WTF???!!! Why does it cost so much???

Many people ask us:

- Why do you charge so much for your seminars?

- We are used to get knowledge about enlightenment, awakening and spirituality for free, moreover, any type of help towards another person should be done selflessly, free of charge or for a trifle!

- However, you charge for your materials ….

- And why do you charge so much?

- Let us give you an answer to those questions!

The issue of money is a very intimate subject! There are mainly two topics that can make a person very emotional, frustrate or put a person in a very vulnerable position.

These topics are SEX and MONEY!

Here we will talk about money.

Think about a situation: you came to your friend for an advice. You are on a verge of a very important deal and you need an advice from an expert. While drinking coffee and having a casual conversation you find out that your friend is an expert on the subject of the deal and your friend can help you quicker and his quality advice will be more valuable than any other expert consultant that you would have to hire. So of course, using your friendship you get the tips you were looking for and these tips help you earn $1,000,000.00.

So what would you do next?

Would you get a thought in your head about giving your friend 10% from your profit?

Why should you? That would be 100 000$ that I earned. My friend just gave me some advice and few tips. Anyways, friends help and give advice for free, isn’t that what friends are for?!

You don’t really think about that fact, that in order to quickly and easily give you a million dollar advice while drinking coffee, you friend had to work for the last 20 years. Your friend had to fall and get up again, had to experience defeat, pain and disappointed, had to go through loosing friends and partners, but in spite of everything your friend was reaching towards the top, which he always was able to see on horizon. Your friend was receiving valuable experience, which he was able to share with you – and of course, you don’t really think about that since he or she is your friend, and friends give advice for free. That’s what friends are for!

- How much does health cost?
- How much does success cost?
- What is the price for charisma?
- How much does the energy cost?
- How much should you pay for a spark in your eyes?
- What would you pay for emotions?
- What is the price of the purpose in life?

- What health?
- Your health, that you suddenly lost 14 years ago after you had a conflict with your parents. DO you remember?

- What success?
- The success that you had in your business before you hired that Nobody to be your deputy. When that happened everything began to fall apart.

- What charisma?
- That same charisma that you had 5 years ago and your employees and business partners always admired you for it. It was before you met her, the girls on the bus stop on a warm summer eve…

Those are real stories of real people and we were able to quickly help them in just 10 minutes and give them back what they lost even though it took some of them more then 15 years to get to us.

How much does this kind of experience costs?

A story:

An expert was invited to help fix the engine of a ship. The expert spent the whole day near the engine and was looking at all different parts of it and hard to reach places. In one of such places he stopped, opened his suitcase to get a little hammer out and he banged a spot on the engine one time…. the engine began to work! After that the expert presented the bill for his services. The captain of the ship was really surprised to see the amount of $1000 on the bill. “How is that? $1000 for just one bang with a hammer?” the captain exclaimed. The expert took a pen, asked for the bill he gave the captain and made some corrections to the bill: “$1 for a bang with the hammer, $999 for the knowledge on where to bang the hammer.”

- Why do you charge so much?
- We charge so much for our knowledge!
- Where this knowledge comes from?
- This knowledge comes from many years of our experience.
- Is it possible to get the same knowledge free of charge?
- Of course, but then you would have to go through the same experiences we did and you would have to do it independently.
- Is it possible to speed up the process?
- Yes, it is possible, however the amount we charge will be according to the pricelist we have!
- Why do you charge the amounts that you do?
- Because those are the prices that encourage us to have interest in our work.
- Is there a way to make the prices lower?
- It is possible, but then we will have less interest in our work.
- Why is it so important for you to have interest in your work?
- Well, it is because we usually deal – with your F’s in your school of life.
- I don’t have F’s in my school of life!
- Well, then why do you ask us about your problems with health, problems in business and in your family?

To get back to the point, you can just look at our web site with attention.

You read our articles, watch all the video clip, download video materials that we have available for free. You can also subscribe to our list serve, download books and read them by attention to every word!

Is it really no enough for you? Do you really believe that information we have posted on our web site for free is not enough?

Please let us know! Have you ever encountered so much information on spirituality related topics that is proven through the laws of physics for free?

And we don’t mean information that you might have found using torrent trackers or other pirate sites. We mean the information that was not stolen from anywhere but was posted officially to share with other people???

And tell us the truth: ”Even by reading our web site you haven’t got the answers to many of your questions (that you didn’t really even asked) that were haunting you for the last 10-15 years?”.

Did you notice that this information was available free of charge?

You have to take into account that behind every bit of materials, behind every law or rule that might look simple at first, behind every technique, article, that we have available for free on our website – there are decades of our research, our mistakes and our victories, our experience and experience of those clients, that we were able to help in just 15 minutes - and help our clients to get back the taste for life and happiness of living! You can decide for yourself if it is a lot or not…

Yes, we do understand that not everyone has money to pay for our seminars on video, online seminars, live seminars and personal consultations. Nevertheless, to tell you the truth – the main issue is not in the amounts that we charge, isn’t it? There is something else here that is in the way?

So what should you do in those cases?

