Who I Was in My Past Life. Test 2.0. Remember everything!

This article will focus primarily on the physics of reincarnation processes and innovative research in the field of past lives - previous incarnations of a person.

Because only by understanding what a person's past life is, where the information about it is stored, and how it is read by the human brain from the current (present) incarnation, can one really answer the question "who you were in your past life".

So now you have 2 options.

Option #1: For those who need to quickly, over a cup of coffee, find out who I was in my past life, you can take a test by date of birth or use special tables of past lives.

With these tables and online tests, you will quickly be able to find out a lot of "sacred" truths and "great" secrets from your past lives about yourself.

  • You were Julius Caesar
  • And you - Joan of Arc
  • And you - a famous writer in medieval France
  • And you - a hare in the tundra
  • And you - a baobab
  • And with this date of birth - no more and no less - a great knight who lived from 1587 - 1639 and died in battle.

Unfortunately, we will not offer you such a test in this article on who I was in my past life by date of birth or by a special table, hope for already understandable reasons to you. So if you really want to take the test on who you were in your past life for free by date of birth :)) - you will have to look for another site that will gladly provide its automatic calculation service for your secrets from previous incarnations :))

Option #2: Set aside some of your time, turn on your head in "sober thinking" mode and read this article to the end. We will try to share with you in this article our developments regarding past lives of a person in the most understandable and accessible way and help you understand who you were in your past life, as well as answer the question is there life after death from the point of view of modern physics.

So. First, let's get you a little acquainted with the physics of human reincarnation and what a person represents as an energy-informational object within the framework of research in the new scientific field of "Infosomatics".

Pay attention to the diagram!

who I was in my past life test Fig. 1. Energy-informational structure of a person (Physical body, Soul, Spirit).
Graphic answer to the question "who I was in my past life" and
where information about the previous incarnation of a person is recorded

Note that behind the human physical body as it moves in the space-time continuum, a trail remains - the body of memory. Like the trail in the sky from a passing airplane. This 4th dimension memory body in various esoteric and religious sources is also called the Soul of man. As you can see, this is not something abstract! This is a real physical entity, a subtle material body with an energy-informational nature.

The human Soul is the body of memory of the current incarnation, having a starting point at the moment of human birth and a dynamic end point - at the moment of «I am here and now»

In this body of memory, like on the hard disk of a computer (HDD), all the events of a person's life are recorded from the moment of birth to the present time. And this is the very tunnel that the center of human consciousness passes through at the moment of death (or clinical death). Remember about the light at the end of the tunnel?!

Fig. 2. Light at the end of the tunnel in the process of human death (death = "dimension change")

Well, is it becoming clearer? We hope so!

Now let's go back to the question of the previous incarnation and how to find out who I was in my past life.

The previous incarnation of a person is the same 4th dimensional body of memory, storing records of events and experiences of a person's past life.

As you can see, there may be several previous incarnations (past lives). They form a spiral, twisting into a spherical body of the next order of dimensionality - the Causal body - the human Spirit. See Fig. 1.

Thus, you see that the Spirit is also not some abstract concept of esotericism and religion, but a real object of the subtle plane of stable existence of matter with its own physical laws.

The maturity of the human Spirit is determined by the number of previous incarnations that make it up. There are young Spirits, in whose structure there are only a few incarnations lived and the total amount of experience gained by such a Spirit is, accordingly, small.

There are mature Spirits, which may already consist of 12-14 past lives - incarnations.

Fig. 3. Multilayer structure of the human Spirit. The maturity of the Spirit is determined by the number of previous incarnations in its structure

So, trying to figure out who I was (I was) in my past life, first determine - in exactly which of the past lives? :))

Also, in accordance with the research of Infosomatics, it was revealed that the gender (male/female) during the transition from incarnation to incarnation changes in order for the Spirit to receive a multipolar experience in the physical world.

Therefore, your previous incarnation, past life, could take place in the physical body of the opposite sex.

It turned out that this often affects the manifestation and severity of male and female qualities in the character (psychotype) of the personality in the current incarnation. "Masculine women", "feminine men", as well as deviations in sexual orientation are very often the consequences of certain problems in the previous incarnation.

