Regression into past lives. How to remember your past life?!

The first thing I want to ask is: "Why do you need it?"

Why break the lock on the doors to the past, which Nature carefully hung there when you incarnated in the current reality?

Out of curiosity or out of necessity?

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the question of how to remember your past life and explain why regression into past lives is a very unsafe activity for those who seek to peek into Pandora's box simply out of curiosity.

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Regression into Past Lives. Passwords for Access to Past Incarnations

First, let's figure out a little about the physics of past incarnations and understand where information about a person's past lives is recorded and stored so that we can better understand later how to remember past life and exclude any doubts in advance when answering question is there life after death. So, pay attention to Figure 1.

650x center | Regression into past lives |=center Fig. 1. Regression into past lives.
Where is information about past incarnations stored

As can be seen from Figure 1, a person is not just a physical body, but a set of subtly material structures belonging to different planes of stable existence of matter.

As it propagates in cosmic space at the speed of light C, a trail called the "body of memory", the mental body (also called in Esotericism and Religion - the Soul), remains behind a person (as well as any other living object), which stores all records of the state of the human shell structures and mental activity over time.

700x center | how to remember past life | Fig. 2. How to remember past life. The structure of the 4th dimension memory body - the human Soul

Using certain techniques, it is possible to take a detailed graphic characteristic from the body of human memory in the current incarnation from the point of birth to the present moment of life and identify the moments of inclusion of subconscious control stresses accurate to 5 minutes. (More about this - here →)

650x center preview | Human lifeline graph |=center Fig. 3. Human lifeline graph. It is removed in the mode of ponderomotor writing from a photo or from an image of a person using special [infosomatics | infosomatics] techniques

Figure 1 also clearly and visually explains what a past incarnation is, and exactly where information about a person's past life is recorded.

Thus, during regression into past lives, with the help of special tuning, the center of human consciousness moves from the present time into the memory body of one of the previous incarnations and begins to read from there, like a needle from a record, all the entries previously made there by the brain and body of the physical object ( which, by the way, did not necessarily have to be human, moreover, it is not necessary that this incarnation into which the center of consciousness can get was on Earth) that lived in that incarnation. Therefore, the visual answer to the question who I was in my past life, obtained during regression, may be very unexpected, and sometimes just frankly scary!

550x center border | How to find out your past life, gramophone principle |=center Fig. 4. Gramophone principle. Tuning the center of human consciousness to read records about past incarnations occurring during regression into past lives

How to remember your past life?! Safety rules

Regression into past lives can occur in 2 ways:

  1. Using regressive hypnosis with complete immersion of the center of human consciousness into the distant past into one of the previous reincarnations of the Spirit.
  2. Using Infosomatic techniques with partial recollection (highlighting) of individual "faulty" areas from any of the past lives without losing touch with reality and the point of "here and now".

When using the 2nd type of regression into past lives, only those areas of the "filmstrip" of the past begin to flash in front of the person's mental screen under special tuning, where there are some unresolved problems that affect the person's present. Thus, when working with past lives using Infosomatic techniques, it becomes possible to "overlay" and partially rewrite unresolved programs of the past using remedial programs broadcast from the present.

In this sense, the 2nd type of regression that allows you to remember and work through only selective "faulty" sections of past life is often more environmentally friendly, effective and safe for human consciousness than the 1st type of regression, in which immersion and recollection of past life resembles watching a full-length movie!

Nature does not accidentally seal the door to this movie theater of past incarnations at the birth of man in the present, so that past experience does not have a DIRECT impact on human consciousness in the current reality.

550x center border | Sealed door to past incarnations | Fig. 5. Sealed door to past incarnations

But at the same time, the consciousness of the newborn is not a blank sheet either!

The experience of past lives, as well as unresolved problems / tasks in past lives, have an INDIRECT effect on the events happening to a person in a new incarnation, on his choices, views on life, people he meets on his path.

Thus, through the events of the current incarnation, Nature helps a person carefully adjust, supplement and harmonize the experience gained by him in past lives.

The date, place and time of the incarnation of the Spirit into a new physical reality, the sex of the biological body, as well as the family (with its problems) into which this Spirit comes in the form of a newborn child are also not accidental and predetermined by the experiences of past lives and those tasks that the Spirit must process in current incarnation.

Regression into past lives, of course, can shed light on all these causal relationships between incarnations, making a person's life in the current incarnation as conscious and "interesting" as possible with an additional understanding of what will happen after death. But at the same time, regression into past lives can invite such monsters and skeletons from the closet into the present, which the unprepared consciousness of a person may simply not cope with. After all, nature does not keep this door to past lives locked for no reason! And once opened, this door is very difficult to close again!

550x center border | memories of past life | Fig. 6. "Stream" memories of past life550x center border | | Fig. 7. Final frames of past incarnation

So in the search for an answer to the question of how to remember your past life, one should not forget about safety precautions and irresponsibly violate the admission rules at the border between the present and previous incarnations, which Nature has set here!

No matter how curious you are about what lies on the other side of the closed gates to the distant past, remember: this is not a tourist area and you need special permission to be admitted there!

And the key factor in obtaining it is your true intention, your true purpose, why you really want to remember your past life!

If you have any problems (psychological, personal, event-related) that bother you a lot, and you have long failed to find a solution (explanation) for them using standard methods, then in this case, regression into past lives may be justified, since with the help this regression technology, it is possible to identify the causal relationships of a problem and instead of working with the consequence of this problem in the present incarnation - try to eliminate the true cause in one of the previous incarnations by rewriting selected "problematic" frames on the filmstrip of the the distant past.

And only such motivation for access to past lives can be approved by the Heavenly Chancellery! And in this case, the Higher Powers themselves will be the guarantor of your safety and support service behind these big doors to the distant past.

If you seek to remember your past life out of mere curiosity or you believe that regression into past lives will make you stronger, more spiritual and more powerful - then you'd better not disturb your past with such motivation!

Because it will not smell of expensive French cologne in everyone!

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