Reincarnation - transmigration of souls - rebirth. What is it?! Detailed answer

Briefly, the following definition can be given to the concept of reincarnation:


Reincarnation is the physical process of the transmigration of the soul into another body after death.
Or in other words: reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul.

But here the natural question immediately arises: what is the Soul and why does it need this process of reincarnation.

So let's figure it out all these issues in this article.

So, pay attention to Fig. 1 below. Let's start right away with the main definitions. In order to quickly and visually understand how a Person is arranged on the subtle planes of the existence of matter, what is the physics of the reincarnation of the soul, that is, the transmigration, rebirth of the soul.

What is reincarnation, transmigration, rebirth of the soul Fig. 1. Graphic structure of reincarnation - transmigration, rebirth of the soul

In this drawing, you see the physical body of a person with 3 orbitals of brain activity (biological, social and spiritual), behind which a kind of "sausage" is "pulled" - the energy-informational trail called the body of human memory. This subtly material structure - the body of memory - like a database stores detailed information about all the events that took place in the life of this person in the present (current) incarnation from the point of birth to the moment of "I am here and now" - the moment in which the physical body of man is located in space- time continuum.

This body of memory is precisely the human Soul. It also has another name: the mental body.


Thus, the body of memory = mental body = human Soul are synonyms.
The structure of the human soul Fig. 2. The structure of the human mental body (Soul) involved in the processes of reincarnation

So, trying to figure out the question of what reincarnation is and how the rebirth (transmigration) of the soul occurs, we first found out what the human Soul is, and at the same time gave an affirmative answer to the question is there life after death.

Let's go on...

Reincarnation is the rebirth of the Spirit, not the Soul!

To understand what this is about, let's look again at Fig. 1.

As we have already found out, the Soul is an energy-informational object that represents the body of memory of the current incarnation of a person from the point of birth to the present moment.

But, taking as a given the existence of previous incarnations in humans, one can also speak of the Soul (that is, the body of memory) of the previous incarnation.

From drawing 1 we also see that the whole sequence of incarnate bodies of a person (memory bodies of previous incarnations) is wound up in a spiral into an object of spherical shape belonging already to the next plane of stable existence of matter - Causal (see Fig. 3).

This spherical object is precisely the Spirit of human.

Thus, it turns out that the Spirit of human is a subtly material object consisting of the Souls (memory bodies) of incarnations.

Therefore, reincarnation is the rebirth not of the Soul, but of the Spirit, since the Spirit is a structure that exists outside of time, while the Soul is a structure that has its own lifetime, measured by the duration of a particular incarnation.

So, once again: the rebirth of the soul or the transmigration of the soul after death into another body are not quite correct concepts from the point of view of the physics of reincarnation processes. Correct: rebirth (transmigration) of the Spirit.

Stable planes of existence of matter Fig. 3. Stable planes of existence of matter, in accordance with which the reincarnation of the soul takes place during reincarnation

Reincarnation. Laws of physics

  1. During reincarnation, that is, during the rebirth of the Spirit from one physical body to another, there is usually a change of sex. That is, if in this incarnation the Soul goes through the experience in a female body, then in the previous incarnation the Soul most likely gained experience in a male body and vice versa. Alternation of sex is necessary for the polar and balanced set of experience by the Spirit (see fig. 1). Therefore, if you are interested in answering the question who I was in my past life, you should start by realizing this fundamental law of alternation of sex in the cycle of reincarnations.
  2. If the previous incarnation (more precisely, the soul of the previous incarnation) in the process of reincarnation was closed incorrectly or incompletely, this can lead to "greetings from the past": split personality, as well as excessive manifestation of male qualities on the female body in the current incarnation (the same applies to excessive manifestation female qualities in the male body and personality of the current incarnation)\
  3. The rebirth (reincarnation) of the Spirit occurs, as a rule, according to the law of increasing vitality. That is, the reverse transition from human to animal or insect during subsequent reincarnations no longer occurs! And the transition from animal forms of life to human in the course of the development and reincarnation of the Spirit is a natural phenomenon.

