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Extreme Business effectiveness through the laws of Universe!

Extreme Business effectiveness through the laws of Universe!
$ 250
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Seminar leader: V.V. Gubanov
Video seminar: 5 DVD disks.


Video course description:

Unique and powerful video course!

Designed specifically for CEOs and business owners.

It presents conceptually new pro-natural laws of successful business, taking into account the energy-information characteristics of employees and business partners, as well as their astrological, numerological and stress parameters that affect the success and effectiveness of both the individual and the surrounding team as a whole.

The course deals with new ways of making effective managerial decisions on the basis of intuition and the use of the body as a natural measuring device, which, being properly tuned to take information from the "subtle plans", helps to navigate in constant business uncertainty and turbulence of the impending future.


Part №1


  1. Short introduction of the seminar participants.
  2. Will you have less questions when you acquire new knowledge.
  3. Moving from initial basic comprehensive knowledge towards specialized, fragmented and "connected", "dynamic", "resonance-analogy" KNOWLEDGE.
  4. How DISCOVERIES are formed based on the "resonance knowledge".
  5. Using the "combat in the circle" technique for effective management.
  6. The difference between low frequency techniques and low frequency brain structures from high frequency structures, the ones that are advanced/enlightened and their variations.
  7. What every modern executive manager should know no today.
  8. Taking into account the influence of astronomical events on the work effectiveness and results of the team. The work schedule of a team.
  9. Activity in the "allowed" and "forbidden" directions of a specific person.
  10. "Testing" volume of the financial losses that includes natural instincts of survival and effective work.
  11. Responsibility, stability, flexibility - of a quality, that help to hold on to success.
  12. The problem of taking the investment out of "working" business. Business is not just a PRODUCT that you can sell!
  13. The main equation of the real achievable business or activity.
  14. Psycho-matrix (table of Pifagor): mechanic and adapted to the real life interpretation of person'a potential. Mistake from someone else's point of view - "protective role" created in advance. What is the difference between people with equal parameters in the psycho-matrix (table of Pifagor).
  15. The role of taking into account cosmo-rythmic parameters that have influence on the team members.
  16. The law of how to form a team (KNOW – HOW):
  17. V of the team = Creative essence х Communication Skills х Quality.
  18. "Prospecting" happiness of the modern entrepreneur. "Overflow of human resources" in the potencies and success.
  19. Executive manager and his or her satellites. Universal structure of the team and its hierarchy.
  20. "Like attracts alike" - the law. The work capability of a team is determined by the existence of the complex Curator system.
  21. Crisis is not a tragedy, it is the time of fundamental change. The schedule of crises in the life of any person.
  22. Is it possible to lead every person to success and help him or her to keep the success on the same level by external force.
  23. What is "the Spirit" and "Soul". What is Karma definition The sound quality of vinyl records and parameters of the ROTATIONAL BRAIN ACTIVITY. The level of the Spirit's maturity. Who falls under the category of "people of light".
  24. How the planets of the SOLAR SYSTEM can have an influence on a specific person (KNOW-HOW!!!). What does ASTROLOGY calculates and interprets. It is very precise science of management.
  25. "The secret inner structure of successful business or enterprise".
  26. Should all the information be dedicated to personality?
  28. "Every modern executive manager is responsible with his or her OWN BODY for the sins and imperfection of the members in his own creative team" - THE LAW. Illustration of the "chronal greeting messages" that eliminate the chance to cooperate.
  29. What is the mechanism of you getting the answers to your burning questions?
  30. What is : "direct reincarnation of the Spirit". What are the consequences of this manifested quality?
  31. How does ignorance or "mechanic" execution of recommendations of the expert-coach can effect the health of the executive manager.
  32. When psycho-energy techniques are ineffective?
  33. How should you work with "unpleasant" clients. How to discharge accumulated stress in practice. Techniques "Auditorium"..
  34. What effect does the history of the place of living has on the state of health. "Manifestation" that help to "release the steam" from the accumulated stress.
  35. What is the physics of IISE psycho-techniques (KNOW-HOW).
  36. Why do you need "the officers" in the team. Why do we conduct a lot of practical work during our seminars?
  37. Laws of "Memory" and "work on the distance" in relations with the giving "live informations".
  38. EXAMPLE OF EDUCATION IF XXI CENTURY – transferring the live knowledge.
  39. The rate of change in the speed of life. Illustration. The argument for making the process of communication more professional.
  40. "Laws" and "street smarts": orientation and truth.
  41. How do we build the structure of our complex video course.
  42. Positive interpretation of the story about banning Adam and Eve from Heaven.
  43. Is the process of gaining knowledge is sin? For whom the knowledge is the sin?
  45. True example of the episode in TECHNICAL REVOLUTION.
  46. Each problem can be solved only in its own time. If you suffer a lot - something will come out of it! Attitude towards physical and creative suffering (KNOW-HOW).
  47. How we are different from others in our attitude to the problems. Vanguard role of pioneers - getting the materials ready for the mass demand by the time the problem "crashes down" and hits the masses.
  48. Discipline and ability to work, knowledge and qualification – parameters of survival in difficult time periods of change.
  49. The law of "3 zeroes" when used on the branches of Power (KNOW-HOW!!!) "Valuable figures" and "People - little screws" - bio-mass.
  50. The law of hierarchical interaction – the kew too effective communication and "foretelling the future" in cooperative work.
  51. The need of an outsider for the leader to gloom.
  52. Personal story about the role and parameters of the outsider. Roles: "Deranged" and "Indicator". "You can let the person go, but it is your responsibility to keep the structure!".
  53. Is there a "Game" in places of Gambling? "Emergency" channel to receive salary.
  54. "Golden fishes" - the secret of successful work.
  55. "The puppet masters" and formal leaders.

