.
Let's dwell on the number 37! The god is insidious - He put the question point-blank: either - or! Both Byron and Rimbaud lay down at this milestone, - But contemporaries somehow slipped through.»

How old was the lieutenant general, "released" from the work of his whole life? - Yes, slightly over "45"! So similar attracted similar!

But not only age and time of day alter a person's psycho-energetic portrait into an "altered" state. The "dances" of two planets most important for all living things on Earth make their worthy contribution.

One would have to deliberately ignore obvious facts in order not to see stable patterns: on days of new moon and full moon (by the way - remember the AN-12!) the number of road accidents sharply increases.

And what to say about the influence of Solar and Lunar eclipses ?! A solar eclipse has the strongest effect on people's health and psyche. "Amazing thing": at 4 am Moscow time on the night of July 21-22, 2009, there were unusually many deaths.

And the chronicle of air crashes ?!

On the eve of the solar eclipse, a Tu-154 of the Iran-Armenia "communication line" crashed. 168 people vanished into thin air!

On July 22 in the Volgograd region, a Mi-8 helicopter crashed, six dead.

On July 23 in the state of Maryland, USA, a Robinson R44 helicopter crashed, killing 4 people.

On the 24th in Saratov region at 7:15 am a YAK-52 training aircraft crashed with two crew members.

On July 24, in the Iranian city of Mashhad, an Il-62 plane "nosedived" while landing. 17 people died: the cockpit and crew vanished without a trace...

That's a bit too many clustered together, huh?!

Unfortunately, no information is provided on the ages and birth dates of those involved in the above accidents. But...

It should be said that one of the "uncles" of the author of these lines served as a "Chinese volunteer" in Korea itself during the Korean War as part of a, of course, "Chinese" fighter air regiment.

And another uncle was the head of a flight school in one of the cities of Soviet Ukraine for a long time. And before that he was Ho Chi Minh's personal pilot (leader of the Vietnamese Resistance to the American aggressors), as evidenced by photographs from that period from the family archive.

And the navigator of this school was a "once a real colonel", familiar to many adult uncles and aunts from a song from the time of the Vietnam War, which had the words:

«...My Phantom does not obey the rudder! The ground is approaching fast... The ejector seat is salvation And on the straps onto the trees I gently descended from the sky.
At the interrogation I only asked: «Who's the pilot who shot me down?» And the slant-eyed one who Commanded the interrogation replied: «You were shot down by Colonel Li Si Tsin!»

It has already been 40(!) years since the "hangouts" of those "elders". So even back then, the author of these modern lines remembers stories about some mysterious specialists who drew mysterious circles (cosmograms) and calculated tables for each of the pilots of the "affiliated" regiment. And based on this activity, some pilots were occasionally told the "mysterious phrase": "Today is not your day!" And this "instructor" did not take to the air on alert on that day...

And the "elders" also said that the effectiveness of their regiment was significantly higher, and the losses were much lower than those of "neighbors" flying the same machines on the same missions.

This brings up the issue no longer just about full moons and new moons, as well as all kinds of eclipses falling on the "newborn" week. The conversation is about the urgent need to very seriously increase the cosmorhythmological and energy-informational culture of both organizers of any activity and the specialists themselves engaged in dangerous and complex areas. "Trust in God, but tie up your camel!" And a competent radio operator would not have boarded the AN-12. And there would not have been a "critical mass" capable of deforming the rotating elements of the fuselage and engines with their brains. And there would have been no crash.

And here's another example of energy-informational illiteracy. Remember how lucky the married couple was who were late for the infamous A-330 that crashed into the Atlantic in early June 2009? And not a month had passed since their miraculous salvation when they got into a head-on collision on a mountain road near Munich.

The woman died on the spot, and her husband was hospitalized in extremely serious condition.

And all that was needed was 42 days of REALLY praying with gratitude for their salvation, and not going into the mountains, where the force lines of the Hartmann geomagnetic grid stand vertically, enhancing, to the delight of climbers, the metabolic processes of the body like a serious doping or stimulant!

