1 first chakra - Muladhara (root chakra)

Location of muladhara chakra (root)Muladhara chakra (root).
Where is it located, placement

Location. Where is it located:

Muladhara chakra (root) or in other words - the first 1-chakra - is located at the base of the spinal column:

  • in men - at the base of the perineum (has an anatomical attachment to the prostate gland)
  • in women - between the ovaries (has no anatomical attachment).

On the physical body it corresponds to the lumbar point, which is connected with the nerve plexuses of the coccyx.

Meaning. What is it responsible for:

Muladhara chakra (1st chakra) is responsible for the intake of earth energy into the material and energy bodies of a person, as well as for the removal of energetic "slags" from the general energy system of a person.

The Muladhara chakra is often also called the survival chakra, root chakra or red chakra.

The first chakra creates a support for the entire energy framework of a person just as the spine is the main framework of the physical body.

  • 1st muladhara chakra is responsible for connecting the energy shell of a person with the geomagnetic Hartmann grid of the Earth.
  • muladhara chakra is associated with the instinct of survival and self-preservation of the physical body, that is, the first chakra is responsible for maintaining the foundation of human life.
  • muladhara chakra (root) characterizes the way of quick response to changes in external conditions of the surrounding world.
  • muladhara chakra determines the character of the personality, temperament, degree of balance (stability) of the psyche.
  • the energy of the 1st chakra (root) is fundamental for men, endowing them with qualities of stability, steadiness, calmness, confidence, power and strength.
  • in women, unlike men, there is no anatomical attachment of the muladhara chakra in the body, so the energy of the 1st chakra in women is significantly weaker. Because of this, a woman should receive the energy of the root chakra and its inherent qualities through a man. It is the man who should create a sense of stability, confidence and calm for the woman - to stabilize her often "chaotic" emotionality and mental-psychic processes.
  • the first chakra gives energy to the whole physical body, and is also the foundation (fulcrum) for all the subtle bodies of a person.

Description and main characteristics of muladhara chakra (red):

Color - red

muladhara chakra descriptionMuladhara chakra.
Color - red

Note - C

Element - Earth

Number of petals - 4

A petal is its own oscillation that occurs in the oscillatory circuit if the electromagnetic analogy of chakra activity is considered.

Taste - sweet

Smell - vetiver. Vetiver smells of wet mud, wet wood and wet plant roots, but depending on the growing area can have citrus, spicy, smoky and woody notes.

Crystals and minerals - garnet, obsidian, ruby, red coral, red jasper, heliotrope

Translation from Sanskrit - root, foundation, base

Correspondence of muladhara chakra to body organs and systems:

Body systems: regulation of the immune and lymphatic systems.


  • Uterus/prostate
  • Prostate
  • Rectum
  • Left kidney
  • Bladder
  • Urethra
  • Musculoskeletal system.

Levels of development of the 1st chakra:

With high Spiritual development of muladhara chakra (root): increased energy in the physical body, resistance to diseases, vigor, endurance, ability to defend one's views on life and one's interests, trust in the physical world, inner sense of security, stability, sense of deep interconnectedness between physical body and Earth.

With low Spiritual development - 1st chakra: fear, greed, calculation, desire for acquisition, delusion.

Also, if a person's 1st chakra energy is weakly developed (muladhara chakra is closed or blocked), but at the same time this person is excessively emotional, or his/her activity is associated with a large volume of reflections (intellectual level), then the physical body may "suffer" due to lack of balanced energies, which in turn most often leads to illness. In this case, it is necessary to pay proper attention to one's "grounding" - one's body and its manifestation in the physical world.

In case the first chakra is weakly developed, a person does not make an impression of a strong personality, avoids physical activity and is rarely in a state of "I am here and now".

First chakra (muladhara) and emotions:

Fears: fear of death, self-destruction.

Norm: harmony of Body with Spirit, materialization of Spirit, pleasure from one's Being and work, calmness, confidence, psychological stability, patience, being in the state of "I am here and now".

Passions: workaholism of the body, greed, jealousy, anger, intolerance of national, class, tribal, gender, self-affirmation, anger, aggression.

Polarization of the first chakra in men and women:

polarization of the 1st muladhara chakra in men and womenThe difference in polarization of the 1st chakra (muladhara) in men and women

In men, the muladhara chakra (root) is polarized, that is, it has a vector of preferential orientation (direction). The first chakra in men can be compared to the arrow of a compass, orienting itself in accordance with the magnetic field of the Earth. Such polarization of the 1st chakra in men provides a better connection with the geomagnetic Hartmann grid and, as a consequence, a better sense of space, orientation in the terrain, resistance to strong physical exertion, an easier way to utilize energy and informational slags through the 1st chakra and leg channels into the Earth.

In women, the 1st chakra is omnidirectional (non-polarized), and therefore, women's connection with the geomagnetic Hartmann grid of the Earth is weakened, which in turn often leads to difficulties with orientation in space (in space). The utilization of energy-informational slags from the female body occurs mainly not through the muladhara chakra and leg channels, but through menstrual blood, in which destructive programs (soletons) generated or perceived by the female brain from the surrounding space are recorded on magnetic tape (on blood macromolecules) . If during the month a woman is often subjected to stressful effects or herself generates destructive (negative) thought-images, then menstruation, as a rule, is painful.

Amplitude-frequency response of the first chakra (muladhara):

This characteristic reflects the dynamic state of the levels of absorption and radiation of energy by the muladhara chakra (root) of the person being diagnosed.

Shift to "+" area
The shift to the right of the 1st chakra indicates the activity of the human immune system.

If the shift is too large, it is a blow to the immune system. The consequence is allergies, autoimmune reactions.

Shift to "-" area
The shift of the first chakra "to minus" indicates vampirism from the "past", for example, from ancestors, the elderly or the dead.

The connection with the Earth is disrupted, the vestibular apparatus works poorly, immunity weakens, resulting in viral diseases, tonsillitis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids.

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