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Fundamental educational course «Lifexpert»

Format: webinars!

Number of webinars per month: 4 webinars, duration of each one is 3 hours (1 time a week on Fridays)

Duration of the whole course: 2 years (it is possible to take only a part of the course)

The time of webinars: 21:00 - 00:00 (Moscow time) check current time in Moscow ->

All webinars will be recorded.
If you miss live webinar, you will have a chance to download it.

Territory: world!

Course description:

The main goal of the Lifexpert course is to form new worldview that is based on the knowledge of society laws, laws of energy informational fields and laws of cause and effect. Fundamental knowledge, practical skills and special visual techniques that you will learn during the given course will allow you to safely and independently recover psychic and physical health of yourself and those close to you without any medicine. You will learn to understand and diagnose real causes of different diseases and problems. You will be skilled in effective energy informational methods of help and psycho energetic methods of defense. You will learn how to be flexible and adapt to quickly changing conditions of the surrounding world based on your intuition and knowledge of the laws of Nature. This would favor your success and competitiveness in business and personal life.

«It is proven by science and verified by practice that everything in this world is governed by the same laws, and violation of these laws brings us to sickness and social problems. All of this is the outcome of energy informational ignorance. The ecology of psychic processes for the modern human today is extremely important. The more correct is the way of thinking the more effective the human becomes in everything he or she does!»

V.V. Gubanov, president of the IISE

Everyone of us needs to become the Expert in our own Spiritual, Business and Personal lives today!

We, as a Lifexpert team are ready to be your guides on this journey!


The goals of the course:

  1. Forming new type of thinking “Intuitive Intellect” that is based on the correct interaction of logic (“aiming”) and intuition (making a shot).
  2. Giving knowledge of effective techniques of diagnosis and recovery of health without medicine or medical equipment.
  3. Giving knowledge of innovational management techniques in business, methods of distant diagnosis of employees, business partners and competitors.
  4. Giving knowledge of energy informational literacy and ethics.
  5. Giving knowledge of higher planes of matter existence physics, laws of cause and effect, nature of thought and spin-torsion interactions, physics of karmic corrections, mastering methods of measuring material objects of higher planes: individual body of memory and amplitude-frequency characteristics of momentary state of human energy centers.
  6. Giving knowledge of psycho-energy protection techniques that can help in stress situation and during interaction with energy lacking people. Visual techniques and art of energy informational disconnection with people to recover own energy reserve, emotions and good spirit!
  7. Knowledge of meditational techniques, breathing practices and methods of quick relaxation and recovery after stress.
  8. Activation and unblocking of creative abilities, turning on emotions and body senses. Shift to the state “Life is a Game!” and training on how to receive high quality pleasures from life.
  9. Increase of competitiveness and stability towards external influence of executive staff, experts in different fields and their family members.
  10. Creation of healthy gene pool, improving culture during vacation and cooperative actions, harmonization of interpersonal relationships in the limits of age groups and between representatives of different age categories.
  11. Personal growth, spiritual development and forming cheerful, “alive” and emotionally active like-minded group, “tasty” interaction and meeting with new interesting people.

Program of education (full 2 years course):

Basic course:

  1. Meeting the lecturer and the group.
  2. Short description of upcoming educational course, presentation of goals, methods, rules, principles of work, interaction ethics and course results.
  3. Historic background and scope of activity of International Institute of Social Ecology.
  4. Introduction and definition of the term “Intuitive Intellect”.
  5. Development stages of the human society. Table graph. Evolution of consciousness and energy informational processes.
  6. Parapsychology phenomena, threshold sensitivity. Correct ecological interactions of a human with a surrounding world.
  7. Theory of energy informational shells: physical body, human energy field (or Aura), emotional, intellectual and programming shells.
  8. Energy informational structure of objects. Essence of energy types: YIN and YAN. Chakras and Kenrak system. Kirlian photography. Physics of how to see auras. Physical basis for the formation of the matter existence PLANES: material, astral, mental and causal.
  9. Correlation of higher planes of matter existence with astrological objects, models of transformation from one plane to another, law of octaves (chakras, auras, planes, Astrological objects). Color spectrum, notes.
  10. Rotational brain activity, momentary disk, concept of “Bird of materialization/ Dematerialization”.
  11. Hartmann’s Grid (magnetic), Curry (electric), pyramids, geomagnetic zones.
  12. Functional brain zones according to d’Urville. Polarity of the brain activity. Biologically Active Points. Explanantion of how human Aura is formed and meaning of aura colors. Meridians, acupuncture, tsubo therapy, massage, medicine, homeopathy and hirudo-therapy.
  13. Main laws of field activity: ANALOGIES, PAYMENTS, ATTRACTION, Law of 4 A’s and Law of 4 T’s.
  14. Starting vector of predetermination and concept of KARMA. Amplitude-frequency characteristic of an object. Interpersonal connections. Graph line of a human life and combined family life. Trigons of compatibility.
  15. PRACTICE: cleaning of the channels, aura cleansing, taking amplitude frequency characteristics, line of live. Work with phantoms.
  16. Seven year cycle of person’s development (5 year, 9 year cycles).
  17. Concept of Hierarchy and Guides (Curators).
  18. Learning the methods of diagnosis:
    • Based on - Fingers – Pulse – Phalanx – Water – Colors (markers) – Eye pupil – Pendulum – Frame - Candle
    • Concept of ponder-motoric, graphs of spin-torsion interaction
    • Diagnosis using a photograph, a hand, Astrology, iridology, chiromancy, nails, Kirlian effect, Voll method, practice
  19. General understanding of parapsychology. Reincarnation. Clairvoyance.
  20. Principles of “a Float” and “a Bubble”.

