Can your techniques be ineffective?

Yes, they can!

We suggest that you take a look at the Chzhud-shi Treatise (Essays on Tibetan Medicine), chapter 26, which describes the regulations for help the sick.

Don't be intimidated: the most important things are described there on one A4 page, the link to which we give.

Note the following provisions:

  1. when healing is easy
  2. when healing is difficult
  3. when it is necessary to refuse help and leave it untreated

A little clarification.

It is easy and effective to help if any problem is at an initial stage, if no serious physiological changes (destruction) have already occurred in the body, and if the person himself is ready to work according to the suggested methods, actively involving himself in the process. In this case any disease or problem can be defeated easily!

It is difficult and less effective to help if the disease (problem) has already appeared long ago and there are serious physiological disorders (destructions) in the body. Because even if the cause in the energy-informational field is turned off (removed), the physical body still needs a certain (often long) time to regenerate itself. This happens because any process - even in the energy-information fields - has inertia, and material objects (damaged organs and body systems) belonging to the dense plane of matter existence have maximum inertia. Try to sharply press the brakes in a car going at 150 km/h. You will not stop immediately, right? And your braking distance will be 30-60 meters! And therefore, even after elimination of the program-cause in the subtle planes, the body recovers not instantly, but also with inertia.

Inertia of the body after switching off the energy-information program

That's why if health problems are very serious and a lot of time has been missed for their solution, then in addition to finding the starting point of the problem in the energy-information field and rewriting it (karmic corrections and work with stresses), it is necessary to use purely material means of health restoration (biologically active supplements and drugs). If such an integrated approach is used, the effectiveness will be maximal, and the recovery time will be minimal.

Our section of our website is devoted to purely material mechanisms of health recovery: "Health Technologies - The Physical Body and Its Laws".

The technologies and methods of complex restoration of the organism on the physical plane are described there.

It is this 2-way approach that allows you to achieve maximum results even in the most complicated cases.

When is it possible to refuse in help?

  1. When a person is hostile to the person who is helping.
  2. When there are already irreversible physiological changes in the body that are incompatible with life.

In what other cases might our technology not work as expected?

For example, when you cannot distance yourself from the source of energy-informational damage purely on social aspects. After all, the cause of any of your illnesses can be an energy-deficient person (a relative), living with you on the same flat. In this case it is difficult to do anything without distancing yourself from the source of the problem.

Because any, even the strongest magic, is still based on Physics.

And in this case, when the energy vampire is constantly in the zone of etheric interactions, when you eat at one table, and in your sleep you are separated only by a wall of concrete, which is not a barrier for energy and etheric influence, then whatever energy-information protection you apply, whatever technology you use, it will bring only temporary relief, after which the defeat and distortion of your bodies of subtle dimensions will be restored.

That's the physics!

And here you can think as much as you want that our technologies don't work, that our methods are ineffective. The truth is that to begin with you have to create a metric distance between you and the source of damage, and after that you need to apply technologies.

That's when they will begin to work according to the Natural Cycle and quickly return you to a normal, healthy state.

If you still have to be constantly in the zone of "radiation contamination of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant" due to social aspects - At work or at home - just use our methods of energy-informational protection and techniques of restoration of the bodies of fine dimensions (etheric, astral, mental, causal).

Some of these techniques are posted on our website in the "Techniques" section.

But in this case do not think that only a single application of some technology will bring you the desired result. If you work in the Chernobyl zone, it is recommended to take off the radiation protection suit only after leaving the contamination zone. And after taking off protection it is necessary to carry out the techniques of self-recovery and energy-information rehabilitation.

And this must be done every day, as long as you are forced to be a Stalker in the zone of energy-information contamination.

But remember that even the best radiation protection suit won't protect you 100% anyway. The longer you stay in the contamination zone, the higher dose of radiation your body will receive: tissues and organs. So, of course, the energy-information protections and Infosomatic technologies will work, but if you have to LIVE inside the nuclear reactor itself, no protection will be able to protect you from "radiation" irradiation. And the dose of this radiation, unfortunately, may become incompatible with life after some time. And what about a healthy life is out of the question!

And there is, unfortunately, only one variant: to leave the zone of the energy-informational Chernobyl, no matter how much you are attached to your native village, fields and meadows, where 10 years ago the dosimeter read only 0,12 mcSv/h.

Of course, you can say that all this is a fairy tale, because both radiation and energy-information irradiation cannot be detected with the eyes. But the human body feels it perfectly well, accumulating in each cell day after day a dose of dangerous ionizing radiation.

A doctor will give you a medical diagnosis, a psychic will say: "You have a spell, an evil eye or a curse! - A healer will offer to restore your energy, and a psychologist will start looking for problems in your childhood.

But your diagnosis, your "spoilage" and psychoanalysis, very often lives nearby, very close, behind the wall to your right.

And no witch doctor, witch doctor, witch doctor, psychologist can help you in such a case! Yes, he can give you temporary relief, but then everything will come back to normal again.

Because you can't beat Physics at cards with a deck of six aces!

You may ask:

- Can you do it without drastic distancing measures?

- Can I not constantly apply the techniques of energy-informational protection?

- Is it possible to take some magic pill so that it would pass by itself and you wouldn't have to do anything?

- Of course you can! But then you somehow have to turn off and deactivate, or to cure this atomic reactor.

It is possible to cure it. And with the help of Infosomatics technology, too.

And sometimes it's enough just to tweak something in the software of this reactor named Chernobyl, and it will become a peaceful atom again!

But again, this requires his own will.

Because against the will of another person it is impossible to change it and cure it!

So you have to be a Stalker and, taking off the protective energy-information suit in the evening, and thank the field that you survived!