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Higher dimensions and higher senses! Physics of upper levels of matter existence.

Higher dimensions and higher senses! Physics of upper levels of matter existence.
$ 100
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Seminar leader: V.V. Gubanov
Video seminar: 6 DVD disks.


Video course description:

It is probably hard to surprise someone nowadays with information that there is more than just a physical body of a human and that there is also an astral body, Aura or the field. Most people heard about chakras and the bio-energy.

To tell you the truth, that information is only the beginning of the higher planes of matter existence. Actually above the astral plane there are mental, causal, bodhi, atman, post-atman and other planes. Each one of those levels has its own laws and form-creating bodies. For example, a human Soul - is an object of mental plane of matter existence, Spirit of a person belongs to the causal plane.

Higher planes have their own laws, breaking those laws will definitely lead to problems on the physical plane. The problems are manifested as sicknesses, financial troubles, and unexplainable events in the life of a person.

So don't you think that it could be a good idea to find out how everything works and what are the rules. This way you would stop "dropping the brick" and learn how to see further than most people around you.

Most people don't know the laws of the cause and effect and waste a lot of energy, finances and inner resources to deal with the mistakes, which could have been easily avoided when you have at least little knowledge in the higher planes of matters existence and the laws of Universe.


Part №1


  1. Information about the trip to Burma for practicing special techniques.
  2. What is so different about the person who acquired the ability of higher senses.
  3. Particularities different cultures, nations and sexes.
  4. The density of manifested information (hierarchy in stable planes of matter existence).
  5. The change in the wording of purpose in life of every person when he or she enters XXI century.
  6. The change in the value system.
  7. The wave type of the manifested objects that acre common for a person in the surrounding world.
  8. Processes of the Spirit's materialization and bringing spiritual essence to materials things. Chaos of possibilities and organized information of the consequences during the interaction between objects.
  9. Delicate information about the influence of LSD on the person's emotions.
  10. Particularities of positive and negative emotions.
  11. Creativity and drugs.
  12. Similarity in the processes of Spiritual transmutation and table of chemical elements according to Mendeleyev.
  13. The level of stability in the achievements using the common value system of a person.
  14. Diagram of the brain activity direction.
  15. The law of how the methods of person's connecting to the surrounding world change in accordance with the age related life intervals.
  16. Stop fussing and begin to listening to the people around you.
  17. Illustration of the process of how human brain synchronizes with the higher planes of matter existence. Brain carriers of information on those planes of matter existence.
  18. Manifested personalities and people of matrix behavior.
  19. Manifestational, body-forming and personality-forming structure - trinity of a person on the Causal plane of stable matter existence.
  20. What is "PERSONALITY"?
  21. Refined senses of the world - zones of effective creative activity. Harmony in body oriented and Spiritual manifestations.
  22. Delegating of creative potencies of a newborn to the parents. The battle of a grown up child for the Spiritual independence and self definition.
  23. "Robot" from Polynesia. It can silent "the liars".
  24. Creating individual informatorium. Structure. Specific particularities in the abilities of nations and individuals.
  25. Three levels of Personality organization.
  26. Demand or Blockage of the Manifestational components in the society.
  27. What is "CONSCIENCE"?
  28. Chronal coordinates of personality initiation and physiological & astrological orientation.
  29. What is Karma of the body, personality and manifestational structures.
  30. Knowledge, intuition. Flexibility and stiffness.
  31. The influence of the bells: Russian orthodox bells and Tibetan bells, mantras and Tibetan bowl.
  32. Matrix type work of the prayers, informational energy excessiveness of holy script and increase of their stability against external "noise".
  33. The secret behind increasing the effectiveness of the prayer.

