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Energy Informatics of a Human 2.0

Special interview with Vyacheslav Gubanov

Energy Informatics of a Human 2.0 free download

Short video from this conceptual DVD.
The body of a 4th dimension.

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Duration of this video disc: 2 hours 15 minutes

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Video parts of this DVD
"Energy Informatics of a Human 2.0":

Vyacheslav Gubanov.
Beginning of special interview

Vyacheslav Gubanov (about himself in details)

Special techniques for materialists.

How do the energy informational techniques work.

Treating the cause not the symptoms!

Practice is the only criteria of truth!

How does the brain work? Energy channels of a human.

The body of a 4th dimension.

Secret rules of handling Money!

Learning principles and effectiveness of Lifexpert.

On video: president of IISE, Vyacheslav Gubanov

Detailed content of this DVD:

  1. Energy informational techniques and new world view
  2. Search and “turning off” of subconscious controlling stresses (programs) of a person. How it is done and with what reason.
  3. History of International Institute of Social Ecology
  4. Introduction of IISE president – Vyacheslav Gubanov
  5. How to combine physics and spirituality. Effectiveness of a given approach.
  6. How energy informational techniques really work, their principles, safety measures and effectiveness!
  7. 4th dimension or where to look for real causes of diseases.
  8. What do doctors really treat: cause or effect?
  9. Explanation of the table-graph that shows the increase in frequency of the environment. The connection with appearance of new forms of hard to cure diseases.
  10. Explanation of the concentration process of the human brain.
  11. What is the secret behind developing of the supernatural abilities? Discover the reserve capabilities of your own brain.
  12. Principles of work and development of Intuitive Intellect.
  13. System of hierarchies.
  14. Combination of yin/yan in a human. The need for destructions and creation.
  15. How to know that you are correct? Criteria of your own individual truth.
  16. Genetic corrections.
  17. Search and turning off the destructive energy informational programs in your genetic family. Discovering the true causes of diseases.
  18. “Undischarged” programs of the past.
  19. Reasons behind death of genetic families.
  20. Taking energy informational graphs from a person.
  21. The scanning of the memory body (mental body) of a person and search for controlling subconscious stresses of the past.
  22. How people are drawn to each other.
  23. How our brain works. Functional brain zones of d’Urville.
  24. Distribution of energy channels on the human body.
  25. How “thin matters” of a human a formed:
    • Physical
    • Energy
    • Emotional
    • Intellectual
    • Programming
  26. Formation principles of the memory body of the 4th dimension.
  27. Where to look for and how to measure the memory body (soul) of a human. What can be found there and how to use this information to dissolve sickness.
  28. How the energy informational connection between people that a far from each other takes place?
  29. Spin-torsion interactions
  30. Violation of energy informational safety instructions and destructive consequences for healer and patient. Unknown truth.
  31. Secret techniques of independent recovery of health and bringing oneself to normal state. We share our tricks!
  32. The need to take into account individual nature of every human during the work in the energy-informational fields.
  33. How many women 1 man “suppose” to have according to the Nature.
  34. Individual nature of males and negative attitude of society toward men who have more than one woman. Who is right and who is wrong according to the Nature.
  35. Diversity of the world and the principle: “do not fight the one who is different from you”
  36. The laws of survival in the modern rapidly changing world.
  37. New management techniques in business. Business and Intuition.
  38. Totally new approach to the evaluation methods of human resources.
  39. The need to conduct the techniques of un-stressing the brain for the new employees.
  40. The need of energy informational disconnection of the employee from the previous places of work during the hiring process in the new company.
  41. Dangerous subconscious programs from the previous places fo work and problems of low efficiency of staff.
  42. Sexual revolution and consequences of multiples intercourse before marriage from the stand point of 4th dimensional physics.
  43. Interconnection between sexual and intellectual activity of a human.
  44. Advantages of businessmen with professionally developed intuition.
  45. Rules of handling the money.
  46. The need to test new employees during the hiring process using energy informational methods.
  47. Dangers in expressing compassion and sympathy towards a person. Who you should sympathize, and who you should not. Hidden dangers for you energy.
  48. What is an accident or chance according to the energy informational field.
  49. How to really learn all of this and how long does the process of learning energy informational interactions takes?

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

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