Reincarnation in life. What is it! Calculation for the new date of birth

In special cases, when the task of a particular Soul in the current incarnation from the point of view of the Spirit has already been completed, but there is no need to change the biological carrier (physical body), a reincarnation procedure (relocation) of a new soul with new tasks to this physical body can be performed. Such phenomena of reincarnation of the soul without changing the biological carrier can be accompanied by processes of clinical death, or by some serious life-changing events, after which a person begins to feel completely different, with changed views of the world, with different habits and goals in life.

As an example of such a reincarnation, transmigration of the soul during life, a story was recently shown on television about an American who spent three months in a coma, and when he woke up, he turned out to be a Swede - there was a complete replacement of personality, memory, knowledge and skills, including native language.

In such situations, if you take the date of what happened to a person as a new starting point, as a new date of his birth and build an astrological chart for this date, or use numerological analysis of reincarnation by date of birth, you can find out a lot of interesting things regarding the new tasks that will face the new soul in the same physical body.

Reincarnation by date of birthFig. 4. Reincarnation by new date of birth. Astrological and numerological analysis

Actors and transmigration of souls. Reincarnations live

The process of temporary transmigration of souls into another body can be seen firsthand in actors. Here it is necessary to distinguish 2 types of roles into which reincarnation can take place:

  • fictional characters (heroes of stories, books)
  • real characters (people who lived before or are living now)

As such a temporary transmigration of the soul into another body can be said when an actor plays the role of some real character. In the process of tuning in to the role, the actor needs to study in detail the character, behavior and image of the person into whom his reincarnation will take place. The actor needs to synchronize, imbue with the image of the chosen character, start thinking, hearing, seeing and feeling life in the same way as his hero (heroine). This is how the tuning to the Soul of another person and synchronization with it takes place.

After that, the actor needs to "turn off" (weaken) his own Personality and let the Role into this space, that is, another Soul, transferring the rights to use his physical body to it for a while. After the thus performed temporary transmigration of another soul into the actor's body, it can be placed in the scenario conditions in which this character has to live and interact with other people. And the less the actor's Personality manifests itself in his character, the more complete the temporary transmigration (reincarnation) of someone else's soul into the actor's body, the more we want to say: "I believe", - watching the resurrected Soul of another person (if the actor made a reincarnation into some personality from the past) or clone (fragmented Soul) of some personality from the present through the actor.

Acting skill rule:

A good actor does not play a role, but allows the role to play himself.
Transmigration of souls Fig. 5. Reincarnation into a role as a process of temporary transmigration of souls

Very often such temporary invitations of other people's souls into their bodies (transmigrations of souls by invitation) that occur during multiple reincarnations of an actor into various roles lead to serious consequences for the health and fate of the actor himself as a Human. This can be seen by reading the life stories of famous artists who played roles of some difficult and tragic characters in our history during their artistic career.

Historical reference:

In the recent past, the Church even forbade burying actors in a common cemetery, considering their souls to be "corrupted."

Also, when an actor tunes in to the role of some fictional character (hero of some story, narrative, book), he creates a kind of "virtual" Soul template into which his reincarnation then takes place. But there is also a danger here: if this character (for example, the protagonist of a famous novel) has already been played by other actors several times, then this "virtual" Soul of the protagonist already exists in the general energy-informational space and, without even being the soul of a real person with a real life story, it has no less influence on the fate of the actor who tunes in to it and allows temporary transmigration of this soul into his body, since this "virtual" Soul is created and powered by the energy of other actors who previously played this role, as well as by the attention and emotions of viewers who empathized with this role. Therefore, such strong "virtual" characters also often leave their mark on the fate, personality and health of the actor, just like the roles of real people from the past or present.

The influence of roles played on the Personality and fate of actors Fig. 6. The influence of roles played on the Personality and fate of actors

In this regard, special attention in the acting environment has to be paid not only to high-quality reincarnation into a role (temporary transmigration of the soul into another body), but also to technologies for high-quality exit from the role - reincarnation back into one's body and into one's Personality.

