Family constellations by Bert Hellinger.
Dangerous way to be possessed!

Personal development trainings, active sales trainings and seminars, NLP in different variations, techniques on copying behavior with intend to connect to another person, family constellations by Bert Hellinger – all of these methods are rather effective. All of them deliver safe results just one time out of a 100 or even less than that! One monkey with a grenade is much more dangerous in a place where there are a lot of people. Without the knowledge of what is really happening, the “trainers” cause severe harm to the health of participants of those trainings and clients that they consult (it happens almost in every case, and “trainers” don’t know and don’t say where you can get real help).

Family constellations by Bert Hellinger is nothing but a temporary state of being possessed or zombiefied. In the well known mystical (however it can be scientifically explained) sense.

There are cases when people (they are described in literature and there are movies about them) have a permanent state of being possessed and it can be seen by the state of their psyche. There are also cases when you can be temporarily possessed. It has serious consequences in the future. In the process of Hellinger family constellations the victim is being possessed by another personality.

Psychologists are like children! Some fields of human knowledge and science are very inertial. In the beginning of the 20th century - Jung, Freud and those of their ilk where very progressive, and people have to understand that after hundred years, the nature and the concept of personality have changed dramatically! Besides, there are other “initiatives and motives” that currently have top priority in the life of modern society. They lie beyond the physical and social interpersonal relationships. Humanity (or a certain part of it) evolved. The things that you could have “played” with before and received valuable experience from are now unsuitable procedures that can be harmful not only to a person’s health, but also to the life of a person in some cases. Everything was well until thousands of psychology major graduates began to widely conduct such dangerous practices as referring, deep hypnosis and other meditational practices. They got their hands on the fields that are beyond physical body or logical thinking.

Being the experts in bio-informatics we have already encountered similar cases in the 90s right after break up of the Soviet Union. We helped people to get out of twilight zones and treated psycho-energy injuries that they received in totalitarian sects and during the mass “healing” sessions that where aired on TV, conducted on stadiums and in other venues (palaces of culture). This horror (along with all the “healers”) came to an end and now we have what we have – it’s a new troubling horror.

Historical fact – esoteric ways of entertainment, spiritism and other similar types of practices were quite popular before revolution in 1917 among the circles of Russian elite in our capital. It was very popular and fashionable to own “glowing crystals”, it was considered very prestigious to put them in the living room or bedroom. No one really cared that they were usually made of uranium ore or similar radioactive materials. Today it is the same story: what I can’t see (radiation) doesn’t exist! Now, there are “experts” who in their genetic lines have four generations of atheists, they are full of joy and singing along while trying to get to the higher planes of matter existence. However, they are not thinking how to get back down to their own body and second of all, what will happen if they had to immediately return to the “dense world”. There is no guarantee that you will return to the “same body” after family constellations by Bert Hellinger.

You should always know the safety measures and procedures! Spiritual practices turn into the weapons of mass distraction in the consumer and commercialized society. It happens not only with the spiritual practices. Not that many people know about the consequences (on the thinner planes of matter existence) after the plastic surgeries. For example: breast implants completely block highest sections of woman’s emotional spheres. Woman’s emotions become tougher and hysteria can be provoked as the result of that same emotional hunger. The same happens with the plastic surgery on the face, which is the “mirror of the soul”. It becomes absolutely “dead” for an outside spectator after golden thread implants. You say the skin is more beautiful? Yes! However the face doesn’t work anymore… We, as social ecologists have to talk about it, but you will not hear it from the representatives of beauty industry – there is just too much money involved to be worrying about (unobvious) side effects. Karl Marks wrote: “There is no such crime that a capitalist would refuse to commit if the profit from the business is 300 or more percent”.

Let’s get back to the “family constellations”. It is fun, but it is very dangerous. First, a person in the process of the training meets his or her own high frequency problems from the past. However, the solution for these problems is offered on the lowest level, on the level of physiological feelings (in reality it happens on the astral plane). It is inevitable thing to happen for the one who got to the “energy channel of the gene line”. The person receives a mass of matured throughout time undischarged problems that came from genetic relatives that are alive or even from those who are already dead! Why would a person want to do it and agree to receive all of the problems in such a concentrated way?!

- No one really warns anyone about that!

The thing is that all of these “games” are recorded on the molecular level of body liquids and on the DNA level. It is known (thanks to the research of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto) that a word can charge water molecule. In the case of energy-informational interactions, the blood molecules can get charged from the activity of any operator first of all. You can look at blood as a prompt recording device for a multiprocessor system - “human body”.

