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Happy New Me. Experience Powerful Inner Transformation!

Happy New Me. Experience Powerful Inner Transformation!
$ 200
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Seminar leader: V.V. Gubanov
Video seminar: 6 DVD disks.


Video Course Description:

This video course gives all the necessary keys to the formation of a new Pro-Natural Worldview that allows you to move from the "slavery of decency" and mundane existence to a bright, full, successful, healthy and purposeful Life!

This video course is intended for "beginners" who are just entering the subtle energy-information space of the surrounding world from the usual everyday reality of the material world.

This video seminar reveals the basic laws of Intelligent Nature, the basic physics of energy-information interactions, as well as the basic technologies of self-recovery and self-conditioning.

This seminar can be regarded as a kind of system ABCs for quick switching and transformation of consciousness from one frequency reality (the material world) to another - the world of energy-information interactions and cause-effect relations - without knowing the laws of which one can hardly talk about success and health nowadays.

This video course provides a solid energy-information foundation!


Part №1


  1. How you should behave while at the seminar.
  2. What is the meaning of the concept: "wag someone off the tail"?
  3. Reaction to criticism and slander.
  4. Use of cell phones during the seminar.
  5. Mages, Witches, Wizards: who are they?!
  6. Short history of IISE and the unique method of teaching.
  7. Informational methods of work and the methods that use force.
  8. Do you need a "taxi sign" or "you need to get somewhere"? – experience and effective use.
  9. Manifestation of sicknesses as betrayal of the own Spirit's Nature by the brain orientation of the person.
  10. Men and Women during the time of change.
  11. Chronal mistakes in the calendar and their causes.
  12. Human brain and the body – as instruments of interaction with the surrounding environment. "Day-off".
  13. Techniques : "Eyes of gynecologist", "Spider and a fly".
  14. What could be the effects after eating genetically modified foods.
  15. The way to correct your deeds and worries in the past.
  16. How to let God into your heart and what will be the result.
  17. Ethic norms during energy-informational practices.
  18. Technique "Christmas tree on the stage".
  19. The need of worldview evolution with time.
  20. Flexibility and criticism in perceiving new information.
  21. The need to place limits in the complex set of laws.
  22. Percentage ratio of Spirituality and Body Oriented mindset depending on the situation.
  23. Functional brain zones according to D'Urville.
  24. Human brain rotational activity.
  25. The main reason for INFERTILITY and MISCARRIAGES. (KNOW-HOW).
  26. "Happy Holidays - Happy New Flue" – how to be ready in advance.
  27. Technique on how to disconnect yourself from those who are lagging behind. (KNOW-HOW).
  28. How human Aura is formed.
  29. Appendicitis from the energy-informatic standpoint. Example: energy vampire influence.
  30. Life according to the Laws of Nature. Specific laws for your own specific cases. Trust your senses and feelings.
  31. The speed of regenerational processes that flow during normal and Natural manifestation. Abortion.
  32. Autoauravisual diagnostics (seeing auras). An example.
  33. Dental caries and tooth pain. Causes and methods of eliminating the pain.
  34. Why after Infosomatic technique one can feel warmth in the body?.
  35. Numerous communication problems. "The wolf" technique.
  36. Problems with "grounding" after conducting techniques and meditations.
  37. Channel of brain activity after energy injury.
  38. Magic is revealed to the world. "Vodoo doll".
  39. Provocation of religious fanatics. The need of disguise for an advanced person. How to control your own activity.
  40. Education and knowledge - ability to manage.
  41. Truth and secrecy. Documents. Attitude towards trust and faith.
  42. Male type of thinking – guarantee of success in business. Consequences of the "Pseudo-Y" injury that business women have. Technique that helps to eliminate the habit of the "male" role.
  43. The causes of the "curse on the relationships" or why women choose to have relationships with parasite like male. Polarity related infertility.
  44. Family as interaction between the elements of the "food chain".

