Plasma recharge of human vital forces

Replenishment of the sexual sphere

Take a candle. Light it. Place it at the level of the sacral chakra. Phantomly suck the plasma of the flame through the corresponding genitals (for a man - male, for a woman - female) to the kidneys. With a hand movement, create tactile sensations. After filling, slap the pubic area, make a sound (pa).

Replenishment of the emotional sphere

The candle is at the level of the palm. The plasma of the flame is phantomly sucked into the left breast through the nipple, the breast becomes yellow, saturated with the plasma of the flame. Repeat this procedure with the right breast. The plasma of the flame fills the lungs. The lungs from the bottom up are filled with yellowness from the breasts. On the surface of the yellow cut in the lungs, brown foam appears. This is traces of inhaling smoked tobacco smoke that came out of the lungs of surrounding smokers, as well as traces of the impact of negatively charged air exhaled by surrounding sick and energy deficient people. Exhale this brown foam onto the candle. Slap the area of the 4th chakra. Make a sound.

Replenishment of the intellectual sphere

The candle is at eye level. The flame of the candle phantomly enters the left eye. With the fingers of the hands, make a circular touch of the left part of the head to the back of the head.

Imagine yourself in a log cabin with two windows. With a candle we light the lamps (imaginary) that are located on the back of the head. We take the candle out through the right window (eye) until it connects with the original candle. Slap your forehead. Make a sound.