Fig. 4. "Greetings" from the previous male incarnation, manifested on the female body in the current incarnation

But we will write about this in detail in one of our next articles.

So. After a short introduction to the energy-informatics of a person, let's answer the main question: "how to find out who you were in your past life".

How to find out who I was in my past life. Curiosity test!

And here comes the most important test for you.

Answer right now for yourself a very simple question: WHY?

Curiosity test vs necessity:

Why do you need to know who you were in your past life? Out of curiosity or out of necessity?

Think about why and for what purpose nature provides by default the closure of access to the experiences of previous incarnations (past lives)?

In confirmation of this, you can once again look at Fig. 1 above and pay attention to a special area of "overlap" between the two incarnations: the past and the present.

Yes, there are certain energy-informational technologies that make it possible to overcome this protective natural barrier and gain access to the experience of past life and even several lives in a chain of incarnations.

BUT! What will you do with the experience gained, with the onslaught of memories, feelings and unresolved problems from past incarnations, access to which will become open for your brain from the current reality?

Yes, it may seem to many that it's Cool to find out who you were in your past life!

And it is pleasing that for such curious people, numerous online tests and tables have been created that allow them to find out who I was in my past life by date of birth and calm down from further excavations in this direction.

Such online tests and tables of past lives are safe entertainment! But no more than that. And it is very good that they exist on the expanses of the Internet to divert the eyes of the curious crowd, ready to storm the walls of the natural fortress - the outpost of access to past lives.

Because "poking around" in previous incarnations out of curiosity is dangerous!

Why - will become clear below.

Who you were in your past life?! Or be responsible for gossip!

As we said above, there really exist special techniques that make it possible to pass through the protective barrier and move the center of human consciousness (like the pickup head of a record player) from the current reality into the memories of the past life. These techniques are called "past life regression".

The result of applying these techniques is the most complete immersion of a person in all the sensations and experiences of his past life or even a series of past lives in all colors, details and images. As an additional bonus, a person also gets an experience at the level of sensations of the answer to the question what will happen after death.

But the problem is that the road there remains open forever from now on! Even after the return of the center of consciousness of this person to reality, to the point "here and now".

Now he knows the route and can spontaneously move there.

Moreover, it may seem to someone that access to the experience of their past lives can make someone cooler, stronger, richer, more powerful, happier...

Our response as experts is: both yes and no at the same time! Since, along with access to the positive from past lives, one can get pleasant bonus access to such Augean stables with the smell of millennia of the past, that it may simply not be enough strength for a person who wanted to break the lock on Pandora's box, which Nature carefully hung there protect. And the broken door to the past incarnation can not always be closed under the pressure of the manure flowing out of there: unresolved problems, experiences, mistakes and other negative experiences of past lives.

Fig. 5. Possible "smell" of the distant past from previous incarnations

The rule:

Before seeking an answer to the question who you were in your past life, think about whether you are ready to receive a truthful answer to it and what you will do with this truth?

Next, let's look at the legal methods of accessing your past lives. Without hacking and with the support of "Higher authorities".

Who I was in my past life. Test for the right of legal access to memories

The test is very simple: it must be necessary, and not just curious.

Let's explain: there is a certain range of problems (health, interpersonal relationships, business, personal psychological problems) that a person may encounter in the current incarnation, but the roots of these problems can go back to the previous incarnations, past lives of this person . This can be diagnosed using Inforsomatics techniques (we will tell you more about this in another article).

Fig. 6. Example of taking a person's life line graph in the current incarnation with the discovery of stress at the age of 12 using the methods of [[infosomatics | Inforsomatics


If there are such problems coming from previous incarnations in the energy-informational structure of a person that affect the present (current) incarnation of a person, then standard methods of psychological and medical assistance, as a rule, may be ineffective for him, since these types assistance will work only with the consequence of problems in the current incarnation, while the causes of problems must be eliminated directly in the previous incarnation, past lives.

