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Beyond Noetic Science!

The New Science with practical approach and techniques that can teach you how to correctly interact in our energy-informational world!

Interest to the research in the field of Noetic Sciences is growing everyday. The latest bestseller “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown also mentions the new field of Noetic Science.

From the work of the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) the organization that actually created the word “Noetics” we can see that one of the main goals of the Institute is to help people reach their potential and research phenomena that does not fall into the category of conventional science.

Here, at the International Institute of Social Ecology (IISE) we would like to share our knowledge in what we call Social Ecology or Infosomatics. We believe that we were able to discover even more effective and practical ways to help people reach their true potential than the ways of Noetic Sciences. We were able to discover not only the methods and techniques to help people with their problems, but we also found the way to explain cause and effect impact on the events in human life.

Intuitive intellect: the new professional way of thinking! (IISE)

On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, president of International Institute of Social Ecology

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We have great respect for those who work in the field of Noetic Science, however we strongly believe that Noetics is more like a software program that you can download and install using the operational system of Infosomatics. In other words, our twenty-year research and practice gave us a chance to create a map of the energy-informational world around us and we would like to share it with you. It is vital to know the basics and the rules of the game of life to move further in the research (read an interview with the president of IISE here).

We strongly believe that knowledge of techniques and different methods of aid are important however the real key is person’s worldview. It is the ultimate defense system and the true way to reach the new level of consciousness and evolve. In our online course and seminars we teach both. We share our knowledge about unique techniques that we have developed and tested in practice as well as we help with building the correct worldview based on the real life examples and cases from our practice.

One of the things that makes us different from schools that teach Noetic Sciences or other similar fields is that we can give explanation to what is really happening on the higher planes of matter existence through the laws of physics. It is also important to point out that one of our main concerns is the safety measures. Many schools teach people how to activate abilities that might seem extraordinary to others. We however can teach how to turn those abilities on as well as how to turn them off when needed. One of our main goals is to help people live happily in our current society without escaping reality of life.

Since you are on this page you are probably familiar with the concept of the human Aura or energy shell. However not many people know that Aura is formed by the brain activity waves that go through biologically active points and energy centers or chakras. Human brain is like a very complicated radar system that can receive information from the surrounding world or cosmos and transmit the energy to create the energy shell, which in its turn forms our physical body (you can learn more about human brain informatics and how human Aura is formed in one of online seminars we posted for free).

Picture 1 Energy-informational levels of interaction

Our research showed that human body is an object on the material plane, which is formed in accordance with the information on the higher planes of matter existence. Our practical work is a vivid proof of this theory. We all know that “Practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth”. Any sickness or problem in the human life happens due to the disturbance in the informational processes on the higher planes of matter existence. We have special techniques that can help anyone to independently analyze those processes and correct them if needed.

Picture 2. Stable Planes of Matter Existence (SPME) diagram.

Noetic science degree
Picture 3. Superposition of Incarnated Spirit, Personality (complex of psychological qualities and manifested roles) and Bodily matrix (- “soma”, somatics)

Our techniques use the universal language of visualization and their effectiveness does not depend on gender, ethnicity or age. Anyone who knows how to use their own imagination can use our techniques and feel their effectiveness on the body right away (when technique is conducted correctly one usually feels a wave of warmth and tingling effect).

We believe that our knowledge will be very interesting to those who have studied Noetic Sciences before and also to those who are new to Noetic way of thinking.

Follow the links below if you want to learn how to uncover your full potential and learn about the laws of Nature tested in practice. We can teach how you can find the mission of your own Spirit and follow it so you can become healthy, successful in whatever you do as well as happy in your personal life.

Learn about practical techniques that can help you in your life!

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Short video clips from our seminars:

What is Karma, Human Soul and Spirit.

On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

What is a human?
Physical and energy shell (aura)

On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

Emotional shell of a human!
What feeds our aura and energy**

On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

The full video from the seminar and the interview!:

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Download this video for FREE!