Astral plane:

  1. General understanding of the astral plane.
  2. Work with streams (direct, twisted right or left, shifted, modulated by density, spread, golden, silver, colored). Aura reading. Practice.
  3. Phantoms, theory of over-reflection. Practice.
  4. Filters, materials for filters. Complex, anti alcohol, removing filters, Astral structures. Pracitce.
  5. Chakra theory, tables, chakra polarity.
  6. Methods of energy influence.
  7. Psycho-energy protection techniques (Practice).
  8. Techniques «Fire cross”, “burning off” (energy disconnection with energy lacking people). Practice: plasma providing work, work with a candle.
  9. Dangers of modern professions. Astral Karate and Aikido.
  10. Types of evil eye curse: passive and active. Physics of influence on a person and methods of removal.
  11. Vampirism, curse – what it is and should you be afraid of it. Physics of influence, diagnosis and methods of removal.
  12. Hex: classification, charmed, salt, food, Voodoo. Dry off, candle of revenge, stick of claim. Physics and techniques of recovery after given influences.
  13. Psycho-energy protection techniques (advanced).
  14. Ponder-motor writing (diagnosis).
    • Taking amplitude frequency characteristics of a person (activity graph of the chakra pillar of a person)
    • Taking the graph of the life line of a person (mutual, reverse life line). Defining stress areas and types of energy informational injuries using the graph of the life line.
    • “Raskidushka” and karmic analysis.
    • Work with visualization and thought images (examples of practical use).
  15. Health.
    • Criteria for use of medical, operational, psycho-therapy and energy informational influence on a patient. Use of manual and herbal therapy, acupuncture and electro-puncture. Effectiveness and duration of the effect. Sickness flow during treatment.
    • Polarity, gravity, quantum failures, field structure of the human immune system what defines aura.
    • Phalanx and finger (channel) diagnosis, iridology, eye pupil and pulse diagnosis, diagnosis using the rule of the pentagram, diagnosis using a crystal, using water, aura reading and diagnosis, by pseudo smell, by pseudo taste, by feelings and senses ad by questions to the energy field. Diagnosis of field influences and mental breakdown.
    • Osteochondrosis. Massage and manual influences, extracts and nutrients creams. Healing using astral structures. Washing. Joints.
    • Increase of passive immunity. Breathing culture.
    • Diet – Divided diet. Oil diet. Enema therapy.
    • Cardiovascular system. Tachycardia, bradycardia, arrhythmia, trombophlebitis, varicosity, coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke, vascular dystonia, salt balance, blood viscosity, high blood pressure and low blood pressure
    • System of extraction (work of surgeon healers from Philippines), astral surgery, work with spheres, human energy field donorship, implantation.
    • Nerve system, deep knowledge of the human brain. Encephalopathy, enuresis, stutter and fears.
    • Eye sight and hearing defects. Antritis and sinusitis.
    • Gastrointestinal tract. Gastric ulcer, gastritis, obstruction, food poisoning, swarm and diabetes.
    • Help with tobacco smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction and game addiction.
    • Allergies – types of manifestation, energy informational causes of manifestation, treatment.
    • Breathing organs. Bronchial asthma – energy informational causes, help and treatment.
    • Urinary and genital system. Infertility, impotence, prostatitis, thrush, Chlamydia. Energy informational causes of manifestation and methods of effective help!
  16. Gamma-7, NLP, stress, energy informational parasites, aura cleansing, distress, antistress. Safety techniques for psycho-ecologist.