By the way, that is why there is a natural way of female organism cleaning itself. Monthly periods are the release from the energy-informational waste of the organism and we all know that female body is intended for bearing a healthy child. “Right hemisphere”, high frequency women collect rather abundant harvest of negative programs. The more painful is the period, the higher level of energy-informational injuries we are talking about.

Let’s get back to the issue of connecting the body of a participant in the Bert Hellinger family constellation therapy process to the personality of a person that he or she does not really know. The body that is connected to the embodiment program of another personality begins to work for that program and the first thing that happens is the loss of life energy by the participant in the family constellations. If you are playing the role of a dead relative – the loss of energy is doubled! You can easily feel it by how your limbs get colder and you begin to feel sudden weakness. This is very common for those who take part in the spiritism practices: feeling the cold, hands are cramped (brains can be cramped for a long time as well), the candle is trembling…. These kinds of horrors can happen.

The more professionally the “connection” between the participant of the training and the absent person is made, the harder it is to disconnect afterwards. The truth is: you can’t actually disconnect without special techniques! The connection stays forever!!!

Human body is a great machine for consuming the energy of surrounding world and processing this energy into thin fractions, which are actually consumed by the structures that are present in the higher planes of matter existence. This includes embodiment structures as well (for more details watch our free DVD: "The hidden powers of your brain 2.0").

Those who understand nothing in the processes that they activate during the family constellation therapy and are acting just like the scientists who wanted to blow up 300 megaton hydrogen bomb in the Nova Zemlya, Russia. They were arguing if the whole reserve of hydrogen on Earth will be detonated due to the explosion of the bomb or not. They were very eager to find out. After the bomb exploded, nuclear synthesis lasted for 30 minutes and seismic wave went around the Earth 7 times! A lot of people were really worried at the command center, to say the least. After that test it was decided not to have any nuclear tests of bombs that are more than 300 megaton. They realized that a little bit more and there could be real Apocalypses!

So what is not taken into account during the hypnotic influences and any other trans techniques, including so called family constellations by Bert Hellinger? - The main thing that is not taken into account is the fact that the body of the participant in the family constellation is being possessed by another body. It happens through the synchronization (sympathy, compassion or mutual feelings) of personalities. After the body was possessed, people return to the normal state with great losses in the quality of their life or do not return at all! The ones who don’t really return become chronically “infected” with the alien personality. There is a chance for the same consequences that happen during blood transfusion. A person could get a type “B” hepatitis, which is caused by the change in the liver cells. Their polarity becomes “socially oriented”.

Bert Hellinger family constellation therapy – is the actual analogy in creating a connection that happens during sexual intercourse. The human energy shells (they are well described in our article "reiki healing dangers") get connected as powerfully as during sex. In this case however, it is a big pity, since the partners don’t even really see each other! The first law of interaction between the living systems has its effect, the law states: “The power of interaction between the receiver and the transmitter of the signal, does not depend on the distance between them but only depends on the level of their correspondence”. This is "the law of a long-range interaction"! This happens if the role of a living person is being played.

Picture 1. "The law of a long-range interaction".
(The first law of interaction between the living systems)

If you are offered to try on a role of a person who is already dead, then the second law of physics of interaction between the living systems has its effect: “The power of interaction between the receiver and the transmitter of the signal does not depend on the time between the moment of the signal’s launch and the moment the signal was received, it only depends on the level of correspondence between the receiver and the transmitter”. We call it “the law of memory”.

Picture 2. “The law of memory”. (The second law of interaction between the living systems).

That’s where all the miracles begin to happen: participants of the family constellations by Bert Hellinger begin to talk from the point of view of another person, begin to act crazy and so on and so forth. It all happens because at the moment of the session the body of the participant is fully controlled by the embodiment structure according to the vector that body is directed at. And it can be done in many different ways: through the trans technique, hypnosis, group therapy – there is not much of a difference. At the time of such connection, the brain of the body works according to the set program and by using its own resources.

Blood molecules get polarized. They form and anchor initiation of connection with an alien object. If you don’t disconnect using a certain technique then the personality which “visited” the given body now has an energy access to that body at any moment of time. The “guest” get’s the creative potential and the life energy of the “possessed” body.

If we are talking about it in terms of ontopsychology, then after the “family constellations” or a hypnosis session the activation or modification of already active so called “deflection monitor” takes place. The results could be as follows: the person wants to do something but nothing works out! There is either no motivation, or behavior does not correspond to the circumstances or suddenly a person takes step back when there is just a little bit left to reach the desired goal…

We have encountered similar cases with graduates of widely advertised business schools and trainings who while playing the game in the “learning” mode brilliantly solve managerial and administrative tasks, however when they are in the real world they show total inability to work in a team. They, for example, get their “gene of poverty” activated and the company that they manage inevitably collapses! This activation always happens when unprepared so called “professional”, the one who lost himself in the game, meets the real energy streams. His intuition gets turned off, and learned in the process of work “logic” just can’t catch up with the speed of a real life. What kind of weight and value do $800 000 (really) have? How do you transfer this amount into cars and yachts?... People can actually go crazy. When the body turns itself into the real energy-informational processes then the truth is turned on! Those people who still living the illusion become helpless.

