5th chakra - Vishuddha (throat chakra)

location of vishuddha 5th fifth chakra, where is it locatedVishuddha chakra (throat)
where is it located, placement

Location. Where is it located:

The 5 fifth chakra - vishuddha (or vishuddha) is located at the base of the throat between the 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae. The chakra disk can range from 3 to 15-20 cm in diameter.

The vishuddha chakra is also called the throat chakra, according to its location in the throat, sometimes the volitional chakra, according to one of its important functions - the expression of a person's will through words, through the speech apparatus. You can also find the name vishuddha chakra as the blue chakra - according to its color.

Meaning. What is it responsible for:

  • The 5th fifth chakra - vishuddha - is responsible for a person's volitional interaction with the outside world. The will manifested through the vishuddha chakra of a person can be characterized as "informational", as opposed to the 3rd chakra, through which the will is already manifested "materialized" - that is, informational will embodied in action in the physical world. Thus, the 5th chakra (throat) is responsible for the will to defend one's beliefs, thoughts, ideas, images, points of view, vision, born at the level of the 6th chakra, for the primary embodiment (birth) of these informational structures in the material world through the speech apparatus - words spoken by a person. In the further process of embodiment in the material world, the informational will expressed primarily at the level of the 5th chakra (vishuddha) in the form of expressed ideas, thoughts and beliefs must further condense and express (be born, manifest) at the level of the 3rd chakra - in the form actions in the chosen direction along the corresponding probability line for the unfolding of the future, selected by the 3rd human chakra from the general stream of timelines.
  • The vishuddha chakra (throat) is responsible for reproducing and perceiving a person's "inner voice" - the voice of his Spirit, a kind of internal prompter and adviser in matters of choosing life scenarios and personal beliefs.
  • The 5th fifth chakra (blue) is also responsible for a person's self-identification - for the birth of one's own "I", the separation (selection) of it from (out of) the opinion of others - from the general, collective field. Thus, at the level of the vishuddha chakra, a person's Personality, his individuality, originality and uniqueness, his unique truth is born and expressed to the outside world!
  • The vishuddha chakra is also responsible for the creative expression (manifestation) of a person. Creativity arises from the synthesis of personal traits and interaction with the higher collective mind. The 5th chakra participates in the processes of selection and embodiment of creative ideas from the general informational space into the reality of the manifested world. Writing, painting, dance, music, and many other forms of creative expression become available thanks to the 5th vishuddha chakra.
  • The throat chakra is also responsible for energy-informational impact on other people. With the help of force influence through the 5th chakra, one can "break" the will of another person, force him to accept another point of view, convince him of some ideas, both positive and negative. Try to remember your feelings after a conflict with someone in the past, after some kind of force informational confrontation, quarrel or dispute with someone. Didn't your throat hurt after that, didn't a cough come out of nowhere? Most people do not pay attention to such causal relationships, blaming a sharp deterioration in health and sore throat on the usual cold (draft), but in reality this is a real energy-informational lesion of a person's throat chakra - vishuddha. What to do in such cases is examined in detail in our course Energy-Informational Protections.

Description and main characteristics of the vishuddha chakra:

vishudhaa 5th chakraVishuddha chakra.
Color - blue

Color - blue (sky blue)

Note - G

Number of petals - 16

A petal is its own oscillation that occurs in the oscillatory circuit if the electromagnetic analogy of chakra activity is considered.

Taste - bitter

Smell - neroli

Crystals and minerals - celestine, aquamarine, chrysoprase

Translation from Sanskrit - "purification", "purified"

Correspondence of the 5 fifth chakra (throat) to body organs and systems:

The 5th chakra (blue) oversees the following organs and systems of the human body:

  • Thyroid gland
  • Vocal cords
  • Respiratory organs
  • Throat, neck
  • Teeth, tongue, nose
  • Auditory apparatus organs
  • Skin

Levels of development of the vishuddha chakra:

With high Spiritual development of the 5th fifth chakra: ability for innovative thinking, new discoveries; an original view of the world; ability to make decisions based on one's own independent point of view and individual mental examination of facts, protected from the influence of other people's opinions, conventional morality and "thought patterns"; ability to convey one's views and beliefs clearly to other people, as well as defend one's point of view in constructive discussions and debates; ability to calmly discuss one's ideas with others, even if they do not agree with your point of view; good development and listening to the inner voice - intuition; creative self-expression; oratorical skill; ability to persuade others; ability to communicate at different social and Spiritual levels with the surrounding world, effective and mutually beneficial cooperation with other people; the search for and conveyance of truth to the minds of other people.

