Is There Life After Death?! Facts and Evidence

The answer to the question "Is there life after death?" is given or tried to be given by all major world religions. And if for our distant and not so distant ancestors, life after death seemed like a metaphor for something beautiful or, on the contrary, terrible, then it is quite difficult for a modern person to believe in the Heavens or Hell described in religious texts. People have become too educated, but not to say wise, when it comes to the last line before the unknown. Modern scientists also have an opinion on the forms of life after death. Vyacheslav Gubanov - Rector of the International Institute of Social Ecology - talks about whether there is life after death and what it is like. So, life after death - facts.

is there life after death

- Before raising the question of whether there is life after death, it is worth figuring out the terminology. What is death? And what kind of life after death can there be in principle if the person himself no longer exists?

- It is still an unresolved issue when exactly, at what point a person dies - in medicine, the statement of the fact of death is the stopping of the heart and lack of breathing. This is the death of the body. But it happens that the heart does not beat - a person is in a coma, and blood pumping is carried out due to a wave of muscle contraction throughout the body.

Fig. 1. Statement of the fact of death according to medical indicators (heart stop and lack of breathing)

Now let's look at it from the other side: in Southeast Asia there are mummified monks whose hair and nails grow, that is, fragments of their physical bodies are alive! May there be something else alive in them that cannot be seen with the eyes and measured with medical (very primitive and inaccurate from the point of view of modern knowledge about the physics of the body) devices? If we talk about the characteristics of the energy-informational field that can be measured near such bodies, they are generally anomalous and exceed the norm for an ordinary living person many times over. This is nothing more than a communication channel with the subtle material reality. This is exactly the purpose for which such facilities are located in monasteries. Despite the very high humidity and high temperature, the bodies of monks are mummified under natural conditions. Microbes do not live in a high-frequency body! The body does not decay! That is, here we can see a clear example that life after death continues!

Fig. 2. "Living" mummy of a monk in Southeast Asia.
Communication channel with the subtle material reality after the clinical fact of death

Another example: in India there is a tradition of burning the bodies of dead people. But there are unique cases, as a rule, people very advanced in the spiritual plane, whose bodies after death do not burn at all. Other physical laws apply to them! Is there life after death in this case? What evidence can be accepted and what can be attributed to unexplained mysteries? Doctors do not understand how the physical body lives after the official recognition of its death. But from the point of view of physics, life after death is facts based on natural laws.

- If we talk about subtle material laws, that is, laws that consider not only the life and death of the physical body, but also the so-called bodies of subtle dimensions, in the question "is there life after death" it is still necessary to adopt some initial reference point! The question is what?

- Such an initial reference point should be recognized as the physical death itself, that is, the death of the physical body, the cessation of physiological functions. Of course, physical death, as well as life after death, is feared and for most people stories about life after death act as a consolation, giving the opportunity to slightly weaken the natural fear - the fear of death. But today, interest in the issues of life after death and evidence of its existence has reached a new qualitative level! Everyone is interested in whether there is life after death, everyone wants to hear evidence from specialists and eyewitness accounts...

- Why?**

- The fact is that one should not forget about at least four generations of "atheists" who have been drummed into their heads since childhood that physical death is the end of everything, there is no life after death, and beyond the grave there is absolutely no-thing! That is, from generation to generation, people asked the same eternal question: "Is there life after death?" And they received a "scientific", well-grounded answer from materialists: "No!" This is stored at the level of genetic memory. And there is nothing more terrible than the unknown.

Fig. 3. Generations of "atheists". The fear of death as the fear of the unknown!

We are also materialists. But we know the laws and metrology of the subtle planes of the existence of matter. We can measure, classify and determine the physical processes that take place according to laws that differ from the laws of the dense world of material objects. The answer to the question "Is there life after death?" lies outside the material world and the school physics course. This is also where one should look for evidence of life after death.

life after death Fig. 4. Life after death. The physics of subtle planes of existence of matter
explaining what will be beyond the line of death (that is, dimension change). [[/bonus2/ | More →


Today, the amount of knowledge about the dense world is turning into an interest in the profound laws of nature. And this is correct. Because by formulating one's attitude to such a difficult question as life after death, a person begins to look soberly at all other issues. both human and social. In the East, where various philosophical and religious concepts have been developing for more than 4,000 years, the question of whether there is life after death is fundamental. In parallel with it there is another question: who you were in your past life. It is a person's personal opinion about the inevitable death of the body, a certain way of formulating the "world view" that allows one to move on to studying deep philosophical concepts and scientific disciplines concerning both man and society.

- Does accepting the fact of life after death, evidence of the existence of other forms of life - liberate? And if so, from what?

