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First of all, we would like to recommend you to see the movie "What the bleep do we know: down the rabbit hole”, if you haven’t seen it yet. This movie can be the first great step on the journey to uncover the mysteries of our energy informational world. This film halps to connect what we know about science and spirituality. “What the Bleep do we know” presents many interesting theories and opinions on what we are as humans and why we are here.

what the bleep

Here, at the International Institute of Social Ecology (IISE, St. Petersburg, Russia), we base our theories on the 20 year-research and practice. Our work helped us to develop a new field in science called Infosomatics. We can help you acquire correct worldview for the 21st century and teach you energy informational techniques that you can use in your everyday life. Everyone is saying that you should “live in the now” and with the help of our techniques you can do it in practice.

Nowadays, it is hard to surprise anyone with information about human energy shell (Aura), energy centers (Chakras) or the effectiveness of Energy Healing. We believe that practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth. From our research we know that Aura and Chakras do exist. We also know that Energy healing is effective to a certain point and only if you follow the safety measures. We want to give you the map of our energy informational world and share our knowledge about purpose in life, the goals for each year of your life, how you can fix your Karma, protect yourself from energy vampires and many other areas of our expertise. This knowledge will help you live in harmony with the laws of Nature, stay healthy, successful in business and be happy in your personal life.

down the rabbit holePicture 1. Ponder-motor writting - a method of taking energy characteristics in each Chakra of a human. Learn more about our science - "Infosomatics".

We are all familiar with our physical shell or our body. You also probably heard that we all have energy shell or Aura. There are also other shells that exist on the higher planes of matter existence (emotional, intelelctual and programming shells). Each shell has its own purpose: physical shell protects us from harmful influences at the material plane and energy shell (or Aura) protects us on the energy plane (or astral plane). Our emotional shell is responsible for collecting flat parallel cosmic rays and directing them towards the crown of our head (or the crown Chakra). When we have positive emotions, the emotional shell becomes bigger (it can reach 5 kilometers in diameter; that is why people sometimes begin to talk about someone before this person actually appears, they subconsciously feel his or her emotional shell). So, the more positive we are, the bigger the emotional shell is; the bigger the emotional shell is – the more cosmic rays it can collect, the more cosmic rays we can receive - the more we can experience the world around us. That is why people with positive attitude and correct worldview are much more successful and happy than others (you can learn about programming shell from our online course). The following short video clip will tell you more about shells of a human:

Emotional shell of a human! What feeds our aura and energy
<iframe height="344" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/CeK2Y-ZS3DE" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" width="425"/>
On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

Elasticity of our energy shells is vital after 2012. There is a saying in the Eastern culture: “Loss of elasticity leads to death”. 2012 will be the test of how flexible our shells are. (here is the interview with Vyacheslav Gubanov, the president of IISE, on the topic of Noetic Science and how to survive after 2012"; another interestign article “New worldview for the new millennium” it was written back in 2001).

All of the human shells with time form so called mental body of a person or body of memory (it is like a trace behind an airplane). Mental body shows the state of our shells at any quant of time, from the point when we were born to the point of here and now. The mental body of a person is “the rabbit hole” that we go to every time we remember something. Here is how it looks:

what the bleep
what the bleepPicture 2. Mental body of a person (body of memory). One can also call it person's - Soul.

All the stress that we have experienced during our life can be seen on the surface of our mental body. Each bump and hole on the mental body shows the state of our shells at the given point of time. It is possible to tell if the person was in stress during a certain period and if he or she recovered from it. (we can teach you the techniques that will help you analyze your own mental body or mental body of another person).

what the bleepPicture 3. The human Soul - human body that exists on the mental plane in the 4th dimension.

Person's mental body (body of memory) records all the stress situations that have happened to a person during his or her life. There are techniques that can help us identify the time of stress and recover the energy that was lost in that stressful situation.

[[reiki8.jpg | center | what the bleep | Picture 4. Mental body that shows where the energy shells of a person changed their configuration. At certain periods of time the shells disappeared (shells were "eaten"). The only shell that remained was person's physical shell (areas of red color). Disappearance of the shell can be caused by the stress or when the person is in the area that is influenced by an energy vampire.

“Life-line” graph (the mental body graph shown in the picture) helps to identify the point in time when the person was in stress (the holes in the graph) and if this stress still has effect on that person. We can also teach how to use the techniques that will help to quickly recover from the stress situations in the present as well as eliminate the effects of the harmful stress in the past. It is important to eliminate the stress in the past to stop its influence and subconscious programming on the person’s present. We also teach correct worldview that will help you to follow the laws of Nature in the future.

what the bleepPicture 5. Real life example of a "life-line" graph (the body of memory/mental body). All the holes that go below zero into the negative area are subconscious controlling stresses (SCS) that the person experienced during his or her life. The graph shows that those holes still have effect on the person. There are definitions for every type of stress. Usually, when the influence of the stress situations is eliminated, the person's state of health is quickly recovered in the present

If you don’t eliminate the influence of the stress in the past, your body energy from the present will be “leaking” to the past to cover the “holes” of so called energy-informational debts. All the holes on our mental body are exams in life that we have failed, and we need to take care of them by taking those exams once again. Nature will make a person take the exams of life until he or she passes them and corrects the “life-line”. If someone just keeps on going in their life without passing the exams, eventually they get too many “holes” and can turn into an energy vampire. In many cases the energy that a person produces in the present is not enough to take care of the problems in the past. When it happens, the person’s subconscious mind begins to “suck” the energy from the people around him or her. This person might get sick (or even develop a serious disease) and it will be caused only by the fact that the energy from present is flowing into the past and the energy shell in present does not get enough energy to support the physical body in the healthy state.

Everything described above is just a small portion of the knowledge that we have about the energy informational world around us. Fish doesn’t know that it is in the water until someone pulls it out. Our world was thought to be flat at one point of history, after a while everyone agreed that our planet is round and that it is the center of the universe, now it is time to tell ourselves “What The Bleep Do We Know?” – and make a choice to either go further or stay within the old paradigm.

Vyacheslav Gubanov, President of IISE
(International Institute of Social Ecology).

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