You should really pay attention when you read or watch the materials we posted on our web site. Trust us: we posted everything that is needed (the tool box) in order to build your own airplane. Of course, it might not be a jet, however it might well be an aircraft that would be able to fly for sure.

You can build your own aircraft using the instructions that we posted for free on our web site. After you have your aircraft, you can turn on your engines, check wing flaps, fuel, undercarriage and aircraft tail. Does everything work? All systems ready to go?! Then you can start your movement on the runaway, set your course to the East and request permission to take-off. All systems go?! Now you can put full power to the engines! The speed increases, and you start moving faster, faster, and faster. You take off! You are flying! And after 5 seconds everything is normal… You can see the forest, lake and houses that you once knew and where you received your life experience… You can put away your undercarriage, wing flaps. 30 second the flight is normal…. Now you just have to be in control and direct your aircraft towards the Sun. That’s where on the height of 5000 meters we will meet. Then we will be able to fly together. It is a lot more fun to fly together in the sky – there is a lot more interesting, undiscovered and beautiful up there!

So are you ready to take off and fly?

So you can actually use the amounts that we charge as a stimulus and as a height that you should reach by yourself.

And the information on how to build your own aircraft, how to be a pilot and how to go through turbulent zones during your take-off – you can find in the materials we posted for free on our web site and in our messages.

Why do we do it? Why do we post so much free information on our website? We just want to see more beautiful planes in the sky and we went the next beautiful bird to be able to reach the blue sky. To get there one has to go 5000 metres by him or herself first.!!!

And when you get there - you'll see your teammates there!

Here are just few comments from visitors of our website.

Comment: Hello dear, Vyacheslav Vilorievich and Lifexpet team. My name is Inga.
I found you on youtube by mear accident, then i found your site and almost cried: "This is my kind of information!!! This is what I need". I know and understand many things, but I still need time to understand more. Let me send you by respect to the research you have conducted and for the infromation! I read while I can, then I come back and read more! You are a life saver! Thank you!

Sincerely, Inga (Chelyabinsk).

Comment: Hello, dear Team! Thank you so much for your website. It is generous on information and brings joy! Thanks to you, I was able: 1) "to put in order" my own speculations 2) acquire new knowledge and skills 3) I once again found proof that infromation is spread in time and space and one just needs to find the right moement to see, hear and feel it ("... it is great for those who understand"). From the first few minutes on the web site I realized that I am among people who can understand me. I think I will join your webianr group in spring. Thank you once again!

Elena, 47 year old, doctor.

Comment: Hello, I am very grateful for the chance to receive information, knowledge and positive emotions!!!))) I regret that I don't have an opportunity to attend your seminars and webinars. I read your articles and watch free webinars with great appreciation!!! When I feel down I just watch your webinars and life gets better! Thank you very much for your interesting work!!!

Comment: Greetings, dear Vyacheslav!
With this letter, I would like to thank you for the energy and creativity that you bring people
Unfortunately I don't have an opporunity to attend live seminars, however I watched all free training seminars and webinars that are posted on your website for free. I work as socialogist and soon I will have to write a thesis on problems with youth. Your research helped me in my personal life as well as helped to widen the area of my research. Of course, not all the problems were solved, and new ones often knock on the door, but I don't lose my optimism and I find many useful advice in your work. :-)
I plan to become your student in the near future, I am relly interested in your course since I am researching the topic of my thesis and looking for the answer to the question: "Search for your own way in your proffesion". The topic of youth transgression and you ideas on life are very close to me.
Wishing you the best in all your endeavors. Sincerrely, Nastya.

Comment: Good Day!
I would like to express my gratitude to lifexpert team, and a personal thank you to Vyacheslav Gubanov for the research and very interesting materials. I am studying all the materials that are available for free on your website. I have strong desire to take part in webinars, get a personal consultation, become regular client and student of your Institute. Unfortunately, my current situation does not allow me to do so. Nevertheless and as I learned in your seminars and webinars, there is a reason for that
I will continue to follow your research and study all new materials you post on your website. I will also do my best to fix my current situation so I can join your team and move towards new and correct life! Best regards, Robert.

Comment: Good Day! Thank you very much for the webinars you have sent me. It seems that I was alwayssearching for your and for the infromation you have on your website. You knowledge is like a Aqua vitae... It menas that I am ready for this Knowledge. Now i have a goal to find a way how to be useful to your team and work with you. You are just great! Thank you again! Sincerely, Irina.

Comment: Dear Freinds!
Big thank you for your work and information that you post for free on your website.!!!
Wishing you all the best!!! Emma.

Comment: Greetings! The techniques that you have are very interesting. I was alwys interested in methods that can really help solve a problem. you system has scientific aproach and uses easy to understand language. I wish that more people would learn about your techniques. Zahidam.

Here you can read more comments (you would have to use google translate or know Russian) 1000 and 1 more comments about our work →.

To conclude our deiscussion on money and how can one charge for spiritual courses - please read an article by Drunvalo Melchizedek «How and Why One Can Charge for Spiritual Teachings?».

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