- A person who has understood and accepted the fact of the existence of life before, in parallel and after the life of the physical body, gains a new quality of personal freedom! I, as a person, who personally went through the need to realize the inevitable end three times, can confirm this: yes, such a quality of freedom cannot be fundamentally achieved by other means! There is great interest in the issues of life after death, also caused by the fact that everyone has gone (or not gone) through the procedure of the "end of the world" announced at the end of 2012. People - for the most part unconsciously - feel that the end of the world did take place after all, and now they live in a completely new physical reality. That is, they received, but have not yet psychologically realized, evidence of life after death in the former physical reality! In that planetary energy-informational reality that took place before December 2012, they died! So, what life after death is can be seen right now! :)) This is a simple comparison method available to sensitive, intuitive people. On the eve of the quantum leap in December 2012, up to 47,000 people visited the website of our institute every day with one question: "What will happen after this" amazing "episode in the life of earthlings? And is there life after death? :)) And this is what literally happened: the old living conditions on Earth died! They died from November 14, 2012 to February 14, 2013. The changes took place not in the physical (dense-material) world, where, on the contrary, everyone was waiting and afraid of these changes, but in the subtle-material world - energy-informational. This world has changed, the dimension and polarization of the surrounding energy-informational space has changed. For some this is fundamentally important, while others did not notice the changes at all. Well, human Nature is also different: someone is hypersensitive, and someone is super material (grounded).

Fig. 5. Is there life after death? Now, after the end of the world in 2012, you can answer this question yourself :))

- Does life after death exist for everyone without exception or are there options?

- Let's talk about the subtle material structure of the phenomenon called "Human". The visible physical shell and even the ability to think, reason, which many people limit the concept of being - these are only the lower part of the iceberg. So, death is a "change of dimensionality", the physical reality where the human consciousness center carries out its activities. Life after the death of the physical shell is ANOTHER form of life!

what is death Fig. 6. Death is a "change of dimensionality" of the physical reality where the human consciousness center carries out its activities

I belong to the category of the most enlightened people on these issues, both in terms of theory and practice, since I almost daily have to deal with various issues of life, death and information from previous incarnations of different people seeking help in the course of my consulting activities. Therefore, I can authoritatively say that death happens in different ways:

  • death of the Physical (dense) body,
  • Personal death
  • Spiritual death

A human being is a triune creature consisting of his Spirit (a real living subtle material object represented on the causal plane of matter's existence), Personality (a formation like a diaphragm on the mental plane of matter's existence that exercises free will) and, as everyone knows - the Physical body, represented in the dense world and having its own genetic history. The death of the physical body is only the moment of transferring the consciousness center to higher levels of matter's existence. This is the life after death that people who have "jumped" to higher levels due to various circumstances, but then "came to their senses", talk about. Thanks to such stories, one can answer the question what will happen after death in great detail and compare the information obtained with scientific data and the innovative concept of a human being as a triune creature examined in this article.

Fig. 7. A human being is a triune creature consisting of Spirit, Personality and Physical body. Accordingly, death can also be of 3 types: physical, personal (social) and spiritual

As mentioned earlier, self-preservation is inherent in humans, programmed by nature in the form of fear of death. However, it does not help if a person does not manifest himself as a triune being. In the case when a person has a zombified personality and distorted ideological attitudes, does not hear and does not want to hear the control signals from his Embodied Spirit, if he does not fulfill the tasks set before him for the current incarnation (that is, his purpose), then in this case the physical shell together with the unruly ego controlling it can be relatively quickly "discarded", and the Spirit can begin to look for a new physical medium that will allow it to implement its objectives in the world, gaining the necessary experience. It has been statistically proven that there are so-called critical ages when the Spirit brings the material human to account. Such ages are multiples of 5, 7 and 9 years and are, respectively, natural biological, social and spiritual crises.

If you walk around the cemetery and look at the predominant statistics of people's departure dates from life, you can be surprised to find that they will correspond to these cycles and critical ages: 28, 35, 42, 49, 56 years, etc.

Fig. 8. 7x7 table. Critical ages of departure from life,
as well as tasks for each year of life.

- Can you give an example when the answer to the question "Is there life after death?" is negative?

- Just yesterday we were discussing the following consultation case: nothing foreshadowed the death of a 27-year-old girl. (But 27 is a minor Saturnian death, a triple spiritual crisis (3x9 - a cycle of 3 times 9 years), when a person is "charged" with all his "sins" from the moment of birth.) And wouldn't you know, this girl went for a ride with a guy on a motorcycle, wouldn't you know she jerked by accident, disrupting the center of gravity of the sports bike, wouldn't you know she put her unprotected head under the blow of an oncoming car. The guy himself, the motorcycle driver, got away with only three scratches when he hit. We look at photos of the girl taken a few minutes before the tragedy: she has her finger to her temple like a gun and her facial expression is appropriate: insane and wild. And immediately everything becomes clear: she has already been issued a pass to the other world with all the ensuing consequences. And now I have to bring order to that boy who agreed to take her for a ride. The problem of the deceased is that she was not developed personally and spiritually. She was just a physical shell, not solving the incarnation objectives of the Spirit in a particular body. For her there is no life after death. She did not really live a full life during her physical life.

- Are there options in terms of whether there is any kind of life after physical death? New incarnation?