Because of the "multi-polar" attention to them, fueled by the media, they did not detach from the collective energy-informational field of the victims of that A-330 crash which they had "miraculously" been late for. It's the same program of "departure" to the afterlife! And with this program in active phase, they did not use the services of a professional driver or group transfer. In these cases, due to resonances between them and the brains of the professional or large number of people, their individual programs would have been slowed down, and a short-term loss of orientation or even consciousness would not have led to tragic consequences!

But only a person literate and cultured in bioenergy informatics can do this. After all, technologies for distancing oneself from circumstances leading to setbacks, illnesses, injuries, accidents and death have long been developed and proven themselves perfectly! Every day one has to become convinced that on the eve of 2012, on the threshold of a quantum leap in information processes throughout society and in nature, it is simply murderous to remain ignorant!

After all, the most advanced technology in the hands of a "savage" is just a pile of debris if he is not removed from it in time! (A glaring example is the loss ratio of equivalently armed armies: 2000 Iraqis per ONE American!!! ...)

In conclusion, I will give an example from my own practice. The place of action is Pulkovo Airport. Registration is underway for a flight from St. Petersburg to Istanbul. The line consists of "shuttle traders". One of them, a newcomer, worries out loud: "Did you hear that a month ago during takeoff our plane's landing gear didn't retract, and they circled and circled until they ran out of fuel?!"

The young woman ahead reassures her: “Oh, there was nothing terrible there. The flight attendants calmed the passengers down, the captain informed everyone over the PA system. I know for sure, my brother was on that flight.”

And the "worrier" repeats: "And just last week, right here in Pulkovo, the Istanbul flight had just taken off when one of its engines failed, and the plane immediately turned around and landed!"

And the "experienced" one answers her: "Oh, everything went without panic there too. The crew worked together. I know for sure, my brother flew to Istanbul on that plane!" (It should be said that the level of energy deficiency of this brother before the flight was simply fantastic, and he got a seat in the very back by that same "dead" engine).

The "worrier's" reaction to the second "consolation" was great! She concentrated for a second and asked her "neighbor" directly: "Your brother isn't flying this flight today, is he?!"

Summary: "A miracle is a phenomenon whose nature you do not know!" And forewarned is forearmed! Cosmorhythmology, as a very effective management science, allows a person to choose the most favorable and safe periods for travel and business activity. After all, it is best to breathe air when your head is above the water, not under the wave! Well, in those cases when there is not enough data for the calculation, it is necessary to learn to trust your intuition and recognize its informational messages.

The 21st century is a time of high quality fakes and shameless "scams"!

Indeed, someone who wants to do something looks for opportunities, and someone who wants to shirk looks for excuses.

At least in the environment of "civilized carriers", the practice of identifying the vehicle in the caravan that will receive increased attention from border guards or looters of transported property has long been in place...

And indeed, as is known, rats cannot count or write, but prudently abandon the ship that is marked by the stamp of misfortune for "some reason"! In fact, rats simply become uncomfortable on a ship with an energy-deficient crew or set of passengers, or whose cargo "inhibits" metabolic processes in organisms. So they run from sin.

A person, based on their bodily sensations, dreams, and the course of events, can determine in advance that their actions lead to something sinister and dangerous. And it is necessary to allow oneself the luxury, upon sensing something wrong, to quickly overcome the inertia of "decency" and "predictability" in oneself and give in to the inner call not to board this plane, not to stand under this balcony, not to drink from this puddle... And all this without chemical tests and long gathering of opinions from certified specialists!

It is necessary to become an expert in your own life and with your own activities repeatedly confirm the validity of the formula of personal responsibility for the events happening in your life: "Save yourself and many around you will be saved!"

It is necessary to learn what will preserve resources and life, and practice success!

Love and respect Nature - your mother! - And she will reciprocate!

Rector of the "International Institute of Social Ecology"
V.V. Gubanov