2 second chakra - Svadhisthana (sexual chakra)

svadhishthana second chakra location, where is it locatedSvadhisthana chakra (sexual)
where is it located, placement

Location. Where is it located:

The 2nd chakra (svadhisthana) is located above the pubic area, 3-4 cm below the navel. The base of the chakra is an oval, which can vary in diameter from 5-7 mm to 10-15 cm.

The second chakra is also called the sexual chakra or genital chakra, sometimes - the orange chakra according to its color. It is also sometimes written as swadhisthana (swadhishthana), or without the "h" - svadhistana.

Meaning. What is it responsible for:

  • 2 second chakra - svadhisthana - is responsible for a person's sexual energy, the search for pleasure, sensual and sexual activity. We send and receive sexual sensations from this energy center - sexual attraction, sexuality. By the ages of 12 - 15 the center reaches maximum development.
  • The 2nd chakra (sexual, genital) is responsible for contact with the opposite sex, sexual attractiveness, personal magnetism, energy, sociability and a positive attitude, as well as for sex and money.
  • The svadhisthana chakra provides energy to the entire physical body, the basic vital energy of a person is born here, which then feeds all the organs and systems of a person through the distributed energy network
  • The svadhisthana chakra is most susceptible to the effects of damage, evil eye. Psychological problems in the family are strongly reflected in the activity of this center.

The energy of the second chakra (sexual, genital) corresponds to the Water element, so it is most actively expressed in women as natural representatives of this element. Nature has endowed women with this energy to a greater extent so that she can become a source of this energy for a man, who in turn is a source of support and stability (energy of the first chakra) for a woman. A woman's life success, ability to harmoniously build relationships with men and create a prosperous family depends on how sexual, feminine and positively emotional she is. In accordance with the described natural energy distribution, a woman in relationships is usually the source of "energy supply" for a man, receiving stability in return.

swadhisthana second chakraSvadhishthana chakra.
Color - orange

Description and main characteristics of the svadhisthana chakra:

Color - orange

Note - D

Element - Water

Number of petals - 6

A petal is its own oscillation that occurs in the oscillatory circuit if the electromagnetic analogy of chakra activity is considered.

Taste - astringent (analog - unripe persimmon)

Smell - ylang-ylang

Crystals and minerals - amber, carnelian, fiery agate, moonstone, fiery opal

Translation from Sanskrit - "own home", "receptacle of energy"

Correspondence of the 2nd second chakra to body organs and systems:

Body systems: genitourinary and excretory systems, coordination and coordinated functioning of all internal organs, intestinal peristalsis.


  • Liver
  • Right kidney
  • Intestine
  • Reproductive system organs

Levels of development of the svadhishthana chakra (sexual):

With high Spiritual development of the 2nd chakra: the ability to share creative energy, ease, harmony, creativity in life, wealth, self-sufficiency, sociability, joy and balanced sensual pleasure from life.

With low Spiritual development of the sexual (genital) chakra: lust, insatiable desire for sex, drugs, alcohol, food and other stimulating sensations, limited consciousness, lack of compassion, desire for destruction, aggressiveness, intemperance, hysteria, capriciousness, poverty, contempt, suspicion.

Second chakra and emotions:

Fears: fear of a person of the opposite sex, his/her activity, relationships, fear of one's own Nature, fear of one's own sexual activity.

Norm: pleasure from Natural, bodily, sexual form of communication, taking into account the interests of the incarnate Spirit in sex, soft, balanced sensual enjoyment of life.

Passions: intolerance of gender, intolerance of genetic kind.

Polarization of the svadhisthana chakra in men and women. The problem of infidelity:

The difference in polarization of the sexual chakra (2nd chakra) in men and women

In men, the 2 second chakra (sexual, genital) is omnidirectional, that is, it has no vector of preferential orientation. Such an energy-informational structure of the svadhishthana chakra in men determines their natural polygamy in matters of relationships and sexual interactions. Being omnidirectional, a man's second chakra can easily retune from one woman to another without any inertia. For a man, sex is primarily a source of energy supply - an energy "refueling" and can quite take place without a feeling of love for the object of obtaining sexual pleasures.

In a woman, the second chakra is polarized. The orientation vector of the swadhisthana chakra in a woman is always directed at the last sexual partner or at the genetic father (until the moment of the first sexual connection with a man). The "turning" of the orientation of the sexual chakra (genital) in a woman to a certain man occurs only after her sixth (intellectual) and fourth (emotional) chakras are oriented towards him. That is why for most women sex without feeling love (4th chakra) and without interest in their partner's personality (6th chakra) is unacceptable. For most men, sex is just an act of physical pleasure and energy supply that does not require a mandatory feeling of love and interest in their partner's personality in order to engage in it, although the presence of these components is also valued by men, but already when building serious relationships.

The different energy-informational structure of the sexual chakra (second chakra) in men and women largely explains the problem of infidelity, namely the different attitude towards male and female infidelity from the point of view of the physics of polarization and retuning of chakras.

Amplitude-frequency response of the second chakra (svadhisthana):

This characteristic reflects the dynamic state of the levels of absorption and radiation of energy by the 2nd chakra (sexual, genital) of the person being diagnosed.

Shift to "+" area
The shift to the right of the 2nd chakra indicates an excess of sexual energy.

This can lead to hysteria and rapid aging in women, as well as "spermatotoxicosis" in men. Also, a long-term shift of the genital chakra to the "+" area results in ovarian cysts, premature ejaculation, diarrhea, hypertension.

Shift to "-" area
The shift of the svadhishthana chakra "to minus" indicates a destructive state of the chakra and a lack of sexual energy.

The second chakra is the center of fusion of Earth energy and Cosmic energy in the human body. Therefore, without the normal functioning of the second chakra there is no health. Failures are passed down through inheritance or appear as a result of stress, primarily on sexual grounds, during sex with an energy-insufficient partner, with multiple sexual connections.

A prolonged shift of the genital chakra characteristic into the negative area causes blocked fallopian tubes, uterine tumors. Varicocele, phimosis, infertility, painful menstruation, impotence, frigidity. Chlamydia, thrush, genital herpes, constipation, hypotension.

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