- Sometimes the death of the body simply transfers the center of consciousness to more subtle planes of existence of matter, and it, as a full-fledged spiritual object, continues to function in another reality without any subsequent incarnation in the material world. This is very well described by E. Barker in her book "Letters from a Living Dead Man." The process we are talking about now is evolutionary. It is very similar to the transformation of a dragonfly nymph into a dragonfly. The nymph inhabits the bottom of a body of water, the dragonfly flies mainly in the air. A good analogy for the transition from the dense world to the subtle material one. That is, man is a bottom-dwelling creature. And if an "advanced" Person dies, having completed all the necessary tasks in the dense-material world, then he turns into a "dragonfly". And gets a new list of tasks at the next level of existence of matter. If the Spirit has not yet accumulated the necessary experience of manifestation in the dense-material world, reincarnation occurs in a new physical body, that is, a new incarnation begins in the physical world.

Fig. 9. Life after death by the example of the evolutionary transformation of the nymph (caddis fly larva) into a dragonfly//

Of course, death is an unpleasant process and should be postponed as much as possible. If only because the physical body provides a lot of opportunities not available "upstairs"! But inevitably there comes a situation when "the top can no longer, and the bottom does not want." Then a person passes from one quality to another. Here it is important how a person relates to death. Because if he is ready for physical death, then in fact he is also ready for death in any previous quality with rebirth at the next level. This is also a form of life after death, but not physical, but of the previous social stage (level). You are reborn at a new level "naked as a falcon", that is, as a child. So, for example, in 1991 I received a document stating that I had not served in the Soviet Army and Navy in all previous years. And so I became a healer. But I died as a "soldier". A good "healer" who can kill a man with a finger snap! The situation: death in one capacity and birth in another. Then I died as a healer, having seen the insolvency of this kind of help, but I left much higher, into another life after death in the past quality - to the level of causal relationships and teaching people methods of self-help and techniques of infosomatics.

- I would like clarity. Can the center of consciousness, as you call it, not return to a new body?

- When I talk about death and evidence of the existence of various forms of life after the physical death of the body, I rely on the five years of experience of accompanying the dead (there is such a practice) to more subtle planes of existence of matter. This procedure is performed to help the "deceased" person's center of consciousness reach subtle planes in a sober mind and firm memory. This is well described by Dannion Brinkley in his book Saved by the Light. The story of a man who was hit by lightning and who was clinically dead for three hours, and then "woke up" with a new personality in the old body is very instructive. Sources that provide factual material, real evidence of life after death to one degree or another - there are plenty. And so, yes, the cycle of incarnations of the Spirit on various media is finite and at some point the center of consciousness leaves for the subtle planes of being, where the forms of intelligence differ from those familiar and understandable to most people who perceive and decode reality only on the tangible plane.

Fig. 10. Stable planes of existence of matter. Processes of incarnation-disincarnation and transition of information into energy and vice versa

- Do the knowledge of the mechanisms of incarnation and reincarnation, that is, the knowledge of life after death, have some practical meaning?

- Knowledge of death as a physical phenomenon of subtle planes of existence of matter, knowledge of how posthumous processes take place, knowledge of reincarnation mechanisms, understanding what kind of life there is after death, allow solving those issues that today are not solvable by the methods of official medicine: childhood diabetes, cerebral palsy, epilepsy - turn out to be curable. We do not specifically engage in this: physical health is a consequence of solving energy-informational problems. In addition, there is an opportunity, using special technologies, to take on the unrealized potentials of previous incarnations, the so-called "canned food of the past", and thereby sharply increase one's performance in the current incarnation. Thus, it is possible to give a full new life to unrealized qualities after death in the previous incarnation.

- Are there any reliable sources from a scientist's point of view that could be recommended for study to those interested in life after death issues?

- Stories of eyewitnesses and researchers about whether there is life after death have been published today in millions of copies. Everyone is free to form their own idea of ​​the subject based on various sources. There is a great book by Arthur Ford "Life After Death as Reported by a Living Dead Man Revealed to Jerome Ellison". This book talks about a 30-year research experiment. The theme of life after death is considered here based on real facts and evidence. The author agreed with his wife to prepare a special experiment on communication with the afterlife while alive. The condition of the experiment was as follows: whoever goes to the next world first should make contact according to a pre-agreed scenario and in compliance with pre-defined verification conditions in order to avoid any speculation and illusions when conducting the experiment. Moodie's book "Life After Life" is a genre classic. The book by S. Muldoon, H. Carrington "The Projection of the Astral Body" is also a very informative book about a person who could repeatedly transition into their astral body and return back. And there are purely scientific works. Professor Korotkov showed the processes accompanying physical death very well with devices...

To summarize our conversation, the following can be said: humanity has accumulated a lot of facts and evidence of life after death over its history!

First of all we recommend that you understand the basics of the energy-informational space: such concepts as Soul, Spirit, center of consciousness, karma, human biofield - from a physical point of view. We consider all these concepts in detail in our free video seminar «Energy Informatics of a Human 2.0», access to which you can get right now.

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