Black Things

In June, our museum of objects of remote impact was replenished with another exhibit. Our friends brought from Nice a wonderfully designed toy that they could not help but buy for us in a children's store. This is a Voodoo doll with instructions for use and a set of pins "for the first time"!

As specialists in the languages of communicating with the subconscious, we have to constantly face the real power of the programming impact of images that people form emotionally. Therefore, we can not treat the new type of toys condescendingly. This gave us a reason, as participants in the "Health of the Nation" program, to share the technologies that our course listeners learn in the very first lesson. For us it is important that those who came to the first lesson can immediately, as a criterion of truth, make sure in practice that modern knowledge will allow them to significantly improve their quality of life! Therefore, knowing that "Your own shirt is closer to your body", we immediately show our "Agitation point", the first stage of which is moving away from alien programs for constructing the body. And whether we hold our training courses in St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad, Kiev or Yekaterinburg - everywhere people react the same: an influx of warmth, clarity of vision, improvement in well-being and mood. These reactions occur even when a person is influenced not only "unknowingly", but also purposefully, using that very "doll" that we mentioned at the very beginning of the conversation, and whose action is very figuratively presented in one of the Indiana Jones movies.

So let's get acquainted with the technology of "Removing the black spider web and black things from yourself". Components of the technology: wax candle fire, light clapping of hands in the area of the body undergoing "demining", a sharp sound, imagination and a sense of humor about everything happening. A sharp sound allows the brain to enter impulse mode, as a result of which the image formed in the imagination "comes to life", and there is a separation of the nature given by Nature and what does not belong to a person and interferes with his life. We recommend using a stethoscope. Its ends are inserted into the ears, and when you need to make a sound, you can lightly touch the membrane with your fingers.

And now we can specifically get acquainted with the first set of measures that are part of our collection of technologies "Divide Yourself and Greet!" (divide yourself from the programs of defeating the healthy matrix of bodily recreation, positive attitude and ability for qualified professional activity).

So, we offer to imagine yourself in a state after a "long walk through rural "very rugged" terrain". Insert a stethoscope into your ears and light a wax candle, observing fire safety measures.

Imagine yourself in a room with a burning fireplace, in front of a mirror.

  1. Take off your (imaginary, of course!) black leather boots smeared with road dirt and throw them into the fireplace fire. See how moisture evaporates and pulls out into the chimney in a cloud, then the material of the boots ignites, and black smoke also pulls out into the chimney. Sound, slap your knees.
  1. Take off your black leather pants, torn in places, dirty in places. Feel the warmth coming from the fireplace, see your legs in the imaginary mirror free from clothing, enjoy what you see. Throw the imaginary pants into the fireplace fire (it is symbolized by the flame of the wax candle), and see moisture evaporate from them, and then smoke from the burning black material going up the chimney. Slap your hip joints and make a sharp sound.
  1. Take off black underwear and burn it like pants. Slap yourself in the pubic area, form a sound.

Thus, there is a moving away from externally imposed body construction matrices, from the fixations of admirers and ill-wishers, from your own emotions of discontent with the configuration of your body (self-curse!).

Now let's move on to the upper half of the body.

  1. Take off and burn a black T-shirt or jacket. Slap your shoulders and sound! This is moving away from fixing the habitual pose behind the wheel or work desk, worries about excess fat reserves.

    For women only! Take off your imaginary black bra, feel the freedom of your breasts. Slap your chest and sound! This is moving away from the ENVY of your life success coming from girlfriends and colleagues, from the energy-informational "corn" created by the rampant imagination of the men you meet, even despite the lack of "active manifestations" on their part.

