Brain of a modern human is a super powerful weapon!

Mystics strongly believe in this statement, but materialists on the other hand do not believe that because the heroes of “Final Destination” missed their flight it led to the line of deadly predetermined events.

However, from time to time they might also receive some type of warning from above: do not get on that plane, do not walk under that balcony or do not stand under that crane. So when this balcony, plane or brick suddenly falls to the ground even the most confirmed materialists start to think: is it really true that the world is as simple and easy to understand as it may seem at first sight?

In the past few years the real breakthrough is happening in science. It is happening silently and without being noticed. Whole groups of scientists and materialists, those that have nothing to do with mystics, here and there come to conclusion that the picture of the universe is not just what we can perceive with our five organs of sense. It turns out that apart from having dense physical body every human (and actually any living and nonliving object) consists of thinner matter which is an energy-informational field. That is what usually people call Spirit.

Our city also has scientists that came to such sensational conclusion in modern material science. Experts of International Institute of Social Ecology agreed to tell our readers about the results of their work that they were conducting for quite a few years. This research touches on probably the most important and current issue for humanity – survival and security of a human in the modern world.

We are talking with the president of International Institute of Social Ecology - Vyacheslav Gubanov.

- From your point of view, why do you think different kinds of disasters happen?

- Often people become the reason behind the accidents and disasters without even knowing about it. Let’s take for example an accident on the Kirovsko-Vyborgskoi line of our metro. The reason behind such events is the following: people extended their activity at the place where energy informational environment is abnormal. People - the generation of materialists – for a long time did not take into account local influence of Nature on buildings. However, if a person created something at the abnormal point then this object is “dissolved” very quickly: it does not stay in the same state as it was intended by the human.

In the case of that metro station the Nature taught humans a lesson. If you are doing something and that activity influences natural processes, you should at least foresee the possible payback involved. No one foresaw the payback, humans just roughly intruded in the chronal processes of Earth crust in that particular place. The result is there.

- What is so abnormal about that zone?

- There is an ancient riverbed of Neva. The creation of structures of the consistent world at that place runs differently. In other worlds, the processes of decay flow differently.

- Faster?

- Much faster. Few seconds that passengers spend in that zone while riding a metro have no effect on them. However, structures created by hand at that place were decaying very fast. There is a movie about a modern ship that was in the similar abnormal zone and it began to rust very quickly.

- All of this actually sounds more like from a science fiction movie.

- It is known that science fiction is the means to present the truth. There is a science of physics that can describe these processes. We discovered how to control the gerontological processes in real life. We can turn time backwards in the individual field of a human. It makes makes the person younger without the use of chemical means, medicine, coding and without any external influence whatsoever. There is also a possibility of artificial aging. But people do it to themselves anyway. Many people look like they are 60 when they are just 38.

- Disasters as a rule are fatal and predetermined?

- Actually there is a concept of fatal predetermined disaster. But I will answer this using an analogy: if suddenly the situation changes quickly in front of the car that is moving, it is very hard to avoid the crash, however if the driver is good and is not sleeping, then he can do a lot of things to save himself, passengers and the car. That is why sometimes there is a chance to prevent accidents and disasters. We already know how to work with chronal (or karmic) bodies of any living or nonliving object. Chronal body is more commonly known as person’s soul, nevertheless it has material nature and separate physical parameters. This means that an expert who is able to work with chronal bodies can receive a signal about upcoming disaster or accident. He or she can check it using a number of sources, identify its validity and conduct actions to discharge intensified karmic junction in the given place or given structure. It can be a car or even an airplane…

- What is intensified karmic junction?

