3 third chakra - Manipura (solar plexus chakra)

location of 3rd manipura chakra, where is it located3rd third chakra - Manipura
where is it located, placement

Location. Where is it located:

The 3rd third chakra (manipura) is located at the level of the solar plexus and further enters the spinal energy column between the 3rd and 5th lumbar vertebrae. Due to its location, the third chakra - manipura - is also called the solar plexus chakra.

Meaning. What is it responsible for:

  • The 3rd third chakra - manipura is responsible for the assimilation, accumulation, transformation and distribution of energy throughout the human body.
  • The third chakra in the general human energy system can be compared to the turbine of a power plant, which, due to its rotation, transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy, which then enters the general power grid to the end consumers.
  • The solar plexus chakra is also responsible for "bodily" intuition - the feeling of probability lines for the unfolding of the future and the choice/tuning to one of them depending on the prevailing ideological attitudes of the person. An open, developed third chakra gives a person the ability to feel and assess the correctness/incorrectness, effectiveness/ineffectiveness of any choices or decisions - with the body, not the mind, which can often make mistakes in predicting the future based on the analysis of logical chains and patterns.
  • The solar plexus chakra is responsible for the manifestation (embodiment) at the energy level of a person's will, expressed at the level of the fifth chakra. That is, at the level of the third chakra, energy resources are allocated for certain wills and intentions of a person, formed in higher energy centers - the fifth and sixth chakras. At the level of the third chakra there is a transformation of the informational component of human will into energy - the embodiment of human will and choice into the dense-material - manifested world. A thought born at the level of the sixth chakra is transformed into a word expressed at the level of the fifth chakra, gains bodily strength and energy at the level of the third chakra, and then is embodied in a specific action in the material world.
  • The meaning of the manipura chakra can be described by the example of comparing it to some kind of bank that allocates energy resources (loans) for certain ideas and business projects coming from higher energy centers - the 5th, 6th, 7th chakras. As in any bank, at the level of the solar plexus chakra there is its own analytics and monitoring department, so the bank will not be ready to provide energy financing for every "business project", idea and expression of will. This is where the recommendation to "listen to your body" (and not just your mind) comes from when there is a need to make some kind of choice in life. When tuning in to the future and some kind of choice, learn to work with intention and feel the probability lines for the unfolding of the future at the level of the third chakra, as well as embody your will and choice into reality through this energy center. The "power of the word" is born from thoughts embodied in words, reinforced by the energy of the body, allocated from the 3rd third chakra - manipura.
  • The 3rd third chakra manipura is the energetic balancer and stabilizer of the entire human energy shell.

Description and main characteristics of the manipura chakra:

Color - yellow

manipura third chakraManipura chakra.
Color - yellow

Note - E

Element - Fire

Number of petals - 10

A petal is its own oscillation that occurs in the oscillatory circuit if the electromagnetic analogy of chakra activity is considered.

Taste - spicy (hot)

Smell - patchouli, bergamot

Crystals and minerals - yellow tourmaline, citrine, amber, tiger's eye and topaz.

Translation from Sanskrit - "abundance of gems"

Correspondence of the 3rd third chakra to body organs and systems:

Body systems: digestive.


  • Stomach
  • Pancreas
  • Intestine
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver
  • Spleen

Levels of Manipura Chakra development:

With high Spiritual development of the solar plexus chakra: awareness of one's power and importance in the surrounding world, ability to assess situations and one's own strengths soundly, effective interaction with the world at the level of cooperation, self-confidence, flexibility, bodily intuition, conscious embodiment of one's desires and will in the physical world, balanced control over one's energy expenditure (vital forces) when manifesting one's will, self-discipline, self-control, good managerial and organizational skills, ability to concentrate on achieving one's goals, clear expression of one's thoughts, clear speech, "power of the word", a sense of well-being and balanced pleasure from life, inner relaxation, calmness and enjoyment of harmony between inner and outer.

With low Spiritual development of the 3rd third chakra: strong need for self-affirmation, anger, guilt, fawning over others, feeling like a victim, helplessness, greed, jealousy, lack of conscience, fear, lies, harshness.

Third chakra and emotions:

Fears: fear of wealth.

Norm: pleasure from the life of the Body, from food, from the process of physical satiation, self-confidence, inner calmness and harmony.

Passions: gluttony, greed, anger, nazism.

Polarization of the manipura chakra in men and women:

polarization of the 3rd third manipura chakra in men and womenThe difference in polarization of the 3rd third chakra (manipura) in men and women

In men, the third chakra (manipura) is polarized, that is, it has a vector of preferential orientation. In women, the 3rd chakra is omnidirectional.

Due to the fact that one of the functions of the manipura chakra is the gastrointestinal tract, one can trace the differences in attitude to food and digestion processes between men and women. A man's stomach is tuned to assimilate low-frequency fractions from food, usually easily copes with heavy food (meat, etc.), plus food in general occupies an important place in a man's life :), while a woman with an omnidirectional third chakra can "feed on the holy Spirit": sweets, yogurts, salads and feel full and satisfied! :)

That is, a woman's third chakra is capable of extracting energy from a large number of diverse sources: even from flowers given to her by a man. Being polarized, the solar plexus chakra of a man is not capable of this and recognizes only specific low-frequency (compared to a woman) sources of energy: a piece of meat, for example.

Also, in accordance with the functions of the manipura chakra described above, one can trace the differences between men and women in expressing their "bodily" will, in defending their principles and beliefs at the energy level, as well as in matters of choice and self-affirmation in this world.

In these aspects, men tend to express and manifest themselves very specifically, in a polarized, firm, focused, vectorial manner - in accordance with the energy-informational structure of their third chakra.

Women are much less principled, much more flexible and varied in all these aspects - which also corresponds to the omnidirectional nature of the manifestation of their 3rd chakra (manipura).

Amplitude-frequency response of the third chakra (manipura):

This characteristic reflects the dynamic state of the levels of absorption and radiation of energy by the manipura chakra (solar plexus chakra) of the person being diagnosed.

Shift to "+" area
The shift to the right of the 3rd third chakra indicates an excessive mobilization of vital forces. If someone is "vampirizing" a person along the third chakra, this characteristic shows that the person is able to effectively resist the aggressor. Resisting, the person activates the chakra to create more power in the affected area.

Being in this state constantly can lead to increased acidity in the body, ulcers, heartburn.

Shift to "-" area
The shift of the manipura chakra (solar plexus chakra) "to minus" indicates vampirism from another person. In this case, a feeling of cold is felt in the solar plexus area.

This can lead to low acidity, impaired peristalsis, anacid gastritis, stomach cancer, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver, cholelithiasis.

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