Human Chakras and Their Meaning! A Detailed Description of the Chakras

You want to finally understand what human chakras are and what they mean - to grasp what the chakras are responsible for? In this article, we will try to give you a full and detailed answer to this question. Here you will find the most detailed description of human chakras and their meaning. In simple and clear language with pictures, photos and examples!

So, let's go!

Human Chakras and their meaning Fig. 1. Human chakras and their meaning. What the chakras are responsible for

What are chakras?
Why does a person need chakras?
Who ever said that people have chakras?
Well, a hand, a leg, a head, silicone breasts - that's understandable. You can see them with the naked eye and if desired you can always measure them with a caliper.
But what about the chakras?
Who has seen them, who measured them?
Who felt them up?
With what device?
And how to confirm these measurements?
Who can give a detailed description of the chakras, reliably talk about human chakras and their meaning, as well as about the features of the location of chakras on the human body?
And most importantly: how to apply this information in practice?

What kind of strange beast is this that science doesn't understand - chakras - and what do you eat them with?
Or maybe these are just the ravings of an inflamed imagination or some kind of heresy altogether?
Chakras-chakras... Are they even real? Do they exist?
After all, most people, upon hearing the word "chakras," begin to look at the one who was careless enough to mention this word in their presence with some kind of suspicious look, twist their finger at their temple and insistently ask if they have joined a sect.

Well, let's figure out what human chakras really are and what they are responsible for!

The most common reaction to the word "chakras" Fig. 2. The most common reaction to the word "chakras"

What are human chakras? Myth or reality?

Please detach yourself for a few seconds from reading this article.
Look around you!
Look very carefully!
What do you see?
Do you notice anything unusual around you?
Well, apart from the table, chairs, walls, ceiling...?
No...? Don't see anything? Don't hear anything? Don't feel anything special?

Meanwhile, right now several dozen or even hundreds of radio waves of various frequencies from cell phone antennas, wi-fi routers from neighboring apartments and offices, as well as waves from music and news FM radio stations are passing through your body and brain.
But you don't see or hear them, right?
So maybe they don't exist, maybe these are all fantasies, heresy, fiction...?

A hundred years ago this is exactly what it would have looked like.
But now you can easily open your laptop, connect to the internet via wi-fi without physical wires, tune in to your favorite radio station on your radio receiver and at the same time call your girlfriend on your cell phone to find out if she believes in chakras and if she has them :-)

Analogy between wi-fi connections and human chakras Fig. 3. Analogy between wi-fi connections and human chakras

So as you can see, not everything that really exists in this world is in the visible spectrum of human perception. But the fact that we don't see it doesn't make it any less real.

The same goes for the human chakras.
It's just that in order for them to become visible, real and tangible, they need to be measured with special devices.
What kind? Read on...

The meaning of chakras. Where does a person get the energy for their vital activity? What are chakras responsible for?

Chakras are special energy centers in the human energy structure that are responsible for absorbing the spectra of energy and information necessary for the body from the surrounding space, as well as for releasing (excreting) energy and information from the human body.

That is, the human chakras provide for two-way energy-informational exchange with the environment.

The chakras filter and supply the body with the necessary amounts of energy in their frequency spectra (each chakra works in its own frequency range and its own individual encoding) from the surrounding energy chaos, and also remove excess, processed or information-encoded (for communication with others) energy from the human body.

Let me explain in simpler "human" terms.

Where does a person get energy for their existence...?

Yes, right - partially from food!

But how much of our energy needs do you think this eaten food covers?

How much can a person eat maximum per day?

Well, 2-3 kg - no more. It is known that a person covers only 10-15, maximum 20% of their so-called chemical energy needs from the food they consume! The body also obtains building blocks from food for regenerating all organs.

Where does the rest of the energy come from?

If all our energy came from food, we would have to eat up to 40 kg of food per day!
In fact, almost 80% of a person's energy comes from the outside, through so-called energy centers - chakras. Without such energy exchange with the environment, carried out through the chakras, a person could not physically exist!