Part №2


  1. Example of how to use a bowl from Nepal.
  2. Mantra like singing for harmonization. Example.
  3. Defining the frequency of the true (Natural) religious belief.
  4. Explaining the principle of resonance in the DNA molecules of the body with the Egregor of the Faith.
  5. Time periods for brain zones activation.
  6. Benefit of coming down to verify the senses and activate the feelings. Creativity in suffering, creativity in happiness and energy excessiveness.
  7. Introducing the meaning of "Undercover living 2".
  8. The spiral of POST-POST-ATMAN and the plan explaining the connection of form-building body matrixes on different levels of Mind evolution.
  9. 3D polarity diagram of the shift from the information to the dense-material energy form.
  10. Explaining the shocking saying about "9 sexual partners".
  11. The law of 4 - "Perceive, Recognize, Pardon, Accept " - the law to "fire up" personality.
  12. The shift from perfection "below" to being "amateur" "above" - the law of Double negation (Dialectical materialism).
  13. Discovering brain work process using arabic NUMBERS. The secrets of working with codes in numbers. Increase of work efficiency.
  14. Number- digital word - image of pure information - diagram of the order in which human brain works.
  15. "Opening" and "Closing" directions and levels of informatorium.
  16. Sensing the truth, lie and hypocrisy.
  17. What is a ROLE? What is the difference between a role and the game from the hypocrisy and lies?
  18. Manifestation of personality. "Five conditions for a lonely bird" - the signs of perfect personality.
  19. The diagram of the personal independence (Monoshans). Senses, Cases, Punishment. Language for understanding. Language for "put that in your pipe and smoke it"…
  20. Sad story of "Aurora" - reaction of the body to the false choice in the type of activity.
  21. "For what" does life hits you
  22. Spiritual parents - "Curators". Cooperation and protections.

Part №3


  1. A person of "western" mind set and "eastern" mind set.
  2. The basic physics of possessing and zombifying by the Channel of creativity.
  3. Negative feedback of the people around you when your personality is manifested. How to correctly "aim" with your Spirit in regards to the manifestations in society.
  4. Problems of massive consequences after Spiritual activation. Non-standard behavior - condition of being on your Spiritual way.
  5. Automatic health support of the body during creative activity of the Spirit.
  6. Fate of the body after the manifestaional mission of the Spirit was completed. Cancer as correct eliminator of worthless existence. Autism. Example of parental curse.
  7. Newborn Spirit, Advanced Spirit, Monada, Curators, Planets, Egregors,Atman, Explorer - stages of evolution of the spiritual forms of intellectual existence. Monad theory of Mind evolution.
  8. Particularities of how to meet and interact with your monad twins.
  9. Particularities of a person's life, when he or she is guided by Curators.
  10. Attitude towards commonly accepted holidays and relatives.
  11. Secrets of unexpected sympathy towards the person who is guided by Curators. Friendship and communication.
  12. Example that describes the content of the message received through the channeler with the higher planes of matter existence. Multilevel frequency decrease of the channelled message.
  13. Electronic analogy of religion's role in life of a specific person on his way to enlightenment in the modern society.
  14. Hierarchy of religious traditions in regards to the priority based brain zones activation of the religious believer. From Paganism and Judaism, through Christianity and Islam, to Hinduism, philosophy and Buddhism.

Part №4


  1. Appearance of extremely low frequency vibrations between powerful people who are a little bit different. The reason behind conflicts among women in teams. Frequency and phase conflicts. Daughter - stranger, "man wife".
  2. Meditation towards the the place of power to increase overall health.
  3. Manifestation of Monad twins, rules of engagement.
  4. The rules of interaction between powerful people in the limits of one team.
  5. Conditions that help to get the competitive edge in business projects and success renovation projects of VIP apartments.
  6. Who can become a good salesperson? What is being sold: the product itself or the energy packaging that comes from the salesperson?
  7. How can you out a price on creativity. The truth of energy weight in different currencies.
  8. Correction of accidents and quality. What is the difference between premier, exclusivity and copies.
  9. Module type of education suitable for modern children (INDIGO - open reincarnation) and for quick re-training of people when they change their job.
  10. Forming creative potential (emotional shell) in the place of sale.
  11. Epotage example of defining "channel" trainer, that is the difference of a person who is alive from the person who is just an "academic dummy".
  12. Example of "Curator" humor. Attitude towards upcoming predictions of disasters.
  13. Individualization of the educational process and bringing culture to the new generation.
  14. Technique on how to let your child go to school with the "energy shells" from the family - the main condition to insure health and success of a child.
  15. Securing undisturbed dreaming of a sensitive child.
  16. The need to prepare your children using psycho-energertic methods to increase their success in school.
  17. The problem of loosing the channel of creativity and getting it back.
  18. "When homeless mongrel is trying to climb on the thoroughbred bulldog" - the problem in refusing to service the unworthy client.
  19. Organizing positive flow of needed information.
  20. What should you do with "uninvited" guests? Living "Undercover". Technique of face-off.

