What will happen after death? Step-by-Step Guide

This is the fifth, final article of the cycle devoted to the issues of death. Any living structure in terms of energy exchange is subject to the law of the pentagram: the organs and systems of the human body, the structure of interactions in the family and production team... Experience shows that the five facets of considering any topic can create the effect of an exhaustive idea (feeling) about it.

The fear of death is that fundamental fear to which all the variety of fears experienced by a person can be reduced, including "paradoxical" ones: the fear of fear (the fear of getting scared) and the fear of life! ☺

As long as there is fear – there is no freedom, no joy, no meaning, there is BLOCKING.

That is why we oppose the phenomenon of the fear of death with the symbol of harmonious LIFE!!! ☺

The topic is far from theoretical for us.

We have experience in escorting (for research purposes) the minds of deceased people (John Brinkley was also engaged in this, this topic was also covered in the movie "I Remain" starring Andrey Krasko shortly before his death), studying the materials left by predecessors and very respectful use of the results of instrument research that Professor Korotkov had conducted in morgues with risk to his life.

With his associates, he studied the energy activity of the shells of deceased people up to 9 - 40 (!) days, and the measurement results could clearly show whether the person under study died from:

  • old age
  • accident
  • karmic withdrawal from life (in this case, no residual shell activity was observed at all)
  • carelessness/ignorance (in these cases, one just had to be extremely careful and attentive during the period dangerous from the point of view of Astrology, apply the abilities of the Personality to choose a conservative or evolutionary scenario for the development of events in order to avoid an astrologically predictable tragic scenario! Near the bodies of these "careless deceased", the instruments later recorded many attempts of the once "inattentive" consciousness center of the deceased to penetrate inside "his body" and revive it. It was from such "unfinished walkers", "unfinished lovers", "unfulfillers of the task set by the Embodied Spirit" that the experimenters had to endure a lot of problems that also affected their health!)

We talked to the professor back in the summer of 1995 at a conference on weak and superweak interactions held in St. Petersburg about ways to successfully resolve the consequences of these experiments. Our experience in escorting the dead and studying the phenomenon of exorcism was also made available to him...

In this article, we will try to dispel the veil of ignorance and take a detailed look at the processes that occur with a person after death from the point of view of physics.

After all, the answer to the question of what will happen after death is key to overcoming the strongest human fear - the fear of death, as well as its derivative - the fear of life... that is, fears that jointly stick their subconscious sticks into the wheels of consciousness of almost any person.

But before giving a detailed answer to the question of what awaits us after death, it is necessary to understand what death is and what a Person is.

Let's start, perhaps, by defining a Human, a Human with a capital letter.

So, in full divine configuration a Human is a triune being consisting of:

  1. Physical body belonging to the material world (has a genetic history of construction) - hardware
  2. Personality - a set of acquired psychological qualities and attitudes (ego) - software
  3. Spirit - an object of the causal plane of matter's existence (has an incarnational history of construction) that incarnates into a physical body during the cycles of reincarnation to gain necessary experience - user

Italics - are computer analogies.

What will happen after death Fig. 1. What will happen after death. "Holy Trinity" - the multi-level structure of a Human at various planes of matter's existence, consisting of Spirit, Personality and Physical body

It is in this set of structural units that a Human represents the Holy Trinity.

However, one has to take into account that not all representatives of homo sapiens have such a complete set.

There are also overtly non-spiritual people: Physical Body + Personality (Ego) without the 3rd component – Spirit. These are so-called "matrix" people whose consciousness is governed by templates, frameworks, social standards, fears and selfish aspirations. The incarnating Spirit simply cannot "get through" to their consciousness to convey the true objectives facing this person in the current incarnation.

The consciousness diaphragm for correcting signals "from above" is tightly closed for such a person.

It's like a horse without a rider or a car without a driver!

It runs somewhere, goes according to someone's preset program, but cannot answer the question "Why all this?". In a word, a matrix-human...

matrix human Fig. 2. "Matrix" person guided through life by ego templates and programs

Accordingly, the answer to the question of what happens after death will also be different for a spiritual and non-spiritual person.

Let's take a detailed look at the physics of what will happen after death for these 2 cases!

What will happen after a human's death. Physics of processes


Death is a change of dimensionality

According to medical criteria, the fact of physical death is determined by the moment of heart and breath stop in a human. From this point on, one can consider the human dead, or rather their physical body. But what happens to the human's consciousness center and their energy (power) shell that covers the physical body throughout conscious life? Is there life after death for these energy-information objects?