Human Chakras and Their MeaningFig.4. Human chakras and their meaning: 20% of the energy for the operation of organs and systems is extracted from the material world by chemical means: from consumed food. The other part of the energy (80%) is supplied to the human body by the energy-informational method through the energy centers - chakras.

Remember the Pareto Principle 20/80?
Energy extraction from food and from human chakras obeys precisely this natural ratio: a person receives 20% of their energy from food (by chemical means), 80% - through chakras (by energy-informational means).
This explains the phenomenon of sun-eating: sun-eaters are able to exist for a long time without food due to a special energy restructuring of their body at the chakra level and drawing energy from solar energy (although it should not be forgotten here that the body obtains from food not only chemical energy, but also building elements for the regeneration of all organs and systems of the physical body).
Vegetarianism and raw food diets - fall into the same category.

But nutrition itself is a whole separate topic.
We're talking about human chakras now!
And as you can see, their importance in the overall system of human vital activity cannot be underestimated.

The meaning of chakras in the overall human energy system Fig. 5. The meaning of chakras in the overall human energy system (chemical + energy-informational) according to the Pareto principle

Chakras. Description of Operating Principles

So, in examining the issues of describing chakras and their significance for humans, we have found out that chakras are energy centers that carry out energy-informational exchange between the body and the human energy system with the surrounding space.

Figuratively speaking, through the chakras a person "eats" the energy necessary for the body, and also releases ("defecates") processed or unnecessary energy, which is then absorbed either by the plant or animal world, or by non-living systems (systems with a low vitality coefficient: stones, minerals). The recipient of the energy (and information) emanating from one person's chakras can also be another person.

That is, detailing the description of the chakras, we can say that a chakra is a kind of local energy-informational gastrointestinal tract of the body.

There are 7 chakras total. Each of them operates in its own energy-informational frequency spectrum.

Description of chakras according to the model of the energy-informational frequency spectrum Fig. 6. Description of chakras according to the model of the energy-informational frequency spectrum

To make the chakra description more understandable, we can say that human chakras receive and emit not only energy, but also information. This is why we talk about energy-informational exchange through chakras.

Recall your high school or college physics course for a moment, namely the section on electromagnetic fields and waves.

How is information transmitted? In an encoded form: informational component is superimposed on the carrier energy wave through modulation. This is how information is received and transmitted in human chakras. That is, an energy wave can be modulated with informational content.

Chakras: description of the principle of receiving and transmitting information Fig. 7. Chakras: description of the principle of receiving and transmitting information (modulation)

The lower human chakras (1,2,3) are characterized by the predominance of energy over information, the upper ones (6,7) - by the predominance of information over energy. The middle chakras (4,5) adapt the energy and information of the lower chakra group to the upper ones and vice versa.

Any human chakra can be in 2 states:

  • in the phase of absorbing energy and information from the surrounding space
  • in the phase of radiation (excretion, excretion) of energy and information from the body.

These phases alternate.

location of chakras on the human body Fig. 8. Location of chakras on the human body

Location of Chakras on the Human Body

The human chakras are located in the following areas:

Structurally, each chakra is a spinning cone about 3-5 cm in diameter. These cones taper as they enter the human body and are then "connected" to the main energy column – the spine (system bus – in terms of computer analogies).

chakra coneFig. 9. Chakra cone

In accordance with their location on the human body, the chakras oversee certain organs and systems, supplying them with external energy (and information) and removing spent energy (and information) from those organs outward.

It's like breathing: inhalation-exhalation, oxygen - inward, carbon dioxide - outward. This maintains the energetic balance (homeostasis) in the body.

Therefore, the “exhaled” energy mixture frequency and chakra “breathing” rate of each human chakra can indicate the processes occurring in the physical body's organs and systems.

An intense (or on the contrary, slowed down) energy operating mode of any human chakra – energy center – indicates health problems with its associated internal organs.

