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I-brand. Charisma & Ultimate survival in times of Crisis.

I-brand. Charisma & Ultimate survival in times of Crisis.
$ 100
The price is for the electronic version of the disk (downloadable via the Internet).
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Seminar leader: V.V. Gubanov
Video seminar: 2 DVD disks.
Duration: 6 hours.

Video course description:

Economic and Social crisis raises a lot of problems and conflicts for executive managers and their subordinates. Old value systems are collapsing. The faith of people in authority is crumbling down. All of this causes panic, chaos and mental insanity of many people who have incorrect worldview and lost their inner stability. Practice of previous crises showed that many are not able to get back up after serous hits from the society.

The goal of this seminar is to change the worldview into the one that is suitable for crisis situations. This seminar will prepare you to be determined in your actions in the most harsh conditions and give you the knowledge that will be your "combat training" in the time of crisis!

We will teach you how to "save yourself" in the time of current crisis, so many around you can also be saved!

How to create your OWN BRAND and keep it stable in the time of crisis.
concept of constructively creative egoism).


Part №1


  1. Introduction:
  2. The need to strengthen personal position of the executive manager/ the head of a company.
  3. Crises situations are natural.
  4. "Prominent" people should be kept safe. Experience from previous crises situations.
  5. What is "quantum leap" of 2012?
  6. Ratio of Spirituality and "being imperfect" in the human Nature.
  7. Defining true goals, leaving behind illusions and temptations.
  8. How do you get your "homework" in the school of Life?
  9. Technique that helps you create "your life as a miracle" - have control over the object that has known characteristics.
  10. Shell structure of such phenomenon as "Human":
  11. Functional brain zones according to D'Urville.
  12. Types of thinking:
    • concrete or specific;
    • emotional: cause and effect;
    • wise: the whole picture for executive manager.
  13. What is the difference between "Life" and "Existence"?
  14. Aurum - element that creates Aura. What is aura and how it is created?
  15. Emotions. Optical analogy of the environment that surrounds the head of "advanced/enlightened person". "Horns and Nimbus".
  16. How the symbol of decency was created - tie as a peace of clothing.
  17. Emotional shell – the guide in the energy-informational environment. Requirements on how to protect positive emotional state.
  18. Sex differences and particularities on how emotional shell is created for each sex.
  19. Connection between a body, personality and Spirit. Destiny, Karma or "what is meant to happen" .
  20. The role of a spine in realization of the Spirit's manifestational mission.
  21. Stability in the configuration of interaction between different types of animals and people with different types of mental manifestations.
  22. Problem of excessive weight.
  23. Diagram of the human brain activity direction.
  24. The need of a person who is a hierarch to have respect for the laws regarding saving the life of his or her body.
  25. Animal like and Spiritual types of activating the chakras.
  26. The shift from the informational form of giving the information to using the association and sign method.
  27. The ability of "Visual" diagnostics using the Magical Table of Pifagor (Numerology).
  28. The main laws of correct cooperation. "The Law of 4 Ts" and "the law of 3 presentations".
  29. The law of payment – creating the condition to become "the destiny's favorite child".
  30. "Emotional starter" - the habit of keep smiling.
  31. Despondency – is a vile sin that ends with cancer.
  32. How is this manifested in the world : "If you are being hit hard by someone, it means that this someone loves you very much!"
  33. Sex – act of verification of the brain with the etalon matrix of health.
  34. Sex – is the basis of communication, education and cooperation.
  35. SALES. The reasons of failure.

Part №2


  1. Main goals of the owner and CEO of a business in the time of crisis.
  2. Crisis – destruction of illusions and return to the true values, feelings and relationships.
  3. "The one who is living - is walking. The one who stops - dies".
  4. How can you regulate the speed and direction of movement on the "road of life"?
  5. Overcoming your fear: the order of forming positive stable position in life.
  6. Letting go your ballast and trying how it feels - need for dynamic manifestation of a person.
  7. Incorrect use of received freedom and the results of those actions.
  8. Visualization of phenomena that are are the essence of the quantum leap in 2012 for groups of people in society.
  9. The level of weight the person is carrying – "credentials" of the manifested Spiritual potencies.
  10. Harmful results of being "over-clean".
  11. The problems of evolving person with the surrounding society. "Chameleon principle."
  12. The rules of dealing with money by Herbert Casson in relation to the values of person in life.
  13. Priorities and order of satisfying the priority needs of a person.
  14. Emotional "Solaris" – the rules of communication with Nature. Loneliness – constructively creative process of finding YOUR "better half".
  15. Principle of synergetic explosion in the opportunities (+) and the level of problems (-).
  16. Three main fears, that illustrate individual "moment of truth".
  17. The parable about the agreement between God and Man.
  18. FEAR OF LIFE!!!
  19. Principle of Chalomei – "indecent" actions in the surrounding society. Doing the reconnaissance through battle.
  20. Physics of the worrying process. Getting rid of the injuring conditions.
  21. Incorrect arousal of "stale" problems and troubles from pseudo experts.
  22. Norms in expressing kindness, following the limits in time and emotions...
  23. Discharging the energy of worrying at the barrier. (You are, what you call others). "Being the mirror" of alien subconscious problems.
  24. Putting the responsibility for own actions on the shoulders of "entity that eliminated them".
  25. Worsening of the person's state – specifically defining coordinates of his or her mind center. Norms of helping.
  26. Norms and limits to connivance of parasitism.
  27. Joy – the main useful function of a child and a pet.
  28. Refusing to help anyone "by all means possible".
  29. Activating "I am the magnet" mode. Where is my second half? Who are your "close friends"?
  30. Relationships between parents and children in the time of crisis.
  31. Impossibility of helping people who are in the "matrix" and those who represented the genetic clan type family structures.
  32. Daughter and Son - roles of the "past", Man and Woman - roles of perspective future.
  33. Position of personal responsibility for all actions.
  34. Structure of charisma: "I AM MY OWN BRAND".

$ 100
The price is for the electronic version of the disk (downloadable via the Internet).
If you order this disc on physical media, the cost will be: 100 руб.
(excluding postage).