Energy-information shells of a human Fig. 3. Energy-information shells of a person

Literally the following happens: at the moment of death, the consciousness center together with the energy shell detach themselves from the dead body (physical medium) and form an astral entity. That is, after physical death, a Human simply transitions to a more subtle plane of matter's existence - the astral plane.

Steady planes of matter's existence Fig. 4. Steady planes of matter's existence.
"Materialization/dematerialization bird" - the process of information transition into energy (and vice versa) over time

The ability to think is also preserved at this level, and the consciousness center continues to function. For some time, even phantom sensations from the body (legs, arms, fingers) can persist... There are also additional opportunities for movement in space at the level of thought stimuli leading to movement in the chosen direction.

Specifying the answer to the question of what happens after death, it is worth clarifying that the deceased human who has transitioned into a new form of subtle material existence – the above-described object of the astral plane – can exist at this level for up to 9 days after the death of the physical body.

As a rule, this object remains near the place of its death or habitual territory of residence (apartment, house) during these 9 days. That is why it is recommended to cover all mirrors in the house with dense fabric after a person's departure from life so that the consciousness center that has departed to the astral plane cannot see its new, not yet accustomed appearance. The shape of this astral plane object (Human) is predominantly spherical. The object includes the consciousness center as a separate intelligent structure, plus the surrounding energy cocoon.

If during life the person was very strongly attached to material things and their place of residence, burning the belongings of the deceased can help ease the "departure" of the deceased to more subtle planes of matter's existence, thus helping them detach from the dense material reality and transfer additional energy – the lifting force from the plasma flame.

What awaits us after death. Transitional processes between 0-9 and 9-40 days

So, we have found out what will happen after a person's death at the initial stage. What next?

The scenario is as follows...

As mentioned earlier, during the first 9 days after death the deceased is in the so-called lower astral layer where energy interactions still prevail over informational ones. This period is given to the deceased so that they can properly complete and energetically-informationally "let go" of all connections holding them to the earth's surface.

Tearing off and letting go of energy connections after death Fig. 5. Tearing off and letting go of energy connections in the period from 0 to 9 days after death

On the 9th day, as a rule, the transition of the consciousness center and energy cocoon to higher layers of the astral where the energy connection with the material world is no longer so dense happens. Here, informational processes of this level already begin to exert greater influence, and their resonance with the programs and beliefs formed in the current incarnation and stored in the human consciousness center.

The process of consolidation and sorting of information and experience gained in the current incarnation accumulated in the consciousness center begins, that is, the so-called "disk defragmentation process" (in terms of computer systems).

What happens after death Fig. 6. What happens after death. Defragmentation (ordering) of information and accumulated experience in the human consciousness center

Until the 40th day (after the death of the physical body), the deceased still has the opportunity to return to places where they still have some connections at the energy or informational level.

Therefore, during this period of time, close relatives can still quite clearly feel the presence of the deceased person "somewhere nearby", sometimes even see their "blurred" silhouette. But such a dense connection is more characteristic of the first 9 days, then it weakens.

What will happen after a person's death after 40 days

After the 40th day, the main (most important) transition occurs!

The consciousness center with the already relatively defragmented (consolidated and sorted) information starts getting "sucked" into the so-called mental tunnel. Going through this tunnel resembles quickly viewing a movie about the life lived with the tape of events scrolling in reverse.

mental tunnel Fig. 7. Light at the end of the mental tunnel. Playback of life events in reverse

If a person had a lot of stress and unresolved conflicts in their life, extinguishing them during the reverse pass through the tunnel will require energy consumption that can be taken from the energy cocoon (the former energy shell of the person) enveloping the departing consciousness center.

This energy cocoon performs a function similar to the function of fuel in a rocket launch vehicle that launches the rocket into space!

Transfer of the consciousness center to more subtle planes of matter's existence Fig. 8. Transfer of the consciousness center to more subtle planes of matter's existence, like launching a rocket into space. Fuel is spent overcoming the forces of earthly attraction

The church prayer (funeral service for the deceased) or candles lit for the repose of the departed person on the 40th day also helps in passing this tunnel. The plasma flame of candles releases huge volumes of free energy that the departing consciousness center can use during the passage through the mental tunnel to "pay for" karmic debts and unresolved energy-informational level problems accumulated during the current incarnation.

During the pass through the tunnel, all extraneous information not completed into full-fledged programs and not corresponding to the laws of subtle planes is also cleared from the consciousness center database.

From the point of view of physical processes, the consciousness center passes through the 4th dimension memory body (Soul) in the reverse direction up to the point of conception (Genome point) and then moves inside the Spirit (Causal body)!