With low Spiritual development of the vishuddha chakra (throat): rudeness, gossiping, foul language, deceit, swearing, conflict, inability to work together, business communication, emotional instability, pride, self-assertion, overpowering rivalry. Such a person, as a rule, is aware of his right to independent thinking, but cannot discipline its manifestation, constantly trying to contradict other points of view simply because he "has the right to it." A low level of development of the throat chakra can be expressed in a constant struggle for one's right to be free, in the desire to suppress any opposing opinion in order to prove the truth of one's own.

A low level of development of the vishuddha chakra can also manifest itself, on the contrary, in the inability for self-expression. Such people tend to keep their mouths shut, believing that their ideas are uninteresting or worthless, suppressing the inner desire to share their thoughts and feelings with others. Such a life position and beliefs turn a person into an outsider, developing in him a strong sense of loneliness, misunderstanding and exclusion from life.

The energy weakness of the 5th chakra is also expressed in the fear of the stage - the fear of strong collective energy, of the collective mind, which can suppress the individual mind.

5th fifth chakra and emotions:

Fears: fear of truth, lies, deceit, betrayal (weakness of will).

Norm: feeling of oneself as a conduit of the will of one's Spirit, the presence of the Spirit in the body, lack of egocentrism, arbitrariness.

Passions: pride (arrogance, ambition).

Polarization of the vishuddha chakra in men and women:

polarization of the 5 fifth vishuddha chakra in men and womenThe difference in polarization of the 5 fifth chakra (vishuddha) in men and women

In men, the 5th fifth chakra (will chakra, throat) is polarized - directed. In this regard, men, as a rule, express their will and desires clearly, are able to energetically defend their beliefs and ideas in society. But due to the polarization of the fifth chakra, a man is able to maintain focus on only one specific task or idea (thought form) per unit of time. Thus, a man is single-tasked and consistent by his nature!

The vishuddha chakra of a woman is omnidirectional. In this regard, a woman is able to keep many different affairs, thoughts and images in her head and embody them all into reality in parallel - in the mode of distributed attention, that is, a woman, unlike a man, is multitasking.

The differences between women and men in the functioning of the 5th fifth chakra are also clearly manifested in the flexibility of volitional manifestation in the outside world. Women with an omnidirectional vishuddha chakra are able to accept other people's points of view with much greater loyalty, often even agreeing with them - changing their previous point of view. In expressing their will, women are also softer and rarely "push their line", forcing others with their point of view, as men often do.

When interacting with men, it is easier for women with an omnidirectional 5th chakra to agree with the directed will and convictions of a man than for men to agree with women, even if the man realizes logically that he is wrong, which often happens :-). For him it is a matter of principle - the principle of directionality and polarization of his will, complicating the change of its vector!

Amplitude-frequency response of the throat chakra (vishuddha):

This characteristic reflects the dynamic state of the levels of absorption and radiation of energy by the 5th fifth chakra (throat - vishuddha) of the person being diagnosed.

Shift to "+" area
A shift to the right, "to plus" of the 5th fifth chakra, responsible for will, indicates chronically increased activity of a person with an "iron" will.

With his will he suppresses others. If he is in this state constantly, it can lead to lung inflammation, nervous system disorders, enlargement of the thyroid gland, tumor formation.

Shift to "-" area
A shift of the 5th fifth chakra to the left, "to minus" indicates that someone seriously suppresses (or suppressed in the past) the will of the diagnosed person, does not allow him to relax, express his opinion on a particular issue.

Possible complications include tonsillitis, a feeling of tightness in the throat, thyroid tumor.

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