Part №2


  1. Table of Pifagor: what is it about and what will it mean after 2012.
  2. Why we "give" such concentrated knowledge and why our techniques are so effective.
  3. "The roots" on the new level of environment with higher frequency.
  4. How can you successfully prepare yourself to "who knows what" in advance?
  5. The exact wording of the "secret" behind the activity in different directions by Vyacheslav Vilorievich (V.V.).
  6. The illustration of symbiosis in traditional and new generation. "The Trunks" and "Roots".
  7. Numerology – the instrument of quick orientation in the rythmology of Cosmos.
  8. The image of natural flooding of the "roots", but keeping your "periscopes" above the surface.
  9. Why sometimes the techniques "don't work" and what should you do in that case?
  10. How "alive" information is different from "logical" information.
  11. Technique "a yacht during the high tied". Practice.
  12. Evolution of biological family into the creative type of family.
  13. The reasons behind the "INFANT MORTALITY" and elimination of "rotten" teams.
  14. One way to realize the process of increasing FUNCTIONAL FREQUENCY.
  15. You don't have to be reborn through biology, but you have to increase the effectiveness of organization.
  16. Evolution of computers: pentium, pentium double core, pentium with four processors and more. You get the technology according to the goals that you have.
  17. Influence of the processor clock rate on the brains of the users.
  18. Theory of the "Blue Ocean Strategy" and fate of oligarchs and fraudulent businessmen with limited level of worldview.
  19. You should not work a lot and hard. "You should work less but with correct aim".
  20. Pareto principle – "The Bible" of effective impulse type work.
  21. Functional Creativity – example from practice. Technical skill and creativity: the difference between the two. Controlled creativity.
  22. Law of paradox of the successful advertisement (KNOW-HOW).
  23. Securing "energy flow" through your channel - making your chakras "glow" – charismatic attractiveness – hierarchical level – level of income.
  24. The structure of channel that can attract the client and the partner. Technique of how to tune in: PRACTICE (KNOW-HOW). "Election campaign promises" are the bait for those who are trying to "catch your soul".
  25. Concrete hierarchy of person's needs, that insures evolution of the managing essence.
  26. How you can tune in to the creativity and ALIVE processes.
  27. How is the following principle realized: "There are millions who are invited, but only few are chosen". What is the difficult part in the flow of the economical momentum. What can guarantee the optimism and security.
  28. How can you bring to order the process of giving credit on a certain level?
  29. "Aftersound" of the environment – reverberation – The key to understanding the "Pareto principle 20/80".
  30. "How can you realize the principle of 4 Ts" and combine many laws of Nature into one, so you can create something that is alive?
  31. Discussing the dreams after the first day of the seminar.
  32. How can you initiate acquisition of the new direction in business in accordance with the theory of "Blue Ocean Strategy"?
  33. Example of acquiring "authority from outside".
  34. What is "a weapon with a precise aim". Precision - is the guarantee of the increase in power and effectiveness.
  35. Example of how to define "spoiled" specialist or a prospect for the job.
  36. How long can you wait for the results from the new project?
  37. The role of a "catalyst" that increases the brain activity in team members.
  38. Example of "provocative" method that is used to improve qualification.
  39. Influence of the pregnancy on the business qualities of a female employee. Attitude from a businessman or an entrepreneur towards pregnancy. Means of protecting your business from intrusion by the family and government related demographic program.
  40. Individual Informatorium of a person. Orientation of a human brain in the informational structure.
  41. Cursing the goods through the actions of "middleman" employee.
  42. Technique of "changing the shell from the social type to the vanity type and letting go the phantoms of the "clients" and "visitors". PRACTICE.
  43. Attitude towards "unhappy" employee.

