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- to show you the Laws of Nature and Life
- to help you connect with your own Spirit
- to teach you how to use the full potential of your own Brain

With this knowledge you will be able to control the events in your life, independently recover your health and make the most desired dreams come true!

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If you know how to use your brain at its full potential, you follow the mission of your own Spirit and you are correct in your interaction with Nature and Life; then health, success in business and personal life are just side effects!

All of it is Infosomatics™!

We can teach you how to effectively use our universal techniques and how to form the new worldview for XXI century!
Investment in knowledge pays the best interest!
(Benjamin Franklin)

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Purpose of Life, Spirituality and Spiritual Enlightenment, Reiki, Energy Healing, Alternative Medicine, The Living Matrix, Noetic Science, Aura and Chakras, Numerology, Karma, Soul and Spirit, Human Potential, Kryon, Power of the Human Brain, Subconscious Mind and Intuition, Torsion and Modern Physics, dangers of Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger, go beyond "What The Bleep Do We Know", and much much more!