What if this is some kind of a sect!? They are creepy...

That’s the way that human mind really works, when we encounter something unknown, we try to describe it using terms and stereotypes that we learned in the past. Here is how it happens: when we encounter something new, we first of all open a big (or small) encyclopedia in our own brain. It is our Informatorium (as we call it) or in other words our vocabulary database. We use this database to give definition to what we see.

This database has more than just ad escription of a certain word (this information is needed for our conscious mind). There is information that is used by our subconscious mind and it tells us if it is safe or dangerous even before our rationality kicks in.

Let's say that you are in a forest and you encounter a big animal with brown fur and fangs and this animal is growling hiding behind a tree nearby. In that kind of situation you most likely would know what to do: RUN as fast as you can! So how did you reach such a conclusion? You could have done something else, you could have just come closer, petted the animal and given it some milk. There are many different actions that you could have taken! However, you chose to run, but why?

Everything happened according to the following scenario: information about meeting an animal got to your brain through visual receptors, internal search engine similar to Google got activated in your brain and the key phrase “big animal with brown fur and fangs” gave you the result: “This is a Bear!”, “It is dangerous!!!”.

When your individual subconscious security system (this system processes all search results from the database before your conscious mind realizes it) gave your body an impulse order to produce adrenaline and gave an order #112 (-Run-) to your brain zones which are responsible for movement of your legs and arms… So here you are running fast passing through trees and bushes chased by approaching sound of paws hitting the ground and loud growl behind your back.

What if you met a little, gentle, furry kitten that was lost and making the meow noises. What would you do? Most likely you would react differently.

Every child comes to this world with pre-installed operating system, fundamental instincts and partially filled database. It is defined by child’s re-incarnations in the past and experiences. Thus a newborn is not exactly a “clean sheet” as many psychologists affirm.

Nevertheless, the content and structure of the child’s database strongly depends on the information, which is received in the childhood from parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, babysitters, school teachers, TV shows and books. The files on “what is good and what is bad”, “what is dangerous and what is safe” are recorded into the database until the period of puberty. Many files are copied from other databases that the child actively interacts with. These files can come from parent’s database, from a grandmother who lives deep down South, from an uncle Jack who is a truck driver, from a 60-year-old kindergarten teacher, from a Spider-Man comic book and from a cartoon “Teletubbies going to Mars”.

Behavioral matrixes, stereotype judgment of the events and worldview can also be copied by a child from the parents and people around, who in their turn copied those “files” from their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. After that, the empty places of the database are filled by information from TV and books, which partially deletes information recorded by parents. That’s when the world gets ready-for-life homo sapiens (translation from Latin: Men of Wisdom), whose Informational system is collected and compiled from data taken from programs and libraries of other people – "Human > Behavioral Matrix > Wisdom".

So, after a few decades, when a person already acquired his or her own life experience, when that person went through ups and downs, victories and defeats, when the database in the brain has more than hundred gigabytes of totally useless information (which is a mixture of experience and other people's opinions), when the body is still going (but many body systems are start to malfunction and need a complete renovation due to many mistakes and system overuse) - that is the moment when a person hears something about Higher-Self or the Spirit. He or she stumbles upon information that there is a Soul, human Aura and so called Chakras, higher Energies, personal mission in this World… (… ohhh common….)… and Purpose in life for god's sake… and guess what?! there is someone who can explain all of this and even teach something about it???!! Common… really!?

Ok… let's search our database and find what it is and how to call it?

There it is, the first result in our search query is – Religion.

Let’s check… Nope, it doesn’t look like religion: it talks about some kind of physics, fields, energy-informational influence… how did that got here?... It’s gotta be some kind of a Fringe science. But wait, they do talk about Spirituality, about some kind of energy-lacking people, about protection techniques and so on.

Hmmm, let’s check our Informatorium

Does it sound like....

Eureka!!! Found it! It’s a SECT!

Alarm went off… the red light began blinking, the sirens are going crazy – run to safety – there is a Bear behind that bush!

- I will be programmed into doing something, they will mess with my subconscious mind and make me do things I don’t want to do, god forbid they will also use hypnosis and then I will not be able to leave, they would make me lose my freedom, separate me from my family and make me stay with them.

- Aaaaaaaa…. Help! SOS!!! That’s scary, I'd better run as far as I can. Or better of, I should hide under a pillow so nobody can find me!

Meanwhile a kind Moose was standing in the bushes, while chewing grass and with a feeling of light disappointment and usual tranquility was looking at the person who was running away screaming.

- Hmm, we could have just played together and enjoyed a friendly walk in the forest!

- I would have showed you many interesting things in this forest, I would have taught you its laws and laws of our good and Wise Nature, the place where I live.

The main thing is to give a definition of something unknown that you have encountered on your way, right? That is when you relax, since now you understand how to treat this unknown something.

It is a Sect! And since it’s a sect, I have to run from it! Moreover, I have to make sure that none of my relatives and close ones ever talk about things like Spiritual evolution or talk with people who have a smile on their faces, a spark in their eyes, love in their heart and have meaning in everything they say even if they say just a few words to a stranger walking by.

Oh, well…

You always have the right to make your own choice in everything you do.... you make the choice of which woman or man you love, of what religion to follow and what road to take. You choose to serve a devil or a prophet and you choose which weapon you want to use during the battle... you always choose for yourself...

We never try to forcefully attach anyone!

We never try to retain or keep someone!

We are more than happy to wish: “Farewell and all the best!”, to those who received knowledge and techniques they needed from us and ready to sail off into the sea of life independently.

We don't want to make anyone eternal student and force someone to be attached to us. On the contrary, we teach those who listen and help them become independent and free. We want people to know and feel the laws of Nature, we teach our students how to pay attention to the signals from higher-self (or own Spirit) who leads you on the predetermined road of life – your own life that has meaning and purpose!

We teach, we help and then we most certainly let people go, because everyone has their own way in this world, everyone has their own mission and own purpose!

We don’t give homework during our courses and seminars (even though most similar courses do) simply because your homework is given to you by your own Life! And maybe you will never need certain knowledge or techniques that you can learn during our course, but one day they might just save your life!

Maybe it will happen in 20 years, when you face a situation that we talked about during our seminars or webinars. And then your database will have the file with needed information on how you should deal with the situation. After our course and seminars you will know how to have the laws of Nature on your side and how to use these laws in order to find the only possible way out of any situation!

It is easy to join us and learn, it is even easier to leave us!

There is no magic, mystics or subliminal programming that can retain you here.

Everything is very simple: you will be with us, until you have interest, until you feel joy and you smile. You can be with us until you like the taste of what we can offer. And since we know that, we always try to make new and tasty dishes!

We also know that there are other restaurants and they also offer delicatessen.

That is why we try to be the best we can be: we try to be accurate, effective, innovative in our research and techniques as well as joyful, lively, happy and very reliable people!

This is our main mission and purpose!

Ships that return after a very long journey in the rough, cold and unpredictable seas need to be repaired! They get fixed by the hands of experts: their holes are carefully patched, they get their oil changed in the heart of the ship, they get updated maps of navigation, maps of routes, they get new steering wheels and the engine.

And then those ships need to leave for boundless and unpredictable sea again.

Ships can only live in the sea!

However, the captain knows that this ship is ready for any challenge and that somewhere above in the sky there is a bright Sun – his own Sun!

That is life my friends!

And if after reading all that was said above, someone would still want say: “It is still, a Sect!”

Well, we can only smile in return.

Yours truly, Lifexpert.

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