Part №3


  1. Who you should fire without any prejudice.
  2. Experience of training the needed emotional state of the employees.
  3. Table of Pifagor. What does the lacking of certain numbers mean.
  4. Parameters of the "Boss Cross".
  5. Detailed review of a case using Astrological "elements" and numerological concepts.
  6. Interaction of the "elements" according to science and in reality.
  7. Illustration of the effectiveness level in psycho-energy practices.
  8. "The ones" and "zeroes" after the research in 1995 (Italy, burial grounds of prominent people).
  9. How do holy relics effect on the people who are living now.
  10. Professional astrological forecast and "massively produced" astrological forecast and analysis.
  11. What procedures should be conducted when leading employees and experts are fired from the company.
  12. How you should react to the employee that wants to quit the job.
  13. Psychotechniuqes of active opposition to the social-economical aggressors. Ideological position.
  14. Vulnerability of wealthy and pleasures of those who are active. Mind set for the "last pleasure in life" (such life).
  15. Precision inn business – truthful information for making the decision.
  16. Little things, that are used in the "critical point" and insure serious (untraditional) consequences.
  17. The tale about the fighting super cock.
  18. Ability to receive information from different carriers.
  19. Types of energy equivalent symbols that are relative to MONEY.
  20. About future integrity of the United States.

Part №4

Attention! Body oriented vocabulary is used!


  1. Is the information that was recorded in 1997 useful today?
  2. Why we are not trying to "attach" clients? It's our ideology! It a paradox: advertisement and effectiveness of work.
  3. The origin of the ideology in out techniques and their effectiveness.
  4. Is it always an "evil" deed when it comes from a "destructive" person? (Constructive Destructions).
  5. What is the difference between an old and a young dog in the North? Illustration if the increase in the evolutionary processes as we get close to 2012.
  6. Table 7 x 7. Individual goals for each year in the limit of a seven year cycle.
  7. Table 7 x 7 for social and creative maturity (KNOW-HOW)!
  8. Technique that helps to detach the "ugly duckling" from the mental body of a team (KNOW-HOW).
  9. Condition under which a person has interest from his own Spirit.
  10. The secret of "seducing" and getting the creativity channel of social success. How to keep your own channel and "attach" the needed channel.
  11. Technique "The Christmas tree on the stage". Conducting the techniques in practice.
  12. Technique "Eliminating a channel parasite". Practice.
  13. Energy flow through human energy field - guarantee of gerontologic renewal of a person. "To rest" while working intensively (KNOW-HOW).
  14. How you should react to the demands in adding changes to the previously agreed upon contract. Standard of business.
  15. How to avoid pressure from those who are above you, chronophages, emotional and channel parasites. Practical exercise.
  16. Owner of the business and hired director. Norms in the rights and responsibilities, dividing responsibility from the energy-informatic standpoint.
  17. The core of the Pareto principle for the head of a business.
  18. Phenomenon of minimizing the team while increasing creative manifestation. From the governmental entity - to independent business with the use of accumulated experience.
  19. "The Keyboard" of the Curators for communication with a person. The range of the alphabet for communication (KNOW-HOW).
  20. Principle of fullness in the way an image is described in the communication using symbols. Characteristics (the name) of the creativity channel. What does your Name, Patronymic and Last name tune you in for?
  21. What is the "true language". Its characteristics.
  22. Evidence that a person is influenced by the planets of the Solar system and how to tune in to the brain radiation of another person.
  23. The nature of subconscious mindsets with the help of songs.
  24. The sensation from the manifested channel of informational activity.
  25. Informational diagram of the direction during different levels of the speed mode brain activity. Perceiving information through accords. (KNOW-HOW).
  26. Partial blockage of the accord sound - how Nature controls the parameters of the events that happen.
  27. A human walking on two limbs, skillful, able to think, with intellect and creative - stages of Spiritual maturity of a person. Castes. The signs of manifestation (KNOW-HOW).
  28. Biomass and "the Ones". Methods of control, conscious, democracy...
  29. Effectiveness of operational control, based on the individual felt through experience. Orientation towards result, reserving, aiming and using the impulse.
  30. Cursing the effectiveness. Influence and physics of the superstitions. Friday the 13th.
  31. Airplane crashes and Cosmic rythmology. The reason behind the crash of AN-12 in 2007. "Review" of the light..
  32. "Formula of success". Ability to compare the life quality of totally different people. Test on how to define own dynamics.
  33. Any act of communication - has analogy with the Sexual act of interaction.
  34. Sales process as Sex. (KNOW-HOW!). "Easter market".
  35. Evolution of the interaction types among people. Physiological contacts: falling down or going up
  36. From the everyday "one night stand" to the body oriented creativity. The change of the laws in availability and the need with reaching the higher levels of advancement/enlightenment. The need of creative Sex.
  37. Organizing of "binocular" participation in the successful business.
  38. Betrayal. Physical essence and social norms on the different levels of cooperation.
  39. Are there "women" in business?