I was a good computer expert in my time. I took part in really special inventions for Military Industry Complex of Soviet Union, that’s why I can tell you what is really happening here! As modern psycho-ecologists we were able to get real results only because we compared the human brain with a personal computer that can function in different physical environments. (See "Infosomatics"). It turns out that it is good to know that when you debug the software of the computer, the work of the main program stops until the subprogram finishes its work. It looks like this:

Picture 3. What is happening on family constellations by Bert Hellinger with the human personality..

It can be described as follows: after the work is done on the subprogram, the processor returns to the initial point, to the one in which the command to begin to debug the program began. It is understood that the time of work of the main program does not correspond to the time unfolding line.

In the cases when the body is being “possessed” on the mental body of a person (picture 4) (in the person’s past) the fragment of personal “inexistence” is formed since no one is planning to return the physiology to the point of initial connection with an alien personality after the session.

Picture 4. Change in the structure of the 4th dimensional (memory) body of a person after the intrusion of alien personality-body components according to family constellations by Bert Hellinger.

Moreover: what if the “personality” role that the participant of the training has to play is shifted to the past at least two generation down? Can you imagine the size of a downfall in such an “alien chronal” intrusion? This downfall/gap is formed in between the body in the manifested world at the current moment of time and the health genome, which is an initial configuration of the DNA cell that is present at the point of the conception? Hey, health where are you? – but there is no reply! By the way, the same happens with actors who don’t leave behind the roles and characters they play. There is a reason why some famous Russian actors would go to church right after they would play a role of a devil in a play or a movie. After that, they would go to the bar and drink as much alcohol as they could. This helped them activate natural processes of the body and wipe out the destructive programs that were received from playing the role. Moreover, if the same role is being played by a number of actors in different places and in different times, then their bodies of thinner planes get stuck or sewed together just like during group sex. There is also a chance for a negative influence of a program from a role that tragically ends according to the story or script.

For many great Russian actors it had a tragic outcome during their crisis years: Krasko died in 49 (the end of 49 year table/matrix), Abdulov and Papanov at the age 56, Vysozkiy and Joe Dassin at 42… When people who really lost “a part of their” life energy resources reach the crisis years they are not strong enough to make the quality jump to the next level. (For more details about human critical ages see webinar № 2 on our website. And read the following article "Do everything at the right time!" ). We have talked about it for a long time and in great detail: “Guys, please after you plaid a role, you should also remember about your beloved self!”.

You should not leave alien programming modules on yourself. If there are too many of them then the law of Dialectic Materialism goes into action: the change of quantity into quality!

For example – Vladislav Galkin (famous Russian actor) “burned out” even before his crisis year.

The level of brain washing can vary. Trainings for active sales are not that much different from the “course for young rapists” (if there is such a course). The only difference is that the wallet and the brain of a person is being raped and not his or her body. The consequences don’t make you wait for a long time. The rapist-salesperson either gets an injury which is caused by the betrayal of the embodiment goals of the own Spirit or in other more common cases “experienced manipulator” receives an energy informational slap on the face from a prospective buyer, who in principle does not appreciate when he or she is being raped in their wallet. The outcomes are antritis, eyesight problems, accidents … Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Personality of a person has to be integral. Sometimes we have to recover people’s state using different ways.

We are saying that Bert Hellinger family constellations are a good way to show people what they are capable of. But you should not present it to people as the next panacea in solving all the relationship problems. Some just want to find the source of own fears this way, some want to solve problems in interpersonal relationships, others are just curious to do it. You have to pay a price for any pleasure. There is nothing free in this world. However those who are taking part in these trainings usually don’t’ know the true price.

On the other hand everyone says that you should not gamble or play with “thimble- riggers” in the marketplace – you will not be able to win. But there are always those who think that they are better than that and they can beat the system. There is a rule for a serious explorer and researcher: “If you don’t know the rules of the game, you should not play!” Two decades of research in the field of energy-informatics give me the right to say how dangerous too live these kinds of “games” can be. They also could be very dangerous for person’s career and ability to creatively work. You should understand the nature of certain events and phenomena in which you want to get yourself into at least a little bit. To understand something you have to at least be interested in it.

President of the International Institute of Social Ecology, Vyacheslav Gubanov

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