    This procedure is also necessary when a woman "suddenly begins to understand that she is not only an "aggregate - Dusya" to serve children and husband, as well as their and his parents and "his aunt from Chisinau", but also a full-fledged person who wants get her share of respect and pleasure from life." It is necessary to recall the right of the Spirit to self-determination and remove the accumulated subconscious stress from the blocked feminine nature (often the cause of mastopathy and breast cancer).
  1. If you have problems with your thyroid gland, you can recommend taking off and burning a black scarf from your neck, or even a slave collar! The long-suffering thyroid gland in no way programs the nervousness of its owner! She, after all, only reacts with her sizes and functioning features to the degree of blocking the volitional center of a person by external energy-informational circumstances. Remove the blocking - the activity and size of the thyroid gland normalizes, osteochondrosis of the cervical-collar region of the spine somehow "disappears" ...
    Indeed, "without ideology there is no physiology!"

By the way, now is the time to talk about the "repository of ideology" - the head.

Has it ever happened to you while swimming to feel water flooding your ear? And what did you do? - Jumped on one leg and knocked out the water film by sharp shakes. Now imagine that not only fluffy, pleasant sounds of your favorite voice and melodies entered that ear to which you bring the phone tube, but also long slippery leeches of insults and insults.

  1. Tilt your head so that the ear suffering from information stress is at the bottom, and shake out of the ear, like old buttons and other debris from a box, black letters of destroyed unpleasant messages and black long worms of someone else's negative opinion about you and your activities. Generously pour all this onto the flame of the wax candle, make a sound, slap your long-suffering ear.

    As a result of a well-conducted operation, otitis, toothache, migraine, deafness and often even improved vision disappear, not to mention the mood.

Now let's deal with the head itself

  1. Imagine that you see your head from above. We remove the upper part and see the brain covered with a layer of cobwebs, matted dust... In short, a similar picture can be observed under sofas and beds if cleaning is not done regularly, but generally. And we carry out a general cleaning of the inner space from subconscious controlling stresses, long-standing complexes and negative thoughts. That is, we remove the black cobweb from the brain and throw it into the flame of the wax candle, the discovered lint rolls of "dust" - there too. Make a sound, slap your forehead. Imagine that we close the skull, see the head from above in its integrity and safety, form a sound, slap the back of your head opposite your eyes.

    To complete the isolation process, women can be advised to take off a tight black scarf from their heads in their imagination and burn it over the candle flame.

A funny side effect of the described complex of thought-shaped procedures can be a quick phone call from a relative or acquaintance who has not called for a long time, often with claims or emotionally turbulent memories of past days spent together. This is a person who was energized by you regardless of the metric distance between you, felt the cessation of energizing and seeks to restore the connection you interrupted. Talk to him benevolently, and after you hang up, repeat the complex again. The most vivid physiological reaction of the body will indicate the energy center on which your recent interlocutor is "hanging".

Such "recovery" calls usually follow within 3 days after your isolation cycle. It is recommended to perform these procedures daily for two weeks, starting with the new moon. As Mikhail Zhvaneckiy once said: "And the Skorokhod factory boots are very good boots. If you haven't seen others!". So your health can differ significantly for the better from the state that you considered good.

For 17 years now, our institute has been conducting both scientific and practical activities to restore working capacity and human health using original energy-informational techniques. And in order to work effectively with the causes of certain problems, one has to first help a person answer the fundamental questions: "Who am I?", "Where am I?", "Why am I?"... Therefore, helping a person gather in the state "I am here and now!", we recall Michelangelo's secret for creating a work of art: "I take the workpiece and cut off everything superfluous!", and teach our students for 2 years the art of recognizing and transforming energy-informational social and genetic connections to gain freedom and efficiency.

We have considered here only one technological chain, and now there are already more than 250 of them! We have placed complex technologies in the form of cartoon animations in the Technologies section, working within the framework of the "Health of the Nation" program. We did this to ensure the widespread dissemination of protection technologies in the event of crisis situations such as "Atypical pneumonia" or Bird flu, so that even without special education, people could preserve health and working capacity wherever they are. At the same time, for fundamental distance learning, we have more than 140 three-hour DVD video programs created on the domestic theoretical and practical basis. So from simple to complex, through the thorns - to the stars! Be healthy and happy!

Rector of the «International Institute of Social Ecology»
Vyacheslav Gubanov