Part №2


  1. Why can you feel discomfort when working with computer.
  2. Versatility and exclusiveness, manager-expert and his or hersubordinate.
  3. Tactile stimulation of the human brain zones.
  4. Natural limits for the time of parasitism from the opposite sex.
  5. Types of blood and castes.
  6. Electromagnetic influence on the electronic equipment by the brains of the person who is worrying. Phenomenon of WORRYING by the modern person.
  7. Influence of "contaminated" brains on the level of holiness in a holy place.
  8. Signs of energy excessive person, that you can use for your benefit.
  9. "Law of interaction in a distance" for living systems.
  10. Tale about the rooster.
  11. Stop sparing those who are unworthy and take responsibility for their problems. Social norms of connivance.
  12. Principles of capable primitivism. Insuring ability to work.
  13. Meetings that mean something.
  14. The law of synergetic explosion of a team's potential when team members are synchronized.
  15. The Law of MEMORY. Ways to use it. Multilevel RECONNAISSANCE.
  16. The need of reasonable running energy flow of a person in the process of his or her evolution. Tram, Trolley bus, Helicopter.
  17. Signs of ENERGY LACKING person.
  18. Emotional shell. It's role in the life of a human. Feeding from the HOLLY SPIRIT.
  19. Why some people begin to "lose their mind" when they incorrectly use their freedom?
  20. What is the main problem of energy HEALERS?
  21. Concept of personal responsibility for the actions of the body, personality and the Spirit. Fairytale about Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden).
  22. Reasons behind HYSTERIA of women.
  23. Energy-informational foundation of the reproduction instinct.
  24. What children follow which genetic line. What is the preferred destiny of each child according to the number in line the child was born.
  25. What is "Constructive Creativity"?
  26. Technique "Head of Buddha" (KNOW-HOW).
  27. Taking care of yourself – is the main responsibility of advanced/enlightened person.
  28. Correct utilization of old things.
  29. The benefit of being generous. (KNOW-HOW).
  30. Communication and relationships like BUSINESS.
  31. Concept of searching for the new energy or disconnecting from sins in the past.
  32. The meaning of SUFFERING and REPENTANCE.
  33. Pleasures as signs on the road of life. Satisfying the NEEDS. Invariable order of satisfying the needs to form CREATIVITY.
  34. "Existence" and "Life". What is the big difference?
  35. If woman is ALIVE then she can reproduce.
  36. Who has a higher priority: Mother or a Child?
  37. How new alternative methods of medicine are born using the concept of analogy. Airplane designer - Mikulin.
  38. Criticism. Correctness. Friend, Critic, Faultfinder and Asshole.
  39. Conditions that are needed to start happy life.
  40. Signs on your road of life.

Part №3


  1. Illusions: untruthful perception of life.
  2. Planes of stable matter existence. Analogy with the sea.
  3. The wave of materialization/dematerialization. (KNOW-HOW).
  4. Pranic burns: how can they be physically manifested. Quinsy/Flue.
  5. Where is "future" manifested on the body and where is "past".
  6. The waves that are "warnings" and waves that are "reminders". Intentions, Illusions, Plans, Suffering, Education, Subconscious mind.
  7. Illusion of strong family – charm to excite love.
  8. Body orientation (material orientation) and Spirituality of our body.
  9. Technique - "The Mask of Fantomas". (KNOW-HOW),
  10. Radiculitis, blockages in the spine.
  11. Polarity of the brain activity.
  12. Schedule of life crises in life of a human.
  13. 28 years of age – you have to ANSWER for your life so far.
  14. The table of your "flight mission" (7*7 table for every year of your life). In detail!!!
  15. A holiday for advanced/enlightened person and for a common person. The pleasure of being alone.
  16. When daughters cheat on their fathers with the future husbands.
  17. Activation of brain zones depending on the age intervals.
  18. Train them while they are still small. Miracles in relationships with kids. Role of a MOTHER.
  19. MOTHER type love.
  20. Breaking up with your ex-lovers.
  21. The most important quality – is to feel joy towards life. Professionalism.
  22. Cooperation between Children and Parents. What is the "job" of children in business.
  23. Napoleon: reward and execute.
  24. The balance between pleasures and hardships on YOUR road of life.
  25. Problems with eyesight and energy-informatics: shortsightedness, long sight, astigmatism and squint.
  26. How can you make the sharp sudden sound needed for completing the techniques.
  27. How energy vampires attach themselves. How can you protect yourself.
  28. Love as the truth of life. (Love thy enemy).
  29. "Love thy enemy" - PROTECTION TECHNIQUE.
  30. Paradoxical psychology as the method to protect yourself.
  31. Fundamental principles of the most effective protection technique. (KNOW-HOW)
  32. Keeping stable the reached state when you are protected.
  33. Understanding of what a person who is trying to have a conflict with you can actually teach you.
  34. Example of karmic retribution for sinful actions. When it is impossible to help someone.
  35. "Shooting off" the parasite connections. Practice.
  36. Example "overdose" of letting go your sexual ex-partners.

Part №4


  1. Reasons behind the energy lacking state of kids and adults. School as energy lacking place. AIDS as the worst kind of energy injury. Drug addiction and how to recover from it. Tobacco addiction and overindulgence.
  2. Secrets of recovering from addictions.
  3. Vacation in Egypt as the etalon of deadly place.
  4. The law of allowed destructive actions. (KNOW-HOW).
  5. Ideology against alcohol addiction.
  6. Languages of different polarities: social, professional and creative.Why you have to use certain language for certain people to get your idea across to them..
  7. Example. A tale about an energy hit from a kitten.
  8. Shocking your ill-wishers. Right for a mistake.
  9. Indecency of truth. (It is too strong).
  10. Secrets of success in using module education. (KNOW-HOW).
  11. "Grounding" to the state of "here and now" by "hitting with love".
  12. How to stop being scared of driving a car.
  13. Why car accidents happen (big and small).
  14. Happy end of an incident when the car was stolen.
  15. The body of causes in the life events of a person. Body, Soul, Spirit. KARMA, DESTINY and FATE.
  16. Attitude of men towards their child.
  17. How can you ensure quality SEX-life in the family with a small child. (KNOW-HOW).
  18. True information about the speed of REAL change into the harmonious life. (KNOW-HOW).
  19. Why before a person reaches 21 years of age "beating defines the consciousness".
  20. Percentage of people in humanity with a Spirit. (KNOW-HOW).
  21. The birth of a child. For whom and why women give birth?
  22. Concept of working "till the last breath". Spend money on yourself!!! (KNOW-HOW).