Location of chakras on the "system bus"
Fig. 10. Location of chakras on the "system bus". Connecting chakra energy inputs to the human’s main energy channel – the spine. Analogy with connecting peripheral devices to the system bus in computer architecture

Chakras: body location and correspondence to "supervised" organs
Fig. 11. Chakras: body location and correspondence to "supervised" organs, connection with the human endocrine and nervous systems
Correspondence between human chakra locations and endocrine system glands
Fig. 12. Correspondence between human chakra locations and endocrine system glands. Thus, energy-informational effects on chakras influence the body's somatic through the endocrine glands

Differences in Chakra Polarization Between Men and Women

Chakras have differences in polarization depending on a person's gender, which determines the different perceptions of reality by men and women.

Chakra Diagnostics

By tuning in in a special way to a person, diagnostics of their chakras can be done, recording such a dynamic energy characteristic. The figure shows the ideal version of the AFR (amplitude-frequency response) of human chakras, taken using Infosomatics methods.

chakra diagnosticsFig. 13. Chakra diagnostics. The AFR (amplitude-frequency response) of human chakras, recorded in the mode of ponderomotor writing using Infosomatics methods. This shows the “reference” version of the AFR of human energy centers - chakras, indicating their harmonious and balanced operation.

The nature of deviations in this graph can indicate the general energetic state of the person and the functioning of each individual energy center – chakra. And since the harmonious functioning of a person's internal organs is directly related to chakra activity, a fairly detailed picture can thus be obtained of the quality of functioning of the human physical body as a whole, as well as any deviations ("faults") in its operation.

chakra diagnosticsFig. 14. Deviations in the spectral range of specific chakras indicate distortions in their operation. Deviation to the left of the center line signals a “depressed” operating mode of the chakra and destructive effects in that spectrum (and, consequently, possible organ problems in that area), to the right – a forced (hyperactive) operating mode.

It would seem that a logical conclusion suggests itself: if a person has any problems in the functioning of organs and systems of the physical body (in simpler terms - diseases), it is necessary to restore this person's energy, adjust the activity of their chakras using various healing techniques and as a result, after some time we should get a healthy person.

Reiki and healing techniquesFig. 15. Reiki and healing techniques. An energy ball created to "recharge" and adjust the activity of the chakras

After all, human chakras and energy are primary.
Matter is secondary. It “catches up” and “heals” as a result of restored energy.

This is the postulate that all healers and reiki practitioners work on. This principle is also the basis of some device-based exposure methods.

Many "specialists" also believe that the cause of various diseases should be sought in the closed state of some human chakras. After all, if a chakra is closed, it means it does not supply the body with the necessary amount of energy and does not remove it outward to a proper extent. As a consequence, the internal organs supervised by this chakra suffer.

Hence hundreds of Internet requests to "how to open chakras”, “cleansing chakras”, “developing chakras”, “working with chakras”, involving the need to read some mysterious mantras, conduct meditations, various energy techniques and perform all kinds of "dances with tambourines".

But it's not that simple and straightforward!
To understand, let's turn to physics again - the queen of all sciences.
And to research in the field of Infosomatics.

Why do people have health problems?
Because of distortions in energy.
And why are there distortions in energy?
Let's figure it out.

Human Chakras. Description of the Processes of Materialization and Dematerialization of Matter, Energy and Information

In order to expertly answer the question posed above, it is necessary to look one level above human chakras and biofield (or aura, energy shell) belonging to the astral plane of matter's existence.

What's above there?

the process of information transition into energy and matterFig. 16. The "materialization / dematerialization bird" is the process of information transition into energy and matter followed by the reverse transition of matter into energy and information after passing the point of the present. Energy-informational interrelation between the future, present and past

Without going too deep into the physics of incarnational processes and the concept of matter, it should be said that the human physical body is not a static object stably existing in our dense manifested world. The human physical body is in a continuous process of incarnation - discarnation, assembly - disassembly on the timeline of unfolding physical time and space.

That is, a human being (their physical shell) is a substance pulsating in time and space, continuously (in quanta of time) assembling (incarnating) at the point of the present (I am here and now) and disassembling (discarnating) after passing that point.