Part №5

Attention! Body oriented vocabulary is used!


  1. The urge to put the responsibility for your own actions on someone else or the person with "authority". Parasitism in business organizations.
  2. Should you always carry out direct orders of your commander or boss. Entrepreneurship and politics.
  3. The physics behind impossibility of of cooperation between most creative people.
  4. The secret behind "long live" of creativity.
  5. Fragmenting organization-creative channel of the leader. Letting go the "presumptuous" body and leaving the potencies of the business for yourself. The structure of a "businessman" (KNOW-HOW!).
  6. Bringing the order to the things that happened in the past. Collecting the potencies that were lost. PRACTICE. (KNOW-HOW!) Attitude towards the family connections.
  7. Are all social roads open for the advanced/enlightened person.
  8. The problem of link-up between the person of "high level" with his supporting staff.
  9. Sex for people who are on the high level of social activity. Problems in activating senses of a body. S&M, intercourse between people of the same sex.
  10. Getting back the lost matrix of body sensations. "Totem animal".
  11. Injury type "Log and liana" during sex between people of different hierarchical levels (KNOW-HOW!) Practice.
  12. Quality of "sex services" for client of different category. Going crazy from the lack of sex and absence of the "link-up" station. "Virgin state" of geisha, masseuse and cosmetologist.
  13. Category of a "sniper" in a ideal conditions and in reality. The right to make a mistake (miss) for active people.
  14. Injury: misfortune or the order of individual type education. The concept of "optimistic fatalism" - discipline, cooperation, benevolence, understanding and saving energy.
  15. Example of precision and fullness of karmic retribution for destructive actions.
  16. Examples of creating a game to bring to life routine activities during work. You have to independently create the game. The need of "mutiny on the ship" after certain period of cooperation.
  17. Using logic - killing the game.
  18. Tuning to the channel of creation and standard of proofreading the document. Practice (KNOW-HOW).
  19. The law: "You should continue doing whatever you were brought together for". "Dark" person - with good and constructive creativity. It happens...
  20. The need to control work quality of a newcomer, the one who wants to get hired. Signs on the way.
  21. Technique: "All parasites should sit in the audience". Practice.
  22. Intolerance of people towards someone else's happiness. The need to disguise and keeping the secret during contact in society.

$ 250
The download files are not yet connected to this product, so there is no possibility of purchasing it at this time. You can ask us about approximate dates of appearance of this material on our website, contact us through the Contact Us section, or choose another product in our online store.