Part №5


  1. What women are doing with men. (With humor about serious stuff). Major mistakes. What kind of influence planet positioning has on people(briefly).
  2. Harmonization of inner body structure.
  3. Agitation of surrounding environment by overdose of energy-informational procedures/techniques. "We did it!". How Curators/Guides bring us to discipline!.
  4. Multiplane Spiritual cooperation.
  5. How to define YOUR TOTEM ANIMAL.
  6. Reminder about RULES OF HANDLING MONEY by Herbert Casson.
  7. Reasons behind "sudden" loss of interest towards certain male sex-partners. "Causal captivity".
  8. Protecting your own energy from all kinds of vile things by filling the energy flow. Brief description of the "Protection techniques" (taken from the main course).
  9. Sacrifice. "Protection" through the pets.
  10. "Candle of retribution" technique in detail. Increasing the scale of this powerful system of peacemaking.
  11. The impulse mode of CREATIVE process. Learning from the master – apprentice.
  12. Priorities of injuries in the hierarchical pyramid. Once again about pets. Pets like personalities.
  13. Reasons for sudden aggression from pets. (KNOW-HOW).
  14. Astral forms of life. Parasites. Healing abilities of the pets. "White sheet" technique.
  15. Symbiosis of a master and a pet. Howling of the dogs, missing cats and dogs. Problems of hotels for pets. Techniques to recover health of pets.
  16. "Medusa Gorgon". Physics of this phenomenon. Technique to come down for an active person. (KNOW-HOW).
  17. "Shocking" opponent by agreeing with criticism. Life concept "Hedgehog in the myst".
  18. Example of a fatal case when dog's energy shell was captured by the master.
  19. The secret reason behind health problems of people on vacation after their conversation with those who are in their regular place of living.
  20. Fairytales as carriers of culture's energy traditions.
  21. Reasons for irrational fears of driving, riding a boat or flying a plane. (KNOW-HOW). Fears of crossing the bridge and going underground.
  22. Reasons why most people dislike teachers and intelligent people.
  23. Providing assistance and helping. Whom, when, which way and up to what limit. (KNOW-HOW).
  24. About cars again. The hand of faith. TRUTH. The scale of games by Curators/Guides. (KNOW-HOW).
  25. Technique to "Replenish the life forces of a person using the flame" IN DETAIL.
  26. Suffering, Aggravation, Happiness, Vengeance – the major "checkpoints" in the process of eduction. Interpretation of the story about Heaven. (KNOW-HOW). Paradox of the situation.
  27. Crystal sphere – from mysticism to the physics of fortune telling.
  28. Events that need to teach you something can repeat three time.
  29. Fatalism, Humbleness, Acceptance, Creativity – stages of forming a successful person.
  30. Chain of events and its statistical analysis.
  31. Karmic encounters(with the past).
  32. Reward for correct break in suffering. Truthfulness before yourself and your Spirit.
  33. Interpreting your dreams: direct and using associations.
  34. Stages of person's fall: sequence of sicknesses during energy-informational injuries. Chronic diseases and acute condition.
  35. Healers from Philippines: how do they heal. (KNOW-HOW).
  36. Healing using regular anatomy atlas of a human body. TECHNIQUE. Demonstrating the MATRIX of HEALTH. (KNOW-HOW).
  37. Happiness as natural phenomenon. Regularity and proper timing. Different levels of manifestation and reaching the goal.
  38. From egoism to friendship and cooperation. Why and where we actually search for our second half (soulmate). (KNOW-HOW)!!! Illusions and Reality.
  39. Previous incarnation of the Spirit and its role in events and success of modern person.
  40. Heart and Soul – personal emotional shells. (KNOW-HOW). Genetics, Personality and Manifestation of the Spirit – "Swan, Cancer and a Pike".
  41. Prevailing manifestation of the mind center.
  42. Pareto principle in regards to the structure of received pleasures.
  43. The Secret of effective way for "Your dreams to come true".
  44. The order of receiving service and making a payment. Consumer loans. (KNOW-HOW).
  45. Pleasure from driving a car.
  46. Help from the stand point of human traditions - often is harm on the higher planes of matter existence.
  47. The truth behind resolution of ANY problem.
  48. The physics behind activation of "MAGIC DEFENSE" (Defense by Nature).
  49. Investing in joy.
  50. Creativity - "Dark" and "White".
$ 200
The download files are not yet connected to this product, so there is no possibility of purchasing it at this time. You can ask us about approximate dates of appearance of this material on our website, contact us through the Contact Us section, or choose another product in our online store.