Mental plane:

  1. Understanding mental plane, topology. Physics and organization of a human Soul. Energy informational life line.
  2. Monadic theory of life evolution. Informatoriums. Soleton (swirl) theory of material structures.
  3. Types of bodies of material, astral and mental world, interconnection and inter influence. Electromagnetic analogy. Original human. “Life” and “manifestation” as stages of evolution. Laws of reincarnation. Karma. Mage, monada, “soulmates”, egregore, field egregore free human, cosmic brain, cosmic intellect, “wanderer”. Evolution of curator/guide supervision. Astral and mental aspects of Heaven and Hell as evolutional institutes. Economic aspects of rate settings for the bio-operator durability.
  4. Burning of the stresses in the past technique.
  5. The point of the goal
  6. Technique of maneuvering of mental bodies. Spectrum- informational composition of mental bodies. Direction of materialization program. Information wise parallel worlds. Clearing the information technique. Repentance, referring. Concept of sin. Reincarnation by genetic lines and by manifestations. Reincanration forward: technique and problems.
  7. Process of disease development. Transition of the disease from informational plane through the energy plane to the physical and manifested.
  8. Transmutational energy processes in the organism. Theoretic basis of levitation and teleportation, telekinesis, metal deformation (ring or spoon).
  9. “Dark” and “light” people.
  10. Fundamentals of astral Karate and Aikido.
  11. Consciousness.
  12. How to detec and protect oneself from an energy vampire using “magic” protection.
  13. Mechanism of memory.
  14. Principle of person's concentration.
  15. Forming the forefather of the new quality.
  16. Sexual harmonization of relationships (assortment of the composition and positions). Optimizing the process of conception and carrying of the pregnancy. Technique of sublimation. Energy of Thai. Sexual magic. Prolonging activeness. Anti-oncological aspects of sexual activeness. Problems and nature of bisexuality and homosexuality. Correction of sex orientation.
  17. Art of selecting sexual partners, energy aspects, ways of diagnosis and safety techniques. Techniques of disconnecting with previous sexual partners and their relatives to recover own aura energy and health.
  18. Curators/guides, Channels, Contacts. Duality of the channel, work mode of the spread attention channel, true freedom, channel verification and so on. Field contact ethics and safety techniques. Reincarnation (back, forward). Trance techniques (hypnosis, meditation, trance, Ericksonian hypnosis, referring). Injury type “Log and liana”.

Causal plane:

  1. Understanding causal plane, topology, safety techniques. Karmic junctions.
  2. Raskidushka – pondermotor technique of taking characteristics and design from causal plane of matter existence. Structure of a human Spirit. Defining failing areas, types and time of injury. Effective methods of help, karmic corrections and ways of eliminating stress injuries of causal plane (Practice).
  3. Models of causal plane. Configuration of Causal plane bodies. Techniques.
  4. Ethics of causal plane.
  5. Harmonization of evolutional processes. Cosmic human, technique of chameleon, Stalking. Means of analysis and influence on objects, ethics, safety techniques.
  6. Family/Generations, Family stress. Correction of character, work of immune system of a human.
  7. Highest reanimation technique: Ki Ai, Ku-At-Su
  8. Technique of stopping inner dialogue.
  9. Technique of the “third eye” (“eye of Shiva”). Harmonizing yourself according to YIN-YAN energy quality and the axis of dense world manifestation. Concentration of yourself into one informational point.
  10. World of FIRE. Biophysical aspects of energy informational use of the fire plasma. Directed examples of use: Karmic correction, Mental break away, Replenishing Energy reserve.
  11. Main law of evolution – Law of Octaves. Manifestation – chakra theory. Technical methods of analysis and influence on objects.
  12. Cosmic human. Living in stealth mode.
  13. Egregore theory.
  14. Magic, sacrifice. Physics and deep meaning.
  15. Religion theory, sin and repentance.
  16. Fear of death, fear of truth and fear of loneliness.
  17. Monadic theory.

Bodhi plane:

  1. Understanding Bodhi plane, topology. Norms of interaction, ethics, safety techniques.
  2. Structure of Bodhi bodies, Bodhi surgery, spectral cuts.
  3. Ways of Bodhi harmonization, responsibility before family and relatives.
  4. Chronal generators. Materializational cones, maneuvers on the axis of materialization. Phase aspects of mental structures.
  5. Topology of quantum space, quadrant of parallel Worlds.
  6. Technique of ROSARY. Christian, Buddhist, circle beads, spiral beads, quadrant beads. Thorus. Calculation and making of. Use for protection, healing, fighting and coding. Individual and group advice.
  7. Individual influence on a group, influence of a group on an individual, synchronizing individual and group influences.
  8. Main postulate of energy informational interaction theory.
  9. Causal encephalopathy.
  10. Center of mind/consciousness. Center of concentration.
  11. Correction of manifestation processes.

Extra courses by topic:

Taught in the fundamental course of “Lifexpert” if requested by the group.

  • Standards of quality life
  • Bringing to absolute – idealization.
  • Sexual harmonization. Family of the XXI century
  • Business, Sales, Collective mind of employees
  • Techniques, meditation, art.
  • Parents and children
  • Theory of personality.
  • Money streams management.
  • Getting what is desired and keeping it.
  • Cosmic rythmology of social-biological processes.
  • Astrological help to make important decisions. Numerologic methods of defining fundamental characteristics of a personality.
  • Successful leadership in XXI century.
  • Intuition in art and Business.


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