We will consider this topic in more detail in one of our next articles.

Short-term reincarnation. Transmigration of souls as temporary obsession

This type of reincarnation can be observed and even try on yourself in the process of training on Bert Hellinger's family systemic constellations. This happens as follows: when dealing with a life situation of one of the training participants (object A), some of the other training participants become actors, taking on the roles of "father", "mother", " child", "brother", "ex-husband", "wife", etc. of the person whose problem is now being analyzed and modeled (object A). The most interesting thing is that when such so-called "transfer-projection" to selected training participants of object A's family roles, they begin to model them quite accurately, displaying similar character traits and types of behavior. What is happening is nothing more than a temporary obsession (infection) of selected "actors" with foreign behavioral matrices. That is, it can be said that in this case there is also a temporary transplantation (sublease) of souls into the bodies of the "actors"-training participants. How environmentally friendly this is and what consequences it leads to is discussed in a separate article, but the fact of partial transplantation (reincarnation) of the soul is also observed here.

Fig. 7. The impact of temporary obsession (short-term zombie reincarnation) on the structure of the 4th dimensional body of memory (human Soul)

The impact of genetic clan karmic programs during the reincarnation of the soul

Considering the issues of reincarnation, it is also necessary to take into account that the reincarnation of the soul occurs in a physical body that is "generated" by the genetics of the father and mother. Thus, the karmic tasks of the Spirit incarnating into this physical body are also connected with the karmic tasks of the Clan that gave birth to this physical body. That is, in the current incarnation, the center of human consciousness usually tracks 3 types of tasks (problems):

  • karmic tasks set by the Spirit for processing in the current incarnation
  • personal "selfish" tasks
  • karmic debts (encumbrances) that went along the genetic line
Translation of ancestral karmic problems during reincarnation of the soulFig. 8. Translation of ancestral karmic problems during reincarnation of the soul

Reincarnation. What is the meaning of reincarnations. How to get out of the Samsara circle

Samsara is the cycle of reincarnations of the Spirit in various physical bodies (objects) in accordance with the law of karma - the law of causal relationships.

Our physical world can be viewed as a "school" in which young, immature Spirits enter for upbringing, who are "born" by subtly material objects of higher orders of dimension - Parents.

In this context, the reincarnations of the Spirit can be compared with transitions from one grade to another - with a diary and grades received in previous incarnations - the law of karma.

Fig. 9. Reincarnations. Exit from the Samsara circle, Karma laws by analogy with a school diary

There are Spirits-students who have to be left for the 2nd year in the same grade several times until they master some important experience and pass all tests. Such a Spirit may have a lot of incarnations in its structure, but quantity does not mean quality: if one Spirit "Michael" may need one incarnation to assimilate the experience of tolerance and stop taking shovels and cars from children in a common sandbox in which they all play together, then another Spirit "John" may need as many as 10 incarnations to realize this "simple" experience and harmonize their desires with the laws of the Universe.

Moreover, it is quite possible that this Kolya will change his consciousness only when in one of the incarnations the laws of karma will bring him together in a common sandbox with other same Kolas-students who will all together start taking the shovel away from him!

Fig. 10. Spirit-excellents and Spirit-students

There are Spirits-excellents who learn quickly, gain the necessary experience, pass final exams and... and leave the Samsara circle.

There are Spirits-wunderkinds who understand the deep meaning of physical existence in just a couple of incarnations, quickly get excellent marks for all credits and voluntarily leave the circle of physical reincarnations.

And what is beyond the Samsara circle?

  • Institute
  • Service in the Heavenly Chancellery
  • Parenthood
  • Curatorship
  • Ministry
  • ...

In general, what is below is also above!


So, in this article we gave basic definitions of the concepts of reincarnation, rebirth and transmigration of souls, considering them from a physical point of view in the context of the energy-informational structure of a person, and also took a little peek behind the scenes of the Samsara circle.

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