If access to the previous incarnation is caused by the need to eliminate some kind of problem from the past life that influences the present (current) incarnation of a person, only in this case can access to these memories be provided legally!

But it is also very important here to observe safety precautions! Therefore, such work is usually not done by the person alone, but necessarily with the participation of a specialist, in order to provide competent and safe entry of a person into work with his past and correct exit from it - the return of the center of consciousness to the present.

How to find out who you were in your past life by date of birth! Astrology and numerology. Special test and calculation tools

Indeed, by a person's date of birth in the present incarnation, one can also find out something about his past life. For this you need an accurate date, time and place of birth of a person.

After that, an astrological chart is constructed, in which, at certain points and houses of the horoscope, one can find out with what task a person came to this incarnation. And also, what qualities were developed and what he aspired to in his past life. Since the tasks of the current incarnation are usually closely related to the experience and goals that were before the person in his past life.

Everything is interconnected and this can really be calculated! But no more than that.

Who I was in my past life by date of birth Fig. 7. Who I was in my past life by date of birth. An example of a detailed calculation of life goals and objectives using Astrology and Pythagoras' square

But it is impossible to directly find out who you were in your past life either with the help of astrology or with the help of numerology!!!

With the help of these tools and special tables on the date of birth it is possible to trace only certain tasks of life and personality qualities in the past and current incarnation, as well as get an answer to the question about your purpose in the present incarnation and "predetermined" life goals!

But to find out who you were, what you looked like, where and when you lived in your past life, even with the help of such high-precision tools for astrological and numerological calculation by date of birth - is impossible!

What can we say about all sorts of online past life tests and tables on the Internet...

Remembering your past life. How it really happens in practice

In conclusion, we want to share with you our experience in working with past incarnations and tell you how it happens in practice.

In practical work with stresses in previous incarnations, as a rule, there is no need to immerse a person completely in the memory of his entire past life or a series of past lives, to establish in detail who he was and what he looked like.

As a rule, after a special tuning procedure of his brain, a person recalls precisely that stressful episode or event that occurred in one of his past lives, which were incorrectly closed (solved) and now affect the present incarnation of this person, causing problems of an internal psychological nature for this person , distortions in a person's system of thinking, energy, personality structure, etc., which in turn entail health, business and interpersonal relationships in this person's life now.

It turned out to be necessary and sufficient to help a person tune in, find, and then rewrite the problem of his distant past in one of the problematic incarnations, as his present begins to change for the better desired positive side.

But, as we said above, the "campaign" to the previous incarnation should be on business, and not out of idle curiosity!

This is not a protracted meditation with a detailed examination of faces from the distant past or specks of dust on sabers from a distant reality.

This is clear professional work to eliminate stress in one specific color frame on a long black film strip of past ignorance. This frame is highlighted by Higher Powers and gives short-term administrator access to it so that it is possible to overwrite, reformulate its content, eliminate the error of perceiving a specific space-time segment in the distant life experience of a person.

Fig. 8. "Filmstrip" of past lives (previous incarnations)

After the error is corrected, the frame turns colorless again and access to this fragment of Pandora's box is closed. But by this moment, all the necessary changes have already been added to the current incarnation of the person and installed (installed) into his new reality, Reality 2.0 - with the corrected error that could be copied from incarnation to incarnation in the distant past until it was solved in the present .

This is how it happens in reality in practice, taking into account compliance with safety regulations!


In the search for an answer to the question "who I was in my past life" one should not be guided solely by curiosity.

After all, nature does not accidentally turn over and temporarily seal the pages of past lives for a while, allowing a person to write the story of his new incarnation on a clean white sheet.

Just write this story beautifully, enjoying every moment and bright colors that the Sun gives us in the current incarnation.

Do not strive ahead of time to turn a couple of pages back in your Book of Life and read those stories that you wrote there earlier. Better focus on the new story that you just started writing a few decades ago and continue to write right now.

Everything has its time. And when it comes, Nature itself will remove the protective seals from your Book of Life, and you will be amazed at how interconnected all the chapters are in it, which you always started writing from a "white" sheet! :))

See you on the pages of your Book of Life :))

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