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Video from our seminars

Intuitive intellect: the new professional way of thinking!

On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, president of International Institute of Social Ecology

Brain 2.0 * How does our brain work!

Chakras, aura, body energy and spiritual healing!

Emotional shell of a human!
What feeds our aura and energy**

Hidden dangers of taking a Loan or Credit.
Shocking Truth!

Unknown secrets of making a Sale!
Who else will tell you this?!

Misfortune infection (part2).
Don't feel compassion towards unhappy people!

Rules of Successful Life!
How to find your own wave of success.

Karma, human Soul and Spirit.
Unique of measurement!!!

On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

Vyacheslav Gubanov.
Beginning of special interview

Vyacheslav Gubanov (about himself in details)

Spiritual techniques for materialists.

How do the energy informational techniques work.

Treating the cause not the symptoms!

What to expect in 2012 ? End of the world ?

Practice is the only criteria of truth!

Analyzing energy of a person using a photograph!

How does the brain work? Energy channels of a human.

What is the human Soul?
How does it look like.
The body of a 4th dimension.

Dangers of energy healing and reiki!!!

Special technique for women!
Bringing sex chakra back to live
after a visit to gynecologist.

Disconnecting with former sex partners
Hidden and unknown dangers!

Secret rules of handling Money!

Learning principles and effectiveness of Lifexpert.

On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

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