Part №5


  1. The "2D" and "3D" order. The problem in cooperation between representatives of different stability forms. Like attract alike (The law of attraction). The role of "clothing" when contacting with other people.
  2. Mistakes in choosing the role. "Log and liana" the type of injury.
  3. The causes of Parkinson disease - phantom paralysis.
  4. The need and means of testing if someone has a realistic plan. Principle of "+30%".
  5. Imposture - the needed element in evolution. The level of adequateness in bluffing.
  6. When and how much can you lie?
  7. Information coming from previous embodiments. Problems with pen name for modern journalists. Schizophrenia.
  8. What is the energy informational function of pets. Who is the leader of the "pack"?
  9. Creative competition. When you should cooperate and when you should work independently?
  10. Installed success programs from parents. Being possessed. Autism. Example: "Aviator".
  11. Should you look into your future? Proper methods and dangers from improper methods.
  12. How injuries on the higher planes can happen during research.
  13. How prediction happen sometimes (Funny example).
  14. You should study those things that everyone is criticizing. (The principle of selecting valuable information).
  15. Principle of "outliving one's usefulness" during energy informational reconnaissance. Physics of its manifestation. Particularities of confrontation on informational levels during Competition and Terrorism.
  16. Principle of "four Ts": "You should do THAT, THEN, THAT way, and with THOSE, when it is easy, fun and efficient".
  17. The concept that helps you control realization of your wishes. Harm of taking a loan or credit to satisfy consumption needs: slavery of the past. To live according to your budget. The need of being shy to define Natural way to find the solution. The problem of being self-satisfaction.
  18. Disappearance of creativity in people who lie "on credit".
  19. The need to use credit and loans for business purposes and creation of YIN and YAN shells of collective mind.
  20. Crediting freedom of creative potential manifestation: place to live, qualification and transport.
  21. Astrology and interpretation of dreams. Safety measures when contacting an expert.
  22. Particularities of conducting technique "The candle of retribution" by full-fledged people (Three directions of polarity).
  23. the price of a service or good-turn (The Magic Skin or The Wild Ass's Skin).
  24. Three polarities of any role. The secret of success in life. False goals. Sacrificial life.
  25. Attributes are fake - shells are TRUE. Priorities in goals. Blackmail. Tricks on the field that secure success in work.
  26. Stimulating the actions that comes from the teacher. it might seem as harm, but in the end it is great good.
  27. Finding the source of injuring programs by the places of injuries on the human body.

Part №6


  1. Attitude to wards the difficulty of tasks that come form the teacher to the student.
  2. The signs of contact with your Curators and the difference from being possessed or Schizophrenic.
  3. How Curator's advice is turned on.
  4. How the conditions that draw people a part come to be (test through Strength, Power and Money).
  5. Worsening of ethnic conflicts among people of Slavic egregor.
  6. Importance of the initial contact to forecast the future unfoldment of events.
  7. Particularities of wearing a hat that identify the priority in the brain activity.
  8. Certain tricks of the technique that helps you to attract needed people and experts.
  9. Copyright in XXI centruy. Why manuscripts cannot be burned? Informatorium type creativity (evolution). Spiritual profit. Plgiarism and Alternatives.
  10. The image of Egregor and Informatorium. The need to "set free" the fruits that you have created
  11. Competence in creating quality new product based on the popular old one with breaking certain socially accepted copyright.
  12. Example of when industrial/business espionage is justified. Unsunctioned production of the prototype. Problems of being EXCLUSIVE. Generators of ideas and those who make them popular.
  13. The protection of the creator by egregor.
  14. Everyday life of people and importance of stimulating tasks that come from Curators. Over-responsibility for the fate of close people.
  15. The cause of the "misunderstanding" in a team. "The puppet" and the main carrier of the business channel. "Graveyard of channels".
  16. The need to take into account polarity of the activity to synchronize you body body with your own Nature.
  17. The feeling when the channel of communication and creativity is established.
  18. Examples of creating structures of the Collective Mind. Dividing responsibility and feeding people. Giving FRAGMENTS of the channel to the subordinates in the team.
  19. Why you shouldn't hold on to people that want to leave your team.
  20. "Relay race stick" - channel, that goes to the new person who is substituting.
  21. "Rank memo" about Curators, Informatoriums and Curator systems.
  22. Possibility of giving a channel as a donor and connecting to the channel for a short period of time.
$ 100
The price is for the electronic version of the disk (downloadable via the Internet).
If you order this disc on physical media, the cost will be: 100 руб.
(excluding postage).