- The law of karma is the law of cause and effect connections, according to which a human after certain period of time receives the fruits of his or her actions. If a person acts incorrectly in a given situation then surrounding energy informational environment exerts the strong impact in return. When excess of the limit of the allowed load occurs, certain microscopical brain parts “lose their elasticity”. These brain parts control the state of the surrounding environment at a given point of time. This illustrates the mechanism of how the stress is formed. The “stressed” brain that was disconnected by few parameters from the surrounding world is trying to get back its fullness. To do this, it needs the excess energy which is now directed towards the surrounding environment and stressed parts of the brain. A person is able to bring the fullness of the brain only when he or she finds the right solution for the situation that brought to the stress. Incorrect solution hardens and stresses the brain even more and the person needs to work even harder to solve the task and find the solution to the problem. That is why subconscious mind of a human “pulls in” similar stress situations so the “homework” in the “school of life” can be completed. It can look as “the clouds are getting darker”. In these cases people can say: “the trouble is here, open the door”. From the stand point of people who believe in karma it is just a “karmic junction”. Repetition of more harsh stress situations have to make the person build the correct model of action so it can be used in further life. If the person is “stubborn in the heresy” towards the Nature, for example becomes aggressive or negative towards something – then as a result he or she is exterminated from the “school of life” and from life itself. This process is done through the transfer of quantity into quality: the amount of stressed brain zones eventually make the brain isolated from the contact with the surrounding world. That brain becomes alien to life itself.

- It turns out that if a human gets himself into an accident or disaster then it is predetermined? Or something is possible by accident?

- There are people that get there by accident. In any phenomenon there is a percentage of eggs that are broken, you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. But these types of accidents happen with people that do not follow the spiritual evolution. If a person is on the animal level of evolution, then actually for the environment he or she is not considered to be an intellectual subject. It does not matter if he or she is working and moving in the environment using the given template. If person’s mind is not turned on to the reaction of the surrounding reality then there is now way that he or she is an intellectual subject. These kind of people usually die in accidents, because all protective forces are generally eager to save the Mind. If you live together with your body in friendship, if you satisfy the needs of the body and it satisfies the needs of your Spirit then this symbiosis, which is called “Advanced Human”, does not get in that car or on that plane that is already meant to be destroyed. From many sources you can get the information that there were less people than usual on those means of transportation that crashed. People who still have the sense of the field do not get on that flight. It all can happen due to the line of “accidental” events. It is possible that people without any logical reason follow the sudden burning unmotivated urge to not fly or drive anywhere.

Prevision exists in real life, but people often do not understand it and do not listen to the signal that they receive.

- Many children die in accidents as well. How can this be explained?

- Any person in the process of life goes through the line of different stages. If a person was not able to go through one of the stages correctly then he or she goes through it with a big tilt and he or she can be recognized as a dangerous subject for evolution by the environment. This kind of person leaves the world and it does not matter if he is a child or an adult. Moreover, it is possible for children to be influenced by the karmic problems of the family. If one family accumulates a lot of karmic problems then the weakest one, which is usually a child, suffers.

- What if a person was in the accident and didn’t die? Should this be interpreted as a warning?

- If a person is distracted by something from realization of the goals of the spirit, then he or she often gets in the stress situation, it could be an accident or something else. It happens because due to the stress some parts of the brain are turned off. In this case all life forces of a person are directed to the parts that are left. These parts are needed by the Spirit to realize the goal. For example sometimes a person who gets himself in some kind of a trouble finds new abilities that are called extrasensory in life. When the goal of the Spirit is in the process of realization then these people often receive an opportunity of “amnesty”. The parts of the brain that were lost are restored. It happens if a person learned from the lesson of the past, realized where he or she was not correct in regards to the goals of the Spirit and decided that he will not do it again.

This is a natural way to make a person follow his or her path of realization of the Spirit’s goals. There is really no other way that Nature can do it. It can only do it through the beating. Beating defines the conscious.

- Let’s talk about the people who constantly encounter danger due to their line of work.

- It is possible to help them. We actually came out with a proposal to the management of the fire- departments to implement the procedure of restoration of field structures of staff. However, it was not approved since external injuries can be seen – the special costume protects firemen from the burns while alcoholism and temper inconsistency can be found in representatives of other professions. Nevertheless, we found out that firemen’s energy informational structures of higher levels are greatly influenced by inconsistency. They cannot be protected by just a costume when they directly work with the flame. The change is actually happens on the genetic level, this means that descendants are the ones to suffer.