What will happen to us after death Fig. 9. What will happen after death. Reverse pass of the consciousness center through the memory body (Soul) to the Genome point followed by transition into the Causal body

The light at the end of the tunnel accompanies the process of this transition from the conception point inside the structure of the Individual Spirit!

Further processes occurring at this level, as well as reincarnation processes (new incarnation) we will leave outside the scope of this article for now...

What will happen after a person's death. Possible deviations from the described harmonious scenario

So, in addressing the issue of what awaits us after death and what will happen to us, we have described here a harmonious departure scenario to the afterworld.

But there are also deviations from this scenario. They mainly concern people who have "sinned a lot" in the current incarnation, as well as those who are not allowed by numerous grieving relatives to leave for the afterworld for a long time.

Let's talk about these 2 scenarios in more detail:

1. If a person has gained a lot of negative experience, problems, stresses, energy debts in interactions with other people in the current incarnation, their transition to the afterlife after death may be greatly hampered. Such a consciousness center departed after physical death with an energy cocoon resembles an air balloon with a huge amount of ballast weighing it down back to the earth's surface.

air balloon ballast Fig. 10. Air balloon ballast. "Karmically burdened" person

Even on day 40, such deceased can still be in the lower layers of the astral, trying somehow to get rid of the downward attachments. Their relatives can also very clearly feel their close presence, as well as a very strong outflow of energy, affecting the health condition of surviving relatives. This is a form of post-mortem vampirism.

In this case, it is advisable to order a funeral service for the deceased in the church. This can help such a "heavy" soul of the deceased person detach from the earthly reality.

If the deceased person managed to "sin" very seriously in the current incarnation, they may not pass through the reincarnation filter at all, remaining in the lower and middle layer of the astral. In this case, such a Soul becomes a so-called astral Publican.

This is how ghosts and phantoms are formed – these are precisely such entities from the lower layers of the astral world that did not pass the reincarnation filters due to karmic burden.

Fragment from the cartoon "The Canterville Ghost" Fig. 11. Physics of the formation of ghosts and phantoms. Fragment from the cartoon "The Canterville Ghost"

2. The soul of the deceased person can also be detained in the lower layers of the astral world for a long time if it is not let go for a long time by grieving relatives who do not understand the physics and nature of death processes.

In this case, it resembles a large, beautiful air balloon flying away, which was caught by ropes pulling it back to the ground. And the whole question here is whether the balloon has enough lift to overcome this resistance.

Fig. 12. Reverse attraction of the Soul of the deceased person to the earthly reality. The importance of being able to "let go" of the departing Soul to rest

What does this often lead to? If a child is conceived in this family that still has not let go thoughts of the deceased relative, one can state with 99% probability that this child will be an open reincarnation of the recently departed relative. Why open? Because the previous incarnation in this case closes incorrectly (without passing through the mental tunnel into the Spirit center) and the recently departed Soul from the astral world (as it did not have time to ascend higher) is "dragged" back into a new physical body.

This is the physics behind the birth of a large number of "Indigo" children! Upon deeper investigation, it turns out that only 10% of them can be considered real Indigos, while the remaining 90% are, as a rule, "reincarnations" dragged back into this world according to the above scenario (although sometimes a "difficult" object from scenario No. 1 comes to incarnate). They are so advanced very often only because the experience of the previous incarnation has not been correctly erased for them, and the previous incarnation itself has not been harmoniously closed. In this case, the answer to the question who I was in my past life for such children is very obvious. Of course, such open reincarnation children's health can also be affected.

The nature of "Indigo" children Fig. 13. The nature of "Indigo" children. Indigo or open reincarnation of a relative?

Thus, the child's consciousness gains open access to all the experience and knowledge of the past life. And who was there – a mathematician, scientist, musician or car mechanic – determines exactly their pseudo-brilliance and premature giftedness!

Correct departure and change of dimensionality

In the case when the Consciousness center after death safely «departs» into subtle planes of matter's existence, transitioning into the structure of the Individual Spirit, depending on the experience gained by the Spirit for the current and all previous incarnations, as well as depending on the completeness/incompleteness of information programs in the Spirit structure, 2 scenarios are possible:

  1. The next incarnation into a physical body (as a rule, the biological carrier's gender changes then)
  2. Exit from the circle of physical incarnations (Samsara) and transition to a new subtle material level – Teachers (Curators).

That's the way the cookie crumbles, so to speak! :-))

So before departing to the afterlife... it is worth studying at least a little physics here!

As well as basic instructions and rules before takeoff into Space!

Might come in handy!

Author: Lifexpert