International Institute of Social Ecology

International Institute of Social Ecology (IISE) is the leading non-governmental academic institution of higher professional education that conducts scientific research and educational work in the fields of psychological ecology of human society taking into account newest conditions of the current stage in the development of human civilization.

Presient IISE - V.V. Gubanov

The following is included in the broad-spectrum of Institute’s activities:

  • Basic full time and distant learning in the field of social ecology.
  • Training of specialists psychoecologists of social processes.
  • Development of original informational processes.
  • Fundamental research, constant scientific research
  • Organization of conferences and seminars
  • Participation in social programs

We offer our creations to restore and to secure creative and business potential of human personality and to revive and develop gene pool of the world.

Our experience: 19 years of active scientific and practical work, 19 years of effective aid to representatives of different social origins: to regular people as well as to leaders of social and political life of the country, businessmen and governmental officials.

Method: Defining the controlling complex of the subconscious stresses and teaching effective techniques of self defense in different critical life situations. Techniques are developed individually depending on the level of personal and spiritual development of the person that got himself in hard situation. The main particularity is the delicate approach to psychoenergy processes of a person. The main life position criteria of personality is defined and based on the formation of main supporting techniques of self-aid.

The Ecological ways of work of our Institute are based on full independence of the consulted from the consultant after the end of mutual work.

Effectiveness: 60% of the refused cases by other specialists are successfully solved with the help of our techniques. We only fail in the cases of stiff world view, psychological parasitism and when it is already too late.

Cost: 10-20 minutes of self work a day throughout 1-4 months depending on the complexity of the case and ability to creatively use the ways and techniques of self-aid.

Education: full time – 2 years with major in PSYCHOECOLOGY. Distant – conceptual – 200 hours of concentrated video lectures of the topics that are offered in the category: Books and CDs

The institute conducts scientific-research work on regular basis.

Variety of activities of Institute’s specialists:


  • Ability to orientate in the informational streams and in the ways of presentation and consumption of information (this in modern informational society is a sign of emotional maturity and spiritual independence of personality at any age)
  • Definition of criteria for forming of value system of the personality at different life stages
  • Initiation and recovery of creative abilities of an individual
  • Correction of cause and effect relations in the events of personal life
  • Recovering Aura energy from the past
  • The most effective aid to people that went through most stressful situations
  • Elimination of stress (without medicine or coding)
  • Help in the cases of chronic deceases, in the cases of “unidentified” diagnosis and in other very hard cases

Consultant service in business:

  • Defining potential of cooperation and business partnership, business potency of personnel and specific staff individuals
  • Monitoring of key figures in the organization and emergency restoration to norm in person as well as at distance via phone request with no dependence on location at the moment
  • Harmonization of interpersonal relations in family and in the work groups.

The staff included specialists in noncontact systems of sea weapons, specialists in biomedical equipment, specialists in computer systems and technological processes as well as doctors and psychologists.

During the time of the Institute the following was developed:

  • Formation principles of new type of thinking “Intuitive intellect”
  • Unique methods of discovery and neutralization of active subconscious controlling stresses
  • The theory of multilevel correction of cause and effect relations of different events in human life was developed
  • Original evaluation method of business direction potential of a specific person was developed
  • The theory of Collective Mind formation was developed. It is a vital condition for effective life of a business group and successful realization of business processes (projects).