Many people of what is considered to be a peaceful “profession” cannot even imagine how dangerous their work is. Let’s take for example the professions of a masseur or a hairdresser. All karmic troubles from a client can be acquired through hands and he or she will pass on them to the next client just like an infection. The same problems can be found in the work of dentists. They insert artificial teeth for people that often have karmic problems. Dentists usually do not disconnect themselves from their work using the energy informational techniques. As a result they get pain in their arms, impaired vision and other problems. On call doctors often can be influenced the same way. When they visit the sick, they usually do not follow proper safety instructions. They are the only ones who know how they feel after the visits to the sick at their homes.

- For society it is unusual to consider the profession of a doctor to be dangerous. Other line of work is usually considered to be dangerous – businessman profession for example…

- The situation with businessmen is vividly described in the article “Business and karma”, which was published in the first issue of “Stalking” magazine (it is also posted on our website As a result of our research we found out that karmic structures that belong to the staff of the companies that cheat people are injured very severely. The reason why they get injured is the massive negative opinion of people. People got cheated and it usually happens with older people, those who have a lot of negative charge from life. There is a reason for people to say that a stare of a child or an old person can carry a curse. People with enthusiasm and emotions direct all of the accumulated negative feelings toward the companies that have cheated them. People didn’t get their money back and because of this those who cheated them receive a karmic weight on their informational structures with a mark “Paid, return is impossible”.

These kinds of situations happen everywhere. They have an effect on health conditions and destiny not only on the CEO of the company, but also on members of the staff, their children and descendants.

- Let’s talk about the wave of crime and terrorism in the country. Does it also have something to do with the karmic problems?

- Absolutely! It is the time for karmic cleaning of the nation. The crime outburst and crashes of governmental structures are justified from karmic stand point.

- So you are saying that all of this should be perceived calmly and with dignity. There should be no crying as to: Why is it happening?

- There is a reason “why it is happening”. This is a logical outcome of the way we lived during the Soviet Union for the last 70 years: we didn’t have spirituality, which is usually provided by church. We lived in the situation when an individual obeyed the “pack” that was controlled by the idea to be a volunteer in every activity. Any sign of intelligence was annihilated. We lived and we blew up churches. Today it is possible to see what happened with those people who blew up churches, we can also see what happened with their descendants. They had the most horrifying injuries that are possible. In principle it is possible to remove them, there are techniques to do it. But it is possible to remove these injuries only when a person is ready to expiate the sins of its nation.

- Are you saying that in general people get themselves into the disasters and death through their own negative perception of the world, aggression and stressed brain? Can you offer a way out of this closed circle?

- We have learned to help people solve their problems. We preach the principle: the human brain is a connecting junction between manifested world and thinner levels of existence, it can solve any task in regards to life support of a body with only one condition. There has to be a freedom of chronal channel coordinates (in time) between the brain at given point of time and the matrix of healthy state of a body. The matrix of a healthy state of the body for us is the DNA molecule right after the ovule was impregnated. If the way is clear between these two points then the brain will be able to verify itself using the healthy matrix. The brain would know how it should react to the external influence and what should be done in the given situation. But the brains of many people are vary stressed, the channel of connection with the healthy matrix is blocked. This is the result of received hits to which the human reacted incorrectly. This is the reason behind the sicknesses, depression and subsequent failures. We help people to solve these problems by removing breaches of the communication in the channel. It turns out that we help people to find the freedom of mind. That’s it.

Actually, we are ready to give the basics of this knowledge to all people who desire it. We can give it to people who are materialists and to people who follow religious traditions. We are ready to give the methodological key to the understanding of what environment really is. We can also explain the different levels of matter existence and teach how to correctly act in any situation.

Among all other methods that are available for people to use right now, this one is the most effective. There is always another option. You can always choose death.

Interviewed by Larisa Bazarova President of the International Institute of Social Ecology V.V. Gubanov.