Human chakras and energy shell (aura) are also not static in time: they also incarnate and discarnate according to the "materialization bird", assembling on the human physical body only at the point of the present.

chakras in men and womenFig. 17. The difference between the incarnation / discarnation processes of chakras in men and women. The passage of the wave of materialization / dematerialization through different chakra zones in men and women

Therefore, human chakra and energy problems are usually a consequence of distortions at higher levels of matter's existence, according to whose programs the assembly of the energy (astral) and physical level occurs.

Of course, distortions in human energy and chakra activity can also be caused by simpler reasons: for example, living next to an energy deficient person (energy vampire) who "sucks out" the spectra of energy they lack from an originally energy-excessive person. The volumes of such parasitic pumping out of chakra energy can be very significant. This almost always leads to illness in the energy donor.

chakras and energy vampirismFig. 18. Energy vampirism. "Sucking out" a certain spectrum of energy from the donor's energy shell. 1st level consequence – distortions in the donor's chakra activity, 2nd level consequence – the donor's illness
energy-informational separation technology with an energy vampireFig. 19. Energy-informational separation technology with an energy vampire by chakras. See →

And what's the use in this case of helping a person with healing practices, meditations and opening their chakras, trying to eliminate some disease, when its real cause lives in the next apartment, very often being a close relative or sexual partner.

Opening chakras and harmonizing chakras, healing, reiki and yoga won’t help 100% here. It is necessary to eliminate leaks from your leaky barrel, cut off parasitic hoses and limit the drain of your energy to energy vampires. And for this it is necessary to learn how to apply special energy protection and separation techniques with people.

After performing these techniques, chakras and energy are restored automatically - in accordance with natural laws.

Chakras. Energy Distortion. Where to Look for the Causes?


The true cause of a problem usually lies not in the plane where the problem itself lies

As mentioned earlier, very often the reasons for distortions in the functioning of human chakras and the energy exchange with the environment carried out through them lie 1-2 levels above, that is, at the level of the mental or causal plane of matter's existence, since it is from these levels that information is "lowered" on the materialization / assembly of human chakras on the astral plane of matter's existence, as well as the matrix for assembling the physical body in the flow of time.

Materialization-dematerialization "bird"Fig. 20. Materialization / dematerialization “bird”. Physical, astral, mental, causal, etc. planes of matter's existence – “Subtle” planes
The true cause of problemsFig. 21. When the tail hurts, treat the head! The true cause of a problem usually lies in a plane above where the problem itself lies

The list of most common mental causes leading to distortions in human chakra activity (and their entire energy system in general) includes unresolved subconscious controlling stresses from the past, which consume life forces filtered by human chakras from the present for "power supply".

human chakras and lifelineFig. 22. Mental plane of matter's existence. Human lifeline – a graph taken using Infosomatics methods. Example of an unresolved stress at age 12 affecting the body's energy balance and chakra activity in the present (age 32)
chakra meaning, karma and past incarnationsFig. 23. Causal plane of matter's existence. Karma and problems of past incarnations as additional factors influencing a person's energy and chakra activity in the present time

Distortions in chakra activity (their blockage, closed state, deviation from the energy pillar line) can also be caused by karmic problems coming from previous incarnations, records of which are stored in the structure of the causal level (see fig. 23).

As you can understand, without discovering the true cause of energy distortions, it is impossible to normalize the functioning of human chakras, and any healing / energy interventions aimed at finding and solving the problem without taking into account the higher levels and incarnational physics will be minimally effective here and can only provide temporary relief of the person's problematic condition.

This is so true: when the tail hurts, you need to treat the head!

Yes, and the path to human enlightenment - spiritualization should begin not with the "mindless" opening of chakras, which many are "sinning" with today, but first of all with setting a Worldview and studying the physics of subtle planes of matter's existence for a clear understanding of all the causal relationships of the World around us.

Natural harmonization, balancing and environmentally friendly "soft" opening of chakras will in this case be only a natural consequence of order in the head and in the bodies of higher dimensionality levels. As it was originally conceived by Nature!

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